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[OOC] X-DREAMERS: A Massive Multiplayer Crossover

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!!! yoo here are my sheets

haha i'm sorry could i drop mettaton for saiko she's a cutie



Kanae von Rosewald { カナエ=フォン・ロゼヴァルト }

Unmasked Masked

* side note: i'm going to be using they/them pronouns for kanae until things are cleared up in canon.


Born Karren von Rosewald, Kanae is the youngest child and sole heir to the Rosewald family. Originally from Germany, Kanae was taken in by their cousins, the Tsukiyama family, in Japan and raised as both a servant and fighter. Very loyal to their family bearings and their cousin, Tsukiyama Shuu, Kanae is melancholy and thoughtful.


Rinkaku Kagune: After their torture at the hands of Eto, Kanae now wields a powerful thick tentacle of a kagune, this massive appendage being the width of a person's body.

Abnormally high regeneration: Along with the enhanced strength and speed expected of ghouls, Kanae has abnormally high regeneration skills.





Hairu Ihei { 伊丙 入 }



A First Class Ghoul Investigator, Ihei is a veteran of many ghoul-human battles and one of Squad 0, despite being so young. Somewhat airy and a tomboy, Ihei is noted for being relentless in battle.


A swift fighter who depends on her speed and acrobatics, Ihei was noted for having incredible dynamic vision and reaction time.

Aus: A Rinkaku quinque capable of cutting through kagunes with ease.

T-Human: An Ukaku quinque, T-Human has the ability to fire concentrated or dispersed blasts of electricity.




Saiko Yonebayashi { 米林 才子 }



A member of the Quinx Squad, Saiko is known for being happy and carefree and constantly late to work. She struggles in school and spends her time playing video games at home. She loves junk food and avoids her family as much as possible.


Saiko has low stamina and thus cannot fight very well; however, she is noted for having extraordinary hearing.

Bokusatsu No. 2: A Koukaku quinque shaped as a hammer.

Rinkaku Kagune: A Rinkaku kagune with immense power, seen to take down concrete structures and S-rated ghouls, this kagune takes a huge amount of stamina to use. As well, Saiko cannot control her kagune very well, so not ever does she use her rinkaku.


((shh i know saiko's kagune is ridiculously powerful i promise she won't ever use it she's not a fighter ))

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Kuki Urie [ 瓜江 久生 ]



He's a Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator and is the former Squad Leader of the Quinx Squad. Kuki is ambitious and wishes to join the S3 Squad that his late father was part of. Kuki is a talented painter and is often seen either listening to music or training in his spare time.


Tsunagi: A Bikaku type mass produced quinque that looks like a sword without a guard.

Frame 4 Koukaku Kagune: Kuki's kagune covers his upper shoulder and arm. The blade can easily slice through enemies.

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Gray FullbusterGray Fullbuster (Fairytail)


Fairytail Wizard with a stripping habit


Ice-make magic

Ice Demon Slayer Magic

Demon form (gives him dark magic resistance)

Skilled hand to hand combatant and weapons user, with high durability, strength and agility.

Stripping makes him more powerful.

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Edited my sheet to include abilities, not sure to include the last two tongue.gif

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Hm, I think I'll send the full background to you over PM-I'll just sum it up here. Oh yeah, and I should probably tell you that I've made all of this up. xd.png It's extensive.

I like how the OP is designed kind of like a video game, so I tried that same style, including greying out parts of the sheet that aren't usable yet. This is fun!


Name: Shadow

Species: Soul Hunter: a type of spectral being from the Karitzuian Galaxy that can wield certain elements depending upon their type. Shadow is an Ultraviolet Soul Hunter, meaning she works with heat(lava, fire, electricity, plasma, etc.) Soul Hunters are capable of shape-shifting, but Shadow will have only a certain set of forms and is unable to gain/remove any. For now, she is unable to shift into anything.

