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[OOC] X-DREAMERS: A Massive Multiplayer Crossover

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It was an odd sight that night, with a girl standing over a machine's console, humming away as her gloved hands hammered holographic keys. Her hair was white and messy and a little bit greasy, turning to red halfway towards the tips and cut short, barely reaching past her chin. A bright blue scarf was around her neck, in the same blue which shone the keyboard and the frame of light behind her. On one side of that bright frame sat a purple winged unicorn, and on the other, a bright orange dragon.


"I have heard that you humans are not supposed to stare at bright screens in low light conditions," said the dragon, squinting her dark eyes. Her scales were brilliant like a goldfish's, and she waved the frilled tip of her tail around in anticipation. The frills around her head were tucked back, partly because she was nervous, and partly because they would get in the way of the wires hooked onto her head and neck. "I never understood technology."


"This is truly fascinating, though, don't you think?" said the unicorn. She tried nodding her head, then remembered that her horn was also hooked up to the same system. "We're about to make a breakthrough in inter-universal travel. Never have any of the books mentioned technology this complex. It's stuff I've only ever dreamed of!"


"Unfortunately, we're not the first," the dragon reminded. "Seems like someone beat us to the flight, and it doesn't seem like they want to use that power to do research."


"It's fortunate, though, that the initial instability is what permitted us to meet in the first place," countered the unicorn. "And it's likely that we'll meet a lot more different creatures from different worlds who can help us."


"Or harm us."


A man entered the scene, carrying a tray of cups and a teapot, along with small containers containing sugar and cream. HIs hair was smoothed back and his bangs held out of his eyes with a pair of aviator's goggles. "Got me demoted to butler since I can't do any of this magic mumbo-jumbo," he muttered into his cravat, half to himself. He set the tray down on a side table, and poured coffee out of the teapot into each of the teacups. "I consider myself the best 'ship engineer, and now I'm serving drinks to magical creatures! Don't I feel cheated?"


"Thanks!" said the unicorn, her horn and the cup glowing as she levitated the object, eliciting a series of surprised shrieks from the lady at the console. The the glow vanished from the cup as the equine stopped using her magic, and the man lunged forth and caught the it before it could have fallen to the floor. Some of the hot liquid splashed on his clothing, but thankfully none on his exposed skin. His dress shirt had a stain on it now, however, and he was none to pleased. The unicorn shuffled her front hooves, embarrassed. "Aha, oops. I forgot that we had to save our magic."


The dragon snorted, obviously finding this exchange amusing.


"Just a liiiiiiitle bit more…" said the blue-scarfed woman, having ignored everything else happening in the room, her eyes trained on the energy readings on the screen. "…And I think we're ready! Twilight, Magi, let'em rip!"


"I'll help too," said the man, sarcasm dripping from his words.


The portal on the wall swirled as both the dragon and the unicorn focused their energies on the teleportation enchantment. The woman had a huge beaming grin on her face, satisfied with her work, while the man, skeptic, still had a slight frown.


The light from the picture frame glowed to an unbearable brightness, bathing the room in white.





user posted image







> It's all there in the manual...


Welcome to X-Dreamers (pronounced firstly Cross-dreamers, secondly Ex-dreamers, if you're curious)! A massive crossover roleplay where anyone -- and everyone -- can be played as a character, no matter the show, game, book, RP, etc. they originate from. Do keep in mind that there will be a fair share of combat, but there is nothing stopping you from playing a non-combatant, if only for the sake of character interactions!


> Plot

Something is threatening to de-stabilize the function of the gigaverse -- the universe in which all other universes float, each encased in its own glass bubble. Its effects have already been manifesting: things are there were they shouldn't be, and other things are missing from where they should be. These metaphorical bubbles are colliding, fusing, and even shattering, leading to disaster. Some heroes, meeting from various places, have begun to gather to try and find a solution to this mess, and a group of ragtag magic-users have attempted to make a teleporter to summon more people to help. While only partially successful, their endeavours have managed to draw the sudden appearance of more heroes (and villains) to their location.


