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magical kids [ OPEN ]

what club should everyone be in?  

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I uh, made him with red eyes originally before the rule came into place, but I'm probably gonna change it when I finish up and polish his sheet


Name: Lapis G Vass

Nickname: Issi

Age: 16

Sex/Gender: Male (Male)

Sexuality/Romanticism: Shipsexual, shipromantic

Personality: E N T/F P

Issi seems like a laid back kind of dude to you, whether you like it or not. He doesn't care about anything, or maybe he just doesn't mind whatever happens? His life seems like it's perfectly together, even though he doesn't do his assignments a lot of the time and doesn't appear to work or anything either. He never seems too happy and you've definitely never seen him sad or angry. He just seems... content, and sometimes pleased when it looks like other people are having a good time. It's effortless. How does he pull it off? If you ask him, he'll just say that's how he is, how he's always been, or that you've got to realize that you'll always be who you are at your core, so all the troubling things don't really matter.


+ Warm Days

+ Easy Listening/New Age/Folk/World

+ Dozing

- Jumpiness

- Neon Colors

- People being down


*Born 16 Years ago in a big city

*Moved to current town at age 5

*Quiet child, no set social group

*Grew more open over time

*Modern Day, seems like nothing was ever bad in his life


Emotion: Serenity

What happens when they transform?:

Issi is probably the most 'one' with his element. He is naturally laid back and 'rolls with the punches', making integration with his element as seamless as can be. However, this also means that he can be quite apathetic to some causes, even if it is something as important as defending against murderous demons. When he transforms, Issi's personality changes very little, but he does seem much quieter, more concentrated on what he's doing. He doesn't seem phased by anything (though if his demeanor does snap, then his powers almost immediately evaporate until he pulls his mindset back into a place of calm). His movements become very 'ragdoll' in nature as well. His arms swing loosely to the side as he picks up and flings away any magic attacks which have been directed to him. When dodging, he almost appears to flop out of the way, though the action is clearly deliberate and has some tension to the movement.


When it comes to actually transforming, Issi has a very 'typical' metamorphasis. Flashing lights, glowing skin, sparkles, twirling, etc. To help you visualize:

"Issi lowered his head, his eyes slipping shut instinctively as his powers took hold of his being. They gripped him like the talons of an eagle, binding to his mind with re-assuring warmth. A blinding pinprick of purple light emanated from his forehead before ripping over the rest of his body like a great wave swelling to fill a basin. His normal clothes appeared to shatter away into fragments of light, only to be immediately replaced with a black suit of questionable modesty. Behind it materialized a royal purple pseudo-cloak, rippling in some invisible wind. Issi's eyes snapped open, glowing briefly before revealing a deep red color in place of his usually drowsy brown irises. The light faded from his body, showing that his hair has changed to the same purple hue as his cloak, and that he has no weapon. However, he looks quietly determined, like he's prepared to face any challenge.

Magic Power: Power Redirection

What happens with their magic when they transform?:

Issi is a purely defensive user. Unless he is attacked, his powers have no use. However, his redirection can be devastating when used to full extent.



-Echelon I-A: reactionary re-direction, shift often just to the sides with little control

-Echelon I-B: controlled re-direction, incoming energy can be sent in specific directions

-Echelon I-C: locked target, re-direction can be locked on to specific targets before sending

-Echelon II-A: re-direction disc, damage received can be manifested as a powerful and concentrated energy chakram

-Echelon II-B: powered disc, latent power of serenity can be channeled into chakram, profoundly augmenting strength

-Echelon III-A: disc duplication

-Echelon III-B: increased duplication

-Thule Ultima: ?????


Regular Appearance:

-eyes: dark purple

-hair: brown, short black sides

-skin: fair

-height: 5'10"

-weight: 136 lbs

-build: lanky

-overview: Issi is a fairly normal looking boy. He is moderately handsome with sleepy looking puppydog eyes the color of fudge. His hair is shaggy on the top, but the sides slowly trail into a trimmed black crew-cut style 'do. He's has about an average height and weight, but his build makes him look lanky. His posture is always relaxed and he always seems to have a relaxed grin gracing his face. It looks good on him.