Gender: Female

Place of Origin: Karitzuian Galaxy: a galaxy close to the Milky Way filled with sentient beings and tons of races; they are like one gigantic nation, all be united under one name within the galaxy limits. The timeline with this will be after an event called Resurrection, where the aliens here are no longer mortal-but they didn't die, so to speak. Hard to describe, other than to think of them as spirits. Concerning mortals, they're like ghosts to people, and only the more powerful members can interact with the physical. So technically, I'm playing an alien spirit! tongue.gif

Status: Arch Angel of Death

Choice Weapons: All of Shadow's forms can use magic, though her Soul Hunter and Reaper forms use it the most; the other forms know one or two spells at best. She usually melees with her claws and teeth as a Nightwatcher and uses hand-scythes as a Shy'Kil. As a Reaper she can use magic, but she usually uses her anchored glaives(the arm-blades in her picture) and a secondary two-handed scythe. Her true form simply casts spells with no channel or using her arm as a channel; while the spells are powerful they always have an instability risk where things could go horribly wrong.

Forms: Soul Hunter, Human, Nightwatcher, Shy'Kil, Reaper(currently locked in this form)

Personality: Shadow's personality is a bit obscure, as each time she gained a new form to shift into her personality would be tweaked just slightly, effectively giving her the appearance of slowly going insane. Every now and then a quirk or trait from another form would slip out, and it gets worse the more tired or weak she is. Her Shy'Kil form is the most playful, enjoying tricks and joking around, and is very active. As a Nightwatcher Shadow is more blunt and aggressive, being unafraid of the consequences of her actions and more willing to do rash things. Shadow is more reserved otherwise, though plays the role of an assassin or a mage very effectively in her Reaper and true forms. As a human, she actually prefers to stand on the sidelines and simply dish out information, as she recognizes that she's very physically weak.

Very Recent History: Shadow started out as a memory-lacking, bewildered human being with a slightly wrong anatomy and an inter-dimensional traveling device. Over time though, she began to rediscover her past and what she really was. Very long story short, she went through plenty of effort to claim her position as an Arch Angel among the leaders of the Karitzuian Galaxy after Resurrection(a strange event that caused all of the mortals of the galaxy to stop being mortal and become more like spirits instead) many decades later. After the chaos and intensity of a recent war with a neighboring Realm threatening to fall into the hands of a power-hungry Hell Lord, Shadow expected some nice peaceful years of being locked up in her library conversing with her only servant; and of course, she ends up sucked into a portal and losing all of her power. xd.png What a great vacation!


Abilities: Shadow can only use these if she has the energy to do so; she gets the necessary energy by hunting for souls. The abilities she gets in the beginning are passive, so they require no energy to use.

Greyed-out abilities are ones she cannot use yet.

-Spectral Presence: Allows her to handle things in the spectral realm, including souls.

-Soul Reader: Allows her to see the colors of someone's soul in their eyes. The colors hint at the person's personality or traits.

-Concealment: Reaper ability only. If she idles for ten minutes and leaves her mind blank, she will "fade" into the background and become as insignificant as a pencil to mortal onlookers, letting her hide in plain sight.

-Ethereal Limbs: Reaper ability only. Gives Shadow glowing blue skeletal wings and a tail, which she can use for ease of flight and battle.

-Ignition: A quick spell that can cause intense heat in a focused area-useful mostly for starting a fire or torching someone she doesn't like.

-Teleport: Shy'Kil and Soul Hunter abilities only. Allows her to instantly teleport as far out as she can see. The farther the destination, the more energy it takes for transportation.

-Slink: Shy'Kil ability only. Allows Shadow to squeeze into all sorts of tight spaces by making herself partly ethereal.

-Stun: Nightwatcher ability only. An area-affect spell that has an odd effect on light-anyone looking into any sort of light will become immobilized for a short period of time.

-Grasping Mists: Reaper ability only. An eerie mist explodes outward, stealing the life of anyone who breathes it and returning the souls to Shadow.

-Wither: When in use, sucks the life out of living things near Shadow. Does not return the souls to her.

-Risen: Shadow resurrects nearby dead creatures, effectively reanimating them. Typically used to create undead armies, works on any dead body or form. The spell does eventually stop if the creatures are "alive" for too long.