> Locations


Princess Peach's Castle: A stone castle in a a beautiful landscape. There haven't been any sign of the princess or her entourage recently, for whatever reason...


> Characters

Like I said, you can play anyone you wish. There will be a little balancing going on, however, since characters vary wildly in power level, but never fear, there will be opportunities to upgrade your character's abilities. And the best part? No character sheets! (unless you want to). You just need to state in this topic who you're reserving (with a short summary), where they're from, link an image and list up to 5 named abilities that each character has access to at the beginning or otherwise a statement of what they can do. You'll be able to get more abilities as we progress.


For example:

Pascal (Tales of Graces)

Her weapon is a gunstaff, but she also knows a bit of magic. Good with technology.

Spread: Shoots up a stream of water from the ground

Pyrogenic Ring: Lassos an opponent with a ring of fire

Fearful Storm: Summons a whirlwind around her


Though, if you're using Original Characters, you will have to fill in a quick sheet. If they're a port from another RP, you can just link or copy your sheet from there.




> Character Roster


Game Master!♕ TehUltimateMage

Pascal (Tales of Graces)

Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Yovt Magi (Dragon Cave OC)

Stan Gulliver (OC)

Princess Peach (Mario Series)

Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia)

Cid Pollendina (Final Fantasy 4)

Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)



Active Players



Sans (Undertale)

Fukami (Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea)



Sora (Kingdom Hearts)




Cosme-Etienne del Bosque (OC)

Hairu Ihei (Tokyo Ghoul)

Saiko Yonebayashi (Tokyo Ghoul)

{inactive} Kanae von Rosewald (Tokyo Ghoul)





Kuki Urie (Tokyo Ghoul)



Shadow (OC)



Cistina Phoraena (Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together)

Kami (Patapon 3)



Canada/Mathew Williams (Hetalia)



Lone Druid (Defense of the Ancients)

Katsuro Shirane (Tokyo Ghoul OC)



Rathian (Monster Hunter)


Inactive Players


Illusion (Flight Rising OC)



Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)

Malefor (Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon)

Sputnik (OC)



Undyne (Undertale)



Zero (Megaman Zero)

Minato Namikaze (Naruto)

Morgan (Fire Emblem: Awakening)




Lucas (Mother 3)




This is meant as a quick and dirty RP which I'll be trying to keep fast-paced. This will mean that I'll have shorter posts but, I'll still keep mine over four sentences.


The usual:


> Be nice.

> No godmodding.

> Rules are rules, and the GM enforces them.

> No less than four (4) sentences per post. It's not a lot.

> No more than three (3) active characters at once per player. If you want more than three, you have to make one inactive for whatever reason (returning to their world, for instance).

>> So-called "Combo characters" count as one slot. Examples might be a pokemon trainer and their pokemon, or a Digimon and their human partner, or pairs like Cream and Cheese from Sonic or Megaman and his dog Rush.

> Have fun!


A chatzy may or may not be created eventually. Update! Due to popular demand, we have a chatzy here: MULTIPLAYER! The password is, indeed, MULTIPLAYER (all caps). Kind of redundant because it's multiplayer already, but…!

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Current Recap :


Current Location: Mushroom Kingdom -- Peach's Castle


Meadow: Pascal, Sans, Undyne, Minato, Illusion, Hairu, Saiko, Kuki, Malefor, Eren

Tower base: Twilight, Shadow, Gray, Morgan, Kami, Sputnik

Lake: Zero, Kanae, Cistina, Sora, Sylla, Matthew


In the meadow, Sans just diffused a potential fight between Undyne and Kuki (who thought Saiko -- who mistook Sans for a man-eating ghoul -- was in trouble). Only to have Minato pull out a shadow clone jutsu and reignite the conflict -- though the ability fascinated Hairu enough to stop them from ripping each other's throats out. Meanwhile, Pascal is being a terrible host by letting them go at it, interested instead in seeing what the heck Illusion is writing. Malefor just woke up and is having a crisis, breathing out fire and bolts of electricity while screaming (upping the tension again, good job). Eren is dealing with his own crisis, waking up a little too calm for his own good. Everyone here except Pascal, Malefor, and Illusion are discussing the difference in weaponry each of them has, and whatever the heck a "quinque" is.


