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What makes your scroll unique?

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So over the years DC has gone through many changes and like any game, has its quirks now and again. What combination of these makes your scroll unlike any other scroll?


I have a fair number of 4 digit 'cave' dragons from before the change to 5 digits and biomes. Many are CB; some have never been bred and of the ones that have, most have only a small number of children. My leetle tree is a 4-code.


I'm sure many have more, but I have a pair of tri-horns from the wrong biome; they are from the desert instead of the alpine.


My snow angels are full gold.


I have CBs of every holiday from Shadow Walkers to present.


As far as I know I have every possible badge from ~April to 2011 to present.


How about you?

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A four-digit leetle tree, such as yourself. smile.gif

Many four-digit dragons that I caught either from the cave or the AP, or bred myself.

I have solid gold snow angels.

I still have my bright pinks and frills.

I have no zombies and neglecteds on my scroll because I don't want to kill my dragons or starve them. Yes, they are pixels, but I still love them too much to do it. wub.gif

I missed the holiday cooking event so my badge is an unbaked pie, and I missed out on the gingerbread house decorating so I don't own that badge at all. Aside from that, I have everything else, including the Magikarp badge.

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- My Snow Angels are tricolor.

- I'm working on a wall of frozen s2 Papers, though it's still modest compared to hoarders of various breeds.

- Lineaged dragons are almost always named something derived from their parents, especially if the parents are on another scroll.

- All my vamps are AP finds, not self-bitten.

- I haven't added to it lately, but I have a lot of very long prize lines I collected just because I liked the names in them. Short-gen prizes are nice for projects or trading, but long well-named lines make me happy to look at 'em.

- A bunch of my dragons scattered across my scroll (and more in placeholder papers) are named with references to earth science terms, mythology, and scifi/fantasy series I'm a nerd about. I like to hope anyone browsing my scroll will either look up the first two types and be interested to learn about the topic, or recognize the fandom and PM me with a shout-out. wink.gif

- I lucked out and found a 2nd gen SW altkin from my favorite Christmas dragon during Halloween (and a 3rd gen SW from WM not a minute later. I guess I know what I'm hunting for during Christmas this year)! I also traded for one from one of my two fav xenos right after their release. wub.gif

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- I haven't found out what my snow angels' colour is, due to the fact that I haven't seen a DC Christmas yet.

- I have no CB Holidays, except for Caligenes.

- My CB Silvers have cool codes. Mainly all-caps almost word codes.

- I currently have 3 2G Prizes (1 Gold Tinsel, 1 Gold Shimmer, and a Bronze Tinsel), and 3 2G Prizekins (1 Almandine, 1 Blusang, and 1 Chronos Xenowyrm)

- I currently have 5 2G Spriter's Alts (1 Shadow Walker, 1 Lunar Herald, 1 Frostbite, and 2 Falconiforms)

- Most of my adult dragons have children.

- I hoard stripe dragons, and I have an ongoing pure-inbred stripe lineage which is currently on gen 6.

- I've lost 1 egg to a viewbomb attack.

- When I tried to make ungendered zombies, all 3 of my cheese dragons dodged, so I had to try again on Halloween. 1 revived as a zombie but the other two had dodged.

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I have all CB Holidays from Valentine '09, except for the Cavern Lurker.

I have a Leetle Tree.

I have a Zombie, whose creation produced no "collateral damages" as the other two adults dodged the blade.

My only frozen hatchlings are Papers.

I was here for Frills and Bright Pinks. In fact, I witnessed the formers' release.

I have a huge collection of CB and PB Whites and an even huger collection of Stripes: I'm working on two PB lines.

I also have two "encyclopedia" lineages that should feature all the possible breeds.

Said lineages promoted my small collection of Spriters' alts descendants.

My scroll is sorted by breed, with some exceptions: my first 10 dragons (starting from the Leetle Tree), Alt descendants, Holidays and Vampires are placed before the others, in this order.


