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List of Christmas Dragons I'm Willing to Breed

Note: For CBs if you're looking for a specific combo, feel free to ask. I do not have Balloons and my rares are patchy.

Note 2: I have way more here than I could ever trade and I like knowing my kids have homes with mates. It makes me more likely to breed them. I gift. Just ask to know if something is available.


 user posted image Aegis

CB: Aegis of Winterfall (pacified); Frostfall Protector (enraged)


user posted imageHolly

4th gen Male Dominant step. Pick a mate, I usually breed with a CB orange color - Progeny


latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland

CB: Decor Skills - Over 9000; Z'Countess


user posted image Mistletoe

CB: (LAwNV); Z'huh

3rd gen even perfect checker Whiptail x Mistletoe - Example

4th gen even perfect checker Golden Lunar Herald x Mistletoe - Example


user posted image Ribbon Dancer

CB: Festival of Red Ribbons; Year of the Ribbon Dragon

3rd gen even Turpentine x Ribbon running up the bottom - Example

4th gen even Turpentine x Ribbon running up the bottom - Example

4th gen even Pinks/Red/Greens combo - Example


user posted image Snow

CB: Bought it on Eddci; Z'ozwo


user posted image Snow Angel

CB: Merriment and Good Cheer (tri-colored); Spreading Great Joy (tri-colored)

3rd gen even perfect checker Dark Green x Angel (tri-colored) - Example

3rd gen even perfect checker Dark Green x Angel (tri-colored) - Example 2

3rd gen even perfect checker Dark Green x Angel (tri-colored) - Example 3

4th gen even white/black x Angel (assorted colors) - Example


user posted image Solstice

CB: Z'Christmas Monster; Z'ebii

3rd gen even perfect checker Gray x Solstice - Example

3rd gen even Nhiostrife x Solstice running up the bottom - Example

3rd gen even perfect checker Spitfire x Solstice - Example

3rd gen even perfect checker Spitfire x Solstice - Example 2

3rd gen even perfect checker Spitfire x Solstice - Example 3

3rd gen even perfect checker Spitfire x Solstice - Example 4

4th gen even perfect checker Spitfire x Solstice - Example


Starsinger egg Starsinger

user posted image Winter Magi

CB: Rrixy; Sir Rancor

3rd gen even deadline Winter Magi rinning along the top x Costal Waverunner - Example

4th gen even Golds/Blacks combo - Example

4th gen even perfect checker Winter Magi x White - Example


user posted image Wrapping-Wing

CB: Here Comes Christmas; Last of the Wrapping Paper

3rd gen perfect checker Wrapping x Mint - Example

3rd gen perfect checker Wrapping x Mint - Example 2

4th gen perfect checker Wrapping x Mint - Example

4th gen perfect checker Wrapping x Mint - Example 2

5th gen perfect checker Wrapping x Mint - Example


user posted image Yulebuck

CB: Variegated Peppermint Illex; Peppermint Twist Zebra

5th gen double arrow - Example



List of Christmas Dragons I need


user posted image Aegis

2nd gen Aegis (enraged) x F Grave - Building a mate


user posted imageHolly

3rd gen even combo of Mint x Holly - Female Mate

6th gen even. Got anything with golds tucked into the white/red arches? - Female Mate


latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland



user posted image Mistletoe

3rd gen even perfect checker M Radiant Angel x F Mistletoe - Male Mate


user posted image Ribbon Dancer

3rd gen even M Shadow Walker x F Ribbon - Stage of this


user posted image Snow



user posted image Snow Angel

3rd gen perfect checker M Silver x F Angel (any/mixed colors) - Male Mate

3rd gen even perfect checker M nhiostrife x F Angel (g1 tri, gen 2 golden?) - Female Mate


user posted image Solstice

3rd gen even perfect checker M Frostbite x F Solstice (gen 1 rosy, gen 2 blue, gen 3 rosy?) - Male Mate


Starsinger egg Starsinger

user posted image Winter Magi

2nd gen M Winter Magi x F White - Male Mate


user posted image Wrapping-Wing

2nd gen M Wrapping x F Mint - Female Mate

4th gen even white with reds/greens accents - female mate


user posted image Yulebuck

4th gen even perfect checker M Yule x F Red - Female Mate

4th gen even perfect checker M Yule x F White Stripe - Female Mate



List of Commons from Christmas Dragons I need


user posted image Aegis

user posted image2nd gen M Aegis x F Almerald - Male Mate


user posted imageHolly

user posted image 2nd gen (M Holly x F Anagallis) or (purebred Anagallis) - Male Mate

user posted image 2nd gen M Holly x F Blacktip - Male Mate

user posted image/user posted image 8th gen stone/geode/red/greens combo? - Female Mate


latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland



user posted image Mistletoe

user posted image 3rd gen even Black x Mistletoe combo - Female Mate


user posted image Ribbon Dancer

user posted image 2nd gen M Purple x F Ribbon - Female Mate

user posted image 4th gen even purebred turpentine - Female Mate


user posted image Snow



user posted image Snow Angel

user posted image 2nd gen M White x F Angel (White Wing) - Female Mate

user posted image 3rd gen even perfect checker M Dark Green x F Angel (tri-color) - Female Mate

user posted image 3rd gen even perfect checker M Nhiostrife x F Angel (tri-color) - Female Mate

user posted image 3rd gen even perfect checker M White x F Angel (assorted wings) - Female Mate


user posted image Solstice

user posted image 2nd gen M Costal Waverunner x F Solstice (any wings) - Female Mate

user posted image 2nd gen M Costal Waverunner x F Solstice (any wings) - Female Mate 2

user posted image 2nd gen M Silver Tinsel x F Solstice - Female Mate

user posted image 3rd gen even perfect checker M Spitfire x F Solstice (rosy) - Female Mate

user posted image 3rd gen even purebred Nhiostrife - Female Mate


Starsinger egg Starsinger

user posted image Winter Magi

user posted image 2nd gen M Winter Magi x F Harvest - Male Mate


user posted image Wrapping-Wing

user posted image 2nd gen M Wrapping x F Fever - Male Mate

user posted image 2nd gen M Wrapping x F Fever - Male Mate

user posted image 2nd gen M Wrapping x F Tri-horn - Male Mate

user posted image 3rd gen even perfect checker M Wrapping x F Indigo Lunar Herald - Male Mate

user posted image 3rd gen even perfect checker M Wrapping x F Mint - Male Mate

user posted image 3rd gen even perfect checker M Wrapping x F Mint - Male Mate 2

user posted image 3rd gen even white perfect checker M pink x F White - Male Mate

user posted image 5th gen even perfect checker M Wrapping x F Mint - Male Mate


user posted image Yulebuck

user posted image 4th gen even perfect checker M Yule x F White - Male Mate

user posted image/user posted image 5th gen even yule/red/black/black marrow combo - Male Mate

user posted image 5th gen even perfect checker M Yule x F Grey - Male Mate

user posted image 5th gen even perfect checker M Yule x F Red - Male Mate

user posted image5th gen even checker M Yule x F Terrae - Male Mate


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Forum name: amamiya_ritsukabi29

PM link: PM Link


List of Christmas I'm willing to breed:

  • You can check for available pairings here or checkered: CHRISTMAS LIST part]
  • All you need cb and lineage dragons I can breed is in the spreadsheet, but gonna post the CB here so you'll know if they are still available.
  • Please PM me before breeding an egg, as I am prone of egg-locking my scroll when there is a space. XD
  • Would really love if the egg from named parents.

  • CB Christmas available for breeding:

Holly_egg.png HollySon of Holly Dragons and  Stuck Leaf Holly

Yulebuck_egg.gif Yulebuck: Cadeon ' RytsuMiya

Snow_Angel_egg.gif Snow Angel (White Tipped): Snow Wings ' RytsuMiya and Golden Halo ' RytsuMiya

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif Ribbon Dancer: Kwanzaa ' RytsuMiya and Hanukkah ' RytsuMiya

Winter_Magi_egg.gif Winter Magi: Vibrant ' RytsuMiya and Toothless ' RytsuMiya

Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif Wrapping Wing: Fahekpelon ' RytsuMiya and Yvahgh ' RytsuMiya

Solstice_egg.gif Solstice: Touiveu ' RytsuMiya (Night/Rose-winged) and Joljhiye ' RytsuMiya (Night/Rose-winged)

Mistletoe_egg.png Mistletoe: Lianne ' RytsuMiya and Mistilh ' RytsuMiya

Aegis_egg.png Aegis: Alabaster Soothing ' Aegis (Pacified) and Obsidian Ferocious ' Aegis (Enranged) [both stays the way they are]

Snow_egg.png SnowHawke Snow and Flayke ' Snow

Garland_egg.png GarlandDrape Around and Festive Draped Garland

Starsinger_egg.png StarsingerBeacon Light of Aeojh and Beacon Song of Shkej



List of Christmas I need:

2nd Gen HOLLY x Aeria Gloris / Siyat (Blue)

2nd Gen YULEBUCK x Blue Zyu / Aeria Gloris

2nd Gen RIBBON DANCER x Siyat (Green)

2nd Gen AEGIS -  Pacified x Galvanic and Enranged x Luminox


--low priority-- [would probably get after I got the priority ones]

2nd Gen Snow x Ash/Rift Wyrm

2nd Gen Snow Angel x Sandwaste

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Forum Name: Capricornus

PM Link: Click here!


