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Data Bites || OOC [Open/Accepting]

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Everyone's got something special about them in this year of 2089. Whether this is being a consistent record breaker, a talented dancer, or possessing a strange ability. Extrasensory powers, or ESPs, are an uncommon mutation in human genetics. Not so rare that someone with powers is virtually unheard of but, uncommon enough to make it a wildly desired dream. (Comic book superheroes anyone?) Technology isn't so advanced from 2015; still no hover cars and domestic robots, but we're getting there!


Those who have ESP only have one specific type of power. Their power falls under one of two groups: Internal or External. Additionally, they fall under one of various categories: Kinetic, Manipulative, Altering, Transportive, Personal, or Interpersonal. For some abilities, the classification is easy. For others, some research has to be done before it can be properly classified. It's not exactly clear when powers develop in a human with the required genetic mutation but there is a range between five and ten years of age. Obviously, those who showed signs of abilities at an age closer to five become stronger faster than those who developed an ability around ten. However, there seems to be a limitation on just how strong someone becomes. So they aren't forever becoming stronger. No, the growth of an individual's ability reaches its peak at age 25. The rest just depends on how much practice one got before then.


Each ability has a set of sub-abilities that relate to the "main one" and develop with practice and age. It's not clear what limits there are but there seems to be a common factor of three sub-abilities for every main one.




You and a few other ESP humans got shoved into someone's computer. You're not sure who did this to you but it was definitely a Technomancer. Now you've got to navigate your way through a world of binary code in order to get back out to where you should be. However, this isn't going to be easy. All sorts of obstacles will be in your way - most of them put there by the Technomancer. You'll have to use all of your brain (and ESP) power that you can with the others if you want to succeed.



  1. Follow DC Forum rules.
  2. This won't focus on romance but you're fine to add a little of it in. Violence is going to happen but do keep in mind this is a PG-13 site.
  3. Only 1 power per character and only up to 3 related sub-powers.
  4. Try not to duplicate powers. I'll allow up to two characters for each type of power. That means, if two characters already have mind reading, then you can't use it.
  5. I'm not looking for a large group of characters in this so I'm going to limit everyone to 3 characters at maximum.
  6. At least 5 sentences per post, per character.
  7. Good grammar and spelling are required. If I can't understand your post because your spelling/grammar is ridiculous/atrocious, then it's not going to work.
  8. If you are not certain about something, ask me please. I will answer as best I can.
  9. Post sheets in the OOC. If they are sent to me or placed in the IC, I will ignore them.
  10. What I say goes. If you have ideas, address them to me - I'm always open to new things for a thread. If I say no, however, don't fight me about it.
  11. I'm subject to add/change things so please pay attention.


[b]Name:[/b] First and Last. Unknown is not allowed.
[b]Age:[/b] At least 15 years old
[b]Appearance:[/b] No pictures. Full sentences and at least a paragraph long. Describe hair, eyes, height, weight, build, skin color, clothing, etc.
[b]Personality:[/b] Again, full sentences and at least a paragraph long.
[b]Power:[/b] One power, up to 3 sub-powers. Describe what the ability is in detail.
[b]Strengths:[/b] No more than 3.
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] No less than 2.
[b]Other:[/b] Anything you want to add.


Reserved/Taken Abilities (#/2 signifies how many more characters can have the same ability.)

Mind Reading - 1/2

Interacting with Ghosts - 1/2

Hyperkinetic - 1/2

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Okay I might genuinely be interested in this, but is it just kind of like Digimon but without the ones that ddon't kill you, or will it be like a video game but like real?

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It's sort of a mixture. No Digimon though even if the monsters are just strings of data. There's going to be a lot of challenges the characters will have to face and some of it will be solving puzzles that'll provide key information on how they can get back out. All the while, the technomancer's going to be fulfilling their plans.

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Actually, I was trying to ask whether it would have a sort of setup like an MMO or shooter or something where the characters can level up by fighting stuff and have classes and stuff, even if only when fighting monsters.

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Oh! No aha. That won't be the case. At least, not 100% of the time. The technomancer is likely to toss in a few elements such as what you mentioned to keep things entertaining for them.

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Okay, I've modified the first post. This is going to be the OOC since I don't want to deal with the hassle of trying to get people to clear away their posts. Once I get a few sheets in, I'll make the IC.

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Alright. Finished. It's a trainwreck but I tried.



Name: Cody Torell

Age: 15

Gender: <-o

Appearance: Cody is slightly lacking in the height department, but he's bulky, which makes up for it. His hair is chocolate colored and very short, except for a long lock that he dyes blue. His eyes are hazel, but appear greenish in the light. He usually wears simple T-shirts and either shorts or jeans, depending on the weather.

Personality: A physical representation of Cody's personality would be the planet Jupiter. From the outside, he looks calm and serene. But the glassy exterior opens up to reveal a storm three times the size of the Earth. People who haven't seen the latter part of him would describe him as the kind of person who would be seen walking casually out of an exploding building with a pair of sunglasses. He takes charge in group projects, can shrug off any insult, and can convey messages to people by looking at them a certain way. However, when his worry meter hits maximum capacity, he will literally flip. He starts panicking about every possible little thing that could go wrong, and gets really self-conscious, as well as acquiring an inferiority complex to everyone and everything.

