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2015-12-03 - Sprite Update (Round Two)

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I never was a fan of the Silver female, but quite liked the Silver male, so I have mixed emotions about the redo. However, I am also seeing the old sprites when I look at the lineages. Got a screenshot of one of my favorite lines before it disappears, but I can't see how the new lineages look yet.


I wouldn't have picked Splits for a redo, but it is a job nicely done. smile.gif

Made screenshots of several of my favorite lineages with male Silvers with the old line, but when I finally got to the male x Vines, the image now shows as the new sprite. It's not as dynamic as the old in the lineage view. They look too thin and frail.


Conversely, while I'm still not a fan of the silver and pink females, I think they look better in lineages now. xd.png


Yeah, mixed emotions. rolleyes.gif

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Amazingly well said!


The Silvers are now shiny, but they aren't my favorite replacement. I think my favorite Silver option (other than my own, of course, in my sig tongue.gif) had been Opal Dragon's beauties in the old update topic - here, and perhaps this beauty here. They're wild and shiny and metallic, with perfect anatomy fixes and all of the spirit of the originals. These ones are pretty. But they aren't Silvers.

Your silver looks like the actual silver, its the same pose, and nothing besides renewed shading is changed, its amazing, unlike the atrocity which has been done to poor male silvers who in one day went from one of the most epic dragons in dc to one of the most awful ones, all them silver lineages wasted. Awful, just awful

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Just scrolling down my scroll until I hit my first two-headed... Wow.


I'll kind of miss Deukari looking a bit overweight. It looks good on all my other two-headeds, though - it'll take a bit of getting used to.

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I must say that I don't really like the new silvers, specially the male. They look overly shiny compared to most other breeds. And I simply don't like the pose change done to the male.


Two headeds on the other hand looks gorgeous and amazingly detailed.

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just looking at the sprites themselves in regular view, i don't dislike the silver updates as much as i'd feared but don't love them as much as i'd hoped, and overall am okay with the adults.


in thumbnail view, however, the thinness of the new female silvers is making lineages look odd to me. hopefully i can get used to it.


the splits, on the other hand -- this is the first update to make me want to start collecting something i've never had before. (since i don't have any, i don't know how the thumbnail view affects lineages. but i'm really liking the regular view!)

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the gold egg now looks comparably flatter and less metallic. There might need to be an update along the line to touch up their highlights perhaps?

Don't see why - I imagine that was done because so many people complained they are often mistaken for whites, shadows and even - by some people - for greys ! Golds can't be anything else.


I do not understand the controversy behind the new Silver Dragon. Everyone was all hyped up for it, but the second it happens, it seems like people are salty for no reason. The new sprites are a drastic improvement over the old ones. I mean come on, guys. The art for the old Silvers was very wonky looking.

Everyone WASN'T hyped up for it. MANY of us - including me - did not want it to happen at all. And I'm not "salty for no reason" - I prefer the old ones. I'm actually not being "salty" at all; they are the best of the ones we were shown in the old thread - but I still would rather it hadn't happened at all. Updating everything is extremely unnecessary.


And I honestly don't see how the lineages are "messed up" now. They look a lot better imo now that the sprites match the style of the newer dragons now. (which is what people are commonly linking, then saying "they are so messed up!!!!!!")

Some look better, some look fairly nasty, to be blunt. One plans lineages on the look of the dragons one puts into it. Some of my lineages look fine. Some don't. As several people in this thread have said - including many who like the new sprite.

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I <3 the new 2-headed hatchies biggrin.gif So much more detail and subtle shading!!! And the adults seem to almost have dapples! Beautiful work there!


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Apologies if I'm overstepping or something, but I see a lot of people saying that the poses are different and make the new Silvers seem 'Western'. So I went and stripped the shading of the original sprites and overlaid the base lines onto the new dragons: *Click* (Might be a bit hard to see without enlarging sorry). Yes, the new male is looking up and they appear to be slightly uncoiled but they are the same pose. The shading and anatomy were improved but they're still the same dragon. :T

I'm totally cool with the new adults but the babies do look to different for me to accept right away. But at least these new sprites have that 'beautiful glow' we've been reading about for years.