These are all the lineages that I still have available to breed; I'll update this after Christmas with all of the lineages I can breed, even the ones that were already bred this season. At this point I have most of my Christmas goals and I'm happy to breed for free on request; whatever checkers/CBs haven't been claimed will be bred on the 25th. I'm happy to name any unnamed parents/ancestors that I own if requested. They've all been bred now. :)


Can Breed:

Winter_Magi_egg.gif&key=073321bfce933c99 Winter Magi

3g x Gold (Sibling)

4g x Gold (Sibling)

5g x Gold (Sibling)

3g x White (Sibling)

3g x White Stripe (Sibling)

4g x Aria (Sibling)

3g x Arcana (Parent x Parent)


Mistletoe_egg.png&key=97d7e8bc0cfadf4d8e Mistletoe

3g x Almandine Pyralspite (Sibling)

3g x Kingcrowne (Sibling)


Yulebuck_egg.gif Yulebuck

3g x Frilled (Parent x Parent)


Snow_egg.png&key=525081816fbee46e5ca23da Snow

3g x Almandine Pyralspite (Sibling)

4g x Almandine Pyralspite (Parent x Parent)

3g x Kingcrowne (Sibling)

3g x Khusa, Spriter's Alt line (Sibling)


latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland

3g x Gold (Parent x Parent)

3g x Green Siyat (Parent x Parent)

3g x Arcana (Parent x Parent)


CBs I Can Breed From:

2x Holly

2x Yulebuck

2x Snow Angel (White-winged)

2x Ribbon Dancer

2x Winter Magi

2x Mistletoe

2x Snow

2x Garland


In Need Of:

Snow_egg.png&key=525081816fbee46e5ca23da 3g Snow x Arcana

Mistletoe_egg.png&key=97d7e8bc0cfadf4d8e 4g or 5g Mistletoe x Kingcrowne

Aegis_egg.png 2g Permanently Pacified Aegis x Light Lumina

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Apologies I haven't been very organized. I can breed this pair if anyone is interested. It will make a third-gen Mistletoe x Guardian of Nature/Avatar line.


Free breeding; nothing requested in return. 


https://dragcave.net/lineage/X5T0a This lady with 


This gent: https://dragcave.net/lineage/vOeHi


Due to auto abandon, I can only save one of them. PM me if interested. :)


Edited by missy_

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I have This group of Enraged Aegis x Caligene  that I am looking to do some bloodswaps for. I have not bred any of them yet, so feel free to send a PM ^^



also, I have CBs of all previous Holiday dragons that I can breed. Including these *pairs:


Garland x Gaia

Garland x Pillow 

Starsinger x Pillow

Starsinger x Winter

Solstice x Pillow

Pacified Aegis x Indigo Lunar Herald

Enraged Aegis x Caligene (or Pyro Xeno or Pillow if preferred) Bred

Snow (?Holiday ‘16) x Pillow

Holly x Gold

Snow x Bronze Tinsel Bred

Holly x Anagallis Bred


*My pairs aren’t permanent, you can pick nearly any mate you want (I have everything except a male Gold), these are just ideas/known pairs.


***All my CB Holidays are free to breed, for gift or trade, feel free to PM me***

     *** Already bred: Enraged Aegis, One Holly, One Snow, both Starsingers***




Thank you! ^^




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I have cb's of every holiday available for breeding except Starsinger and Aegis.  My snow angels are white winged with gold tips.  If anyone wants a breeding please PM me

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Scroll Name: Ruffledfeathers


Christmas Dragons I Can Breed


Dragons in this group all have mates:




This group is organised so that:


  • Mates are placed next to each other
  • Holiday dragons are organised earliest released to latest released breeds


I will happily breed these free out of season if you are looking for a mate. 


In season, I would like to trade for something Christmassy. PM to discuss.


All These Christmas Dragons Are CB:




I will freebreed most things out of season, again opting to trade in season. I have most CBs, including a female silver tinsel and male bronze shimmer. 


PM to discuss.


CinnamonSpirit and SweetSpirit are dedicated mates though.


Christmas Kin I Need


This group houses all of my unmated holiday dragons:




I will be happy to trade for most of these. 


However, dragons I cannot breed by myself are as follows:


Winter Magi


  • 4G Bronze Tinsel x Winter Magi




Will trade prizes for this; also accepting unrelated lower gens. 




  • 4G Heart Seeker x Solstice




  • 3G Heart Seeker x Solstice




  • 3G Monarch x Blue Wing Solstice




Mis bred a 2G- it was Rosey! May still breed this, depends. 




  • 3G Water Horse x Mistletoe




Unrelated to this dragon please:




Pacified Aegis


  • 3G Aegis x Rosebud




Enraged Aegis


  • 2G Enraged Aegis x Autumn Seasonal




Am looking for a winter for a pacified aegis


Christmas Dragons I Need


All unmated Christmas Kin are in the below group:




As a breakdown:


Snow Angel


  • 2G Gold Wing Snow Angel x Grey




  • 3G Striped Wing Snow Angel x Undine




Ribbon Dancer


  • 3G Ribbon Dancer x White




Wrapping Wing


  • 3G Wrapping Wing x Black Tea






  • 2G Solstice x Flamingo




  • 2G Solstice x Flamingo




  • 2G Solstice x Astrapi Xenowyrm




  • 2G Solstice x GON




Note- unable to breed by myself due to lack of male GONs.




  • 3G Mistletoe x Fire Gem




Note- will accept 2G of Mistletoe x Fire Gem (Christmas Dragon Or Kin)


  • 4G Mistletoe x Water Horse




Note- would prefer a mate for the 3G Mistletoe x Water Horse to breed a mate for myself.



Edited by Ruffledfeathers
Updated 6th Feb 2021

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Forum Name: Amberfly

PM link: right here


Christmas dragons I can breed:

I'm only listing checkers because those are my specialty, but I also have a handful of stairs, spirals, and even gens that aren't checkers. They're in the holiday spreadsheet linked in my signature and in my Christmas group. If you need common mates, I have all old CBs available to breed out of season and I'll do it for free, just ask.



3g checkers from mistletoe, black, leodon, and white (imperfect checker on this one)



2g from mate of your choice

3g checkers from pink, gold, shadow walker (SAlt), red, pillow, bbw, monarch, and deepsea

4g checkers from deepsea, shadow walker, storm, bbw, red, and pillow

5g checkers from bbw and deepsea


Snow Angel

My snow angels are tricolor. Some of these are perfect checks, some have other wing colors in them. Check out my Christmas group or my spreadsheet if you have specific needs.

2g from mate of your choice

3g checkers from pillow, heartseeker, shadow walker, radiant angel, sweetling, royal blue, caligene, moonstone, gold floret, storm, and razorcrest

4g checkers from marrow, storm, teimarr, and terrae


Ribbon Dancer

2g from mate of your choice

3g checkers from white, tsunami, radiant angel, sunstone, heartseeker, vine, gold, and aeon

4g checker from vine


Winter Magi

2g from mate of your choice

3g checkers from light lumina (taken!), gw, val 09, shadow walker, cavern lurker, and harvest

4g checker from gw



3g checkers from grave, royal blue, green gemshard, sunstone, azure glace, hellfire, almerald, witchlight, and moonstone

4g checkers from silver and moonstone



As with snow angels, some of these are not perfect checkers due to wing color. Check out my scroll or spreadsheet if that's a deal-breaker for you.

