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Your country doesn't have a name, your planet doesn't have one either. To be fair, you aren't even sure what either of those things are, but if you were, you'd say that neither of them deserve one.

Everything, as far as the eye can see, is sand and dust. Every inch is covered in it. There are villages, towns, even cities, spread far and sparsely, connected only by thin, oily rivers, but not even those cannot escape the dust.


The rivers are getting lower.

The dust is getting stronger.

The wars between cities are getting bloodier.

You are getting desperate.


Xionybol. The castle in the mountains. Where the water flows over the entire castle like curtains of crystal. Where everything is bright and blue and cool and clean and there is nothing filthy and dusty. Where people are treated with respect and kindness. Where desperate people try to go if they've given into delusion and begun to cling on fairy tales.


But then again, you're a bit of a fairy tale yourself.


Contrary to popular belief, humans have more than five senses. The average person has around 18.






Touch (Texture)









Muscle tension

Proprioception (Sense of position in space. Your body parts in relation to your other body parts.)

Equilibrioception (the ability to keep your balance and sense body movement in terms of acceleration and directional changes)

Stretch Receptors (These are found in such places as the lungs, bladder, stomach, blood vessels, and the gastrointestinal tract.)

Chemoreceptors (These trigger an area of the medulla in the brain that is involved in detecting blood born hormones and drugs. It also is involved in the vomiting reflex.)


Some people lack certain senses, or have lose them during some point during their lives. These loses are usually compensated for by the remaining senses. But a special few have their senses replaced completely with supernatural abilities. The blind can see the future, the deaf can hear the dead, those who have no sense of time can now see the timer's on everyone's lives, and so on.


You are one of these. And you are going to find Xionybol.




-Be kind to your fellow players (No powerplaying, goddmodding, killing characters)


-All powers must be "internal" and related somehow to the sense it is replacing. (No throwing fireballs, or shapeshifting)

-If you need help coming up with a 'replacement sense', ask!




GENDER: (Or lack thereof)







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NAME: Lira Goshawke

AGE: 19


SENSE MISSING: Proprioception

REPLACEMENT: Once he has touched something or someone, he will be able to know where it is but only if he has that goal in mind while touching it. He will know where it is the same way someone is able to close their eyes and still touch their nose. He can stop knowing where it is by touching it again.

PERSONALITY: He’s a bit of a laid back fellow, generally friendly to everyone. He tries to stay open minded about things, and likes getting the whole story before he throws his hat in with anyone. He can tend to hide behind the “getting the whole story” and use it to justify his indecisiveness. In reality he really does hate taking sides, or making any sort of drastic decisions, but when pushed enough, he will.

APPEARANCE: He stands six feet tall, and weighs 140 pounds. He has long, gangly limbs and bony joints that make him look a bit like a puppet. His hair is black and straight, falling to his mid back, but shaved off the entire left side of his head, straight down the middle. His skin is a light brown that tans very easily. He has a sharp jaw line and high cheekbones. He has very bright, large brown eyes.

BIO: He’s spent most of his life traveling around with his mother, moving every few months. There are very few places he’s never been to. He’s heard a lot of stories in his time, and knows more about the different cities and towns than most. He was “home-schooled” by his mother up until he was 14, and then just read books on his own. When he was 17 his mother remarried and although he had nothing against his new step father, chose to continue travelling around on his own. He now has a baby sister and he visits his family every few months.

OTHER: He’s rather clumsy, and doesn’t really know where his limbs begin or end. He can get along mostly okay as long as he can see.




NAME: Diana Vane

AGE: 20

GENDER: Female


REPLACEMENT: Regeneration - she heals at an abnormally fast rate, with scratches healing in mere seconds. More severe wounds take longer, with the possibility of her losing too much blood before it heals. She cannot regenerate lost limbs.

PERSONALITY: Diana is dark in her thoughts, laughs at her own misfortune and takes large risks. She has an addictive personality that is only exacerbated by her own recklessness. She is not so much a masochist as she is intrigued and amused by wounding herself intentionally and seeing her limits for herself.

APPEARANCE: Diana is medium height at 5,5", and lightly muscular from her army training. She has a vaguely elfin face that may have come across innocently mischievous when she was younger and less jaded. Her hair is black and straight, falling just to her shoulders and contrasting against her very pale skin.