The new Two-Heads are great. They were one of my first dragons so it's very nice to see them updated to match the new style of sprites. <3

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OMG just saw the two headed hatchlings. They're like little blue two headed hellhorse hatchlings!



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What do people think are the other candidates for sprite updates? Stone, dorsal, vine, and red are the only ones I can think of (and I know there was an amazing redone red floating around--a lot like the split update, gorgeous but dead on in being similar to the old one). Nothing else seems in need of much updating.

None of the above. Except - IF Lyth wants to do it - the vines, as that was HER idea and the images she showed for a while were OK.


ESPECIALLY not stones and reds - they are positively iconic. We need our icons around here as well as our gltzy new breeds.

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Splits have always been one of my favorite dragons, and I absolutely *love* the new update! Especially the wings, although it'd be better if they were thicker, I think. I will certainly miss the derpy looking hatchlings.


The new Silvers are beautiful, but like with the Gold sprite update, it will take a while to get used to them. Going from the original flat sprites to these rounder, more realistic sprites is always going to be jarring, especially when you're someone who's been used to seeing the original sprites for 7 years.


The old Silver hatchlings were adorable to me and I always had a special fondness for them... the updated hatchies don't make me feel the same way at all, sadly. But maybe that will change in time.


Does the new Silver female look larger than the male to anyone else, btw? It seems that way to me, particularly in the neck (looks slightly longer/thicker). Was the female always supposed to be larger?


Edit: I couldn't put my finger on it before, but I just figured out what was bugging me about the new Silvers. They look far more compact than the originals. The bodies, tails, and necks really should be longer, or at least more curved, so they look more Eastern.

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I have to climb aboard the disappointment wagon, too. When I heard, after the Hollies, that Silvers were due for an upgrade, I was overly excited. Over the last while I've been striving to get more CB silvers (of which I now have upped from 2 to 4) since I truly adored their design, albeit flawed. They were simple and fun to look at- while having the benefit of blending beautifully with many lineages.


When the Halloween release mentioned the Silvers would be delayed, I was a little grumpy, but completely in understanding. Then I waited... and waited some more. A month goes by and stiiiiill nothing. Hmm. Then, finally today, I see the update and am beside myself with eagerness to see the awaited change to these lovelies.


My first thought was that I suddenly had a blurred desktop. They look much "fuzzier" than the old sprites which makes them a bit unappealing at the start. The anatomy got a nice upgrade to fix the old sprites' anomalies, but unfortunately that's as far as my appreciation for them went.


They don't seem to have the sharp, cut look to them anymore and look very blurred. Suddenly one of the rares that I had been trying to get more CB's of (though often wildly unsuccessful) has become one that I don't care for much, now, which is a sullen feeling.


Seeing that the majority of feedback from players share this same mentality is a bit of a bummer. If it were a more balanced array of positive and negative, that would probably make it easier to tolerate.


The new male isn't looking at the female anymore, which was part of the charm. I really liked the feathered look of their manes, which is now smoothed over and gone. They feel more generic and lack the character the original sprites held (flawed as they were).


All the better to those that like the new sprites. With a lot of us in favor of the old sprite, that should glean some competition away from snagging them.

The Gold and Silvers being the biggest two cave rares to snag, I am all in favor of the golds over the silvers. The golds look well rounded and, well, gold. They're sharp and seem to have a lovely metallic sheen. The new silvers don't seem to have the same metal-hardened look or shine to me.

I think if they were sharpened and sized up, head adjusted, and the feathering of the manes was brought out more (like the Undines), they would look more rounded overall.




When I then saw that Splits were updated as well, I really liked the new look. I like the new wing work, but I may be biased since I like anatomically functioning-looking wings. I enjoy the new robust look for them. I never did much with them, but feel I could stand to get some more on my scroll now. The silvers? I can't say I'm as eager to get them anymore, which is disheartening.