3g checkers from heartseeker, pillow, blusang, thalassa, frostbite, and sweetling



3g checkers from heartseeker, deepsea, caligene, green gemshard, bluebanded, fell, aeon, desipis, and holly

4g checkers from deepsea, bluebanded, green gemshard, and gaia



Mine are kept pacified, but I make no promises about the future state of dragons that don't have Aglarond/Estanesse/Vanesse in their names.

2g from mate of your choice

3g checkers from bolt, gaia, almerald, green, aqualis, and tercorn

3g from a spriter alt x maegia line, with the alt replaced by a lihnseyre (a sibling of this one)

4g checker from green



3g checkers from garland, witchlight, caligene, soulstone, blue lunar herald, and tan ridgewing



3g checkers from gaia, snow, and deepsea

4g checker from gaia



3g checkers from aether, tan ridgewing, gold floret, and purple floret


Christmas dragons that I need:

I'm looking for checkers and 2gs only, unless otherwise specified.

2g holly from f pillow, f gaia, f sinomorph, f frill (two of these), and f black

Any holly up to 4g from f lacula checker, not related to this one

Any yulebuck from terrae up to 4g not related to my other lines. Again, I'll check this, there are a lot of them.

2g wrapping-wing from gw, blue lunar herald, bbw, and shadow walker

Any wrapping-wing up to 4g from arsani and flamingo unrelated to my existing lines

2g mistletoe from khusa, purple floret, witchlight (two of these), mutamore, and kingcrowne

3g mistletoe from fell (can bloodswap)

4g mistletoe from deepsea (can bloodswap)

2g aegis from red zyumorph

2g snow from frill and gaia,

2g garland from terrae, heartseeker, and almerald

2g starsinger from sweetling, aqualis, and black truffle

2g wintertide from colossus, sakuhana, aether, and ash

Edited by Amberfly
Updated what's available

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Forum name: Sesshomaru

PM link: hit me up


List of Christmas dragons I can breed:

I try to breed every other day during the breeding week so I can grab as many eggs as possible. This would mean I'm available the 19th, 21st, 23rd, and maybe the 25th. I make an effort to communicate clearly, so please try to do the same for me.



Lord Elrond Peredhel

Elros Tar Minyatur



Charles d'Artagnan



Snow Angel (Fullgold)

Lady Alatariel

Finduilas Faelivrin


Ribbon Dancer

Good Tidings

Blessed Be


Winter Magi

Heartening Feast

Shining Yule















Aslan King (perma-Pacified)

The Lionheart (perma-Enraged)




Olivier Athos de la Fere



Breaking of the Fellowship

Holiday Hacker



Bearer of Hope

The Ainulindale




The Great Eagle


I also have several 3EG perfect checker lineages from popular and/or complementary combinations. You can find them on my scroll, sorted alphabetically.


List of Christmas dragons I need:

I'm mostly interested in 2Gs. I will edit this as I discover more pairs I like.



x Canopy

x Gold Lunar Herald**

x Green Nebula**

x Heartseeker

x Leodon**

x Lihnseyre*

x Lumina

x Luminox

x Red Fire Gem

x Sunstone

x Thunder

x White



x Aeria Gloris*

x Aether

x Alcedine

x Almerald

x Aqualis

x Aquilo**

x Astaarus**

x Bleeding Moon*

x Blue Fire Gem**

x Blue Lunar Herald

x Blusang*

x Celestial**

x Chrono

x Elux Lucis**

x Equinox**

x Frostbite*

x Gold Lunar Herald*

x Hellfire

x Lumina*

x Moonstone

x Razorcrest

x Royal Blue

x Sapphire

x Silver**

x Stratos

x Striped River

x Thunder

x Venturis**

x White*

x Winter*

x Witchlight*



x Anagallis**

x Bolt*

x Bright-Breasted

x Canopy

x Celestial**

x Frostbite*

x Gaia**

x Gold**

x Gold Lunar Herald*

x Lacula

x Melismor

x Obidar*

x Pebble**

x Pitfire

x Razorcrest

x Royal Crimson

x Snow Angel (Fullgold)*

x Terrae**

x Yellow Zyumorph

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Forum name: Paintra

PM address: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=213790


List of Holiday Dragons I'm willing to breed:



67QQDVM.png 2 Holly Dragons (2007)

X0TwIci.gif 2 Yulebuck Dragons (2008)

cJrzR2N.gif 2 Tri-Color Snow Angels (2009)

ejaqphE.png 2 Ribbon Dancers (2010)

cKO20SL.png 2 Winter Magis (2011)

FTHdjjl.gif 2 Wrapping Wings (2012)

cim1SfA.gif 2 Solstices (2013)

Ta8o1m5.png 2 Mistletoes (2014)

tJfRxBD.png 1 Pacified Aegis and 1 Enraged Aegis (2015)

gl68sKu.gif 2 Snow Dragons (2016)

dKyM41m.png 2 Garlands (2017)

OcbVbf4.png 2 Starsingers (2018)

Z5ncCBa.png 2 Wintertides (2019)

mddsevr.png 2 Multicolor Glystere Wyrms (2020)



cKO20SL.png 3G Winter Magi x Red Dragon (parent, mate)

ejaqphE.png 4G Ribbon Dancer x Sunsong Amphiptere (parent, mate)

ejaqphE.png 4G Ribbon Dancer x Almerald Dragon (parent, mate)

ejaqphE.png 4G Ribbon Dancer x Black Marrow (parent, mate)

tJfRxBD.png 3G Pacified Aegis x Red Dragon (parent, mate)

tJfRxBD.png 3G Pacified Aegis x Celestial Dragon (parent, mate)

gl68sKu.gif Two Pairs; 3G Snow x Gold Lunar Herald (parent, mate) (parent, mate)

gl68sKu.gif 3G Snow x Silver Tinsel (parent, mate)

Z5ncCBa.png 3G Wintertide x Red Dragon (parent, mate)



List of Holiday Dragons I need:


Strikethrough-ed eggs have been offered to me this coming Holiday Season!

From CBs:

ejaqphE.png 2G Ribbon Dancer from Male Dark Green (for him)

FTHdjjl.gif 2G Wrapping-Wing from Female Red Dragon (for her)

Ta8o1m5.png 2G Female Mistletoe from Male Desipis (for him)

Ta8o1m5.png 2G Female Mistletoe from Male Striped River (for him)

tJfRxBD.png 2G Pacified Aegis from Heartstealing (for her)

dKyM41m.png 2G Garland from Male Purple (for him)



cKO20SL.png 3G Winter Magi from Female Silver Lunar Herald (for her)


List of non-Holidays from Holiday Dragons I need:


GOm5EPT.png 2G Blusang from M Blusang x Mistletoe (for her)

bNTKb7w.gif 3G Bronze Tinsel from F Bronze Tin x Wrapping Wing (for him)

joNfV9Y.png 2G Equinox from F Equinox x Wrapping Wing (for him)

mQ1hK87.gif 2G Gold from M Gold x Ribbon Dancer (for her)

61PaWuC.gif 2G Lunar Herald from M Silver Lunar Herald x Mistletoe (for her)

1AtEoWN.png 2G Pyrope from F Pyrope x Wintertide (for him)


Halloween Lineage Post | Holiday Lineage Post | Valentine's Lineage Post

Edited by Paintra
Updated lists!

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Forum Name: OrcaFreak

Scroll: OrcaFreak

PM Link: OrcaFreak


List of Christmas dragons I'm willing to breed:


I have 2 CB's of all the Christmas breeds, they all have a monogamous relationship though 😜


2046843314_HollyDragon.png.4e43da649006a99402cc7359ab603a80.png x 1068316504_PyrovarDragon.png.dfa58b332c22e95261ffddd93df8118a.png

Ye Jiari Gorki x Jiaoyou Xue-Fang

Ye Jiari Gunvar x Jiaoyou Ukushona


Yulebuck.png.510b9e763e3845b86f46fe9ebd215bda.png x 1434171262_MintDragon.png.10a7b37abcf5736913124d3fab51e6a6.png

Xunlu Jiari Jomei x Bohe Jiang-Li

Xunlu Jiari Juro x Bohe Li-Na


1952320340_BorealDragon.png.bfdc7490715f14c14164d1210b12b0ce.png x 104288614_SnowAngel.png.c942ab592dc3f8c019862251323f5a7e.png (gold-winged)

Beifang Isipho x Tianshi Jiari Hoshiko

Beifang Hyun-Su x Tianshi Jiari Huan-Yue


841396101_GoldenWyvern.png.e207fe208440cd0c775fafa54813cd8e.png x 2015288380_RibbonDancer.png.d6d253635ddf6c7fe04e66cee1fbd01f.png

