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Down They Fall

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Sans glanced between both Papyrus and Mettaton, but his eyes remained on the pie. It smelled really freaking good, he had to admit. He chuckled softly, his shoulders rising and falling in a shrug. "Don't kid yourself Pap, we watch his show every night." Or Papyrus did, with Undyne. Undyne watched it because of Alphys, while Pap...who knew with him. MTT entertainment was the only interesting shows on television. Gaze flickering up to Mettaton, he placed both hands over Frisk's ears before speaking.

"Sorry. The bone zone's closed. His grin could only be described as censorkip.gif-eating as he lifted his hands from Frisk's ears. They were just a child, after all. There was no need for them to hear his crude jokes.

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Mettaton's face was unreadable for a moment as he tried to decide how to best handle this situation. After a long while, he moved his hand over his face dramatically, his expression changing as the appendage covered his features. When he finished, he was smiling again.

"Guest stars! Of course, to assist with the ratings!" Mettaton nodded after a long moment, then held a thumbs up. "After all, you all I believe have achieved a decent amount of fame considering what you've done. I think. At least, the small, human child is the topic of much gossip - almost as much as ME!"

He then eyed Papyrus with scrutiny, moving over to look at him more closely. He looked him up and down, poked his arm, then nodded with affirmation.

"You have been using MTT-Brand merchandise in your life. I can tell. My sensors indicate the residue of countless topical ointments located on your temples. How MARVELOUS!" he said, hugging Papyrus. "Ah, it always make me feel so happy on the inside when people use my sponsored products! And it makes Alphys' bank account happy too, but that's not important."

He released the lord of bones with a flourish, bowing to him.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all again, I believe! I can feel it, this is the start of a grand series, all perpetrated by Dr. Alphys' genius intellect! I can see it now, the name up in lights... METTATON, AND THE MYSTERY OF THE MARVELOUS.... METTOCITY! A fusion of my glorious name - METTATON! - and atrocity! Because that's what this crime was! An atrocity against me! Paperroll, my dear friend, can you believe it? Someone left me to rust under a pile of golden flowers!"

He leaned on Papyrus' chest, sobbing.

"They dumped poor, old Mettaton under the ground like a sack of bolts! How horrendous! Surely, you wouldn't know who had done such a thing to the marvelous METTATON!?"

He continued this facade until at San's remark, he became puzzled.

"The Bone.... what? Is that a new circus attraction? A new MTT carnival ride? I don't understand. Some sort of roller coaster? Ooh, with flames! And when it's all over, they crash into a giant picture of a skull! Brilliant!"

He clapped his hands together, rubbing them with the devious nature of his new idea.

"Yes, that's a perfect name! MTT's own Bone Zone thrill ride! Good work, Stands."

He patted the blue-coated skeleton with a friendly hand, then looked at Toriel. He held out his hands in a camera fashion.

"Oh yes. Perfect for the camera. Is this the actress playing the role of the LOVE INTEREST?!" Mettaton asked, moving over a bit so he could get a better look at her. "The motherly aura, the white hair, the dress covering every part of her save her hands and head... Is she a Puritan?"

Mettaton put his hands on his hips.

"Why would there need to be a Puritan in this TV show? I thought it was a mystery? What time period are we in in this series?" he asked, concerned. "Darlings, I'm confuuuuuused. Romantic tension is nice and all for ratings but unless this is some sort of strange fetish or something I've never heard of, I don't think Puritans make for good romance roles. BUT, I AM OPEN TO ANYTHING NEW, IF IT'S FOR...."

He held out both hands, pleased.


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Toriel frowned. This robot wouldn't be easy to take care of. She wouldn't be able to feed it pie, so she'd have to get rid of it some other way. She had a spark of an idea and strode up to it, glaring fiercely. "You barge into my home, breaking a door to do so, insult my guests and then assume this is all a TV show? I cannot let you stay here. Get out of my house!"

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Ratings: 4575 (Loss of 425)


Mettaton looked at Toriel with confusion and shock, appalled.

"My word, me? A vandal? A destroyer of merchandise? A breaker of things which should never be broken? Why... OF COURSE!" Mettaton shouted loudly, beaming. "Haven't you heard? Action? Adventure!? Intrigue?! It's all provocative! All of it grabs the attention of the audience and holds it close like a small child to a mother's legs! Surely you would know of that feeling!?"

He held his hands together, grinning.