Magical Form:

-eyes: dark purple

-hair: purple, short black sides

-skin: fair

-height: 5'10"

-weight: 136 lbs

-build: slender

-overview: Issi wears a set of skintight spandex pieces, over which a purple cloak falls to provide some modesty to his slender form. His hair is a deep purple to match his eyes in this form, and from his left ear falls a red earring in the shape of a diamond. His suit consists of a top which has a high neck, doesn't cover the shoulders, and extends to just under the ribs. A large diamond is cut out of the chest with two smaller ones placed above and below it. He's wearing shorts of the same caliber with more diamonds on the sides, and he has two gloves stretching just above his elbow of the same design. He's wearing knee-high heeled boots and a purple cloak stretches down just past his butt.

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psst lukos: you're sheet is good to go! (you can post the picture you drew of Issi to help visualize him, if you'd like~~). Just make sure you change his eye color aha


also guys!!! i am very very sorry for disappearing for a few days! it was only five days instead of a month, though This roleplay is still active and it is not dead. I've just been busy with life and stuff, but i should be good to go from here on out!


I'm going to work on my character, which I haven't been doing recently, and I'm going to figure out what the deal is with all the demons. If you haven't contacted me about magic (i cant remember who has and who hasnt), then please do so soon! (its just so i can review your characters magic and see if it's alright or not. its also to help you figure out your characters magic, if you havent already.)


thanks for being patient with me : ' DD i hope to start this roleplay soon, because im pretty excited about it. i'm in the chatzy if you want to pop in and say hello!


i'm going to try to stay in the chatzy all day, but i cant guarantee that i'll be able to

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Okie here's my guy but I feel like I need to polish up some more what happens when he transforms:


Name: Evan McKenzie

Nicknames: Ev or Kenz/Kenzie he doesn't mind, though his mother lovingly calls him her "lil' beanpole" to his embarassment and he hopes no one at school ever finds out.

Age: 17

Sex/Gender: Male

Sexuality/Romanticism: Demisexual hetero-romantic

Personality: Pretty easy-going most of the time, Evan gets along with most everyone, though even if he doesn't like someone or feels uncomfortable in a situation, it's hard to tell because he won't say anything to avoid hurting their feelings. He might go out of the way to avoid someone walking down the hall if they don't see him first, but if they acknowlegdge him he's too polite to ignore the person. The kind of person who opens a window to let out a fly or carefully catches a spider to put it outside instead of squishing them. Doesn't use swear words, prefers the G-rated ones like 'heck', 'darn', 'gosh', 'shoot', 'crud', etc. He's never really had a crush on anyone, and while he does imagine settling down with the right girl someday, he's pretty oblivious to flirting attempts.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes- sweets (especially gummy bears), cats, reading, and doodling (particularly in the margins of his school assignments) Dislikes- snakes, brussels sprouts, cloudy/rainy weather, and the color orange

History: New to the school, he just moved to town a few weeks ago after his parents split. He's an only child, so it's just him and his mother at home. Even when they were still together, he never saw his dad much as he was working a lot. His mom's a bit overprotective of him, which is why she enrolled him in a private boarding school. He joined the art club as a way to make new friends and to hopefully improve his drawing skills.

What happens when they transform?: When transformed Evan will not try to hurt anyone, ally or enemy. He easily gets flustered by some of his teammate's "improper" magical outfits and "inappropriate" language. As he learns to better control his emotion and loosen up a bit so that it doesn't take over he insists on trying to talk first with those who are under a demon's influence and strongly believes in the concept of "innocent until proven guilty".

Magic Power: Healing

Evan is able to heal wounds, at the expense of his own energy reserve. Small wounds he can take care of with no major issues, however if it's something more serious it takes more out of him and he has to rest before using his power again.

What happens with their magic when they transform?: At first he tries to heal anything and everyone, though he doesn't know how to control the intensity of his power. (For example, he could be trying to heal a simple cut or scrape, and additionally end up treating the person's cold symptoms or an old injury) And even if he doesn't overextend his ability, the scar might wind up crooked or the fingertip reattached upside down. Though with all the demon attacks he has a lot of opportunities to practice and refine his skills and eventually learns that some wounds heal just fine with non-magical medicine.

Regular Appearance: Fairly tall (around 6'4") and rather skinny, has golden yellow eyes and his auburn (kind of a red + dark brown) hair comes to just about the top of his ears and has a slight wave to it. Has braces with plain white bands. Dresses simply and casually in T-shirts (generally plain solid colors like grays, darker blues, greens, and reds, though sometimes he jazzes it up with some kind of pattern that's still simple) and jeans when not wearing a school uniform.