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- I have a Leetle Tree

- I name all of my dragons

- All dragons on my scroll but 6 (2 gold hatchlings, 1 CB grave hatchling and 3 silver tinsels) have Dark/Death/Magi affinity

- I always have dead eggs on my scroll when I'm active due to all the vampire biting

- My Snow Angels have full golden wings (used to own two before)

- I always bite new release eggs

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-I have a Leetle Tree

-All of my dragon are named

-I have no frozen dragons

-I'm working on an army of Glaucus Drakes

-I'm working on a purebred line of Glaucus Drakes which began with Ichabod and Abigail (a pairing only some will appreciate)

-I have one of each prize dragon

-I have a some messy dragons, but I seek them out since so many just seem to want clean lines

-I finally got my first Thuwed! (Maybe that isn't unique, but I didn't think I'd ever get one)

-I have several dragons named with a Supernatural theme- some after characters, some after creatures

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I also have a Leetle Tree

I have at least one of each CB Holiday Feb 2012 onwards, save for the Solstices

I freeze all my messy hatchies

I'm working towards a record for most Ember dragons

My Gemshard hoard has the dragons named after species in my pet project's world, with males having the common names and females having the Latin names

I have a number of names from the Monster Hunter series

Plus a few other names from all over the place, mostly naming real-world critters

Like others (I'm sure), quite a few of my dragons are developed as characters

I have a CB prize with a hand-picked code

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My scroll is, ummm, large.


It isn't the largest, but it has the most frozen hatchlings.


Everything nameable is named. The names are strange. A lot are from TV shows, commercials, miss-heard lyrics, or random thoughts.



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I'm particularly proud of grabbing the Beat the Heat and Carrot Cave badges, letting me have all of the possible badges. And thanks to my scroll's age, I've got a healthy collection of 4-character codes, including a Leetle Tree from the first day of their re-release in the cave. The only holiday release I have ever missed is the Holly release. When I started DC, all of my dragons were named after Bionicle characters, so if you happen to have tried those names, that'd be me. I own at least an adult pair of all possible dragons except Neglecteds, and I also have a pair of frozen hatchlings for all released dragons except for about four species (I don't have and thus can never get frozen bright pinks and GoNs, but I'm working on the remaining few).


Of course, I like to think that my defining feature is having the largest standing skywing army. smile.gif

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The only thing I can think of that makes my scroll unique (aside from a new dragon names, and simply because no one else has mentioned it) is that I have two gendered Paper dragons (one adult, one frozen). happy.gif

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+I'm writing out the entirety of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater out of mints (: It's a 42 minute song made up of 8 smaller songs, I'm currently halfway through War Inside My Head

+I have multiple songs written out: 2 madoka magica songs, 1 from MLP, and Suzy by Caravan Palace

+All except for 2 of my Vampires are named after Vampires from lore/fiction

+Some of my dragon's names are of different languages (Japanese, German, Spanish, etc) dedicated to my interest in languages.

+Some of my Black Marrows love Hannah Montana

+I have no male olive dragons

+I have an autumn that hatched on Christmas Eve <3

+I like to name my dragons after their codes

+I have 2 red dorsals but no purple ones tongue.gif I don't like them that much tbh

+All my eggs have 5 letters in their code

+I don't have a leedle

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Probably my CB Prize *hugs her*

and my unhealthy obsession for stripes, currently at 846 but not enough.... need maor!!!

I did hold the record for most red stripes at one point but I've lost count recently biggrin.gif

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-My Snowangels have full gold wings

-I have all CB Halloweens starting with Pumpkins

-I own a Leetle Tree (but 5 digit)

-Summoned all 3 GoNs

-All CB Valentines starting with Rosebuds

-I own a Frill, who was also a part of my first batch of dragons

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Gonna state the obvious and say, "a CB Prize caught from the AP." rolleyes.giftongue.gif


My scroll has CB Frills, Bright Pinks (not CB, alas), a Leetle Tree with a 4-digit code, every possible badge, three GoNs and CBs of every Holiday from Pumpkins onward. smile.gif I also have a very large collection of dragons with perfect word codes or all-number codes, and most of them are CB; I spam-breed my code babies to the AP every so often. smile.gif As of just before Halloween, I completed my scroll goals for CBs, in that I now have (at least) 16 adults and three frozens for every in-cave breed or variant. Yes, this totally means that I froze CB metals. xd.png

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My scroll would be a little more unique if I hadn't released a lot of things when I was bored. Thankfully I didn't release everything unique...