"Or perhaps this is merely part of the acting? Then I say to you, MA'AM!" he shouted, pointing. "YOU are the prime suspect in all of this! Acting DEFENSIVE, are we? COMING UPON ME in such an OFFENSIVE manner?! Surely, this means you have something to HIDE?! For only someone with a hidden agenda would immediately grow so angry at MEEEEEETTATON, your GLORIOUS HERO!"

He struck a pose.

Ratings: 4775 (Gain of 200)

"SOMEONE here knocked me out cold and left me to lay within a shallow grave, deep within the ruins, forgotten and alone! SOMEONE HEARTLESS and CALLOUS, with a not enough SOUL to feel PITY or REMORSE for their actions! Darlings, it's such an unforgiving world. Why, if someone would leave a poor robot to rust under the flowers, what has this world COME TO!?"

He struck another pose, and it seemed the lights in the room cast a forlorn, melancholy light upon him.

"IT ALMOST MAKES ME WISH... TO SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!~" he proclaimed, taking a breath.

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eep hi guys!! ; u ;

quick post to introduce the characters; i hope i did alright ; o ; if you need me to change anything, just lemme know!!!

+ also it would be cool if the undertale gang started noticing some spiders around, but only if that's okay with everyone!! ; o ; i'm completely fine waiting as it is to introduce muffet and mettafell ; u ; ))


Fingers tangled within silken web, and delicate nails brought up a string of her homelands. Muffet caressed the thousands upon thousands of webs all around her with a delicate touch, the young spider meandering through the countless webs that made up corridors and hallways in this isle of nothingness.

"How dull . . ." she sighed, her high-pitched tones ringing off the dark walls as her incisors clicked together, two of her hands folding onto her hips in a sign of her displeasure as the remaining four guided her around the room. Muffet blinked her eyes a couple times, adjusting to the small changes in light that every new spot wrought, and with a displeased eye the spiderqueen glanced around.

Where was her throne? Her glory, her fame, her money? Thousands upon thousands of seconds had she waited for some redemption--they could not forget her.

She would not allow them to forget her.

Spiders scattered about her feet as she walked, a swarming black mass moving as one underneath her fingertips. The control, the knowledge of having an army beneath her command . . . it was simply enlightening.

Surely, her time would come.

If she could find a human soul . . .

"Ahuhuhu," the spiderprincess chuckled quietly to herself.

Why . . . that would be positively delightful. She watched as black spiders scattered through the cracks, scouts sent to report to her about any new activity within the Underground. Like a spider closing in on her prey, Muffet began to build her web.

Humans were stingy with their money, but they proved to be an excellent meal.




"Mmm, darling," Mettaon spoke, a metallic-screeching echoing around the room of his large and luxurious studio. He strode through the doors with ease, enjoying the discomfort on the faces of monsters and coworkers alike as they scattered from his path--well, good. Really, if one had to die, couldn't they do it somewhere where he wouldn't get his feet dirty?

What a shame. The world was really becoming so inconsiderate, one small gesture at a time.

He had no need to check his ratings, for the killer robot knew them to be true and faithful--the brainwashed masses of the Underground couldn't not like his show, could they? Surely, if they were to speak badly about his service . . . his delicate conscience couldn't handle the thought of such a thing, and the offender would surely find themselves suddenly in the company of a four-armed, four-eyed robot that saw everything.

Ah, being the Underground's most loved star was really an experience. He wouldn't trade it for anything in the world . . .

except a human soul.

There was not enough suffering in the Underground, Mettaton contemplated. He had found monster wills to be so easily broken--would humans prove a more difficult challenge.

"Certainly not, don't be silly, dear," he reassured himself. His prowess in both battle and entertainment were unmatched--that is, if you didn't count that old geezer Asgore and triggerhappy Undyne--and there had to be somethng that lay in store for him beyond such a dull life of submission and acceptance.

He punched the elevator button impatiently, eager to get up to his office so he could spend another day doing absolutely nothing but complimenting himself and coming up with new ways to extort more views. As the metal doors slowly swung open and the button light up signalling arrival, Mettaton's face lit up upon recognising the one in the elevator.

"Blooky!" he called, eager to greet his dear cousin.

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Frisk didn’t look remotely surprised when the door suddenly broke down and a very familiar, fashionable and certainly striking figure entered the scene. Looking up from their book, Frisk puffed out their cheeks slightly then closed the book on snails almost immediately as Mettaton went on about….something or other. Ever since their first meeting, Frisk had learned to more or less just keep pressing [X] to rush through their conversations. It wasn’t anything against Mettaton, but half of what he said didn’t make sense anyway so it wasn’t as if they felt bad about it.