Thank you for the work all the spriters put in. Not everyone is going to like something and that seems to be the case with the silvers, but that happens.

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I've just seen another reference to people 'just not liking change'...



And now I hear that the Tinsel may be changed down the road...


I figure I might as well write all this out, despite - actually, because of - the fact that it will likely be ignored, denied or mocked by some happy with the change and unaccepting of disagreement with their feelings and views

I'm not sure if this is in reference to my post. If it was, my intention was not to say everyone was merely against change. I was actually defending people's right to be upset for a multitude of reasons, to include just not liking change. smile.gif


I've been secretly hoping for a tinsel update. They're so overlooked compared to the shimmers, and since they're supposed to be equal value prizes, it's really a shame. I know others love them as they are, and there's never a case of pleasing everyone.


You are completely welcome (in my opinion, leastwise), to like what you like and not be happy about sprite changes. Others are welcome to love them and hate the old sprites. Others are welcome to have any opinion somewhere on the gradient in between. I happen to (mostly) like the new sprites, but that doesn't invalidate your opinion.


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Oooh, I love them! I think the only thing I'll miss is the beautiful ruffled hair of the old sprites. The new mane looks rather... well, like it's made of plastic or something. Don't get me wrong, I honestly love everything else about them--the pose, how shiny they are, the new egg--but that mane... I'm sorry they 'fixed' that. It looked so nice before, like actual hair.


I like the Two-headeds a lot. They look really nice (even if I still prefer the rather derpy look of the old Two-headed hatchling, lol).

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I absolutely LOVE the two-headeds! They look great, and I might even start collecting them!


Silvers.. Not so much. I feel like they've lost the majestic look they have had. And they are a bit too shiny I guess? Other breeds look very dull in comparison in lineages.

I also really liked the female's old face, it was really beautiful. Now it looks a bit weird to me. But I am sure I will get used to the changes eventually!


I know how much effort was put into spriting them, so I still really appreciate the changes. Thank you spriters!

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Well, perhaps "bright" is more accurate than "shiny" (although I think both apply). The old silvers were, for me, a duller silver-gray, while these new ones are a brilliant silver-white. It sticks out a lot in lines where they're paired with less vibrant dragons.

Yeah, bright would be a better word for it.

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I've just seen another reference to people 'just not liking change'...


If people have spent years collecting things because they like them as they are, and they are then changed into something else, they are going to feel this as a loss. What they loved and collected is gone.



Other factors: the dragons can look very different on different monitors.


The Silvers, in example, had a lovely, old-silver glow which varied slightly from one to another on various antique computers I used; the Blacks especially looked great on both of my really old computers, but pretty awful on the equally antique downstairs computer, when I had to use that, between the time one old computer blew and was replaced by another slightly less antique. When I got my new computer a couple of years ago, some of the Silver's glow was lost, but they still looked good to me.


Whatever the new ones may look like to some on their monitors, the new Silvers look very dull and more pastel-y to me, not a look I'm fond of; their character is gone and the poses/general shapes and colours are not the same. As a New Release, I'd probably like them fine, but not as replacements for something which better suited my taste and which I've loved for years, especially as they don't at all suit the lineages I'd been working on.


Indeed, there's that major question of personal taste. I realize that this is heresy, but I personally don't like Pokemon sprites, they look cartoon-y to me, a look I wouldn't bother collecting but which many people do appreciate.


This is a major reason why, apart from enjoying the community and not needing a fast computer, I joined DC and DC only, and stayed; I liked the variety of the art styles and many of the dragons, although not everyone is going to like them all, since everyone has different tastes. The degree of variety in styles and among dragons ensured that there were some which any given person would love/like to varying degrees, giving just about anyone around the world, of whatever age and taste, dragons they liked and wanted to collect. Catering to a specific taste loses those not falling within that category. And where do they go to find what they'd valued about DC when joining years back, even if only as a potential? That huge market potential of those who will never be able to afford super-fast computers/connections and wanting to collect dragons they like which remain as collected throughout their virtually eternal life is just dismissed.