-I have three GoNs, all of them grown up -- as much as I wish I could have three frozen babies for GoNs, it's never going to happen /laugh


-My Snowangels are full gold


-I have one CB Frill and one Bright Pink. Sadly she is inbred, but at least I have one.


-I have CBs for every holiday from Shadow Walkers on.


-I have a Leetle Tree


-I have one 2nd gen Prize


-I have a 3rd gen Thuwed Hellhorse


-I'm still working on my scroll goals, but I'm quite proud of the numbers of things I have frozen so far.

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- My prize smile.gif

- I have a CB alt sweetling

- White winged snow angel

- 2 CB frills!

- Lots of 4 letter codes (mostly messy, though)

- So many "saved for later" names, I probably will never catch up!

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I really like collecting stripes? I don't know what my unique thing is, I guess.

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- I have gold-winged Snow Angels


- I have a Leetle Tree


- I have a 2G Prize


- I like to name my dragons after random stuff I've learned and/or heard of tongue.gif


- (Does this count?) I mass-breed my lineages to the AP, so many of my dragons have sizable progenies. xd.png


- And like toyofubl, I have a bunch of names on nameholders!

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Let's see...


- I have all CB holidays since Black Marrows


- I joined few days before the frills were gone and I have 3 of them, even if none is CB


- I have 2 2nd gen Thuweds


- I have 3 GoN, one male and two females


- I have a cb male magi and a cb female white mated for life, and all their 33 offsprings are on my scroll and have the "Whitetail" surname like their mother


- My first winter was caught on Mar 16, 2010 and has code ICE1

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- My first egg came from September 2008.

- I have a female paper and a male paper frozen hatchling, both from 2008.

- 10 of my 15 dinos are 4 digit codes.

- I don't have any 2nd gen prizes, but I do have two 2nd gen prizekin.

- Just got my two 3rd gen prizes this year. Yay!

- My dragons are sorted by breed, with two exceptions at the beginning. Those are my oldest lines.

- My dragons are named for lyrics or based on code.

- My stripe dragons are named by pair.

- I have one 2nd gen Thuwed and a leetle tree.

- I have had to rename my dragons twice now because I've been away for so long. Still going through the process of naming them all.

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Have all holidays from 2008 Vampires

a male and femal paper

all my 2 heads are named with cockney Slang laugh.gif

some nice 2nd Gens

but i think my CB Gold Neglected makes it unique blink.gif

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- As of now, all my dragons are named

- I have a collection of amazing names and codes, and am collecting the name of every team in the NHL in some form

- I collect altFAILS and am obsessed with blacks

- I almost always name my dragons as soon as they hatch, no waiting for gendering

- I love inbred dragons!

- I am making a hoard of prizekin, swkin and hollykin

I will add more to this post later.

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My leetle tree has a 4 digit code and is from the day after they were first released

My first dragon is a Gray from Sep 25, 2008 (my birthday)

A full set of Zombies; m/f adults, m/f hatchlings + ungendered and the adult female is a 3rd gen Dorkface.

3 GoN's; 2f, 1m.

1 ungendered adult Neglected

2nd gen white Dorkface

8 2nd gen Thuweds

My purebred inbred Mayfair Hellfire lineage which is bred exactly by the novels

My purebred Horse dragon Man O' Wars Legacy lineage, which represents all of his descendents which were awarded Horse of the Year honors.

7 2nd gen Spriter's ALT offspring; 1 stripe, 6 white.

My Song of Ice and Fire breeding projects representing the 6 great houses, using all 2-headed dragons. (Targaryen, Lannister, Baratheons, Stark, Tyrell & Martell)

My 10 gen even gen purebred stripe lineage; completed Mar 15, 2015, started 04/23/09.


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