BIO: Diana's parents sent her away when she was young, to a boarding school. As she grew up, the rivers grew drier and the roads dustier; a sandstorm took them from her at 17. She took up illegal drinking then, and enlisted in the army after finishing school at 18. She only served for 2 years before encountering horrors that forced her to escape while she still could. For the past few months she has been working as an undercover bodyguard for various high-profile people. However, trade has dried up with the water; and her only option left is to find Xionybol.

OTHER: Diana drinks heavily, with no particular favourite alcohol - although the stronger, the better. She is not opposed to other drugs, even the hard ones; usually, they can't hurt her.




NAME: Robin Greyson

AGE: 29 years

GENDER: Non-binary


REPLACEMENT: Precognition - The ability to see the future.

- Robin is able to see short visions of the future. These visions don't last longer than a minute or two but are often shorter. They can't control when they see them either. Typically, they occur when they've fallen asleep/unconscious but are prone to happen while Robin is awake. The visions can be centered on anyone as long as Robin has touched them in some way. Similarly, it is impossible to tell if these visions are set in stone or can be prevented by changing something.

PERSONALITY: Robin has a pensive personality, always thinking about something and usually asking questions from curiosity. They're always trying to understand things or people with the genuine interest to help them. They often come off as a light-hearted person and doesn't appear to hold any grudges, let alone grow frustrated or annoyed. Patience is one of their strongest traits but it can sometimes be undermined by their dislike for intolerance.

APPEARANCE: Robin has dark brown skin and brown eyes set on a round face. Their hair falls to the bottom of their shoulder blades in thick, wavy, dark-brown strands. Standing at 5'10", they have an average build but are on the meatier side with a column shape. They prefer to wear simple v-neck t-shirts and long jeans with a zippered jacket, all in various colors.

BIO: Robin was born blind. Growing up wasn't much of a challenge as they never had to adjust to losing their sight but their disability did provide a few obstacles. They learned brail to become literate and worked on recognizing specific sounds and textures. When they were ten, their mother left and Robin was raised by their father. After finishing their schooling, Robin became a part-time worker for an animal shelter, handling the animals instead of doing any desk work.

OTHER: They keep their cane with them at all times but don't always use it, especially whenever in a familiar place. Robin did consider a owning a service dog but has since chosen not to get one.

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NAME: Alastair Wardell (nickname Alec)

AGE: 21

GENDER: male


REPLACEMENT: Alec can hear the "residue" of events. In other words he can make out the sounds from past events, but it's something he has no control over and will just randomly happen at times and the distance of time between the event and the present varies.

PERSONALITY: Alastair is a bit gruff around the edges so to speak. He's rather hard to anger and doesn't like getting involved in things unless he has to. At first he seems to be uncaring toward the world but in truth once you break past his shell you find he's actually pretty sweet, this often shows when he speaks of his sister. once Alec gets close to someone he instantly takes reponsability for protecting them, sometimes taking it a bit too seriously.

APPEARANCE: Alastair stands at 5'4", a fact he is not overly fond of, with an athletic build and messy black hair that, if brushed straight, would probably reach just past the tops of his ears in the front. His eyes are a dark green, matching his rather fair skin and his features can be concidered quite handsome, all though his nose is slightly bent, as if having been broken in the past, and his jaw is usually covered in stubble, depending on if he's shaved recently. Alec also has a long scar that runs down the inside of his left calf as well as a large burn mark along his right side, over his ribs.

BIO: Alastair grew up in fear. He never knew his parents but was raised by a rather abusive man. The man used Alastair for his own profit, training the boy in how to steal and swindle others, as well as how to fight. Unfortunately Alastair was born with bad hearing and as he got older it just got worse, making it harder for him to follow the man's wishes. This made the man start to lash out at Alec, eventually Alec's hearing vanished completely and he was forced to learn how to understand others without it (aka lip reading and sign language) around the age of 13 he decided enough was enough and he ran. Eventually he was picked up by a family who took him in. He became an older brother to their little girl and when he was 19 he decided to go out on his own in an attempt to help the family out a bit, sending back any money he could.

OTHER: he can read lips and his eyesight is vary sharp. Alec isn't vary good with alchohol, getting intoxicated about two glasses in, but he's actually a vary calm drunk so not many people notice. He also has a weakness for small fluffy animals.