Some of the newer dragons at DC look cartoony to me; I don't personally happen like the style. To me, it looks as though Gumby has invaded my scroll and is impersonating some of my favorite dragons, ruining lineages which are valued gifts or treasured beginnings toward lineages representing years of collecting/breeding hard-to-find unrelated lines with stages of advance perhaps only possible once or twice a year and not always then.


A few random examples of some once-beautiful lineage starts which no longer work:















We have great spriters, I'm not dissing them - but the fact remains that people all have different tastes and making one group happy to make another miserable by altering well-loved dragons which people already have on their scrolls is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul - except by replacing what Peter already had by forcing something different on him, rather than giving everyone something new which wouldn't deprive Peter of something mattering to him and which he could simply avoid collecting much of, if not to his taste, as Paul could have done with what wasn't to his.


Frankly, although I still keep the site up while online, I increasingly haven't been much on except to check PMs, do a very little fansite Clicking or Viewing, the odd breeding burst (was on all day yesterday breeding for the first time in a while, and find being here rather depressing; I actually discovered the Silver sprite changes while Fogging dragons for the night, which saved me trying to do a blood-swap,) and not collecting much beyond Prizes since shortly after the plans for wide-ranging sprite changes were announced, and will probably pretty much be restricted to New/newer Releases less likely to be changed in the near future.


There's no point in wasting a lot of time and energy in obsessively collecting a whole lot of what I like or breeding lineages when they're only going to be changed into something else at some point.


Much of the reason for my previous and gradually fading addiction, (with the emphasis on trade prices over individual value placed on dragons preferred/required by different members arising since the initially overly rare Prize issues and the increasing importance of being able to afford faster computers and connections, as most can't, much of the community losing interest/drifting away due to these, and now with ongoing and continual sprite changes in the works,) is effectively gone, and for the first time ever, I've lately found myself forgetting about DC, even forgetting to unFog held bred eggs/hatchies awaiting (re-)Teleportation all day, in the process of joining the ranks of those who may only turn up for Releases - if they remember and don't miss out. And this is the reason I'm staying on today, until dragons on my scroll are swapped/get where they're going depending on who's online (since so many people aren't now, apart from Releases - and now even forget about their eggs as well, generally for the first time ever for them, also,) and my Teleports start coming back from yesterday to finish a breed-through mostly going to the Community thread. For the first time ever I, like others, forget about DC and my growing dragons, and I'd really rather be somewhere else.


And now I hear that the Tinsel may be changed down the road...



I've heard people previously say on a thread that it doesn't matter if older players leave, because new ones are coming on all the time, something not officially contradicted anywhere I've seen.


Turning the site into something more like all of the others and counting on the support of those who have not invested years of time and energy and have no unique investment in terms of specific dragons they've loved for years and which live forever without aging or changing is not a good business move, when a site abandons what once attracted and kept many members, despite numerous difficulties even out-right preventing people from accessing their dragons or the Cave for extended periods of time, to delete the very factors which created that long-term commitment.


Those who follow the latest fashion may follow it anywhere and have no 'brand loyalty' because nothing exists to foster it, since everything always has the potential to change into something else and something else elsewhere may have more appeal at any time.


I figure I might as well write all this out, despite - actually, because of - the fact that it will likely be ignored, denied or mocked by some happy with the change and unaccepting of disagreement with their feelings and views.


Many of the newer dragons are very beautiful, but they don't speak to me with the character displayed by some of the older ones.


And while I still don't want to miss out on any New Releases and will continue to breed for people, the last shreds of my passion for DC as a distinctively different entity potentially allowing some degree of escape from RL have dissipated with the direction taken and the prospective disappearance of the remaining dragons which most matter to me.


I'm only one of many, some long gone, some coming for Releases while they still remember, some continuing to half-heartedly play perhaps mostly out of habit rather than out of hope for better, and the degree of my addiction for years was probably not a good thing, derived from being predominately housebound, as I still am. But DC reached the heights it did by appealing to a very wide range of people, and it's sad to see that circle close in shutting out so many.