The three-way standoff between Twilight, Shadow, and Grey at the base of the tower is interrupted by a threat from Morgan. Shadow is not amused. Kami and Sputnik are peeking around the corner, though not from the same corner. Twilight is knocked out by Morgan, who is in turn knocked out by Shadow.


Sora fell from the sky and crash-landed into the sand, scraping off some of the roof on his way down. A wet Zero waved back at him, though everyone is just kind of confused at the moment. At least no one is trying to kill each other. They are joined by Sylla and Matthew and the group decides to head to the meadows.

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So if we want to use a character who's abilities may be a little vague or work within the function of a specific world, can we simply adapt them to a better format for the purpose of the RP?


In case I made absolutely no sense, I'm very much interested in bringing in Sans from Undertale but his abilities wouldn't make much sense outside of the realm of the game without slight modifications.

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Thank you for expressing interest, Pudding! And yes, that's how it would work. You could also get ahold of me through skype or chat, and we can work something out.


Unfortunately, Sans has been reserved by Doctortear a little while ago. I haven't played Undertale, so I have no idea why he's so popular. ;p


I'll throw up a few reserves since I've been contacted over Skype.

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It's a great game and I'd highly recommend playing it if you're interested.


If Sans is already reserved, I'll have to think up a new character to play as. You might have to give me a little time on that but I've still got a great deal of interest in this. Multiverses are always fun.



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ayyy mage this sounds gr8!!!


could i reserve kanae von rosewald and hairu ihei from tg and mettaton from undertale??

oh man i'm so sorry i was kidding about nutcracker but thank you!! <33

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@Pudding: Yep! I haven't seen a classic multiverse pop up in a while. This thing's been simmering in my head for a while now, and I figured it's time to let it loose. ;p


@Lu: Added!

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Okay, I have to stick poor Shadow in here, this is so awesome(my Soulcast personal OC). I can just imagine her ranting on about how someone opened up a Nexus(the term for a "crossover" of this magnitude from where she comes from) right in her library and sucked her up like debris in a vacuum. xd.png I'm curious though; how far do your power limits reach? The problem is, when Shadow was weaker she's not too much fun to play with, but the more history you give her the more powerful she becomes-and she might be too powerful as-is. I can give you the details if you don't have an immediate answer, I just don't want to plague you with OC history. xd.png

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Okay, second question:


Since OC characters are technically allowed, can we also play a character from an AU (Assuming we make a character sheet for them)? I want to confirm this is an option or not before deciding between two potential choices.

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@Skwerl: You're going to have to explain it to me eventually xd.png But for now let's say we tone it down a little. She can't destroy mountains, but nothing's stopping her from being a formidable opponent in close-combat. The ability limit is more on major spells, I've intended.


@Pudding: I'm on the fence on AUs, but I think they should be fine. But someone else could still take Regular-Universe version of that character, though. (EDIT: Actually I'm also on the fence on that second part. I may do it on a case-by-case basis)

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No mountain destruction?! Eh, oh well, she doesn't usually do that anyway. xd.png Hm, history-wise I could put her before Soulcast's time-meaning she's less crazy but also at the peak of her power; or, I could have her during or after Soulcast's time, which means she'll be a bit crazier but she can work on her abilities again... hmmmm...

I'm having dilemmas because she wasn't a roleplay character at first, so I'm working around my own books on this. xd.png I think I'll have her after Soulcast's time period so that I can have fun with the upgrade system you mentioned before-I'll just need to satisfy my OCD by coming up with a good explanation as to how she ended up here.