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Lira stood at the gates of the city Toll, waiting for the two others he'd scheduled to meet up with. He felt the map in his backpack. The one his mother had started and had given to him to complete on his fifteenth birthday. That's what they'd be using to get the Xionybol. That, and a couple old books with silly riddles. It was basically a little treasure hunt. He leaned up against his car, a mishmash of other cars and spare parts that basically constituted a hunk of junk on wheels. He sighed and readjusted his sunglasses.

(Technology in this world is basically everything that doesn’t require satellites or cell/radio towers. They don’t have the internet or cell phones or TV.)


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Alastair was running much later then he would have liked, but it couldn't be helped since he had overslept, despite the fact that he had done his best to get to sleep early the night before. The young man sighed and glanced up, nor icing that he was finally at his destination, the gates.


Alastair slowed to a stop and glanced around, looking for the kid he was scedualed to meet up with. He'd said he had a map and Alastair had jumped at the chance, having gotten nowhere on his own so far. The man's eyes fell on a tall gangly young man leaning against a car, if it could be called that.

The short man reached up, tugging on his pack'pack's straps to adjust it a bit, before he slowly started forward toward the younger man. When he came to a stop he had to look up to meet the boy's eyes.

"Lira?" He asked, his voice rough and a bit broken sounding, as if he was unused to talking.


Alastair was dressed in simple but comfortable clothing with a beat up old backpack. His hair was a mess of black curls as usual and his green eyes stared up at Lira with a vary unamused look in them, disliking the fact that the younger man was so much taller then him.

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Diana had scoped out the area a long time before their meeting time. It was old habit that had served her well; know your surroundings. She watched as the young, skinny boy with the long limbs appeared out of what seemed to be a car, and a shorter man with shaggy black hair arrived. This whole situation looked dodgy - but could they be blamed for it?

Diana slithered out of the straggly tree she'd seated herself in, and jogged across the dusty land to the two men. "Hi," she greeted them, pulling on the straps of her backpack. A distinct sound of sloshing came from it. "I'm Diana. You must be Lira." Her bright blue eyes, the colour of lakes long gone, slid to the other man. "And you are...?"

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Lira smiled, and nodded. "That's me" he said, removing his sunglasses. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Alastair, right?" He added.

The shorter man definitely had his curiosity. Both of them did. Not everyone just gave up their lives to go search for a legendary city that may or may not exist.

He looked the man over. He was rather short, which made him automatically more endearing to Lira. Lira found almost anyone shorter than he was, which was the majority of people, cute in that aspect. He tried his best to keep it to himself, because he realized how many people would find this annoying and possibly demeaning, which is not how he meant it at all. Apart from his shortness, everything else about Alastair was rather attractive.

His thoughts were interrupted by another person, probably Diana, walking up. His prediction was proven correct by the woman herself introducing herself as Diana, and asking if he was Lira. Which he was.

"Yep. That's me." He said.

He observed that she was also short. Although a bit taller then Alastair. And she was also attractive. They were both very able-bodied, at last in appearance, and probably quite a bit better in a fight than he was. Although, he did hope that thy wouldn't even need to be good in a fight.

"So, I was thinking we could stay a night in the city gathering any supplies we'll need and getting to know each other a bit before we head out." He said, braiding his hair absentmindedly and tossing it over his shoulder.

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Alastair nodded as the younger man said his name, but when the boy turned his head, looking at something behind Alastair he turned around, finding a woman standing behind him. She was about an inch taller then him and looked around his age as well, but she seemed somehow much more cautious then a twenty-something year old should be. Luckily he had just turned in time to see her lips move and he managed to figure out she had asked who he was.


"Alastair" he replied simply, shifting and moving back a bit so he could look at both of them, making sure he could see both of them when they talked. He wasn't used to dealing with lots of people but he could handle just two as long as they didn't start yelling or talking with their backs to him.

At Lira's suggestion the short man nodded, showing his agreement with the plan, it would be good to get to know these two before setting out.

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Diana took in Lira's hair slowly, now that she was close-up. It certainly wasn't the type she saw in the military or the bodyguard industry. Shaved all on the one side, long on the other... Was this the new fashion these days? She didn't follow that kind of stuff anymore. It was a waste of time. Besides, her speciality had been being an undercover bodyguard - posing as a female celebrity's friend or the girlfriend of a young mayor. Her disguises and personas had been many. It was more important for her to look normal, if anything. Her boss had chosen her clothing, if it was necessary to be fashionable.