Power: Water Body- (IDK what else to call it) Cody can transform his body into water. He can control the water formed from his body's movements and can shape it into tentacles or claws to fight. His water form isn't the same size as his normal form; while water, he's about the size of a teenager's bedroom.

State Change- While in water form, Cody can change his state and turn into ice or steam.


-Cody is immune to physical damage while in water form.

-Cody is very good with his power and constantly experiments with it to find more practical uses.


-There is a 3 second delay between when he activates his ability and when he actually transforms, so he can't just negate all physical harm by repeatedly switching.

-He can only either change his entire body or just one limb. If he uses the latter, he cannot fully separate the water from where the limb was attached.

-Electricity is his main weakness. When in human form, he gets affected like a normal human. When in water form, however, he becomes static and won't be able to do anything for about ten minutes.


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Hmm I was hoping not to clutter the thread with WIPs but, sure. Go ahead as long as you get it finished. (Also, don't forget to fix the bold tag.)

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[Username: chicbecause

Name: Lysander Caphis

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lysander stands at 6’’ 1’, and weighs 145 lbs. He is incredibly lank and has a very sharp build, his legs and arms and neck being a bit too long, and his shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles all a bit too pointy. The sharpness in his appearance continues in his facial features, with a very sharp jawline, pointed chin and high cheekbones. His skin is light, olive toned, but tans very easily. His hair is straight, black, and falls to his waist, where it is all bluntly and evenly cut. The left side of his head is completely shaven. He has large, brown eyes, and heavy eyelids and dark eyebrows.

He typically only wears black clothing that always makes him look taller and thinner, either by being tight to accentuate his thinness, or by being loose so that it looks like he is swimming in it.

Personality: He is kind, gentle and a lover of beauty, harmony, and peace. However, in their effort to keep everyone happy, he sometimes finds it difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone, and as a result, he ends up getting stressed. He is very tactful and cunning, romantic, and just. He has a very strong sense of justice and fairness. He does tend to be superficial and very detached at times. He likes understanding people, and being able to know what they are thinking and feeling. He doesn’t seek people out unless they are very close friends, but he does enjoy the company of others.

He is very good at seeing all the options and making the best decision for the outcome he wants, but he sometimes forgets that people aren’t as predictable as he expects them to be, and can get frustrated easily when he doesn’t understand someone.


Power: Hyperkinetic – His mind’s imagining systems and muscle control are perfectly in tune with the motor skills center of the brain. He has perfect synchronization between his thoughts and actions. When planning to jump over a short brick wall, the hyperkinetic can judge the angle and force of the jump necessary to vault the wall, as well as the probable energy required to land and roll safely. The hyperkinetic can judge very specific outcomes from physical actions.

- Control over cause and effect: By observing the area around him he is able to predict any number of complex chains of events that he could initiate by interacting with that environment. For example, dropping a quarter in exactly the right way, in the right place, at the right time, on a busy city street could result in a car crash.

- Improbable aiming skills


- He focuses his abilities on controlling cause and effect, and is actually rather good at using his ability without making it obvious that he started the chain of events.

- He works best in areas with a lot of different factors in the environment. The busier and more crowded the setting, the more things he has to play around with.


- He isn’t very strong. So while he could possibly jump over a fence and do a somersault, he doesn’t have the strength to get himself over the wall in the first place.

- While he can get an idea of people will react, he is not able to fully predict their reactions, or control their emotions.

- Wide open empty areas like fields make a lot of his abilities worthless.

Other: Anything you want to add.


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He's looking good. ^^ I just need you to kind of describe how he might have control over cause and effect and it'll be accepted. smile.gif

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@Spyro: Kind of redundant to post a sheet with only name and power. ;p Might as well have just posted your reserves instead. If you want to save your sheet somewhere, there is a text box if you go to "My Controls" in the top bar beside your PM notifications.


On topic: I'm considering running with telekinesis with a minor power of flight. An oldie, but a goodie.

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Fair enough, Mage. ^^ That'll work.


Chic, thank you. biggrin.gif He's accepted. Once the IC is made, I'll put him there. (Please don't delete it though xd.png I'm not going to keep hold of it anywhere.)

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I've gradually been working on my two characters in between school related projects and exams. As it currently stands, I have one sheet fully finished and the second one two-thirds complete. Once they're done, I'll get the IC made and hopefully we'll have one or two more characters to get started. (Because, otherwise, I make up 66% of the RP xd.png)

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Alright, I've finished my twins. Here they be:


Username: Narvix

Name: Kristi Foster

Age: 32 years

Gender: Demigirl

Appearance: Standing at 5'10", Kristi has straight, light brown hair that brushes her shoulders and hazel-colored eyes. She weighs around 146 pounds with an average build and triangular shape. She has a squared facial structure with moderately defined features (high cheekbones, pointed nose, and full lips). Kristi has a light brown complexion and doesn't actually tan; she just gets darker from all her time outside during Spring and Summer. She likes to wear light amounts of makeup, mostly sticking to just eyeliner and mascara with the occasional soft-shade of pink lipstick. Typically, she enjoys wearing sundresses of various colors and styles with ankle-high boots that match. If she's not in a sundress, she's in a pair of "short shorts", sneakers, and a tank top. For colder weather, you'll find her bundled up with long jeans, t-shirts, boots, and a jacket.