-Soul Chains: An effective way to harvest souls! Multiple spectral chains sprout from the wrist and can be used to interact with the spectral plane.

-Elemental Abilities: Soul Hunter only. Gives her the ability to wield the elements like she's supposed to. She can only manipulate fire, lava, plasma, or lightning elements-she can also summon new sources should environmental conditions permit it.

-Dark Spires: Self-explanatory, raises large ethereal spires around a target for protection. The spires will only work on anything that is a spirit or has a spirit; things like soulless creatures are unaffected.

-Portal/Nexus: A very exhaustive ability to use; summons a portal that can go anywhere. Portals are less exhaustive than a Nexus, as they are one-way and only have one route. A Nexus is a portal that splits and connects to different locations. The further the location, the more energy it takes to summon a portal.

-Harvest: Shadow magically imbues her weapon(she usually uses her second-hand scythe for this) to have an increased range, then slices out in front of her; anything caught in the "slice"(the range increases as her power does)is physically cut as though it was right in front of her. Useful for crowd-control.


-Resurrection: Since Shadow is death she can't really... die. This would be the very last ability she regains, since it's an OP move. Basically when Shadow dies she leaves (funnily enough) a literal "shadow" behind, burnt into the ground as her resting place. This "shadow" can actually be scraped off the surface like ashes and stored in a jar so you can carry her around with you. This "shadow" is essential for the resurrection. It's like a base template that the Nameless fuse themselves into in order to recreate her. The Nameless are basically weaker copies of Shadow(about 1/4 the power) that represent certain negative aspects of her personality; they split off from her body when she dies and act like ingredients in the spell to resurrect her. Like Shadow they are both ethereal and physical, and they do know some minor spells; unlike her, however, their spells are limited to four non-physical things that can only harm at best. A certain ritual is required in order to have the four gathered Nameless and the "ash shadow" Shadow left behind to merge back into one being. This, however, requires gathering the Nameless together in the first place, which can be difficult since they're basically shards of her personality manifesting in similar forms.

Since Resurrection is an OP ability, Mage has the ultimate say in whether or not Shadow gets it back at all; if so, it could be used as a plot device but nothing more, since anything beyond that is getting a little out of hand (unless, again, Mage is fine with it).


I might add in more as I think about them.


Aaaaaand prepare for more information!! Note that unless specified, this is stuff based upon her own universe.

Concerning souls:

-Shadow, regardless of her form, can force her eyes to adjust to the spectral realm, allowing her to see people's souls. They are seen in living beings as colors in their eyes; when outside of a body, they can manifest as the body they were in or as glowing orbs. Because of her job as death, she can only randomly target people who have greatly sinned(brown or red colors in their eyes) unless they've been marked as needing to die.

-Souls can be taken whenever; initial death is preferred though as the process is exceedingly painful if the being is still alive. Shadow prefers initial death(unless she's so angry she can't see straight, in which case you have more to worry about than that.)

-If Shadow inhales a soul, she stores it inside of her but cannot utilize it's power; she can exhale it if she needs it later. If she consumes a soul, its energy is absorbed and the soul itself is breathed back out. Think of it like coring an apple: the core(the actual entity of the soul) is saved and released, while its flesh(the energy) is consumed.

-Since Undertale monsters have their souls expire upon death, Shadow cannot consume their souls.

-Immortals are unable to die, as such their souls are safe from Shadow.

-Souls, whether in a physical form or not, can be consumed by her. If a soul is attached to more than one physical entity though she must defeat all of the physical entities in order to get the soul, or else rip it out of all of the entities at once(all of that struggling and energy... bleh...)

-In Shadow's universe, the power of the soul reflects the power of its owner, so Shadow is more likely to immediately absorb souls that have come from powerful beings. In canons where this doesn't exist, the souls have an average amount of power regardless of where they came from.

-Shadow can resurrect people by giving their souls back to their physical bodies. However, a soul can only return to a body if it wants to, so she can't randomly switch people's souls around(also that's painful and there would be a lot of NDEs going around).

Concerning quirks or behavioral habits:

-Due to her past, Shadow is more comfortable working with "monsters" than "people", so to speak. As an example, she can get along with a skeleton or possessed slime better than she can a human or a pony.