Magical Form: A pale golden, sleeveless knee-length toga-like garment with a shimmery gold trim on the hem. Attached with small gold epaulettes is a short cape that falls to about the middle of his back that's the same color as his eyes, and also has gold trim. Completing the outfit is a pair of gold wrist braces and sandals.


Edit: Changed his club as it seems Art Club wins the poll. c:

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it sounds good, Den! the only thing i have to say is that you might have to edit the club, depending on what everyone votes for uvu


also: guys, please vote! we need to figure out a club and how they all met, and if they're all friends right now or if they're enemies or--- basically, just what everyone's relationship is to one another.

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haha I have no idea what I'm doing


Name: Robin Nightingale Sparrow

Age: 17

Sex/Gender: ???/Agender

Sexuality/Romanticism: Asexual Panromantic

Personality: As an incredibly dour individual, Robin exudes a somber aura that follows them wherever they go. Outwardly, they appear to have a wholly pessimistic outlook at way, often talking about how they don’t believe they will get anywhere in life and how they’re just barely managing. They have an extraordinarily low self-esteem. They will often berate themselves for the most minor of offenses and apologize to others for being an inconvenience. They often indulge themself in some healthy crying, much to the surprise of those who do not know them well. Despite their inhibited demeanor, Robin doesn’t completely back down from an interaction if someone would ignite one with them and will gladly contribute to a conversation as they see fit. Of course, there’s always the high probability that they’ll apologize for one silly matter or another and promptly excuse themselves from the conversation so they can reflect upon whatever inexcusable, horrid comment they made. They have a great fear of displeasing others; they spend hours on end picking out the most obscure of actions and contemplating how exactly they annoyed their friends, family members, and acquaintances with what they’ve said and done throughout the day, even going so far as to randomly remember a specific event years in the past and pondering upon their mistakes from long ago.


Ironically, Robin is incredibly positive and compassionate towards others. They are the first to assist someone should they see someone down in the dumps and will not hesitate to provide whatever support they can give. Despite what a stranger may conclude from first glance, Robin is highly intelligent and analytical. They are quick to spot patterns and are the first to help if they see someone is upset by a new development. They are obscenely courteous, caring more about the well-being of others than their own welfare. Their generosity is overwhelming, often causing them to give away their earthly possessions and sacrifice their own emotional comfort in order to satisfy those around them. Robin is amiable to everyone they interact with, holding onto formalities even with those they don’t fancy. Though they are cordial to everyone, they tend to shy away from ebullient types, much preferring the company of demure folk. They have an affinity with animals, dogs especially, and will gladly drop whatever they are doing to tend to an animal’s needs. When Robin begins to like a subject, they become thoroughly passionate about it and dedicate their time to educating themselves about the topic and enjoying it to the greatest of extents. They find it hard to contain themselves when it comes to discussing a subject they favor and they will gladly go off on a tangent about the topic, especially if they are with friends or family. Although they do not seem to act much different when around close friends, Robin heavily relies on those they trust. Their dependence on those they’re close to leans on being obsessive if not unhealthy. Were a connection to one of their friends break, Robin would be devastated and completely dumbstruck as to how to react to such an event.



- Manakin

- Their dog Temmie

- Music

- Chiptune

- Hoodies

- Routines

- Parfait

- Their favorite headphones

- Animals

- The Internet

- Reading

- Playing an instrument

- Rain


- Death Metal

- Loud noises

- Short clothing on themself

- Mirrors

- Pranks

- Mornings

- Social interaction

- Mornings

- Breaking Routine

- Bitter foods and beverages

History: Born as the oldest of twins, Robin lived a particularly normal life in their upper middle-class family. With their mother as a well-paid surgeon and their father as a seasonal worker who left for months on end, most of the money in the household came from mom and the twins spent a majority of their time with her. It didn’t take long for Robin to form a fascination with music. At the young age of four, they began piano lessons and quickly began to develop their skills as a musician. By age eight, they knew how to play the piano, violin, and double bass while they specialized in the harmonious harp. Their love for music was insatiable and they only continued to add to their musical library as they began composing music in their free time. Life, however, was not all happiness and rainbows for Robin. The twins’ mother was a rugged woman with strict beliefs. She dealt out punishment with ease and did not sugarcoat any of her actions or words. While the twins’ father was used to this treatment and Manakin was not entirely bothered by it, Robin could not handle their mother’s manner of raising them. The harsh comments and rigorous rules that their mother laid out only piled upon Robin’s already low self-esteem. The belief that they weren’t good enough and they should simply keep their sullen thoughts and feelings to themselves became cemented into their mind. Their feelings of self-depravity began to affect their grades as well as their behavior. They seemingly stopped caring and music, grades, and their social life altogether. They contemplated their place in the world and even began to feel as though they were nothing but an inconvenience to their family and everyone around them.