Mettaton talked too much anyway. They could hardly keep up with whatever he spoke about.


Suddenly finding the nearly constant string of words muffled, Frisk paused before glancing back at Sans as soon as he removed his hands. What was that about? Left confused by the action, they sighed slightly then stood up, returning the book wordlessly to the shelf. After making sure the book was properly in place and patting the rest of the books to make sure they were all in a neat, orderly line, Frisk stood back up. Turning around, they grabbed a chair from nearby and pushed it closer to Mettaton before quickly climbing on top of it. Now significantly closer to Mettaton’s face, they were able to reach up and hold a single finger to Mettaton’s mouth. Even though they didn’t speak, the signal to stop talking was pretty much universal.

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An adorable gesture.

Ratings: 5500 (Gain of 725)

Mettaton paused a moment, then regained his composure, flipping his hair silently as he nodded to the human child, taking their hand in his own.

"Oh, surely, young human, YOU, of all people, would understand how wrong it is to hurt another, living being! Even if I am made of metal and parts, I still... KNOW HOW TO FEEL!"

He embraced Frisk, then released the child, nodding to the human.

"Yes. You shall be my protege, my guest star, my accomplice in this devious problem sleuthing. You are right. For now, I should be silent, OF COURSE! So that I may secretly..." he leaned in close, whispering, though quite audibly (FOR THE CAMERA), "...gather information on those we meet, for we must discover who would have done such an unspeakable act!"

He backed up a moment, nodding profusely.

"Yes. This is what should be done. Human, I have selected you, and YOU ALONE! If you find ANYTHING suspicious, you should inform me IMMEEEEDIATELY! That way, together, Darling, we can find the TRUE culprit! After all, some of my producers informed me you are good at ... puzzles. And, I, Mettaton, saw that first hand during our sorry conflict, which I assure you will most likely probably perhaps not be repeated. Maybe. In any case, I wasn't aware this had become a cooking show. Allow me!"

He knelt down to face level with the pie, moving an imaginary camera to look at it.

"Now, dear viewers, gaze upon this lusciously, well-made confectionery masterpiece! Why, my olfactory processors are almost bursting at the seams with the smells of cinnamon and butterscotch! A delicious cascade of scents, darlings. Oh how I wish you could smell it, but unfortunately, the MMT-Brand Televised Scent Delivery System is still only in the prototype stages. So, for now, merely...uh.. imagine it! Our chef, this... strange goat individual - who, I might add, is still QUITE suspicious to me - "he added in hushed tones,"is apparently the one who made it! Madame ...Goatgirl. What do you have to say about your dish to the audience?"

He held out a microphone that had ejected itself from his chest, very small, but probably highly advanced, if anyone knew anything about Alphys and her pride in her creations. Mettaton was eager for an answer, when something caught his eye.


As the pastry splattered on the table, Mettaton cried for it, feigning tears that he wished were real.

"So sad, so horrifying! Another tragic incident today! First my unwanted burial, and now a ruined delicacy! Awful, little creatures spiders. Getting inside your homes, touching all your things! Oh. Wait, my databanks tell me spiders are actually useful. So I will correct myself. They are USEFUL little annoyances."

He crossed his arms, huffing.

"Madame, I simply cannot stand by and let your pie go to such waste! But worry not! I am a cooking MASTERMIND! I shall assist you in creating an even BETTER pie! One worthy of a CULINARY CROWN! Please, accept my humblest condolences for the loss of your former creation but this next one shall put it to SHAME! TO SHAME, Darlings, to SHAME!"

He took her hand, heading towards her kitchen... or at least, where he assumed it was. He didn't really know this place very well.

"Come along, darling. We have much work to do! Everyone else, relax and sit tight! Unless you're the criminal, in which case, think about what you did before I find out it was you and dispense TELEVISION SAFE JUDGEMENT UPON YOU!"

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This...was not where she fell asleep. Blinking sleep from her eyes, Alphys lifted her head from the desk. The...clean desk. In fact, everything in the lab was clean. Startled, the short monster stood from her chair, snatching the lab coat from the back of the chair. Instead of the usual objects it was full of (usually pencils, a small notebook, and a few snacks), they were empty. Empty! Was this...some kind of joke? Where was all her stuff? Her posters? All the overflowing trash?


That settled it. She would have to ask her friends. Reflexively did she reach for the phone in her pocket, only to discover it wasn't there. There was, however, a phone on the desk. And although it looked similar to her's...it was too plain. Leafing through the contacts, everybody was the same. Except...there was only one contact. Punching Mettaton's contact, she held the phone up to her ear. This had to be his doing. Who else would do something this crazy?


