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A-Z Dragon names

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6 hours ago, trystan said:

:blink: I have this name written on a wee scrap of paper and stuck in my 'potential names' spot. Has it been yours all along?

(And then you said you were keeping it safe and I hadn't even posted this? :blink: I'm so confused.)



We All Take a Bite Trotsky (described)

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@Lagie - so Tas (Tasslehoff) is a Kender in the world of Dragonlance.  Kender are very sticky-fingered - but don't ever accuse one of stealing.  they'll get offended.  sometimes when someone realises a Kender has something of theirs, the Kender will say things like "It''s a good thing I found it!" or "i was just keeping it safe for you!"

and yeah, i probably named Tas almost right away.... he's from 2009, and i was naming them like i've been naming them now - as soon as i can.

hope that all unconfused you?


Xavier Harkonnen of Salusa


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