It wasn’t until the beginning of middle school when the twins were thirteen did their father realize what had to be done. He and their mother fought over the matter of how she treated the child for hours on end for weeks and, eventually, the two divorced and went their separate ways. After a year or so of hearty support from their family and helpful counseling, Robin began to feel better about themselves and, after watching their twin come out, decided it was high time they confess their feelings regarding their gender. In the following years, they became more comfortable with themselves although they didn't managed to fully eradicate the deep-seeded beliefs of lack of self-worth that had stuck with them for so long. Robin got back into music and began to see it as a sort of self-comfort for them. Robin, being too scared to interact with strangers, fell back on their brother for support. In recent years, their mental health has improved although they have a very hard time interacting with others socially and often do their best to stay away from anyone they don’t know and stay as close to their brother as possible.

Emotion: Generosity

What happens when they transform?: When transformed, Robin doesn’t change very much. Their demure demeanor remains the same but their sense of generosity is heightened if not twisted. Should they think someone wants to land the final blow on an enemy, Robin will halt whatever attack they are preparing and let the other person attack. They will fall back if they think anyone has the slightest inclination of attacking the same target as them and, in some cases, they will even let the enemy attack first. Should they have any personal possessions on hand, Robin will not hesitate to gift them to an enemy in hopes of calming them down. In extreme cases, primarily during the few first times they transform and when their emotions are going haywire, Robin may even comply to requests made by the enemy, going so far as to allowing themself to get hurt in order to satisfy the enemy.

Magic Power: Telekinesis

What happens with their magic when they transform?: Having telekinesis, Robin is able to lift anything with their mind. Whenever their telekinesis is used, a light purple light will surround an object for the duration of spell. When first using their newfound power, Robin will not be able to pick anything heavier than themself up and even then they have trouble with both keeping things in the air and putting them down. Sometimes they won’t be able to hold something up but other times they will have no idea how to put objects down which becomes particularly perilous when said object is their teammate or themself. As they learn to control their power, Robin will be able to levitate larger items and will be able to pick up several objects at a single time. They will learned how to efficiently make themselves float in the air while maintaining control of other objects as well. Their telekinesis can easily be used to throw objects at enemies, make people float, and suspend foes in the air. The weight limit of objects that Robin can make float slowly decreases over time while the number limit increases. On more advanced levels, they can stop someone from moving while under their influence. Robin’s powers extend only to picking up objects, moving, and throwing them at their leisure and nothing beyond that.

Regular Appearance: It’s hard for most to believe that Robin is the older twin with them standing at 4’8” (around 146cm). Their Hawaiian heritage is shown prominently in their features. Their skin has a dark complexion and is littered with numerous freckles that cover every inch of their skin. Though lithe, Robin’s skinny body, weighing in at only 83 lbs, makes them look anything but healthy. They are rather frail looking and give off the impression of being sickly. They have an oval build that compliments their pudgy nose and puffy cheeks. Their lips are thin and their face is, overall, quite round. They have exotic indigo eyes with  thick eyebrows arching above them. Their black fluffy hair is rather messy and cuts off at the beginning of their neck. Robin normally wears a dark grey hoodie with long sleeves, jeans, and brown boots. Their favorite headphones, which are sleek dark purple headphones that perfectly fit on their head, are always either around their neck or placed on their head while they listen to their tunes. After a recent accident Robin would prefer not to discuss, a large band-aid has been slapped across their right cheek.

Magical Form: A vivid indigo short cloak with a hoodie appears on Robin’s body once they transform. They cloak reaches down to their waist and is normally closed but can be opened if need be. Underneath their cloak, Robin wears a frilly lilac dress with multiple folds layering over one another. The dress reaches down to their mid-thigh, ending in a skirt-like fashion. Dark purple, knee-high, tennis shoes with long laces that twine all along the shoes. The thread holding their cloak together and the laces of their shoes are a glittering gold that compliment their purple attire. Their purples headphones, which they always wear, accompanies them in their magical form. As they usually have their hoodie down, Robin’s headphones can easily be seen hanging around their neck. Should they have their hoodie up, the headphones will be hidden within the hood.