Personality: Kristi is a pretty fun-loving woman who prefers to avoid stressful situations. She's constantly talking, especially when on a subject she loves or knows a lot about. Dedicated to her friends and family, Kristi doesn't like to see anyone in any sort of distress and will always try to lend a helping hand. Many see her as a sort of bubbly person with a soft spot for insects and reptiles alongside with dogs and cats. She does enjoy the company of others and actually prefers it to being alone. In all honesty, she'd much prefer to be out and about to do something instead of staying inside all day. However, that won't stop her from accepting the offer to just cuddle up on the couch and have a movie marathon with friends.

As mentioned, Kristi avoids stressful situations as best she can. She can't handle stress very well and often easily falls apart into tears or fits of anger. She'll end up apologizing profusely though for her behavior after she's calmed back down. She won't apologize, however, for standing by her opinions and what she believes to be the right thing to do. If, of course, someone proves her methods or stance wrong, then she'll reconsider but the best you might get is an indirect apology.

Power: Spectral Interaction

-> I See Dead People: She can see the ghosts of those no longer living in the world, be they buried for centuries or recently drew their last breath. She can't touch them though, they just go right through her. [Passive]

-> Whispers From the Grave: Not only can she see them but she can hear what the deceased have to say. However, the only way she can respond to them is by speaking out loud. [Passive]

-> You Owe Me a Favor: To some extent, she can compel a ghost or two to do something - be it interfering with someone's life or finding specific information for her. However, she has a harder time with forcing the ghosts of recently deceased individuals to do what she wants as they still cling to the concept of living a lot more viciously. [Active]


-> Kristi is pretty fair at understanding a situation and solving the various problems with it.

-> Since her ability can't be turned "on" or "off", she has perfected her poker face and is no longer phased by gruesome things.

-> Her body doesn't exactly show it but she is rather athletic and makes a decent runner or gymnast.


-> She's working on it but Kristi isn't the best at accepting when she is wrong.

-> She is terrified of deep water. If she can't touch the ground, she won't get near it.

-> Kristi isn't always able to read people as well as she'd like.

Other: Megan's identical twin.


Username: Narvix

Name: Megan Foster

Age: 32 years

Gender: Agender

Appearance: Since they're identical twins, Megan has the same height, build/shape, eye and hair color as Kristi. They do weigh a few pounds heavier though due to muscle toning. Their hair is cropped short and often spiked using hair gel, either for a duck tail at the back or a ruffled appearance. They'll wear eyeliner from time to time but nothing else beyond that for makeup. Preferably, Megan enjoys wearing tank tops of various colors and designs, cargo capris, and a thin flannel jacket with sneakers. If it's too cold, they'll take to sweatpants and thicker coats.

Personality: Megan is the quieter of the two but also more prone to short bursts of temper. Since their head is constantly riddled with the invading thoughts of others, they don't particularly enjoy the company of other people and are always curbing their tongue in conversations. (Megan can't reveal they are able to read minds after all.) With their short temper, Megan sometimes tries to avoid fights. However, they don't mind fighting dirty and letting their tongue (or fists) fly unchecked.

Megan is often a cynical person without any large hopes for the future. While they're not strictly pessimistic, they label themself a harsh realist and prefer to keep their expectations low. They can manage their stress pretty decently, using art as a way to vent any frustrations they have or daily exercise.

Power: Mind Reading

-> I Know Your Secrets: First and foremost, the most basic of their sub-abilities. They are able to read the minds of others, listening to all of their thoughts without detection. It's a bit hard to turn this off though so it makes for quite the distraction or headache. [Passive]

-> Poison in Your Thoughts: If they wish to, they can force themself into someone's mind and alter that person's thoughts. Their limited to how much will power the "victim" has but, unless they're a fellow/powerful mind reader, it doesn't take long for them to achieve what they set out to do. [Active]

-> Linking Our Minds: Alternatively, they can act like a conduit, letting up to five people enter their own thoughts. In basic terms, they act like a communication device allowing for people to utilize telepathy when they wouldn't be able to otherwise. This poses a lot of risks though as anyone could alter their thoughts in this state. [Active]


-> Megan is physically fit with a fair amount of stamina and strength.

-> Though without any particular form, they are a decent challenge in a fist fight.

-> Their abilities are strong from years of development and inability to "turn off".


-> They have chronic migraines that sometimes affects their vision.

-> Megan is terrified of storms.

-> They are a sucker for kittens.

Other: Kristi's identical twin.


I'll be starting the RP tomorrow; I want to see if anyone else sends in a sheet.

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Okay, the IC thread has been made. Sorry for the semi poor introduction. Feel free to make your first post if you've already been accepted. The characters will be waking up in data space with no clue how they got there or where they're at. They'll see bits of floating data though and dark surroundings.

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