Jinse Beamer x Se Dai Jiari Hana

Jinse Akiro x Se Dai Jiari Harue


385136428_WinterMagi.png.7e7528e119cb13611150d9b5e7f616c1.png x 997527997_LuminaDragon-dark.png.97eea29fcdf005706516d96f8c7e326a.png

Dongji Jiari Hisoka x Liuming Hei'an Faiza

Dongji Jiari Hoshi x Liuming Hei'an Etsu


1671897086_WrappingWing.png.b8d48db92a0429eb2512e090a05faa3b.png x 1179102245_NeotropicalDragon.png.c15067b77289dddb5047196aa3ec583e.png

Baoguo Jiari Indalo x Redai Owusu

Baoguo Jiari Isipho x Redai Raku


577929527_SilverDragon.png.8c7b91a4085bfc18686e55b219b3e37f.png x 1838530018_SolsticeDragon.png.a8c0d0ce6ae2111b7b2de97feadb9b34.png (red-winged)

Yin Zhou x Dongzhi Jiari Inyinya

Yin Yu-Jie x Dongzhi Jiari Iravata


1642828258_TerraeDragon-1.png.12757d6b480b6a746062a196193f1f8e.png x 84855213_MistletoeDragon.png.c52aa6c6ad28d017299a37c2e0d83ade.png

Tu Masao x Jisheng Jiari Gen

Tu Joji x Jisheng Jiari Genji


1854260267_AegisDragon.png.9975e8b554a64d890f59ef38ec9cd9a3.png x 685873165_LunarHerald-silver.png.a0ac0d5e9154c82d77306adb3ace018c.png (pacified)

Hanyi Jiari Feng x Taiyin Yin Lin


1854260267_AegisDragon.png.9975e8b554a64d890f59ef38ec9cd9a3.png x 1612654092_LunarHerald-bronze.png.05064cef2d590595807f7d919dd46580.png (enraged)

Hanyi Jiari Fychan x Taiyin Qing Gopika


1518357133_SnowDragon.png.706c49a2caec16dc343c6150fac0ce36.png x 34939590_LunarHerald-indigo.png.7b58f97d612c2ceaf359609020cb5a95.png

Xue Jiari Gyasi x Taiyin Lan Kaiya

Xue Jiari Gyuszi x Taiyin Lan Li-Yu


1945668444_ZyumorphDragon-easterndragon.png.8b43f1e3d9690f9f80ea4ed1352405bf.png x 364160273_GarlandAmphiptere.png.1367e5397d95fcaa0e68371ad4554a23.png

Lan Yingxiong Tomi x Nuan Jiari Fen-Fang

Lan Yingxiong Shino x Nuan Jiari Fiacre


1198639523_TercornDragon.png.6fd89de413f0b62b5281289236028169.png x 2002517028_StarsingerDragon.png.8fccc4351c1fdb4592c9e1ccb7da548d.png

Yanhai Sha Kazuo x Xing Jiari Jazmin

Yanhai Sha Masahiro x Xing Jiari Jazny


171756123_WintertideAmphiptere.png.1846ac3cd5ab950c6bdd48ce4dfa53a7.png x 1199451255_Xenowyrm-aso.png.380d9c96bf311da258f36935bfcc7a24.png

Weifeng Jiari Iseul x Bing Yu Ning-Hong

Since I only have 1 female CB Aso, my 2nd wintertide does not have a mate yet. Hope to get one in time for Christmas


List of Christmas dragons I would like:


Bloodswaps from nicely named parents.

Just make sure the Aegis is permanently pacified/enraged according to the lineage I'm building and the Snow Angel has the golden wingcolor


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Hello, I only need one unusual thing this Christmas, so I thought I would ask early.


I am looking for a 3G Garland mature hatchi.png Garland x Sweetling mature hatchi.gif Sweetling checker, with Alt Sweetling mature hatchi.gif Black Alt Sweets in base, for this guy.

I would prefer not to breed my CBs, but if that's what you'd like, please PM to arrange something.
I also have tons of 3G checkers I can breed from golds/silvers/normals. 
Some random 3Gs I can breed

Garland x Arcana checker w/ black Arcana alt
Starsinger x Shadow Walker w/ SW alt (have mate)
Mistletoe x Sweetling w/ Mistletoe alt
4th G Sweetling x Solstice w/ Black Sweetlings in base

4th G Sweetling x Ribbon Dancer w/ Black Sweetlings in base

4th G PB Thuwed Ribbon Dancer w/ two choices of mates

4th G Wrapping Wing x Grave checker w/ both alts

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Forum Name: Shala

Scroll: ShaladorsLady (though usually hidden against viewbombing, sorry)

PM Link: Shala


List of Christmas dragons I'm willing to breed:


I have CBs of all Christmas dragons, with one of each Aegis form (permanent). My snow angels are white-winged.

Link to holiday breeding spreadsheet


List of Holidaykin I need:



user posted image 5G F white x M holly checker, mates for Christmas Answer and Lonely Peace (can breed for bloodswap)

user posted image 4G M gwyvern x F solstice checker, mate for Lady Kyrdinae

user posted image 3G M gold x F mistletoe offset checker, mate for Celestial Bough low priority - can breed

user posted image 3G F hellfire x M pacifaegis checker, mate for Feu D'enfer Engourdi thank you very much! ^_^

user posted image 3G F kingcrowne x M pacifaegis checker, mate for Christmas Emperor



List of Holiday Dragons I need:



user posted image2G M holly x F Valentine '09, mate for Freaky Lovebuddy Thank you very much! ^_^

user posted image5G M holly x F white, mate for (liEsF) highest priority

user posted image 3G F snow angel (white wings only) x M winter magi, mate for (jkN0B)

user posted image 3G F mistletoe x M desipis checker, mate for (gAe0l)

Snow_egg.png 3G snow x green copper, mate for FreakySnow






Edited by Shala

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Forum name: Celis

Scroll name: Celis

PM address: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=22686




List of Christmas Dragons I can breed :


-- CB Dragons I can breed:


 Rhett Butler's Sauve https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ndu2j

Han Solo Smooth https://dragcave.net/lineage/f7ILz

Yulebuck_egg.gif Yulebuck

Fergus Yuletide https://dragcave.net/lineage/7nvSo

Finnseach Yuletide https://dragcave.net/lineage/lEGM

Snow_Angel_egg.gif Snow Angel (White and Gold winged)

Nollaig Chridheil https://dragcave.net/lineage/TGk8

Nollaig Shona Duits https://dragcave.net/lineage/IMis

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif Ribbon Dancer

Ciorstaidh Saoir Rinceoir https://dragcave.net/lineage/kijG

Aodhnait Saoir Rinceoir https://dragcave.net/lineage/9XpU

Winter_Magi_egg.gif Winter Magi

Illtyd Geimhreadh Draiochtach https://dragcave.net/lineage/A4tZj

Meredudd Geimhreadh Draiochtach https://dragcave.net/lineage/YiHbM

Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif Wrapping Wing

Nioclas Paipear Fillte https://dragcave.net/lineage/3Fg7E

Eben Paipear Fillte https://dragcave.net/lineage/VeUc3

Solstice_egg.gif Solstice

Saorla Ni Dhubhda https://dragcave.net/lineage/nfOpC

Nuala Ni Loingsigh https://dragcave.net/lineage/NQHqj

Mistletoe_egg.png Mistletoe

Rhosyn  Drualus https://dragcave.net/lineage/qogDZ

Siwan Drualus https://dragcave.net/lineage/UJQLd

Aegis_egg.png Aegis (permanently pacified)

Tamhas MacEamailinhttps://dragcave.net/lineage/vdHFG

Aegis_egg.png Aegis (permanently Enraged)

Bearnard Ceiteach https://dragcave.net/lineage/jRtCd

Snow_egg.png Snow Dragon

Winters Throne https://dragcave.net/lineage/2x0Xd

Winter Becons https://dragcave.net/lineage/HFZsj

latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland

Lacy Garland Action https://dragcave.net/lineage/fO2oN 

Feather Boas Count https://dragcave.net/lineage/P74ly  both for Library_Gremlin with this and this

Starsinger egg Starsinger

Crystal Chorus https://dragcave.net/lineage/wxeOq

Crystal Cringing Clarity https://dragcave.net/lineage/fn133

171756123_WintertideAmphiptere.png.1846ac3cd5ab950c6bdd48ce4dfa53a7.png Wintertide