-Shadow's native language is Akrai, the intergalactic Karitzuian language. Because it uses different symbols I can only write out the words, unless something prompts me to draw the words out. tongue.gif It will be mentioned/used sparingly in the RP.

-Shadow's brain-to-mouth filter doesn't really... work... all the time. She can be blunt or borderline offensive sometimes without realizing it in time, but usually she doesn't intend to cause havoc.


I might add some more stuff as we go along and I remember them/they become relevant to the RP/someone is curious about it.

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Phew, updated the roster! It's looking good, everyone! I've talk to you, skwerl, over chat already and at a glance everything seems fine to me.


If your character's name on the first page is a link, then you're good to go! I'm just linking the names to the posts that contain the abilities, etc. We'll be starting soon!

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This dragon is a Night Fury, an incredibly fast and powerful species of dragon native to Berk. While once at odds with the vikings who lived on Berk, Toothless eventually made friends with a viking named Hiccup and helped unify dragons and humans on Berk.

In terms of the timeline, Toothless comes from just before the second movie. His abilities are as follows:

Plasma fire (Toothless has shown the ability to shoot several types of fire, the most prominent being a plasma blast that explodes upon impact.)

Assisted flight (Requires a rider to work his tail flap.)


Retractable teeth


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Okay, I've decided to just use my Flight Rising OC:


Name: Illusion

Gender: Male

Appearance: A Pearlcatcher dragon with dark purple ("royal" on the website) scales and wings. His body has a strange pattern of spots on it (clown gene) and his wings have a feathery pattern. (Seraph gene) His stomach, pearl, and horns sparkle and are bright pink. (Pink glimmer) His eyes are bright pink, marking him as an Arcane dragon. He wears Darksteel Earrings of Necromancy, Black Breeches, White Protective Eyewear, and a Twilight Cape.

Personality: Very studious and curious; jumps at the chance to learn things and meet new people.

Backstory: (This is the non-edgy version) When he was an egg, his birth clan was attacked by beastclans, one of which who stole his egg. The beastclans decided to sell the egg and it started changing hands until it ended up with an alchemist, who, thinking it was unfertilized, was going to brew it into a potion. Illusion hatched right before, and the alchemist decided to raise Illusion as his son and apprentice.


Illusions-as his name implies, he can generate illusions.

Arcane Magic- He can perform a variety of spells, but most are nowhere near as powerful as his illusions.

Alchemy Intuition- Illusion is very good at alchemy.

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Ahhh, hey Spyro, I went ahead and scryed your dragon because I was curious as to see what he looked like and:


does he


look like these


My apologizes for the very crude editing. I'm just curious as to what he looks like. Excuse me for my prying if it's unwanted.

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Oh man, that's sweet, doc! Spyro, could you include those in your sheet just for quick reference?


Since Illusion is an OC could you give a few lines about personality and history? I promise I won't pester too much. ;p

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Ahhh, hey Spyro, I went ahead and scryed your dragon because I was curious as to see what he looked like and:


does he


look like these


My apologizes for the very crude editing. I'm just curious as to what he looks like. Excuse me for my prying if it's unwanted.

His wings are royal, but close enough. For some reason, I can't put images of FR dragons in this forum.

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His wings are royal, but close enough. For some reason, I can't put images of FR dragons in this forum.

Oops sorry, I read the sheet wrong. Ah, I think you'll have to save the image onto your computer and then upload it on a picture sharing website such as tinypic or imgur. From there, you can right click the picture, open it in a new tab, and then add it onto the forums. The scrying workshop isn't link sharing friendly.

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I better post my OC sheet as well. We will be starting tomorrow! (today? It's past 12am...)


