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What makes your scroll unique?

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- I have spriter alt Solstice dragons.

- I own more Deep Sea dragons than anyone else in the game.

- I have a blue striped dragon from stripe x golden wyvern, back when their breeding was glitched.

- I have 3 2nd gen Thuwed pillows from Solstice. Two of them refused their intended mate.

- I own more Gilded Bloodscales than anyone else in the game (last I checked), and my favorite of them has the code EPicS and was caught on the day they were released.

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My most unique thing is spriter alt Shadow walkers.

I have CB of all the holidays except Hollies, including one truly CB vampire from Halloween 2008.

I have a female and a male paper.

I have CB bright pinks and frills.

I have a 4 digit code Leetle tree caught when they were first released

Plus multiple other 4 digit coded dragons

I have all of the badges

Last I checked I had more coppers than anyone else.

I have a 2nd gen Thuwed Holly who's pretty special

I have a 2nd gen Thuwed Hellhorse and a 2nd gen Hellhorse from a CB Hellhorse HM.

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I have 4 old Pinks and 3 Frills.

I have a frozen ungendered Paper hatchling with wings.

Most of my dragons have 4-digit codes.

I have a Leetle tree from their original release.


Basically an old fart who's been away from this site for too long 8)

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I have CB holidays since Halloween 2009 (because I couldn't catch the valentines.)

I have white gold winged Snow Angels

I have the black Alt-sweetling

I have a 4 digit Leetle

I have all the badges

I have 4 digit code dragons

My oldest dragon is a skywing

My largest personal lineage(and still going) is a 21 stair step nebula line


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* I have cb gold shimmer.

* I have 2nd gen Thuwed Holly from AP.

* I have one Frill dragon.

* I have a 4 digit code Leetle tree.


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-As far as I know, I have more guardians than anyone else.

-I have a pair of CB alt sweetlings.

-I have a zombie X guardian checker.

-I have a PB 2nd gen frilled that grew up the day frills were retired and the CB parents.

-I have all CB holidays since Snow Angels (white winged).

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I have several  breeding projects at the back of the scroll, most of which are bred for the CNB when I remember to breed them/have the space.



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-I find Neotropicals are my favorite breed and is attempting to make the largest Neotropical Army

-I have a leetle tree

-I have a CB golden Wyvern I hope to breed with a CB Gold if I get one

-I want to make a massive army of Winter Magi

-I have a Shadow Walker from 2 Spriter's alt (I think there are only 2 spriter's alt from Shadow Walkers so it's from both in that case)

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Ooo, here are a few other things about my scroll:


- I have a 2G Hellhorse whose mum is a CB Hellhorse.

- My first CB Rare/Metallic is a Golden Wyvern.

- I do not have a full set of dinos. I only have green tongue.gif

- I have a CB Ungendered Neglected.

- I have about 6 CB Silvers, all of which except for one I caught myself.

- I've caught about 8 CB Silvers. Kept 5, traded 2 and gifted one.

- My oldest dragon is Hera Galaxy, a nebula dragon.

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The thing that makes my scroll truly unique is probably that it's owned by me - there is no other scroll like that! xd.png


Milestones / random factoids:

- leetle tree

- tri-coloured Snow Angels

- pink Sweetlings (because I was there for the release but too stupid to actually catch any. "Valentine's release? Is that something edible?")

- my first word-coded dragon was Sect

- my one and only Neglected (reveived, not self-made) is a z-code!

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I have almost entirely CB, purebred even gens, and checkers.


I have a wall of metals, mostly due to my love of purebred coppers and silver checkers.


I have a golden wyvern with the code fuZZY.


My neglecteds are missing an ear.


I have a 2G Thuwed and a few 2G from spriter alts.

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-My first dragon was a CB mint named Athia, and he's the ruler of my clan.

-I have over 50 described dragons, many having to do with the clan war I envisioned going on between my dragons.

-My scroll is almost completely made up of CB, even gen, stair, or spiral dragons. There is nothing messy unless its frozen.

-I have over 500 metals. I hoard the shinies tongue.gif

-I have 2 2nd gen prizes, a 2nd gen Thuwed, and a 2nd gen from spriter's alt.

-I have all CB holidays going back to the Val 09.

-I have Old pinks and frills.

-I have all badges and have participated in all the events.



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Welll.. I don't have a lot but I have some..