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Name: Remus Winters

Age: 16

Sex/Gender: Male

Sexuality/Romanticism: Straight

Personality: Remus is very loud and outspoken. He's always the first one to voice his opinion, and either doesn't know or doesn't care about the consequences. He's also incredibly independent and will often do things people tell him not to do simply to spite them. He's addicted to adrenaline and can surprise even himself by the crazy things he does. He loves to tease his friends, so long as they're okay with it.

Likes: Outdoorsy stuff, (but not fishing) fried food, magical girl anime, (nobody knows this) large dog breeds, adrenaline

Dislikes: Proper etiquette, being ignored, people with large egos, things that require concentration, haircuts

History:Remus was born to a rich family, and his parents always expected him to take up some position in the family company. However, Remus never cared for expectations. Rather than giving in, like his siblings, Remus started to become a little bit of a rebel and took pretty much every chance to spite his parents. Eventually, they just gave up and sent him to a boarding school.

Emotion: Courage

What happens when they transform?: Rather than just not having fear, as people might think, Remus is just affected by it differently. Fear makes him think faster. Fear energizes him. Fear sharpens his senses. In other words, he acts like himself but with a brain.

Magic Power: Shapeshifting

What happens with their magic when they transform?: Remus can shape shift just fine, but has little control over his animal forms. At first, he will constantly trip over himself and probably get sidetracked due to his animal instincts taking over. Once he learns how to use said instincts to his advantage, he will be capable of switching forms so fluidly that he could chain several attacks and switch after each one.

Regular Appearance: Remus is a little bit on the taller end of the spectrum, but not enough to be intimidating. He's also lean, but not muscular. Remus has bright green eyes, and long brown hair tied back in a ponytail that reaches to just below his shoulder blades.He's pretty pale, but gets a little tan during the summer.

Magical Form: Remus wears a white wolf pelt with emeralds for eyes and reaches down to his butt. He has a dark green sleeveless tunic that reaches almost to his knees and is trimmed with fur, secured with a black sash with emerald beads at the ends. He has silver pauldrons and gauntlets studded with emeralds, and fur-trimmed boots the same color as his tunic. Occasionally gets a wolf fursuit instead.

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Name: Kolya Durand

Nickname: n/a

Age: 16

Sex/Gender: Genderfluid; any pronoun is good with them, but is most comfortable with they/them

Sexuality/Romanticism: Pansexual/Homoromantic

Personality: Kolya is cheerful and assertive. When excited, Kolya usually speaks in gibberish or yells “get dunked on!” while making hand gestures. Their dialogue is also peppered with references to memes they like. However, Kolya is more withdrawn and mumbles when seeing or meeting someone they dislike. Kolya doesn’t get stressed easily and can handle stress, but can be seen pinching their hands when pushed to their limit. When Kolya realizes that they made a mistake, they can be seen apologizing profusely and tries their best to not repeat their action. They also have a blunt way of speaking and find themselves apologizing due to stepping over the line in conversations. Kolya enjoys talking to their friends and tries their best to keep in contact with their friends. During their free time, Kolya can be seen either painting or texting their friends. Kolya also maintains an internet blog which they frequently update with reblogged memes, text posts, and images they find aesthetically pleasing. They also keep a journal that they write poetry and doodle in before they go to sleep.


At school, Kolya remains cheerful, but they are also worried about their grades. Before tests and quizzes, Kolya can be seen frantically reading through handouts and crossing their fingers while hoping that “this test wouldn’t dunk their grade.” Kolya has low motivation when it comes to studying and frequently gets themselves distracted when studying alone. Kolya works better in groups; a group helps them stay focused and interested in a topic. With the pressure of their parents about their grades, Kolya finds it hard to stay optimistic about school, but tries to put on a happier mask in class. They try their best to participate in class and is the class clown. Kolya is friendly towards everyone and when they meet someone for the first time, they offer a handshake, claiming that it’s “something their parents taught them to do.” Kolya has few enemies at school and prefers to resolve arguments through peaceful means. They’re more of a pacifist and is reluctant to fight others through physical methods. When threatened, Kolya taunts their opponent while attempting to dodge any replies they receive. Kolya dislikes it when others make comments about their height and appearance. As a result, Kolya is often touchy about the subject and glares at the person while ranting about how they'd grow more next year.



