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Down They Fall

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WARNING: There will be spoilers to the game Undertale. Do not proceed or join if you do not want certain parts of the game spoiled.



Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. Many years later...


A human child fell into the UNDERGROUND. Given the option to FIGHT or UNDERSTAND monsters, the child decided to become their FRIENDS.


THis isN't tHE firST tIme THIS haS haPPENED.


In a world where time and space has been broken, where lines blur between one reality and the next, things can go wrong. A failed attempt at peace leads to another failed reset. And two different world collide. Peaceful monsters, who had become friends with the child are now met with their opposites: a group of disgruntled, violent monsters. Both factions are mortified by the others' actions, and tensions are rising.


Only the child has a chance to make peace once again.




This story takes place just after a pacifist run through in Undertale. As Frisk and the friends that they have made along the way go through the doors leading to the surface, they suddenly find themselves in the beginning. In the underground once more, the barrier in tact, laying on a bed of yellow flowers. The same place Frisk first appeared when they fell into the world of monsters. But the place in which they’ve arrived is not the home they know. It’s instead filled with twisted versions of themselves.

In other words, this is a mashup between Undertale, and an AU known as Underfell.



-There are no character sheets. You just reserve your character and we all have fun

-Keep it PG-13

-You may take some liberties with the way that powers work but don’t make your character super OP.

-Don’t kill other characters without permission.



Reserved Characters


Sans (Shadow Claw)

Papyrus (Dorchadas)

Frisk (Pudding)

Mettaton (Thaelasan)

Alphys (Shadow Claw)



Sans (Pudding)

Flowey (Pudding)

Toriel (Dorchadas)

Mettaton (Lady_Lunevis)

Muffet (Lady_Lunevis)

Napstablook (XiaoChibi )

Papyrus (Doctortear)




Gaster (Shadow Claw)

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((Yeah, we're starting!))




Twilight is shining through the barrier. It seems your journey is finally over.


You are filled with DETERMINATION.


The blinding light of the sun momentarily blinded them. Frisk squinted and raised a hand to shield their eyes as the harsh, white light enveloped them completely. And then came the feeling again. The strange sensation of falling. The same thing that they felt when they first arrived in the under ground world. But… that made no sense. They had not reset! Why would they when everything was perfect? They had so many friends and they were finally able to reach the surface and make amends between monsters and humans. This was the best possible ending.


When the light finally faded away, Frisk opened their eyes to find themselves lying on their back, staring up at a large, vast hole leading up to a faint light above. The surface. The same hole they fell through all the way in the beginning. Had…had they actually reset? Sitting upright, Frisk looked around at the yellow flower bed before very quickly realizing they were not alone. The skeletons lying on either side of them illustrated this fact well enough. But that was impossible! Why would any of their friends be here if a reset truly had occurred. Standing up quickly, they quickly tried to nudge Papyrus and Sans awake. If their friends were awake maybe they could help understand this problem. At the very least, they didn’t want to leave them here on the bed of flowers.

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((Are you going to be playing Frisk mostly silent or did they just happen to not talk in that post?))


Papyrus opened his- well he woke up, anyway, and saw the hole they had just fallen down stretching far above them.

They were in the underground again? This couldn't be right. He stood up grandly, giving Frisk his best- and only- smile. "WORRY NOT, DEAR FRISK! THE GREAT AND WONDERFUL PAPYRUS WILL ESCORT YOU TO THE END ONCE MORE AND YOU'LL BE OUT IN A JIFFY! NYEH HEH HEH!!!" He looked down at the flowers and frowned, though it didn't actually make a difference. "SANS? SANS?? THERE ARE BETTER PLACES TO SLEEP THAN ON THE GROUND, YOU KNOW! GET UP, LAZY BONES!" He giggled a little. So that's how it felt to say one of Sans's puns.

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They had been there so many times. All of them, at the barrier, waiting to cross. He knew how this worked. And although he was smiling, the dread in Sans's chest was nearly suffocating. It would all reset. And he would wake up in Snowdin again. And Frisk...there was no telling what the child would do. Although they had taken to kindness the last several runs...the temptation of violence would eventually happen. The timeline was there. It was going to happen. When the child stepped towards the barrier, Sans held his breath. It was only a matter of time.


When his eyes opened again, he was devastated. No...He was so close. The sunlight that streamed into the cavern...it was almost his. It was almost Papyrus's. Tears welled in the skeleton's eyes as he stared upwards. Wait. This...wasn't Snowdin. Where was he? Sans's gaze flickered to his left. To his surprise, Frisk was there. And...so was Papyrus? What was going on? This wasn't in any of the timelines!


