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AP/Cave egglock indication?

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hey, this is my first post in this forum so sorry if tis is worded badly, what do you guys think about having a warning saying 'you are currently overburdened' at the top of the caves or abandoned pages as well as breeding? Please discuss an indication for breeding here.


This warning is currently on the trade page, there's an indication that you can't take any more eggs and it woukld be great to have it on other pages as well. This would be great so you're not let down when your dragons finally breed right and the egg is auto abandoned, or to prevent disappointment of clicking something in the AP only to realise you're overburdened. Having a warning at the top of the page would remind you.


I can't count how many times I've clicked a rare dragon on the ap only to recieve the warning afterwards, this would be really useful for the more forgetful of us.


This would also help trading - The trade will be submitted, however this user is currently overburdened would be nice to prevent confused PMs about why they're not taking the egg, especially if they don't have the little incubator on their signature. Please discuss the trading suggestion here.


Tell me what you guys think? (please don't be too harsh unsure.gif )

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I quite like the idea of hearing that someone you have offered to can't accept - though people do often dump if an offer is good enough. Though most people putting up a trade will say what they want - and if it is one egg for one egg, they cannot be too locked.


There have been several suggestions asking for a warning on the breeding page - this is the one I know best:




- I can't say I really support them, as it is quite easy to look at your scroll, and also, once you have a trophy, it will tell you how many slots your have available.


There was also a shocker asking for the ability to hunt and exchange when locked.




But honestly - it isn't that hard to look at and count your eggs before going to breed or to hunt. That said - I accidentally autoed one today myself, so I know how you feel ! But I still don't think it's needed, to be honest.


Welcome to suggestions !

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Also, to add in to Fuzz's reply, one already has the ability to exchange eggs so long as its on a 1:1 basis. This means if you are trading one egg on a full scroll for one other egg then the trade will happen successfully. Otherwise if you are egg locked and are trading 1 egg for 2 then obviously you will not be able to complete the trade. The trade will also go through so long as the person is only egg locked and is asking for hatchlings. So if a person has a full set of eggs but no hatchlings they can trade an egg for up to 4 hatchlings and have the trade go through successfully.


So yeah. A warm welcome from me as well. its always wonderful to see users concerned about gameplay and finding new ways to improve it :3

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The trading suggestion already is suggested here: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=136317

The breeding indicator is already suggested here: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=119730


I think a cave/AP warning is superfluous, personally. Once you click the egg, you get the overburdened message, anyway. Where did you envision this so that people would notice it but it also wouldn't be in the way?

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