Brutal Cheer https://dragcave.net/lineage/B4rut

Sandstorm Dreamer https://dragcave.net/lineage/gn6tz


-- Lineaged Dragons I can breed:



2nd gen M with silver Tinsel (has tinsel mate for checker) https://dragcave.net/lineage/pZ8rs

2nd gen M with Marrow (has marrow mate for checker) https://dragcave.net/lineage/OdsgG

(have other Holly lineages that will breed on request)


Yulebuck_egg.gif Yulebuck

2nd gen M with    Neo https://dragcave.net/lineage/MY97
2nd gen M with    White https://dragcave.net/lineage/elZdN
2nd gen M with    Aria https://dragcave.net/lineage/Wmbjo
2nd gen M with    Pyralspite https://dragcave.net/lineage/v6FWP
2nd gen M with    White https://dragcave.net/lineage/tphx3
2nd gen M with    Pyralspite https://dragcave.net/lineage/8etDW
2nd gen M with    Marrow https://dragcave.net/lineage/tWD8H


Solstice_egg.gif Solstice

2nd gen    F with    Sweetling (alt parent) https://dragcave.net/lineage/ramwM
2nd gen    F with    Sweetling (alt parent) https://dragcave.net/lineage/VqB0l
3rd gen    F with    Sweetling (alt Parent) https://dragcave.net/lineage/dva30


Mistletoe_egg.png Mistletoe

2nd gen    F with Gold https://dragcave.net/lineage/vt0UK



List of Christmas Dragons I need:


3rd gen Snow/Gaia checker mate forhttps://dragcave.net/lineage/YiBkH

4th gen Magi/Gold checker mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/N6URl

Two 2nd gen Garland/Radiant Angels

4th gen Enraged Aegis from Caliegne


List of mates from Christmases I still need:

3rd gen M Monarch/ Holly (checker) for https://dragcave.net/lineage/GECqr

2nd gen Anagallis from M Holly for https://dragcave.net/lineage/JBgKG    (mate pending actual breeding and not refusal)

4th gen M Gold/ Holly (checker) for https://dragcave.net/lineage/QPg0f

4th gen M  Stripe/ Holly (checker) for https://dragcave.net/lineage/oc8PX 
4th gen M  White/ Holly (checker) for https://dragcave.net/lineage/JG0al

3rd gen F Silver/Yule (checker) for  https://dragcave.net/lineage/OzTjm
3rd gen F Neo/Yule (checker) for  https://dragcave.net/lineage/OV1ME

4th gen M Gold with Rosy winged Solstice (checker) fohttps://dragcave.net/lineage/VDOCL
4th gen M Whites with Rosy winged Solstice (Checker) for https://dragcave.net/lineage/MuDRS

3rd gen Bronze Tinsel from M holly checker https://dragcave.net/lineage/AHhQL

3rd gen Gaia from Snow checker for https://dragcave.net/lineage/YiBkH

The Pillow siblings of these two would work, since they are from different spriters alts
3rd gen M Pillow with (SA Parent) Solstice for https://dragcave.net/lineage/qQDVB
3rd gen M Pillow with (SA Parent) Solstice https://dragcave.net/lineage/tBiCK

Edited by celis

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Christmases/Holidaykin I am willing to breed:

(Most requests I'll happily breed for free, just ask! Check the database in my sig to see actual lineages and make sure things are still open)


user posted image HOLLIES user posted image


- 2 CBs


- 3g Antarean

- 3g/4g Aria

- 3g Ember

- 3g/4g Frilled

- 3g Leodon

- 3g Lumina

- 4g Rosebud

- 3g/4g Seasonal (Winter)

- 3g/4g/5g White


user posted image YULEBUCKS user posted image


- 1 CB


- 3g Black

- 4g Pink

- 5g Red

- 4g Rosebud

- 3g/4g/5g Royal Crimson

- 4g Seasonal (Winter)

- 3g Silver

- 5g Striped

- 3g Sunsong

- 4g/5g/6g Valentine

- 5g/6g/7g White


user posted image SNOW ANGEL (TRICOLOR) user posted image


- 1 CB


- 3g/4g Fire Gem (Blue)

- 4g Frilled

- 3g/4g/5g Golden Wyvern

- 4g Moonstone

- 3g Nebula (Green)

- 3g/4g Nebula (Purple)

- 3g Royal Blue

- 3g/4g/5g Seasonal (Autumn)

- 4g Terrae


- 3g White checker with Spriter's Alts


user posted image RIBBON DANCERS user posted image


- 1 CB


- 5g Black Marrow

- 3g/4g Blusang

- 4g Dark Green

- 5g/6g/7g Gold

- 3g/4g/5g/6g Golden Wyvern

- 3g Lunar Herald (Gold)

- 3g Nebula (Purple)

- 5g Pillow

- 5g Sunstone


- 3g Avatar (Creation) faux checker with Spriter's Alts


user posted image WINTER MAGIS user posted image


- 2 CBs


- 4g Aeon

- 3g/4g Copper (Red)

- 3g/4g/5g/6g/7g Gold

- 3g/4g Golden Wyvern

- 3g/4g/5g/6g Royal Blue

- 3g/4g Sunsong


user posted image WRAPPING WINGS user posted image


- 1 CB


- 3g Bright-Breasted

- 3g/4g/5g Fever

- 3g Gemshard (Green)

- 3g/5g/6g/7g Mint

- 4g Neotropical

- 4g/5g Red-finned Tidal

- 3g/4g/5g Seasonal (Winter)

- 3g/4g Sunset

- 3g Sunsong

- 3g/4g/5g Undine


user posted image SOLSTICES user posted image



- 2 CBs


- 3g Aeon

- 4g Diamondwing

- 3g Frostbite

- 4g Gemshard (Blue)

- 3g Lunar Herald (Bronze)

- 4g Pillow

- 3g4g//5g/6g Sunsong

- 4g White

- 4g Xenowyrm (Thalassa)


- 4g Blusang checker with alternating Bluewings



(Faux Checkers)

- 3g Frostbite

- 3g Lunar Herald (Silver)

- 3g Fire Gem (Blue)

- 5g Heartseeker

- 5g Silver

- 3g Zyumorph (White)


user posted image MISTLETOES user posted image


- 2 CBs


- 3g/4g/5g Almerald

- 3g Black Tea

- 3g/4g Deep Sea

- 3g Frostbite

- 3g Gemshard (Green)

- 3g/4g Guardian

- 3g Lunar Herald (Blue)

- 4g Lunar Herald (Silver)

- 3g/4g Nebula (Green)

- 3g/4g Seasonal (Spring)

- 3g Silver

- 3g/4g Striped River

- 4g Sunrise

- 4g Sunsong

- 3g/4g/5g Terrae

- 3g/4g/5g/6g Undine

- 3g/4g/5g Xenowyrm (Chrono)

- 3g Xenowyrm (Gaia)


- 3g Avatar of Creation Faux Checker

- 3g with 4 SPRITER'S ALTS


user posted image AEGISES user posted image



- 1 CB


- 3g Aether

- 3g Celestial

- 4g Fire Gem (Green)

- 4g Floret (Purple)

- 3g/4g Frostbite

- 3g/4g Heartstealing

- 4g Hellfire

- 4g Kingcrowne

- 3g Leodon

- 3g/4g Lumina

- 3g/4g Lumina (Dark)

- 4g Lunar Herald (Gold)

- 3g/4g/5g Lunar Herald (Silver)

- 3g Moonstone

- 3g/4g White


- 3g Lumina Alternating Checker

- 3g Lumina (Dark) Alternating Checker



- 1 CB


- 3g/4g/5g Caligene

- 3g/4g Cassare

-3g/4g Fell

-3g Leodon

-3g Lumina

- 3g/4g Lumina (Dark)

- 4g/5g Monarch

- 3g Rosebud

-3g Seasonal (Autumn)


- 3g Lumina Alternating Checker

- 3g Avatar (Destruction) Faux Checker


user posted image SNOWS user posted image


- 2 CBs


- 3g Black Capped Teimarr

- 3g Boreal

-3g/4g Ember

- 3g/4g Golden Wyvern

-3g Kingcrowne

-3g Lumina

- 3g/4g/5g Lunar Herald (Gold)

-3g Script

-4g Silver

-3g Xenowyrm (Mageia)


latest?cb=20171225071828 GARLANDS latest?cb=20171225071828


- 2 CBs


- 3g Almerald

-3g/4g Fever

-3g Floret (Gold)

-3g Seasonal (Spring)

-3g/4g Shimmer (Bronze)