That meant something else had interfered. Like that...that flower. But it had never been able to reset in the past. Had it been hiding that, through every single timeline? That didn't sound likely.


But who did this?


"Kid?"Sans asked, sitting up slowly. "Pap?" His eyes narrowed a faction, his usual smile gone. In fact, this was the most grave the smaller Skeleton had ever looked (at least, in this timeline). "Something's wrong."

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((Yeah, I'm playing Frisk as mostly silent. They can talk but they don't very often.))


Frisk stared down at Papyrus for a few moments. So he remembered? That meant it clearly wasn't a reset, right? Whenever they reset, nobody ever remembered and everything went back to how it used to be. But instead of going back, Papyrus and Sans were there now as well and at least Papyrus seemed to remember.


Already on their feet at this point, Frisk looked about at the bed of yellow flowers under their feet before stepping off of the mound. This was the very start, the earliest possible place they could reset to. But was this really a reset and, if so, what else had changed? Well, if this was a reset, they should be able to find Flowey, correct? He was the first monster they found in the underground. But if he wasn't there, could this really be a reset? Perhaps even just finding the flower would reveal some answers.


Moving quickly to the tunnel that led away from the cavern, Frisk peered down the hallway before glancing back at Sans and Papyrus. They didn't want to leave them but would Flowey still appear if they were with others? Besides, there was only one exit here. They couldn't just wander off anywhere and nothing could slip past them and go into the tunnel without them seeing. It would be fine. They just needed a few moments to look for Flowey.


Looking forward, Frisk moved quickly down the tunnel, moving into the room where a small patch of grass was. Sure enough, a lone, yellow flower sat in the middle of the patch and quickly perked up when it noticed Frisk. However, instead of the cheerful greeting they usually received from the flower (moments before it tried to kill them, of course), the yellow flower looked alarmed and seemed to lean away from Frisk.

"What's a human doing down here?" Flowey asked, looking more concerned than anything else.

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Toriel walked through the cave, heading to check the hole like usual. Day after day after day she did this, and had never even seen a hint of a human. But she continued, for one reason and one reason only: Souls. If she could get even one soul she would be more powerful than just about any other monster. Rounding the corner she saw- she saw- a human! It couldn't be! After all this time there was a real human, in the flesh, talking to a flower.

Talking to a flower?

Flowey! That pesky plant would ruin everything she'd done! She had to stop it! Running over, she grabbed the human's hand and started to pull them away. "Don't listen to that flower, it'll do you nothing but harm. Come with me, I can take you to my house. You'll be safe, I promise."

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He knew that voice! Toriel! Sans sprung up, walking quickly towards Toriel. "Toriel! Do you know what's-" He stopped as soon as he met eyes with the woman. This...wasn't Toriel. She looked like Toriel and talked like Toriel...but he could tell something was wrong. Sans's eagerness melted into fear for Frisk. He didn't trust that woman. Something was wrong. Stepping between the two, he raised both hands. His usual smile quickly formed on his face.

"How about you answer some questions first for a few lost souls?" Sans suggested, his eye sockets narrowing a fraction.

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Frisk looked up in surprise when their hand was suddenly grasped and they were tugged away from Flowey. No, this wasn't right. Was it? Flowey hadn't even attacked them yet and instead, the yellow flower seemed to shrink into the ground at the sight of Toriel. Frisk had never experienced a reset where this had changed. It always started the exact same way and it certainly wasn't this. But this was Toriel. They knew that for sure and Toriel certainly was acting like they had never met before.


And then, Sans was there, suddenly moving in between them and separating them. Taking a step backwards, Frisk noticed movement in the corner of their eye and turned their head just in time to see Flowey sink into the ground, completely disappearing as soon as Sans made himself known. This wasn't going right. Why was everything different? Stepping quickly around Sans, Frisk reached out to pull on one of Toriel's sleeves as they pointed upwards with their other hand. Towards the top of the cavern and, above that, the surface. Their head tilted to the side in a silent question. Did Toriel remember too?

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Papyrus followed Sans, delighted upon seeing another familiar face. Toriel could always be trusted and it was nice to have something stable after having your world completely shaken up.

"How about you answer some questions first for a few lost souls?"