Name: Stan Gulliver


Gender: Male


Age: 25


Appearance: Stan is a kind of a scruffy gentleman with pale skin, tall [6'1] but not slender, muscular but not fit. His light brown hair has grown long enough to cover his ears, and his shorter bangs are kept out of his brown eyes with a pair of aviator goggles, giving him the appearance of having a spiky bedhead. His goggles and his cravat seem to be relics of another era compared to the rest of his outfit: a white denim button-up shirt with sleeves rolled up paired with form-fitting workpants that have a grey camouflage pattern, steel-toed boots, and knitted legwarmers covering his calves. his shirt is neatly tucked in, showing off his gleaming belt buckle the shape of a fireball -- the same fireball can be found as a monochrome tattoo on the nape of his neck. He also has a pair of leather workgloves he keeps hanging out of his back pocket, and pouches of tools hang from his belt. He is incredibly proud of the soul patch growing under his bottom lip.


Personality: Underneath his sarcasm, Stan loves to have a good time and can be incredibly cheeky. A tinkerer by nature, he loves to push other people's buttons much like how he constantly pushes the limits of his own machines, but he is friendly enough for one to eventually forgive his insufferable nature. He loves to talk, whether people listen to him or not, even if he is engrossed in his next project.


History: Born and raised under the Earth's colonization effort of the planet Mars, Stan had been surrounded by marvels of human engineering used to sustain life. Nobody else really seemed to notice the true wonder of the place, and perhaps they didn't care, but since he was small Stan got into all sorts of trouble getting into places he shouldn't be in and trying to break apart things he shouldn't touch. When no one was amused at his attempts at building things in his garage -- mostly guns and propulsion devices -- he kept his hobby a secret until he was of age to enlist in the growing Mars Military Forces as an engineer. His goggles and cravat are a homage to his great-great-grandfather and his era, and he especially cherishes the former.


Extra lore: In the year 2061, Earth sends an experimental colony to Mars. As the planet proved to be livable and capable of sustaining plant life given an artificial atmosphere and climate-controlled interior, people have permanently settled there for the next two hundred years. Mars culture, while still very similar to Earth's in technology and fashion, developed its own flavor as many people (some willing, others less so) were sent to what could best be described as exile on that planet. One notable tradition was the tattooing of youths who have come of age: what used to be barcodes inscribed onto the napes of their necks have now been replaced with tribal-esque family emblems.


Abilities: Stan does not have any innate magic. However, his expertise in weaponry make him quite capable of using and maintaining his own plasma pistols. Stan also has a love of making explosives, from the pellets with which he loads his slingshot, to complex fireworks.

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Can i reserve ratchet and clank? (Ratchet and Clank saga) as well as a OC, Roxy Locus?

Ill whip up a sheet when i get to a computer.

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Can't wait for the opening post! biggrin.gif

Ratchet and Clank-fond memories of those two. I look forward to seeing how you play them. c: I might have to revisit the series myself, just for nostalgia's sake.

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I just noticed that there are five different dragons, each from a different universe. When this sucker kicks off, it'll be a wild ride.

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Woo. smile.gif


Cistina Phoraena~Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

((Yes. She has a sword in her official art. Her main weapons ingame are spears.))


Abilities: ((ones currently available for use))

Spears; desperation attack/limit break/finishing move - Giga Tempest (a concentrated storm. Imagine teleporting someone to the worst part of a hurricane.)

Divine Channel: Basically to be able to hear and understand gods and deities that aren't on this plane, so to speak. Probably less useful than it sounds.

Nature's Whisper: Allows her to detect elements ((e.g. if a spell is cast she knows the elements that compose the spell))

Nature's Touch: When concentrates for a few minutes, probably 5 or so, or is under distress, her spells get 50% more potent.


Yes, she's a red wind mage with no magic atm ((not counting Giga Tempest)) and a magic-boosting passive. Try not to think about it.


Kami~Patapon 3

He's currently a Yarida. He'll get the other classes as he levels.


Abilities: ((ones currently available for use))

Fever!- Tiny bonus to allies' abilities around him, allows him to use most of his own other skills. Must land 3 hits/dodge 3 hits in a row to activate, deactivated if he doesn't land a hit in 4 seconds.

High Jump- Jump really freaking high--think FF Dragoon--and be able to land safely

Infinite Ammo

Fear Spear- Able to toss spears somewhere and have them explode on contact, only if Fever! is active

Multi-spear- Have the spear in his hand duplicate upon throwing it. Starts at only 1 dupe spear, only when Fever! is active.