Edit: a mangled sentence under reconstruction, lol.

This is so elegantly stated, and I couldn't agree more. Thank you for taking the time to put into words what many of us feel. I personally decided not to go that route, since I figured (for the same reasons you did) it would be pointless. But I have certainly read and understood your post, loud and clear.

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Love the Splits!


But.... I am disappointed in the Silvers. The new sprites are a total improvement over the old ones, but... Given that the change in color was a given, and the extreme nature of that change, the old lineages they were in all look bad.


Given that, I would have preferred for the awkward pose of the male to be fixed in the update. I really love LadyLyzar's other Silvers, with the different pose.


So.... We'll see. Its a vast improvement, I just wish that they'd fixed a few more things too...


Also, the male Silver looks *tiny* in the lineage tile. I mean, really, really small. :/




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The new sprites are beautiful and very well done! Thank you! Both the Silvers and the Splits look so sleek now and very dragonesque. Might grab some more Splits now.





But....where have my Silvers gone? unsure.gif Where are the snuggable hatchies? Why did their derpy personality have to go? They look like they could have been a new release or a new Prize Xmas dragon. Looking at my many Silvers on my scroll just doesn't give me the same fluttery feeling now.


I guess I will get used to them, I'm just disappointed. They are gorgeous, but they are not the same dragon that I've spent years collecting.


I'm not resistant to change, but I am resistant to change just for change's sake.


@ Symphoneira: Exactly!! All of it.

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Also, the male Silver looks *tiny* in the lineage tile. I mean, really, really small. :/

Aha! Yes, that's what has been bugging me! I was having a hard time figuring it out. The lineage view is weird, not so much the sprite itself.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! biggrin.giflaugh.gif

I am in heaven!

For many months I was totally scared of losing my precious beloved silvers because I had no idea what kind of sprite would appear to replace them and now I am elated!!


Oh look this!



So elegant, such beautiful colors, such great design! <3 Solace is one of my oldest and most loved silvers and he looks awesome!


Only God knows how much I prayed to get Lady Lizard's silvers as a replacement!

I'm thrilled.

Thank you for your hard work Lady Lizard. Thanks for save our silver dragon from the menace of a terrible update. biggrin.gif

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The mane part of the silver s2s is a bit annoying (the original silver s2s did not have this contrasting outline on the mane side of the neck), but the rest of it is awesome. They remind me of the sprites LadyLyzar did back in the old silver thread c:

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Well, see, I'm in a weird place because I agree with you, but dislike the new sprites.


The old ones, much as I loved and used them, had a ton of problems. While I don't think old art on the cave is itself a problem, I did see something wrong with having the second rarest dragon normally available in cave look old. New players who joined, saw all the cool dragons, and then worked really hard to collect a rare silver just to find out how wonky it looked were probably going to be quite disappointed. Because of that, and because I hoped there could be a compromise between keeping the old and making them look more gorgeous, I looked forward to an update.


...Unfortunately, however, the new ones just aren't cutting it for me. That's what I'm sad about--choice of update, not update presence. The spriter has made some really cool dragons, but her style isn't one I favor and the difference in how the new ones look versus the old is really jarring, especially in lineages. (To be fair, I suppose the Holly and Split updates could've been just as drastic for some, but since I worked with a lot of Silver lines I see the difference more while the other changes look, in my eye, fairly subdued... although Hollies are here and there. Don't look quite as good with the oldies I once liked pairing them with, although the sprites are pretty sweet looking).


Honestly if we DID go with a fairy big overhaul (as we did) I was at least hoping it would be these sprites. They are so majestic and realistic looking and, while quite shiny, didn't feel as overwhelming as the new ones: http://humanwendigo.deviantart.com/art/DC-...manWendigo&qo=3






'... New players who joined, saw all the cool dragons, and then worked really hard to collect a rare silver just to find out how wonky it looked were probably going to be quite disappointed. ...'



Hi, ADP, smile.gif much as I hate to question anything you may think, while I can see some of your points, one thing I find odd about such claims as contained in the quote above is that new people would see the older dragons long before getting any of their own, and could decide for themselves whether to bother, rather than having a nasty surprise as their Silvers hatched and grew up to be Silvers.