I have all Holiday badges since Val '14

I have a second gen prize

I have a second gen of every single past Valentine

I have a collection of over 10 3rd gen prizes

I have a GoN

I have two Holly dragons

I have a pair of CB Golds, that didn't refuse


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I've been on and off for 7-ish years so I have quite a scattering of milestones.


- 100+ CB gray/storm dragons (if you have more pls fite me)

- first dragon is a 2-headed (original flavor) from 2008

- I have CB holidays from 2010 onwards, excluding 2013

- I likewise think I have all trophies 2010 onwards, excluding 2013

- I have 1 Frill and 1 Old Pink (neither are CB)

- all Dinos except 1 have 4-letter codes

- leetle tree with 4-letter code

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Been a member for 5 years now, but not really much is all that unique about my scroll unfortunately.

No neglecteds, no frills or bright pinks, didn't complete earlier events and missing one trophy (4th of july, forgot to log in that day >.<). No 2gen prizes or 2gen thuweds or 2gen from spriter alts.


All of my dragons, with the exception of one, all begin their names with JBH, as a mark from my scroll. So if you have a dragon within a lineage that has JBH, your dragon is a descendant from one of mine happy.gif.

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Ooooh! Good question.


I am unsure that my scroll is ALL that unique

( THOUGH IF others wanna look and correct me on that point I won't argue). Some thins about it, tho...


  • I hoard shinies. I adore snatching up shimmerscales especially, SO I VERY often am stalking the trade threads or the Departure board looking for a chance to get new lines. 
  • I collect ( and describe ) vampires
  • I have dragons from a couple different lineage projects.
  • I have a very DEFINITE headcanon regarding my dragons...you will often see this played out in descriptions. 
  • Certain DEFINITE name schemes(lost cities names for golds, for example)
  • POSSIBLY the most unique thing about mine is actually the way I sort what have?



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Oh interesting topic!


Why my scroll is unique... Let's see here.


-. I have a very large amount of severely-messy-lineaged dragons (850 at the moment) and they are some of the wisest most special dragons in my clans.

- I have multiple frozen hatchling armies, including 204 bleeding moons, and my 86-dragon 'Falleen' clan of Canopy babies

- less then 1/5th of my scroll is caveborn

- all my Hellfires are named after characters in a novel my friend wrote

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Hmmm I've been a member for ages now, but compared to others I don't have that many "special" a.k.a. valuable dragons.


- many of my dragons (especially the older breeds) are messy lineaged

- 4 digits leetle tree (and some dragons)

- every holiday breed CB since Valentine's 09

- all badges except for the carrot

- frozen 2nd gen Thuwed Terrae hatchling

- frozen CB Silver hatchling (yep :P)

- the most unique thing is probably sorting my scroll in the order I caught the different dragon breeds

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I hoard Fire Gems and have 170 currently with 139 of those being caveborn and the remaining 31 as second gens and nine frozen hatchies.

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I was here way back when (2008), but not for long. I've got about 20 or so dragons with 4 character codes (including a red dino).

My real pride and joys are my CB yulebucks from the original release, both with 4 character codes.


Currently, I have 233 Mageias (and a lot are CB - haven't done an official count yet). I dunno how unique that is, really, but I suppose once I have 1,000 I perhaps could have bragging rights. ^.^;


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Let's see...

  • Most of my adult dragons are caveborn or self-bred
  • Self-bred dragons are usually for a lyric lineage project, and I have over 1000 finished lyrics right now
  • Currently I have 250 greenwings and 175 celestials and plan to get more of both
  • I have over 1000 frozen common hatchies
  • Most of my dragons stay unnamed. The only dragons that all get named are celestials and bred dragons, to keep track of them with naming systems
  • I have no bred silvers or golds, or any silver/goldkin checkers, and will never collect any unless they're a lyric thing from someone else
  • I released my first 4 dragons :blush:

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Hm, I can’t say my scroll is too special, but I do give all of my dragons last names depending on species.

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Unique.. hmm..


I have

  • 4 digit leetle tree
  • 4 digit GoNs
    • and I got them in March and May in 2010, haven't had luck to get the third one...
  • My "main collection" consists of cbs and unrelated 2nd gen hybrids
    • I'm missing 13 dragons to complete my collection
  • No inbreds
    • I used to check inbreeding even before lineage view
  • A white dorkface and a gold thuwed (both long gen)
  • Virus badge from Hal '16
  • I don't want to have the carrot badge, so I'm always off line during Easter
  • One frozen hatchling: a chicken.



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