Toriel nodded, giving a grin that didn't quite manage to be reassuring. "Yes, of course you know me. I'm your good friend Toriel. Why don't you come over to my house and eat some pie. You could stay the night too! I would espescially enjoy that."

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((Paps shouldn't know about Resets, as it wasn't mentioned.))


Sans remained where he was for a few, tense seconds, his eyes narrowed. He couldn't outright argue against Papyrus without telling him some secrets. Secrets he would much rather keep hidden. They were secret for a reason, after all. Blinking comically, he feigned rubbing his eyes. Quickly did his grin return. "Hm? Yeah, there must've been something in my eyesocket. Sorry Tori, It seems we took quite a hit!" He replied cheerfully. Taking hold of Frisk's other hand, he smiled down at the child. Something wasn't right here, and he would figure out what.



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No, this wasn't right. It was obvious something was wrong here, at least to them. They couldn't put their finger on it just yet but something weird and unusual had happened to Toriel. Possibly to the entire world. Flowey hadn't attacked them, Toriel had cut in too early and Toriel admitted to knowing Papyrus and Sans when, if this was an actual reset, she clearly shouldn't. But they had no idea what was wrong or how to fix it. A reset could fix everything but did they know that for sure?


Shaking their head, they glanced back at Sans as he grabbed their other hand. He knew, didn't he? He realized it as well. But he didn't look as though he had answers either. They'd have to talk to him alone to find out for certain. But until then, they could try to solve this mystery. Going with Toriel seemed like the best solution. Turning to the monster, they nodded and held up the hand that had been pulling on their sleeve so that Toriel could take it and lead them to the Ruins. To her home.

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Toriel took Frisk's hand, guiding them along the dangerous path to her home. From here, it's child's play. All I have to do is wait until they're all asleep and take the child's soul with no resistance. I have some extra special ingredients to put in the pie for just that reason... She giggled, then caught herself. "Oh don't mind me, little one. I'm just excited to have a hu-" *ahem* "-I mean a child of my very own. Tell me, do you prefer cinnamon or butterscotch?"

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"You're going to cook with both anyways." Sans thought, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. Even here, where something was quite obviously wrong, he could likely predict the actions of those around him. Everything was always linear, even if different. Things start in one place and end in a different one, all of it going in a straight line. It seems nobody else notices the fact the underground were lines. Not curves of tunnels, but lines. Like it had been generated rather than constructed. But these dark thoughts didn't show on his expression. No, the smaller of the two skeletons was excellent at hiding his thoughts. Pap...not so much.

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Following Toriel readily enough, Frisk focused on the goat-like monster as she asked a very familiar question. Smiling slightly, they pretended to think about the question for a moment before nodding in an apparent answer. "B-scotch," they replied with a very final nod. The same answer they had originally given before. It would be simple to see if anything obvious changed then. They honestly were not entirely sure what to expect. But at the very least they could move past the Ruins and see what happened beyond them. Particularly at Snowdin since it was the first major area they went to after the Ruins.

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Toriel smiled her not quite comforting smile once again, trying to make them less uneasy. "I don't ask for any particular reason of course, I was just somewhat curious... as for our boney friends they don't need to eat anyway, so there's no point in asking them."



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"Eating is fun. Piesonally, I prefer fruit pies. Pie like the berry much." As they walked, Sans turned his head and winked at the child. For both the sake of Frisk and Papyrus, he wasn't going to go into this situation blasters blazing. Besides, making puns...made him feel normal. Like there wasn't anything obviously wrong. "Monsters need to eat too ya know. Pap here can make a great spaghetti. In fact, I liked it so much I nearly.. pastaway...the first time I had it."

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Frisk nodded, listening to the conversation but at the same time noticing movement in the corner of their eye. Still tagging along behind Toriel and keeping in stride with her, they turned their head to the side to look in the shadows of the tunnel, blinking slightly. There, hidden just barely by the shadows, were familiar yellow petals. Flowey was there, watching the group move rather noisily through the tunnels. He was silent, barely visible and just seemed to be watching. Suddenly, as they drew farther and farther from where he had been, the flower suddenly disappeared again. Turning their head back, they frowned slightly before noticing that Flowey had not actually vanished, only remerged closer to them, though still obviously trying to remain hidden.

He is following you.

Frisk quickly looked forward, focusing on the group again as Sans told what could only be a pun from his tone of voice. They had lost their focus on the conversation and hadn't really heard what it had turned into. Ah well. They had to be close to Toriel's home by now, correct? Maybe if they got a chance alone, they could try to talk to Flowey. Just like Toriel, he seemed different. The Flowey they knew didn't trail them around like this. Not with such a concerned expression, at least.