Since she's an OC, should I copy my measly sheet from Soulcast over here, or should I fill in a more diverse template? That way she isn't 100% mysterious?

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I think you could probably either fill in a new template for here or send her full background to me. Most canon characters can be googled, after all, which is why I don't require sheets for them.

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As long as it hasn't been reserved yet, I've settled on using Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Can I fill out the small description and powers in the morning? It's very late here andI have class early tomorrow.

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@Pudding: No problem, take your time! I've put him on reserve (no Hiccup? ;p)


(I've also added a new rule about how combo characters don't take up two slots.)

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Me: No Dorchadas what are you thinking you have so many rps already and stuff on other forums and this one doesn't even have character sheets! You love character sheets!

Me: But I can play Zero.


Zero(Mega Man Zero)

Starting abilities:

Note: He can only equip one EX skill to the gun at a time, and some abilities are modified for non sidescroller use.

Tractor Shot - A chargeable blast that can absorb energy based projectiles, causing it to grow larger and more powerful. Thunder element. Gun EX skill.

Ice Javelin - It shoots a beam of ice. Gun EX skill.

Flame Fang - A blazing sword slash.

Ice blade - Sends out a wave of ice that runs along the ground.

Croire - A Cyber-Elf that can be upgraded as time goes on. As this goes on, she changes her form. (Handy dandy reference picture: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/megama...20080530182148) Can equip one ability from each category (Hacker, Nurse, Animal). She can speak and guides Zero.

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Undyne (Undertale)

An extremely skilled warrior in the Underground. Very passionate, likes anime, and a lot of her personality is affected by anime! Comes after a pacifist run.



Spear Mastery: She is extremely adept in spears in particular, having trained under the King for a very long time. In particular, she uses a light blue spear that she can summon at will.

Determination: All of her other friends (including the monsters that you, as a player, encounter) do not have this; the thing that humans have that drives them to keep going - a second wind of sorts. Interestingly enough, Undyne is the only monster to have determination...


Spear-related skills include:

Summon Spear: Used to entrap singular persons, an amount (3 so not to be OP???) of spears come out of the ground. Goes faster in speed as time goes by, though she cannot continuously do this for long.

Javelin: Sends two very large spears toward the person. Very slow, though very damaging.

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Malefor (Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon)

After the transfer, Malefor lost all of his powers except for the elements Fire and Electricity. He does still have physical power, but he's been severely weakened overall. And imagine him without hangbutt, I know it's annoying >.< And he's got two wings



Eren Jaeger

He has no magical ability whatsoever, and...he's not as smart as you'd think. He's basically a passionate, impulsive meathead, and his only humanly ability that's noteable is his fighting skills. He's got a temper that's about a short as a pinkie finger, but he is determined to protect the friends he has left- and total strangers, too. His Titan Shift does not come out when he wants it to. His weapon is his 3DMG.


And here's Sputnik's sheet. I'll cross out the irrelevant parts.



The Surface

user posted image











You're getting a little personal here, buddy.






Sputnik is the spawn of a forbidden and intimate relationship between the goddess of the cosmos, Uella, and the god of death and evil, Schatten. This has lead him to be one of the least trusted and respected members, and he's lucky that he's in a tribe at all. This technically makes him a god, but the King of the Gods stripped him of the majority of his godly power, reducing him to the level of a normal dragon. Maybe though, if he becomes Alpha Male, he can get his godly powers back...?

Love Life


Crystal. He is rather hopeless that he'll ever be with her, but he's still got feelings.




None, though he wishes for children.


Sputnik is from a world run by various dragon gods, and they watch over the world. The dominant race is dragonkind, and there's different clans; Fire, Nature, Water, Earth, Wind, and strangely, Metal. The clans are run by a single alpha, being born from the gods (making her a goddess). The world was great, until dark runes appeared, dark storms brewed, and a voice rang in some heads. I'll be plucking Sputnik from the beginning of the omens (since that;s what developed so far, heheh)

Sputnik is a relatively medium sized dragon,. On all fours, he is about 6'1", and on his hind feet, he is about 12'2". When fully outstretched, his wingspan is a total of 10'4", 5'2" for each wing.