((To clear things up, Alphys is in Underfell Alphys's lab and has Underfell Alphys's phone. So she's calling Underfell Mettaton.))

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(Ahhh hi everyone. Since it seems the Undertale crew is stuck at Toriel's house at the moment and Muffet hasn't had an interaction, I'm just going to have UF Papy head there. I already discussed what's going to happen with Lady and I'll have him head back as soon as the crew pops into Snowdin ^^)


God, he hated spiders.

There was nothing worse than having to trek all the way to Hotland just to buy some supplies for his "puzzles". Traps was a much more accurate word to describe Papyrus's contraptions but puzzles had better ring to it. It had taken him far too long to realize Muffet's webs were much more sturdier and sticky than the ones he made. As much as he hated to admit it, she crafted better webs than him at a greater quality and quantity. Of course, she just so happened to be enamored with money and did her best to bleed him dry whenever he tried to purchase her webs. Stupidly, he had tried to attack Muffet the first time he tried to procure her webs. An empty wallet later and he was lumbering back to Snowdin with the greedy spider waving him goodbye. He had learned his lesson and, although he had trained vigorously since then, he knew better than to attack the spider without at least having a plan. Despite her one victory, he was still the Great Papyrus and the Great Papyrus always prevailed. Sooner or later, he'd have the irritating spider on her knees begging for her life. He was the baddest around and no one made a fool of him and got away with it unscathed.


Mumbling underneath his breath, Papyrus wiped off some sweat that had dared to roll down his skull. Good lord he hated Hotland. Why would anyone want to live in some volcanic hellhole? It was both a blessing and a curse that the spider lived so far away. For one, Papyrus didn't have to deal with her constant prodding for money but, at the same time, he had to walk so far just to buy some webs. He would just have his brother buy the webs but he couldn't trust Sans with anything. He was utterly incompetent and Papyrus made sure he knew that. Honestly, it was kinda embarrassing the two were related. How could someone as great as Papyrus be related to someone like Sans? But yet, he did his best to make sure his brother had something to do. After all, they were still brothers and that had to mean something right?


Glancing up, Papyrus spotted the entrance to the spider's lair. He let out a disgusted noise as he absentmindedly tightened the grip of his cape around his neck. Dealing with Muffet was always aggravating but, at the end of the day, it was worth the trouble. If he could capture a human and get his hands on their, all of his work would have paid off. Finally, the world would be able to see the Great Papyrus, the most terrible and daunting of all of the monsters. He'd get the recognition he deserved and everything would finally go his way. Letting out a dignified huff, Papyrus marched into the spider's lair, carefully treading across the web floor as he did so.

"MUFFET!" he cried aloud as he stopped, glaring at her usual spot as he did so. "THE GREAT PAPYRUS HAS COME TO PROCURE THE MONTHLY SUPPLY OF WEB WE AGREED UPON. <span style='font-family:Papyrus'>MAKE HASTE,</span> I HAVE TO RETURN TO MY POST SOON."

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((hey there o/ i'm sen. i was thinking about introducing napstafell later to the undertale group right around the area where the ruins end + i was wondering if everyone would be okay with that OO: ))


Napstablook sighed and adjusted their headphones. The sweet, beautiful sound of their previous mixtape made them feel at ease with the world. Music energized them, and that's what they needed at the moment.


For Napstablook, this very moment was the moment of truth.

They stood in front of the elevator, hesitated, and then pressed the button. Tape in hand, Napstablook stepped into the elevator when the doors opened.

i wonder what would he think about the music i brought...my mixtape would go well with one of the songs he wants to sing...


They smiled. Mixing music for themselves was fun, but creating something for Mettaton enhanced the experience. Ever since they were small ghost, Napstablook had a passion for music and remixing their favorite songs.


with my music...

i can help mettaton gain more views in the underground...


The elevator reached Mettaton's studio floor with a chime. After a moment, the doors opened.


Mettaton stood in the doorway and greeted Napstablook. They waved and motioned to their tape.


"hey mettaton," Napstablook grinned. "you should check out my mixtape...i think you'll like it."

They offered the tape to Mettaton. "where's your computer? i can show you where i uploaded it...on a forum that i joined..."

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((I'm sorry guys but I think I'm gonna give up my characters to someone else. I can't get into character enough to RP them well, and I don't want to bring down the rp. Really sorry about this. ^^wink.gif)

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