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((Skipping a bit so that the RP doesn't go on forever and mirror the game))


Toriel pulled Frisk along, rounding a corner and bringing them in view of a small, quaint house that almost looked out of place in the underground. She walked ahead a little, opening the door for them. "Well, here we are! Not much, really, but it's all I have. Why don't you get comfortable in that room over in the right hallway? I have something to take care of in the kitchen."

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Sans, naturally, was hesitant. The house looked cozy enough, but...he just didn't feel safe here. Squeezing Frisk's hand gently, he released the child'd hand, and followed Toriel inside. "Hey pap, why don't you and Frisk a good book? I'll give Toriel a hand cooking." He decided. A few steps inside, and he trailed the woman into the kitchen. His voice low, he began to speak.


"You don't know us. You aren't the Toriel we know." He stated plainly. It was odd, almost frightening to see that San's smile never wavered. He had given warnings like this before. Doing it again was no problem. "You hurt any of them...even look at them the wrong way...You'll be in for a bad time." And, just like that, he turned and sauntered out of the kitchen. Like he hadn't just threatened a stranger. settling next to both Papyrus and Frisk in the living room, he grinned.


"Find anything good to read?"

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Frisk walked around inside the house, glancing around at the familiar surroundings before quickly moving to the bookshelf near the kitchen. Being shorter than Toriel, they couldn't easily reach all of the books on the shelf and was more or less limited to the bottom shelf. Looking at the various titles, they squinted slightly before pulling out a book on snail facts. Looking over the front cover, they sat down on the floor almost instantly and set the book down in their lap, opening it up to a random page and staring at the words inside. Humming softly, they glanced up at Sans and Papyrus before patting the floor next to them, indicating they should sit and read with them.

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Toriel watched the small skeleton walk out, only slightly perturbed. He evidently didn't know if she was planning anything or he would have stopped her by now. Suspicions will get him nowhere, but she had better be on guard anyway. She bummer to herself, mixing in some powders that would normally never belong in a pie, and stuck it in the oven. One slice of that and they'll be out like a light! The soul I've wanted for so long... is finally... within my grasp.

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Doing as requested, Sans took a seat next to Frisk and grinned. "101 uses for snails, huh?" He leaned over, skimming the page the child was reading. Other monsters might really like snails, but he wasn't a fan. It was more of a fuzzy monster kind of food. Not something for skeletons. Besides, they looked real cute with their little shells. The King used to really like them, but apparently doesn't eat them any more. It must've been the Queen's favorite dish.


Sans leaned towards Frisk, choosing to whisper in the child's ear. "Be careful around Toriel. We need to find a way back to Snowdin, and won't be staying for long." Maybe Frisk wouldn't understand his suspicions. Hopefully they would. Time would only tell.

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Frisk turned the pages of the book, reading carefully over the words one by one. It wasn't the most interesting book in the world since the topic was entirely snails but, at the same time, some of the uses the author listed were a little bit strange. They hadn't guessed there would be so many different uses for snails. It was honestly rather fascinating.


Glancing up at Sans, they paused. While something had seemed odd with both Toriel and Flowey, that didn't warrant a need to be careful around Toriel. It was Toriel, after all. Frisk had never encountered an incident where Toriel had ever been excessively dangerous. Even when fighting to keep them from leaving, Toriel had never really tried to harm them. Even at the risk of her own life. So they shelved that thought and kept Sans's concern in the back of their mind, but returned to reading the book on snail facts, their finger tracing over one passage about baking them into a pie.

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(( From how I understand it, Mettaton was accepted, while my other choice is currently undecided. BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO RP METTATON, SO I WON'T. ))


"DARLINGS, you simply can't swarm me like that. If you do, my processors may overheat from having to experience so much pure JOY!"

The robotic voice pierced the veil of golden flowers in an instant, then left behind a very loud shroud of silence. For a long while, there was nothing but the sound of petals settling again.

"....Wait a moment, this is NOT my trailer! Alphys!" the voice came again, distraught. "MY STARS, I HAVE LOST MY ABILITY TO SEE! How may I view my beloved audience if my eyes no longer work! Dr. Alphys, this is an atrocity!"

A metal arm burst from the flowers, beginning to move around, looking for something. The shining metal was only slightly visible in the weak light from the surface. Finally, the hand paused after a moment.