So. Alastair. There was something in the way he spoke, and the way his eyes followed her lips - they all had senses missing, didn't they? It would make sense if his was his hearing. But perhaps that was a slightly personal question on the offset. She didn't want to make him self-conscious about his disability. Diana might be tough and reckless, but she would not remove a potential ally's pride.


She shrugged, nodding. It was a good enough idea, although she had most of what she needed already. Alcohol. Her money. Clothes. Weapons. A few pieces of non-perishable food - perishable food tended to rot quite quickly in the heat. Diana turned toward the gates of the city, holding onto the straps of her backpack with her thumbs.


"So. Lira." She turned back to him. "What do we need?"

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Lira readjusted his pack on his back, pushing himself off the car with his elbow.

"Well, I was thinking we should get a hotel room to act as like a base, plus starting a journey out sleeping in a car or on the ground is always bad luck. While we are here we need to check out the water prices and see if we can stock up on it. I already have plenty of sandstor equipment so we won't need t get anymore. We won't need much food because there are plenty of towns and villages before we hit open desert, but water is typically cheaper in the cities."

"I was also hoping to check out the Toll Library and see if he have anything on the... Uh... On our destination. But I can do that on my own so you guys don't need to worry about it. Unless you want to come..." He paused. He hadn't meant to talk that long.

"Um... So basically, we need a hotel, water, and the library. It also wouldn't hurt to get one more clothes so we don't have to wear the same outfit everyday." He summarized, counting everything out on his fingers.

Lira looked at the other two, feeling a bit awkward. He had a habit of thinking things though out loud, especially when he was around people. He really hoped it didn't bother them, especially since they'd be together for a while.

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(Ah sorry, I'm working on my final project and forgot to reply)


Alastair turned his attention fully to Lira as he spoke. The boy didn't speak too quickly so it wasn't hard for him to keep up with the motion of his lips. He knew most people would find it odd that when they talked he watched their lips and not their eyes but this was his life, let them think whatever they wanted.


At the suggestion of a library Alastair's mood seemed to lighten a bit. "I'll go with you to the library" he suddenly said, bringing his eyes up to meet Lira's. Alastair enjoyed reading, no matter what it was since it was an opertunity to gain knowlage that he hadn't had as a child. "As for the hotel, I think I remember where one is from my last visit to the city, it shouldn't be too far from the gates" he added.


Alastair had been to the city before, but it had been for only and brief amount of time, but he vaguely remembered a hotel that wasn't too expensive, but it also wasn't vary nice. As he thought about it he realized it might not be to Lira's liking since he seemed more likely to take a goodnight's rest over saving money.

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((I wish that more people would join this, such an awesome premise ;_;))


Diana shrugged at Lira, then nodded. The guy had a head on his shoulders, if anything. It was good to know. She was mostly prepared herself, with her clothes and alcohol supplies. However, she hadn't done a lot of work on investigating Xionybol. It had been a last-minute decision to join this expedition.


Alastair provided his own knowledge, speaking of a hotel he knew of. Close to the gates? Good enough for her. She always slept with one eye open no matter the condition of the place she stayed in. Sometimes the most expensive places hid the most dangerous attackers. It didn't matter to her what sort of place it was.


Diana stretched, hands interlocking above her head. Her fingers clicked, and she sighed with contentment as she swung them back down. "Right, then," she said. "How about we head off to the library? All I know about Xionybol is that it's green and has water." She shrugged, then looked to Lira - he seemed to be the leader of the group.

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(Same, I was kinda hoping for a few more people but I still think we can have fun with it! We could always add more characters.)


Lira seemed to cringe when Diana said the name of their destination out loud, then glanced out into the desert as if checking to make sure something was still where he had left it. The moment passed quickly and he was back to his normal self.

“Alright! To the library then! We’ll stop off at that hotel and book a room on the way there, those things tend to fill up pretty quick the later in the day it gets. Then after we finish at the library we can check out the water and get some clothes.” He said.

He grabbed a few papers from his back pack before slinging it off his shoulder and throwing it into the backseat of the car. He tucked his papers into his jacket and started walking back towards the city. For the most part, there weren’t a lot of vehicles in the cities. The buildings were to close together and the streets were full of people. Cars were for traveling long distances between cities and towns, which happened less and less with all the feuds. Talk on the street was that there’d be a war between the Northern and Southern region by winter. Toll was one of the largest cities in the Northern region, making it a rather large power. The largest city in the South was Wrine, and needless to say that Tollers and Wrinians tended to hate each other.

