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For those of you that don't know, I run the Unofficial DC Tumblr: http://undragcave.tumblr.com


I periodically post DC art that I find on dA using the share-to-tumblr feature. There is tons of great DC art here on the forum, but there is no handy share-to-tumblr button, so permissions for cross-posting can't be assumed.


So I'm making this thread here so that if you want your art shared on the tumblr or are okay with it, you can share that art here in this thread and I'll queue it up on tumblr. I will credit you and link to whatever profile you'd like me to: your DC profile or art thread, your dA, or even your scroll, etc. Just make sure to give me the link so I can actually post it.


Thanks for any help in the activity of the tumblr!

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Do you only repost, or would you be open to reblogging DC art that's already on tumblr?

I'll happily reblog. =)


Awesome, thank you, Jen-Kollic! I remember seeing the beginnings of that. It turned out beautiful! I'm going to go reblog in just one second here. o3o

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Hey! I have a whole thread of stuff. There're a lot of pages to wade through, so only if you have time! I hope the silliness of some of them makes up for the scribbliness. smile.gif

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