- 3g Shimmer (Silver)

- 3g/4g Xenowyrm (Gaia)


Starsinger egg STARSINGERS Starsinger egg


- 2 CBs


-3g Blusang

-3g Floret (Gold)

-3g Aether

-3g Aeria Gloris

-3g Tri-horn


Christmas mates I need:

(All checkers, unless otherwise stated!)


user posted image - 4g Holly x Seasonal (Winter), unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/RV95f

user posted image - 4g Holly x Xenowyrm (Gaia), unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/NKiQh 



- 3g Yule x Sunsong, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/13yv8https://dragcave.net/lineage/wu9gf

- 3g Yulebuck x Monarch, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/e2DzR

user posted image - 4g Yulebuck x Winter, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/pctp2 and https://dragcave.net/lineage/YmLTf

user posted image - 4g Yulebuck x Avatar of Creation faux checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/sqNg4 



user posted image - 3g Albino x Snow Angel (Tricolor), unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/j5Ovj

user posted image - 3g Neotropical x Snow Angel (Tricolor), unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/kAvD2

- 3g Harvest x Snow Angel (Tricolor), unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/6fEeF



user posted image - 3g Guardian x Ribbon Dancer, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/GfXiU 



user posted image - 4g Winter Magi x Thunder, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/xglW6

- 3g Winter Magi x Seasonal (Fall), unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/r8zde

- 3g Winter Magi x Harvest, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/JN6dl



user posted image - 4g Wrapping Wing x Blacktip, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/pmMV4



- 3g Blue Gemshard x Solstice, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/uEWLxhttps://dragcave.net/lineage/tualA

user posted image - 3g Blusang x Solstice, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/oLQOS

user posted image - 3g Lunar Herald (Silver) x Bluewing Solstice, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/dVS6O



user posted image- 3g Pink x Mistletoe, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/iBxTJ

Edited by angelicdragonpuppy

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Forum name: alyelle

PM link: here, or click "message" at the bottom of this post :)  I can breed anything on this list pre-event as well as during, and can probably bloodswap for most of the 2G holidays in my "wanted" list.

Christmas Dragons I Can Breed:


Holly_egg.png Holly

Yulebuck_egg.gif Yulebuck

Snow_Angel_egg.gif Snow Angel - solid gold wings

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif Ribbon Dancer

Winter_Magi_egg.gif Winter Magi

Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif Wrapping Wing

Solstice_egg.gif Solstice - rosy wings

Solstice_egg.gif Solstice - blue wings

Aegis_egg.png Aegis

Snow_egg.png Snow

Garland_egg.png Garland


Christmas Dragons I need:

Holly_egg.png 3G holly x white for Midsommar

Holly_egg.png 3G holly x arsani

Yulebuck_egg.gif 3G yulebuck x autumn for First Noelle

Yulebuck_egg.gif 3G yulebuck x valentine for Hallmark, unrelated to Fairy King

Yulebuck_egg.gif 3G yulebuck x black marrow unrelated to Midnight Ranger

Snow_Angel_egg.gif 3G harvest x snow angel (solid gold wings please!)

Snow_Angel_egg.gif 3G gold x snow angel unrelated to Golden Celebration

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 2G grave x ribbon dancer unrelated to Felted Ribbon

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 3G harvest x ribbon dancer

Winter_Magi_egg.gif 3G winter magi x white

Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif 2G wrapping wing x ribbon dancer unrelated to Felted Ribbon

Solstice_egg.gif 3G almandine x rosy-winged solstice unrelated to Snow and Glitter

Solstice_egg.gif 3G chrono xenowyrm x blue-winged solstice for Light Years

Solstice_egg.gif 4G radiant angel x blue-winged solstice unrelated to Beam of the Borealis

Aegis_egg.png 2G pacified aegis x cassare for Treaty and Star of Zeus

Aegis_egg.png 2G enraged aegis x gaia xenowyrm for Penthesileia


Christmas Mates I need:

Autumn_egg.gif 3G yulebuck x autumn for Yuletide Silliness

Silver_egg.gif 4G yulebuck x silver for Festive Cocktail

Red_egg.gif 3G wrapping wing x red for Wishing Tree

Silver_egg.gif 2G silver x blue-winged solstice unrelated to Dazzling Reindeer (need 2 total, can bloodswap)

Silver_egg.gif 3G silver x blue-winged solstice for Dazzling Reindeer   thank you, Ruffledfeathers!

Gold_egg.gif 2G or 3G gold x blue-winged solstice unrelated to Radioactive Flakes (can bloodswap 2G)

Lumina_egg.png 2G lumina x mistletoe unrelated to Winterfrost or Illuminator (need 3 total, can bloodswap)

Edited by alyelle

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Forum Name: Forever_Mone

PM link: Here

Notes: You can see more details for my lineages on the database I'm building myself. Feel free to join if you don't mind the work-in-progress state. I'm willing to breed Christmas mates for free. I'm also very interested in swaps. Feel free to PM me. I'm also available on Discord (Forever_Monee#5019).


Christmas dragons I can breed:

user posted image Holly

user posted image Yulebuck

user posted image Snow Angel (White Wings)

user posted image Ribbon Dancer

user posted image Winter Magi

user posted image Wrapping-Wing

user posted image Solstice

user posted image Mistletoe

user posted image Aegis

  • CB pacified Philanhder 
  • CB enraged Grryffith
  • 3G Enraged Checker from Caligene - sample
  • 3G Enraged Checker from Lunar Herald (Bronze) - sibling
  • 3G Enraged Checker from Xenowyrm (Pyro) - sibling
  • 3G Pacified Checker from Azure Glacewing - sibling
  • 3G Pacified Checker from Candelabra - sibling
  • 3G Pacified Checker from Floret (Purple) - sibling (Reserved for Ninetails)
  • 3G Pacified Checker from Frostbite - sibling
  • 3G Pacified Checker from Hellfire - sibling
  • 3G Pacified Checker from Xenowyrm (Gaia) - sibling
  • 4G Stairstep from Lunar Heralds, switches Pacified/Enraged x Silver/Bronze - sample

user posted image Snow

latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland

Starsinger_egg.png Starsinger

Wintertide_egg.png Wintertide


Christmas dragons I still need:

user posted image Holly

  • 3G Checker from Xenoywrym (Gaia) - mate

user posted image Snow Angel (White Wings)

  • 3G Checker from Red - mate

user posted image Wrapping Wing

  • 4G Checker from Royal Crimson - mate

user posted image Mistletoe

  • 3G Checker from Shimmer-scale (Silver) - mate

user posted image Snow

  • 3G Checker from Sunsong - mate

latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland

  • 3G Checker from Heartseeker - mate


Christmas mates I still need:

  • Boreal egg.gif 3G Even Boreal from Solstice (Blue Wings) - mate
  • Plated Colossus egg.gif 3G Checker Plated Colossus from Aegis (Enraged) - mate
  • Pyralspite Spessartine egg.png 3G Checker Pyralspite (Spessartine) from Solstice (Rosy Wings) - mate
Edited by Forever_Mone

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Forum name: sylviamaris

Scroll name: sylviamaris

PM address: sylviamaris


Christmas Dragons I can breed : 

My Caveborns
I have two of each available except Wintertides, and any relevant possible mates except Prizes 


Christmas Dragons I need: 

Garland x2, any lineage, for freezing

Starsinger x1, any lineage, for freezing

Wintertide x2, any lineage, for freezing


This post will be updated periodically! Please check back later

Edited by sylviamaris

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Aaaand, I'm late again. ;)


Forum Name: Seriva Senkalora
PM Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=46989

I own two CB of every holiday breed. One Aegis is perma-enraged and the other one is perma-pacified. I offer free 2G Kins until the 12th Dec. Except for Staterae or Prizes, I have at least one CB pair of each breed as possible mates available.

Holiday checkers I can breed (kins are available for free until 12th Dec, reservation notes are for the holiday offspring):
(Bloodswaps are welcome. For ***-marked breedings holiday offspring is available for bloodswap only.)