"AH! Worry not! I have NOT gone blind, darlings! My face is merely covered in a shroud of blossoms, most certainly thrown to me by ALL of YOU!!"

The flowers exploded as a metal figure shot forth from them, sending petals everywhere as he spread his arms, his face beaming, his single, visible eye shining in the dim light.


"Oh well that's just a shame, isn't it?" he said, cracking his metal neck. "Such a shame! A shame! My fans must have gone on without me! Or perhaps I'm early for the show. Then again... I don't remember signing up for THIS stage... BUT THE BELOVED METTATON IS NOTHING, if not ADAPTIVE!"

He put a finger to his chin, grinning.

"In fact, my unit has roughly 30 different forms to suit all environments, including magma, for those days in the lab of my BELOVED doctor!" he nodded profusely at this remark, as though anyone was listening.

Soon, he looked down to his left side, where he paused a moment.

"Oh. My arm is missing again." he sighed, slightly irritated. "ARM! COME TO ME THIS INSTANT! We have no time for games! The show must go ON!"

There was a shudder from the flowers that remained as a metallic sheen crawled on its fingers towards its owner. The cackle of metal slid up his body as it rejoined itself at the shoulder. He popped it back into place, rolling it out.


And waiting.

And waiting some more.

"....This isn't a show, is it?" Mettaton said, forlorn. "Aww... or, perhaps! THIS IS A REALITY TV SHOW, scripted by the good doctor and set up for me to FIND MY FANS, as part of a mystery series! Ah, how imaginative, Dr. Alphys! How UTTERLY DIVINE! Imagine, Detective Mettaton, a true professional, with the intuition to rival even that human... uh... Holmes.. something. AH HE MATTERS NOT IN COMPARISON WITH ME!"

He waved his hand over his body theatrically.

"But this matters not if no one can witness my actions! My ratings shall PLUMMET! Oh nooooo! They will fall like shooting stars upon the mountains, like tears from the eyes of a crying child, who could not see my show! No, child do not cry! Mettaton comes and comforts all! He will get you a ticket if he may! You can see it completely for free! Wipe those tears!"

He grabbed a handkerchief from seemingly nowhere and wiped his eyes, consoling himself.

"Anyway, now that that's out of the way!" he said, hurling the cloth back into his pocket. "Let's see.... FOOTSTEPS! GADZOOKS! I am already on your trail, actors pretending to be culprits! But what was the crime?! Ah-hah! They ruined this perfectly good garden and tried to frame me! Surely, they are the ones who knocked me out, and left me in this shallow - albeit gorgeous - flowery grave! The HORROR!"

He covered his face with his hands, pretending to be horrified.

"BUT, THEY CANNOT STOP ME! FOR I AM... METTATON!" he yelled, beginning to stride quickly among the footsteps. "I am determined, almost as determined as a HUMAN! And I am a machine made for both killing AND cooking delicious home meals you can make at home in less than FIVE MINUTES!"

Smoke began to build under his feet as he ran at an accelerated pace, following the footsteps intently. None of them escaped his gaze, even at that speed. Finally, he slowed, coming to rest just short of a door into a very homely shack.

".....HMM!? What is this?! Their base of operations!? Their hideout of insidious plots!? Their wicked, malevolent cavern of cruel-hearted creation!? BEHOLD, CRIMINALS, FOR I KNOW YOUR TRUE FACE! YOU CANNOT HIDE, from METTATON, DARLINGS!"

He threw himself into the door, breaking it down as well as the wall around it and holding out his arms theatrically.

"METTATON HAS COME! SHOWER HIM WITH YOUR ACCOLADES OR SHOW HIM FEAR, OR BOTH, WHICHEVER IS PROPER! Where are you criminals who left poor Mettaton to rust under a bed of flowers? WHO! Show yourselves to me so that I may dispense viewer-safe justice in a bloody fashion that will STILL be PG-13!....PROBABLY!"

He frowned a moment, pondering.

"Wait, what is this show going to be rated age-wise anyway? Why, with me in it, it's already explicit enough to be TV-14!" he said seductively, winking. "BUT, I SHALL TONE DOWN THE SENSUALITY AND PROVOKING THEMES for the sake... of the CHILDREN!"

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Toriel finished up the butterscotch/cinnamon pie, humming to herself quietly as she thought of killing humans and taking souls. She brought it out and was about to slice it when a robot broke down the door and started yelling.



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