- fruit (especially strawberries)

- sweets

- spicy food

- painting (watercolor is their favorite medium)

- their internet blog

- reading

- cats

- aesthetic

- writing

- memes


- bitter food

- dairy products

- neon colors

- their height

- loud noises

- getting haircuts

- studying

- learning languages (they’re terrible at French)

History: Kolya was born in a city near the coast. They are half French and Russian; their father is French and their mother is Russian. Growing up, Kolya’s father took care of them while their mother worked at a law firm. As a freelance artist, Kolya’s father also taught them how to draw and often showed Kolya their projects. Kolya has adopted parts of their art style and enjoys painting flowers and landscapes. Through art, Kolya built a strong bond with their father. Due to their mother’s long work hours, Kolya didn’t see their mother often and whenever she was home, their mother was either sleeping or spending minimal time with her child.


Towards the end of middle school and the beginning of highschool, Kolya realized that they didn’t identify with just the gender they were assigned at birth. Instead, they felt like they varied genders and expressed their feelings about their gender identity through their art and writing. When they realized the fluidity of their gender was known to others as gender fluidity, Kolya began to keep a journal filled with poems and writing about everyday occurrences. During winter break in their freshmen year, Kolya decided to come out and tell their parents about their gender identity. Kolya was rather surprised that their father had objected while their mother was more accepting. As a result, Kolya had to explain to their father what being genderfluid meant with the help of their mother. Their father is currently still trying to grasp the concept of a different genders and a gender spectrum instead of a binary. Kolya now feels secure about their gender and would rather express than hide themselves. As of now, Kolya is at boarding school trying to keep their grades at a B average.

Emotion: Compassion

What happens when they transform?: When Kolya transforms, they don’t change much, although they do feel more compassionate and willing to protect others. Kolya’s emotions do take over their personality, but they remain cheerful and optimistic. They dislike how when transformed, they tend to speak to others in a patronizing tone with the word “honey” being used often. Despite their dislike of some aspects when transformed, Kolya enjoys the power and calmness they feel when in their magical outfit.

Magic Power: Illusion Creation

What happens with their magic when they transform?: Kolya casts illusions and uses daggers to defend themselves. As of now, they can cast basic illusions such as disappearing and appearing objects. However, Kolya can’t control who they cast the illusion on due to their initial lack of control. As Kolya learns how to harness their power, they’ll be able to cast lifelike illusions and be able to inflict illusionary pain on others. Initially, Kolya’s illusions can be phased through, but as they learn more, Kolya’s illusions seem to be corporeal. They can use their illusions to change their physical appearance, but this is limited at first. When Kolya fully masters their power, they can change the environment of an area.

Regular Appearance: Standing at 5’2”, Kolya is rather small for their age and has a slender build. Kolya’s face is round in shape with a button shaped nose and high cheekbones. Due to their size and appearance, Kolya is often mistaken to be younger than their actual age. Their eyes are light purple and their hair is dyed pastel pink. Kolya’s hair is cut in a chin length bob with bangs that cover their eyebrows. They have a pale complexion and can usually be seen wearing skinny jeans and a sweater or hoodie. Occasionally, Kolya wears flannels over their hoodie. They switch between a pair of white classic tennis shoes and black combat boots. Kolya weighs around 108 pounds, but they don’t really keep a close eye on their weight. Before they dyed their hair, Kolya’s hair was blond and they are currently considering if they should dye their hair a lavender and light pink ombre.

Magical Form: Kolya’s magical outfit consists of a lavender shirt with white short puffy sleeves and a peter pan collar. The shirt also has a keyhole that reveals the top half of their pectorals. Their shorts are also puffy and reach down to midthigh. Kolya’s shorts have pastel blue and white stripes. Their magical outfit also has white cat tights that go slightly above their knees. In their magical form, Kolya wears laced lavender boots. Attached to their shorts are gold colored suspenders. They wear white gloves that go up to their wrists. On Kolya’s head are two mauve colored hair ornaments on each side.