Is this 'surprise' disappointment in new people something you've noticed personally, based on your own observations, or something you've heard repeated often enough recently to accept it as a fact?


I have personally not noticed any general unpopularity or lack of demand for CB Silvers based on their 'wonkiness' at any point, and for years have almost never seen them in the Cave, due to them being snatched up so quickly by those with faster systems than I - this, despite complaints from some, but not all, generally consisting of anatomy issues disturbing the more artistic and, in some cases, among those with monitors showing the colours as grey or white, that they were not shiny enough, not so much that the dragons or that the other colours themselves needed to be altered so extensively.


Not that everyone agreed on what needed to be done or which of any suggested changes would be best. If there's no consensus on change, is the best bet really to inevitably shift dissatisfaction from some groups to others?


The now-typically much lower 'pricing' relative to Golds has seemingly been based more on a common assumption of Gold being more valuable than Silver than anything else, since this was present to some degree (if slight and limited to some people) even prior to the new Golds - with the Golds being snatched up ever faster as the designated main medium of exchange for 2nd gen Prizes once those became an issue, also based on this assumption, (and what would appear to be droughts previously appearing, based on user-demand not visible on the scrolls of, apparently, most, or in fansites, as TJ insisted that they were Dropping at the same rates - and with DC egg-catching scripts being offered on various sites,) and increasing their user-created rarity level of virtual invisibility for most above even that of the Silvers, as the fastest catchers seeking 'trade value' dragons tend to, quite logically, load up on those perceived as being the most valuable trade-wise, in order to pack the maximum 'wealth' in limited scroll space.


If you recall, the difference in rarity was not originally nearly as pronounced in earlier times, with less disparity between average and super-fast speeds and with the Cave (when open, lol,) actually moving, with even people like myself on genuine antique computers seeing a Gold on average every hour of hunting and similar numbers for Silvers perhaps somewhat more common. Back then, I caught several of each, even if it did take me months of fanatical, all-night hunting. And back then, the general trend was to more value dragons as dragons, as sprites loved for themselves and/or wanted for lineages/scroll goals rather than as 'trade fodder' to be exchanged for other, more 'valuable' dragons.


Personally, I'd have thought a suitable compromise would have involved down-grading the old Silvers to UNCommons and releasing new Silvers, even though I expect that many of us would never have caught the new, unless the numbers were sufficient to fill in the ratios based on the preponderance of old Silvers already on people's scrolls, which would seem reasonable to me.


Many of us spent months and years painfully accumulating the Silvers we had, because we loved them as they were, despite their faults, before they were changed into something completely different and changing lineages often years in the making.


I still believe that having a decent Release of these new Silvers as new dragons would have wasted far less time, emotion and effort than has been by simply replacing them and the lineages as well.


The concern about disappointing new people, who might, in any event, not stay all that long, having little invested, has instead disappointed a number of older members losing valued gifts and years and much frustrating labour invested in catching/trading for sprites valued for themselves as they were, and in breeding lineages now altered in a manner representing a massive waste and heartbreak to many, along with removing much of the purpose they may have variously had in collecting and/or breeding immortal dragons now to be subject to change at any time.


The logic of this escapes me. Once you think about it, does it really make sense to you?




Edit: hi, harlequinraven,


actually, it took me a while to write that, also spending some time downstairs taking care of kitties (wanted to get to the litter-boxes and what-not, not just food and fresh water) and chatting with one of my roommates when going down for coffee, so I actually didn't see your post until after I'd finished it and went to look back at what had been written in the interim.


The post I referred to was somewhere well before page 8, lol.

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Ok, now I've seen them in lineage view (to anyone having problems with that, try restarting your browser - worked for me), I think that the new Silvers are certainly different, but in a way I can get used to. And this looks even more awesome than it did yesterday! xd.png (Well, two LadyLyzar draggies - figures.) Hope he likes his mate. smile.gif

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