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Dragon Cave Roleplay

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Edit: New Notice; I've noticed that there are a lot of visitors coming to the forum, and quite a few people have registered- please don't be afraid to start a new roleplay! There are people clearly hanging around, and I'm still active everyday and endeavour to reply to all roleplays.


Link: Here!


About: Just as the name suggests, this is a forum geared towards all kinds of DC related roleplays. The forum is open to all roleplay levels, and has coding support for clan-based roleplaying as well. New to the roleplay boards of the DC forums and want some help? We have a roleplay training/practice board available here too where you can test the waters and get feedback from others. Eggs and hatchlings can also be added to your signatures via a special profile area that means no signature space is taken up and you get views on your babies everywhere you post!


This forum is actually very old, having been started in 2008. It became inactive and abandoned due to a lack of time and then the hosting service going through a massive update. Since then it has been completely refurbished, but for any old members returning, your dragon biographies have been left untouched and no work has been lost. The forum itself hosts 500+ members albeit inactive due to the forum's closure- an email has been sent out to advise of the re-opening, so expect to find many others to roleplay with here!


While it has been revamped and is now ready for members, there are still plenty of new features that are being developed to be used on the site, so rest assured that the place is, and will remain, active smile.gif


Staff to Contact: Right now, I am the only staff member, so if you have any issues, flick me a PM! Or alternatively, send me a PM on the forums themselves.

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