(edit: oops forgot to hit return ;u;aa)

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oh wow look at all these character sheets! o u o i'll have to read them all later bc right now i gotta clean


also, Dor, you can join if you want! you just have to tell me what emotion you want and if you want to make reserves on anything in the first post uvu (candy, weapon, etc)

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Name: Syliphe Aria

Nickname: Sylph

Age: 17

Sex/Gender: Female

Sexuality/Romanticism: Panromantic, sexuality redacted

Personality: Sylph is always carefree, taking even the most serious things like they're jokes. She doesn't care about anyone else- in fact, she specifically avoids making serious connections with other people. Relationships of any kind scare her because she doesn't want to get hurt when they end. She enjoys toying with people's emotions just for the fun of it and is rarely open about her own feelings, even to herself. She avoids feeling depressed or angry and spends life riding from one high to another. It can be hard to tell if she likes or hates someone because she acts the exact same way in both situations. When she does get close to someone she is overpossessive and even violent if she thinks they're interested in someone else. She has a habit of twirling or playing with her hair, especially when stressed or excited.




>>Mind games


Old people<<



Flirty guys<<

Being serious<<

Other people messing with her<<

History: Sylph was born in California and was the youngest child in her middle-class family, with a brother three years older than her and a sister one year older than that. From a young age she was spoiled by her parents and treated like a princess. Her siblings have always resented her somewhat for that and it lead to her being fairly selfish. When she was nine they had to move to Texas because of her father's job, but not all of them made it. During one night of driving, their car was pushed off of a cliff by another car driven by someone who had fallen asleep at the wheel. Only she and her sister survived. During the next couple years she and her sister were moved from foster home to foster home with the feelings of resentment carrying through the whole way until they were separated to different homes. She's always felt a little sad that she and her sister never really got along. When she was fourteen she settled into a wealthy family, but never really got to know them because she was sent off to boarding school, even in the holidays and summer.


Emotion: Amusement

What happens when they transform?: Does anything and everything she feels like to have fun. She'll even risk her life if it seems entertaining. This applies to any other clones she makes.

Magic Power: Cloning

What happens with their magic when they transform?:

When she transforms, she can summon clones of herself with the same personality, appearance, and outfit. Initially she won't be able to control them, will only be able to summon one, and won't be able to dismiss them on command. This will slowly change over the course of the RP.

She wields shuriken.


Regular Appearance: She's 5'6", has dyed black and pink hair that goes to the middle of her back, and has dark blue eyes. Her skin is quite green pale. She's somewhat skinny and weighs 114 pounds. Generally she wears jeans and an unzipped hoodie over a t-shirt with a pair of chucks. She has a scar along her right side from her hip to her ribs, a small reminder of her family. She doesn't like people seeing it.

Magical Form: Her regular outfit is replaced with a flowy, knee length red dress that is constantly glittering with matching ballet shoes and gloves.


I'd also like to claim Pokki as her candy.

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i feel really really bad but i've been really sick so i havent been around ;;;;;; i still want to do this roleplay and i think a lot of you guys do too, so i'll try to get my character made soon!! (and i have to figure out the demons hmmm) however, it is 2am so im gonna go to bed haha~


AGAIN! I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY!! I'LL BE IN THE CHATZY TOMORROW (maybe??? dont hold me to this) BUT IF SOME OF YOU DONT WANT TO DO THIS THEN PLEASE TELL ME! i wont be mad and i'll understand if you dont want to roleplay with us. or, if you want to wait until finals are done, then we can do that too! just tell me what you guys want to do

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It's okay, Sammy! <3 These things happen and it's not your fault you got sick. I just assumed people were busy with finals and holiday stuff and that we'd start after those were done. *shrugs* Feel better soon~ ^-^

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but i still am planning on doing this roleplay!! i would appreciate if a certain someone didn't STEAL MY IDEA and make a roleplay out of it without even asking me!!!!!!!!!! but i am still planning on doing this idea. i dont know how many of you are still around but if you're still wanting to do this than please go into the chatzy and we can chat there! (im going to make a password for the chatzy too because im tired of that person spamming it but i'm going to tell you all it in the chatzy so it's important you be there)

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yes, the candy idea was originally your idea. i fully give you that. but it has become a part of this roleplay. i dont care if you want to make another magical kid rp, but please dont make it so similar to this one (if you want to talk about this, then PM me).

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I'd really like to join this RP, but I don't have much experience with RPing soo.... I'm not sure I would be very good and I might need you to be patient with me or tell me when I do something wrong... so is it okay if I join?

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Sammy recently handed the RP over to me, and I'm still sorta working some stuff out. I'll probably make a new thread once I figure out the details.

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For those interested, I've been working on a magical kid RP as well but I figure I should probably update x-dre first~

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