3G Enraged Aegis x Pryo Xenowyrm (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/I3AA1)
4G Enraged Aegis x Pyro Xenowyrm (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/DTsXQ)

4G Enraged Aegis x Spirit Ward (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ssh2h)

***3G Pacified Aegis x Candelabra (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/UF60V)

3G Pacified Aegis x Chrono Xenowyrm (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/MyoHC)
4G Pacified Aegis x Chrono Xenowyrm (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/tCa3T)


3G gold Lunar Herald x Garland (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/RYT75)

***3G gold Lunar Herald x Garland #2 (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Xgjj8)

3G Silver x Garland (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/rvGe8)

3G white Striped x Garland (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Spsse 

***3G white Striped x Garland #2 (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/wyq2Q)

3G Radiant Angel x Garland (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/B2Fxj)

***3G Aeon Wyvern x Garland (child from https://dragcave.net/lineage/LEj6ohttps://dragcave.net/lineage/kOwmu)


4G White x female Holly (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/RfLfO)


3G Silver x Mistletoe (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/6f4s4)


Ribbon Dancer:
3G gold Lunar Herald x Ribbon Dancer (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/YxAsy)

3G Mutamore x Ribbon Dancer (child from https://dragcave.net/lineage/A9607 & https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZEs0Z)

3G Grave x Ribbon dancer (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/KnEoB)

4G Grave x Ribbon dancer (child from https://dragcave.net/lineage/KnEoB & https://dragcave.net/lineage/Du2WZ) SAlt-Lineage


Snow Angel, gold-winged:
3G Gold x gold-winged Snow Angel (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/gxpw0)

3G yellow Zyumorph from gold-winged Snow Angel (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zD7SF)


***3G Snow x Kingcrowne (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ATh6y) 


3G Aether Wyvern x Solstice (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/wY3nF)
3G Fever Wyvern x Solstice (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/a44rw)

3G Magma x Solstice (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ER4ln)

3G Thalassa Xenowyrm x Solstice (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/MSAKf)


Winter Magi:
3G Winter Magi x brown Copper (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/xVgIq)

3G Winter Magi x white Zyumorph (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/88tab)

2G Winter Magi x Arcana (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/lSVzu)


Wrapping Wing:
3G Wrapping Wing x Aeon (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/blXUZ)

3G Wrapping Wing x Aeon #2 (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/iMdfG)
4G Wrapping Wing x Aeon (child from https://dragcave.net/lineage/blXUZ & https://dragcave.net/lineage/iMdfG)

3G Wrapping Wing x green Gemshard (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/98qCP)



3G Yulebuck x Deep Sea (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/g9jCU)

4G Yulebuck x Deep Sea (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/kuIWX)

3G Yulebuck x Balloon (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/wvSwo) ~ holiday breeding reserved

4G Yulebuck x Pink/Aria (child from https://dragcave.net/lineage/nuIob & https://dragcave.net/lineage/IEYXJ) SAlt-Lineage

3G Yulebuck x Green Fire Gem (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/O0RUz)

4G Yulebuck x Green Fire Gem (sibling to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zyI9P)


Holiday Kins I need:

2G silver Lunar Herald from perma-pacified Aegis


2G Aeon from Garland Thank you very much. :)
2G Skysilk from Garland Thank you very much. :)

2G Silver from Garland


2G Kingcrowne from Snow Thank you very much. :)


3G White from female Holly checker (unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/E7iPs and https://dragcave.net/lineage/dCeUO)


2G Gold from Wrapping Wing (can offer 4G SAltkin after christmas from her: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zE9xp)


Holidays I need:

2G Aegis from silver Lunar Herald (x perma-pacified Aegis)

3G Aegis from Chrono Xenowyrm as sibling to her: https://dragcave.net/lineage/fItWC (first gen enraged, second gen pacified)


2G Snow Angel from Red (x white-winged Snow Angel)


2G Snow from Knigcrowne (unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/v4tcm, https://dragcave.net/lineage/2fn1Y, https://dragcave.net/lineage/s4XSM and https://dragcave.net/lineage/WcgLX) ~ :)


Thank you.




Edited by Seriva Senkalora

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Forum Name: Lesh4537

PM Link: PM me!

I have all CB rares (included Golds, Silver, Staterae, GoN and all holiday) available. 


latest?cb=20110213202440 Bissextile (CB female - reserved for self with Snow or swap)


Unless noted otherwise, most breedings are free. 


Wish List (Holidays and mates)



4G from Nebula (red) for Noble Glee (unrelated to Star of the ForgottenNaming the Swirls and Heavenly Hung)




Yulebuck_egg.gif YuleBuck





Snow_Angel_egg.gif Snow Angel



4G Gold for Dashing Army


Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif Ribbon Dancer



4G Nebula (purple) for Northren Guardian


Winter_Magi_egg.gif Winter Magi



2G '09 Valentine for Ahnalie

3G Royal Crimson for Gathering Sunshine


Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif Wrapping Wing

3G from Blacktip for Pleasantly Salty (mate has 1 alt, 2G also welcome)

5G from Vine (alt) for Watermelon Diet (lower gen also welcome)




Solstice_egg.gif Solstice

2G from Shimmer (silver) for Prince Afterglow (will make Neglected(s) for this)

2G from Tinsel (gold) for egg (for hubby) ~pending~ 




Mistletoe_egg.png Mistletoe 





Aegis_egg.png Ageis 

2G from Nebula (blue) for Shivering Starwind (unrelated to Groanstar)


two 2G Aethers for Calming Breath and Aegislet

2G Sunrise for (nameless) (unrelated to Hug Keeper)

2G Tercorn for Feilo Cel'kur (unrelated to Tranquil Butter)

3G Copper (green) for Spirit Clan (2G also welcome)

4G Antarean for Rising Furry (enraged)


Snow_egg.png Snow

2G from Shimmer (silver) for Gilding Lady (will make Neglected(s) for this)

2G from Tinsel (bronze) for Prize Tracking (unrelated to Greedy Feline - will make Neglected(s) for this)

2G from Tinsel (silver) for Bluefaun ~self or swap~


3G Lunar Herald (bronze) for Love's Drift

4G Zyu (white) for Glorious Khaz


latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland



3G Gold for Pleasing Elements (unrelated to Advancing Wreath)


Starsinger_egg.png Starsinger

3G from Shimmer (bronze) for Stellar Musician (unrelated to Gilorn Melody and Lorian's Song) (will make Neglected(s) for this)

2G from Tinsel (silver) for Unknown Vocalist (unrelated to Dramatic Season and Reactive Wrap) (will make Neglected(s) for this)


2G Gold for Maureen Puddle (unrelated to Musical Prophecy)

2G Shimmer (gold) for Glorious Discovery (will make Neglected(s) for this)


Wintertide_egg.png WinterTide

2G from Shimmer (gold) for Winter Hale (will make Neglected(s) for this)

2G from Shimmer (silver) for Gilded Drifts (will make Neglected(s) for this)

2G from Tinsel (gold) for Arcaidan (will make Neglected(s) for this)





List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed:

Holly_egg.png Holly


Yulebuck_egg.gif YuleBuck


Snow_Angel_egg.gif Snow Angel


CB Angelic Shimmerwing (tri colored)

CB Triple Glimmerwing (tri colored)

2G Triple Advancement x Black (tri colored) 

2G Fairy Goldenwing x Gold (tri colored) 

2G Gold Angelic x Stripe (white) (tri colored)

2G Bronzing Angels x Tinsel (bronze) (tri colored) ~self or swap~

3G Nadir Queen Saint x Royal Crimson (tri colored)

3G Christmas Piping x Stripe (white) (tri colored)


Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif Ribbon Dancer


Winter_Magi_egg.gif Winter Magi


Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif Wrapping Wing


Solstice_egg.gif Solstice


-all are rose wing unless noted otherwise-

CB Glimmercloud

CB Wingdeer

2G Fulfilling Leap x Gold

2G Reindeer Fluff x Pillow (blue wing)

2G Mightiless Evil x Pillow (blue wing)

2G Daybreak Skylite x Shadow Walker (blue wing) 

2G Wishful Glimmer x Shadow Walker

2G Ghostly Eveningrays x Shadow Walker

2G Evening Bronze x Shimmer (bronze)

2G Shining Wingdeer x Silver

2G (PoiLA) x Sunrise (blue wing)

2G (JOidS) x Sunrise (blue wing)

2G (2ShyQ) x Sunrise (blue wing)

2G Lite Scales x Sunrise (blue wing)

2G Duskful Decent x Sunset

2G Sweetest Reindeer x Sweetling

2G Christmas Romantic x Sweetling

3G Wishing Lady x Shadow Walker

3G Phantom Daybreak x Shadow Walker (blue wing)

3G Promising Shine x Silver (2G blue wings)

3G Evening Inspiration x Sunset (alternating wing color and sunset/sunrise)

3G (JOSh0) x Sunset (alternating wing color and sunset/sunrise) ~self~

3G Romantic Reindeer x Sweetling

4G Wishful Spectral x Shadow Walker

4G Shadowing Solstice x Shadow Walker (blue wing)

4G Warden Solstice x Silver (2G & 4G blue wings)


Mistletoe_egg.png Mistletoe


Aegis_egg.png Ageis


Snow_egg.png Snow


latest?cb=20171225071828  Garland

latest?cb=20181226075741 Starsinger 


Wintertide_egg.png WinterTide - prefer trading Wintertide for Wintertide, please

CB (Kwueu)

CB Knightly Tide

Edited by Lesh4537

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Forum Name: Imago

PM Link: PM me!