It wasn’t particularly clear what started the conflict, but it was said it had something to do with a trade agreement between the two cities. Merchants kept trying to sell counterfeit goods, or were accused of selling them, and things got political, soon the leaders of the two cities were using the conflict to try and gain support from the neighboring towns, uniting the two region against each other. But that was all just talk, Lira really wasn’t sure.



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(I wouldn't mind making another character if you want)


Alastair glanced at the woman, what was her name again? Diana? It seemed that she agreed which didn't surprise him, but when Lira actually agreed as well with the idea of getting a hotel close to the gates that did surprise him, a least at bit. Lira wasn't going oto ask about the hotel? Interesting.


As Lira took the lead, heading off toward the city Alastair took a last glance around before he turned and headed after the other man, tucking his hands into his pockets as he walked.

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Diana didn't allow the same trust as Lira, keeping her backpack with her. Who knew who had an eye on the car? Besides, she couldn't go losing her precious alcohol. She walked just behind Lira, quickening her pace so that she fell into step next to him. She'd noticed that look on his face. It had been part of her job to be hyperaware of people and their intentions; something funny had flashed across his features. But it wasn't her place to ask, and she was silent for a few moments.


Her blue eyes darted to the side, mouth quirking with slightly amusement. A black-gloved hand came up to gently tug on his long black hair. "By the way - what's with the hair? Don't tell me I have to cut it like that too to get into our destination," she snorted, teasing him. She was outgoing; without a care in the world that she was touching somebody she barely even knew. You got nowhere in the world with shyness; she'd learned that in the military.

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(If you have a character in mind, sure! I'm thinking of adding another...)


He reached over to touch the end of his braid in Diana’s hands.

“What’s wrong with my hair?” He asked, chuckling. “You don’t like it? You’d look so good if you just showed off a little scalp.” He teased back, running his fingers lightly over through the hair on the side of her head.

He turned to face Alastair. “Hey, you should take the lead so you can lead us to the hotel. I don’t know where you are talking about.” He said, kicking up some dust with his shoe.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t watching his feet as he kicked the dust, and accidentally just kicked his own foot out from underneath him. He tumbled to the ground in an almost comical manner, like a tumbleweed of elbows and knees. He lay on the ground for a few seconds, keeping his face on the ground, cursing quietly. Slowly, he rose up off the ground and stood up, keeping his back towards the other two in his party as he brushed himself off, sending dust flying off in puffs. He took a deep breath, preparing to sigh, but inhaled a lungful of dust that had just left his clothing. He fell over again in a coughing fit that lasted nearly two minutes.

Regaining his composure, he stood back up for the second time, brushed himself off, and turned back to face Diana and Alastair.

“Sorry. I’m okay now…” He said awkwardly, unbraiding his hair and coming all the dust out of it with his fingers.


(Oh, gee, what an idiot.)

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((I was waiting for dragonsword...))


Diana snorted, glancing at him as he pulled his fingers through her black hair. She couldn't help a small smile; he was slightly endearing. They'd get along alright. "Maybe I'll do it, but without the braid. It's so two years ago," she grinned.

However, as he started to deliver some common sense, things went somewhat wrong. His tall, ungainly form was rolling onto the floor and splayed out in the dust. Whew, that was going to take some time to get out of his clothes. Lira stood up, and she chuckled as she continued walking to catch up to him, and- oh. Now he was coughing.


She stared at him, expression a mixture of exasperation at his foolishness and slight confusion at how a young man could be so clumsy. He was tall and gangly, granted, but that shouldn't automatically mean that he'd fall over from coughing. Sudden realisation dawned upon her features as she joined him again. Having somewhat forgotten her propriety about missing senses from earlier, she gave him a small tug on his now-free hair. It was so long, she couldn't help herself - it was at perfect pulling-height for her.


"It's your balance, isn't it?"

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Lira blushed. "Uh, what do you mean? What's wrong with my balance?" He said nervously.

He was a little taken back by how quickly she'd been able to notice something off about him, though, granted, he did kinda screw things up pretty badly. He was also a bit surprised about how close she got to figuring out what it was. She said it was his balance, and while, it wasn't exactly that, she was very close. He gave her a weak, lopsided smile, as he brushed through his hair.