Just wait until he can change his class....



Are these abilities okay to start with? Do I need to do any adjusting? I'm particularly worried about Kami because of the nature of Patapon being "kill everything and spare nothing in the stage except maybe flowers" so his abilities are all combat-oriented.

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Added all of ya'll onto the list. If your character has a link for their name, you're ready to post!

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Got my third, hopefully.


L (Death Note)

No actual powers, but has amazing deduction and reasoning skills. Quite a genius, actually. Likes sweets and has many eccentric habits.

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Sora (Kingdom Hearts Series)

Heroic and loyal to the end, Sora is a wielder of the Keyblade with good skill in melee combat and several magics.

Fire: Launches a basic fire ball from the tip of the Keyblade at a single target.

Blizzard: Shoots seven "wisps" of ice that burst into large crystals upon impact with an enemy target.

Thunder: Creates several bolts of lightning that can strike a small group of enemies at once.

Aero: Creates a barrier of wind that lessens the amount of damage dealt by an enemy for a short duration of time.

Cure: Restores a small portion of health/energy/stamina to one ally target.


Let me know if I've done anything wrong. As time progresses, Sora's abilities will grow more powerful. I intend for Gravity and Stop to later be unlocked just as the stronger versions of the listed five spells will be. Same for his alternate forms: Valor, Wisdom, and Master.

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Ok so the point of the game is to have a uncomfortable amount of weapons. If that is a problem I can remove some.


Name: Ratchet

Weapons (if any): oh god

Omniwrench Millennium 12 Regular melee weapon. Expands and contracts to fit the job he is doing.

Doom Blades Fires double spinning blades in quick session that bounce of the next three surfaces they strike.

Zurkon the Destroyer Hovering mini bot used to attract aggro and help in combat with a condensed plasma cannon

Plasma Slayer Plasma sniper rifle with four zoom modes.

Mega RYNO V Gatling gun/ rocket tube. Fires high caliber bullets and small ballistic missiles (and plays 1812 overture by Pyotr Tchaikovsky)



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I just changed up my form a bit. I replaced the turban with goggles and changed up his abilities.

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Whoa there, Pad. That's a lot of weapons there. And you don't explain what any of them do.


I'm really not sure Roxy's abilities are going to fly, let alone even be remotely possible.

1. Lightyears exist. Even with highly advanced space travel, it'd take years just to get from one galaxy to the next (not even thinking of a third).

2. You can't just simply move a planet; it's ecosystem is created in the specific manner that it is because of its exact orbit. Change the orbit, change the ecosystem.

3. There's no way you can pull a planet out of a supernova. The gravitational pull of a supernova is too great.

4. You don't even remotely mention what Roxy's powers actually are/do.

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@Nar: You're good! I'll add him up in a bit. <3


@Pad: Yeah, that's too many weapons. I'd say the 5 ability limit counts for weapons as well (they're the equivalent of spells for magic-based characters). And like magic-based characters, it would be helpful if you describe what each weapon is and what it does. I assume you have Clank as well? It would also be helpful if you followed the listing format for canon characters. (The sheet looks familiar…)


About Roxy: Her powers would get reduced by a lot (what are they really, anyway? Other than… gravity? Levitation of some kind?), and how would she be able to survive space (not only the air, but also the cold and the vacuum) and travel through galaxies which are thousands of light-years apart in a couple years? I don't know enough about the universe she comes from to draw any conclusions. Also, don't forget to link an image (though I assume it's the one you usually use? ;p)


Edit: Nar beat me to it!


@Spyro: Hmm… I'll accept it. I'll link his name in a bit, and you'll be good to go! But try to link an image of him (as doc taught you how to do), since not everyone plays FR.

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Sorry for a double post but:


A chatzy may or may not be created eventually. Update! Due to popular demand, we have a chatzy here: MULTIPLAYER! The password is,  indeed, MULTIPLAYER (all caps). Kind of redundant because it's multiplayer already, but…!
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