Build-wise, the dragon is lean and somewhat lanky, on the smaller side of the bulk scale. This allows him to move fast, but he doesn't pack too much power behind the punch.


Sooooooo I guess, with his parentage, that to start, he can have swell (not perfect) eyesight and some sort of communication with the dead?

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@MisaTange: Reserved! This RP might as well be called Undertale: the Crossover.


@Esko: I'll have to say no to Malefor as a villain, and I'm not sure he's the type to play hero, aha. I was thinking the villains joining in would be anti-heroes like Magus, or villains who change sides depending on circumstance like Bowser.


Eren has been added! I assume he'll have his 3DMG, and he can unreliably titan shift (like in the anime it doesn't work every time.


For Sputnik, can I have more information about the RP/setting he was in? And perhaps how big he is compared to people, stuff like that. A little more history may also be nice, kind of like as if he had a wiki page.



@Everyone: We'll be starting in the next few days, but signups will be remaining open.


P.S. Names have been appearing and vanishing from my list throughout the day today. Do not mind them.

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Oh geez ahh, I'm sorry pudding. I asked Mage if I could take Sans before the thread got posted. Oh dang, at this rate it seems like we'll have the full Undertale cast in this. That'll surely be something. Since the in-game sprite is small, I went ahead and added a color reference using some offical artwork and, as you said it was fine, I used an artist's rendition of one of the weapons. If you need me to pull out some images from the game for the weapon, I can do that as well but they'll probably be small and blurry.


Sans (Undertale) [x]

A lazy sentry who should be spending his time looking for humans to capture but, you know, that would take effort. Timeline wise, he's going to come right after a Pacifist Run. After viewing sprite heights, I'm going to have Sans be 4ft or around 122cm.


Bone Attack: Summons bones of varying lengths to attack a target. The attack itself is low in power, but the bones leave a temporary poisoning effect on the target, draining their life force. The poison itself cannot be removed by artificial means but it only lasts for a minute or so.

Blue Bone Attack: Summons blue bones of varying lengths to attack a target. Nearly identical to the regular bone attack; however, blue bones can only hit moving targets. If the target were to stand still, the bone would simply phase through them as though it was nothing but an apparition.

Teleportation: Allows Sans to teleport from one point to another. Used mostly for arbitrary tasks.

Gaster Blasters: Summons seemingly sentient weapons that can fire a beam from their mouth. The beam, much like the bones, does very little damage on its own but poisons the target. The longer someone stays in the beam, the more damage that will be done overtime. Although Sans normally has the ability to summon as many blasters as he wants, he can currently only call upon four to assist him.




I think I'll just hold off on the other abilities until later if that's okay with you.

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Erm, I really should be working on HW right now and I'm not sure if I should join, so, just reserve Cistina Phoraena ((as if anyone knows who she is)) and the Uberhero from Patapon 3 for me.


No promises.



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I want to join this but




EDIT: Now that I think about it, it's actually just that I don't feel comfortable playing canon characters in fear that I'll characterize them wrong and offend people and the only "true" OC (as in used more than just once) I have is a MLP OC but since there's already an MLP character I feel like I'm stepping on toes and just *Screams in frustration*

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Adding another cause I can't resist~

(Not Undertale lol)


Minato Namikaze (Naruto)

Comes in after using the Reaper Death Seal Jutsu.


Flying Raijin - Can teleport to the position of one of his Flying Rajin kunai.

Rasengan - Concentrated swirling wind ball thing. It hurts.

Sage Mode - Heightened reflexes and stamina, able to sense chakra around him, and more powerful attacks. However, it takes a moment of standing completely still to activate and drains chakra quickly.

Shadow clone Jutsu - If you honestly don't know what this is I am disappoint.

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