"I'm just really clumsy. Hehe..." He said awkwardly, not really wanting to let someone he just met know about something he was a bit insecure about.

He thought about telling her later, she seemed very nice, and being as pretty as she was didn't make Lira any less inclined to talk to her at all. In fact, one might say that it helped her case very much. But at the moment he was still very keen on leaving this topic far, far behind.

"Let' just, uh, go to the hotel! We're losing daylight!" He said, clearing his throat and putting on a good face to cover up his embarrassment and nervousness.


(I'm thinking we timeskip to the hotel room after they've completed all the errands in my next post, hopefully dragonsword comes back.)

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[Do they know that they all have these disabilities? I thought that they did, which is why I've been having her notice... But it works for her even if not, seeing as part of her job involved observation of people. Eh.]


Diana looked at Lira for a moment, expression even. He was trying to hide something, that was for sure. She glanced down, reminded of her own disability and ability. The first time, she'd been pushed out of a third-floor apartment window by an abusive boyfriend at 17, just after her parents had died. He was 23. She'd refused to sleep with him. She'd seen the sky above her as she fell, blue without a cloud in the sky - as always. Then the ground had come incredibly hard. She heard her head crack, her spine jolt out of place. But it didn't hurt. Diana had thought she was paralyzed, as the back of her head became wet. But a couple of minutes later, she'd felt absolutely fine. And she'd risen, staggering in a pool of her own blood, the back of her head red but unhurt.


She walked after Lira, deciding not to push him. People didn't tend to respond to that, except when you were holding a knife to their neck. "Try not to trip over your hair, then," she smirked, giving him an affectionate tap on the back. "Wouldn't want you getting me all dusty. I might have to cut it off."

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(They know about their own, not about each other's. And I't okay if she finds out, but the fact that they didn't know at first is relevant to the plot.)


He grinned at her, glad to drop the subject. He gave her a tug on a strand of her own hair.

"I thought we'd already said we weren't going to have to get the same haircut."




Lira sat on one of the two beds in the room, copying down some text from one of the books they got at the library into an old journal of his. He was planning on taking a shower right after whoever was taking one now was finished. He hated showers. The sanitation chemicals they sprayed through the pipes made his skin itch and smell like wood polish. He sometimes liked to imagine he was rich and powerful, then he could take showers in water and smell like flowers instead of wood polish. He re-positioned himself to lay on his stomach, propping himself up on his elbows as he continued copying down the lines of text. However, this began to hurt his elbows and so he layed flat instead, putting his chin on the edge of the book, barely seeing the words beneath his nose as he scribbled them out.


His mind started to wander as her continued with the mindless task. He was hardly even reading the words anymore, just copying shapes. Today had been a lot more fun than he'd thought it was going to be, granted, he didn't really expect it to be fun, but he had actually enjoyed himself with his new companions. Diana was especially lively.


He glanced up, looking back in the same direction he'd been looking out into the desert earlier, the same expression on his face, just a bit more worried. He stared for a long time, seemingly zoned out.


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Alastair had watched this all go down with a great deal of amusement, a grin coming to his lips. It wasn't that he liked seeing the boy fall but... well it had looked a bit funny, that and the interaction the other two were having was intertaining as well and they seem to be getting along.


While the two chatted each other up he made his way to the front of their little group, laing the lead. He lifted a hand and lazily waved at them, letting them know he was leading now, though with his back to them there was no way he could here if they said anything, a fact he was used to, but still disliked.

- - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------- - - -


At the hotel Alastair had been the one in the shower. He hadn't done much that day but he'd figured it was time to shower, given the fact that he hadn't been able to do it for a while. Once he was done he towel off and pulled on a pair of loose sweatpants and a tank. The short man shoved the bathroom door open and strode out, his towel draped around his shoulders and his black hair pushed back, the wet locks actually tame for once, though his stubble was left still untouched.


The man glanced over at Lira curiously, seeing the boy gazing across the room absentmindedly. Alastair slowed to a stop then he leaned down, bringing his head down so he was eye level with the zoned out boy, his dark green eyes staring into the boy's. "You okay kid?" He asked, his voice sounding a bit less broken then usual.


(So, I know I had an idea for a character but my idea is now gone.. so I will make a new idea, but first would you rather have anot her girl character or a guy?)

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