Holidays I need:

  • 2G Wintertide from Gold Tinsel for her
  • 2G Aegis from permanently enraged Aegis x Bronze Shimmer for him
  • 2G Snow Angel from nicely named tri-colored Snow Angel x Falconiform, unrelated to these
  • 2G Snow Angel from nicely named tri-colored Snow Angel x Royal Blue, unrelated to these


Holidays I can breed:

Anything not reserved in my spreadsheet. I have 2 CBs of every holiday breed (tri-colored Snow Angels, 1 permanently pacified and 1 permanently enraged Aegis) as well as 266 checker lines. I also have plenty of CBs of every other breed and gender to pair them up with. All of my dragons are named.


More specifically, for one of the Prizekins, I can offer

  • A 2G from any male holiday x Shivallon, my CB female Bronze Shimmer, or
  • Any number of 2G/checker holiday eggs from my collection.

For one of the 2G Snow Angels, I can offer

  • A 2G holiday from a pairing of your choice (not Shivallon), or
  • Any number of higher gen holiday checkers from my collection.


Holiday mates I need:

  • 2G Gold Tinsel from Garland for her (can offer 2G Bronze Shimmer from Shivallon x any male holiday in return)
  • 3G Bronze Tinsel from checker with all enraged Aegis for him
  • 3G Falconiform from checker with tri-colored Snow Angel, unrelated to these
  • 3G Royal Blue from checker with tri-colored Snow Angel, unrelated to these


Not organizing any other trades right now, because I'd like to spend most of my time AP hunting this year. Don't hesitate to PM me about 3G+ checker bloodswaps though. :)


Edited by Imago

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Forum Name: miaou

PM Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=54121


Christmas Dragons I Can Breed:

cb solstice x 2

cb permanently pacified aegis x 2

various 3g saltkin checkers ( https://dragcave.net/group/146218 )


Christmas Dragons I Need:

3eg yulebuck checker x bronze tinsel (can provide saltkin swap)**

3eg yuldbuck checker x thalassa xenowyrm



Edited by miaou

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Forum name: Aie

PM link: *click*


I'm happy to breed most dragons for free. The generation listed is the generation you'll get. CBs of Snow Angel, Solstice, Mistletoe, Starsinger and Wintertide are currently available for trades only. If you want to pick a specific mate, you can find my groups for CB females and CB males linked here.


List of Xmas dragons I can breed:


Holly_egg.png&key=96148382869b94ee389e67Hollies Holly_egg.png&key=96148382869b94ee389e67

  • CBs: Betlehem & Tiernapoika reserved for Infinis
  • 3G checker with Golds, sibling bred
  • 3G checker with Dark Greens, sibling bred
  • 4G checker with Whites, sibling bred
  • 4G mirror with Golds from these parents bred
  • stairs: 5G female Holly with Silvers, 8G Thuwed with Winters

Yulebuck_egg.gif&key=4f7856d0644e1b7c53c Yulebucks Yulebuck_egg.gif&key=4f7856d0644e1b7c53c

Snow_Angel_egg.gif&key=49370b433a61c86c3 White-winged Snow Angels Snow_Angel_egg.gif&key=49370b433a61c86c3

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif&key=4d919c034dc539 Ribbon Dancers Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif&key=4d919c034dc539

Winter_Magi_egg.gif&key=72c5bd03e1b46cb6 Winter Magis Winter_Magi_egg.gif&key=72c5bd03e1b46cb6

Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif&key=6d4cbcc5328733 Wrapping Wings Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif&key=6d4cbcc5328733

Solstice_egg.gif&key=7cbd1a0f480a6219385 Solstices Solstice_egg.gif&key=7cbd1a0f480a6219385

  • CBs: Kruunusarvi & Sarvikruunu bred
  • 3G rosy-winged checker with Sunrises, sibling
  • 3G rosy-winged checker with Azure Glacewings, sibling
  • 3G rosy-winged checker with Thalassa Xenos, sibling
  • 3G rosy-winged checker with Gold Lunar Heralds, sibling
  • 3G rosy-winged checker with Scripts, from these parents
  • 4G rosy-winged checker with Sunsongs, sibling
  • 3G blue-winged checker with Whites, sibling
  • 3G blue-winged checker with Aethers, sibling
  • 3G blue-winged checker with Celestials, sibling
  • 3G blue-winged checker with Scripts, sibling

Mistletoe_egg.png&key=e8123de915292208de Mistletoes Mistletoe_egg.png&key=e8123de915292208de

  • CBs: Misteli & Varvasaskel bred
  • 3G checker with Silvers, sibling bred
  • 3G checker with Silver Lunar Heralds, sibling
  • 4G checker with Gold Lunar Heralds, sibling
  • 4G checker with Striped Rivers from these parents bred
  • checkers with Silver Tinsels: 3G | 4G bred
  • checkers with Chrono Xenos: 4G | another 4G | 5G bred

Aegis_egg.png&key=66e865f93f56a32f6c89fb Aegises Aegis_egg.png&key=66e865f93f56a32f6c89fb

  • CBs: permanently pacified Kohme & permanently enraged Hyy
  • pacified 3G checker with Heartstealings, sibling
  • pacified 3G checker with Bronze Lunar Heralds, sibling
  • pacified 3G checker with Golds, sibling
  • pacified 4G checker with Gold Lunar Heralds, sibling
  • pacified 4G checker with Celestials, sibling bred
  • pacified 4G checker with Blue Nebulae, sibling
  • pacified 4G checker with Silver Lunar Heralds, sibling bred
  • pacified 4G checker with Kingcrownes, sibling
  • enraged 3G checker with Gaia Xenos from these parents
  • enraged checkers with Razorcrests: 3G | another 3G | 4G
  • enraged checkers with Caligenes: 3G | 4G

Snow_egg.png&key=1dd4da92626a799e58a238b Snows Snow_egg.png&key=1dd4da92626a799e58a238b

latest?cb=20171225071828&key=4fb48ee5d75 Garlands latest?cb=20171225071828&key=4fb48ee5d75

  • CBs: Hymni reserved for animatedroseVirsi reserved for myself
  • 3G checker with Gaia Xenos, sibling
  • 3G checker with Fevers, sibling
  • 3G checker with Gold Lunar Heralds, these parents
  • checkers with alt Undines: 3G | another 3G | 4G (reserved for myself)

Starsinger_egg.png&key=6a9280a4552e1a9b9 Starsingers Starsinger_egg.png&key=6a9280a4552e1a9b9

Wintertide_egg.png Wintertides Wintertide_egg.png


List of Xmas mates I need:*

  • 2G Gold Tinsel from Holly for him, can offer a Silver Shim prize swap from any female holiday
  • 3G Guardian x Mistletoe checker for her
  • 4G Enraged Aegis x Hellfire checker for him


List of Xmas dragons I need:*

  • 2G Wintertide from red Gemshard & Candelabra
  • 4G Solstice checker with Pillows for him


*Please note that I am only interested in lineages with nicely-named ancestors, that is, fairly short names; no or few unnamed dragons (name codes are fine); no numbers or tags like "CB" in names. Feel free to PM and ask if you're unsure! I'm actually pretty chill, just a bit picky about names.

Edited by Aie

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Forum name: tjenni


PM link:  https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=172226


List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed:

- 2 CB Yulebuck Yulebuck_egg.gif&key=4f7856d0644e1b7c53c

- 2 CB Ribbon Dancer Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif&key=4d919c034dc539

- 2 CB Wrapping Wing Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif&key=6d4cbcc5328733

- 2 CB Mistletoe Mistletoe_egg.png&key=e8123de915292208de

- 2 CB Snow Snow_egg.png&key=1dd4da92626a799e58a238b

- 1 CB Pacified Aegis Aegis_egg.png&key=66e865f93f56a32f6c89fb

- 2 CB Garland latest?cb=20171225071828&key=4fb48ee5d75

- please inquire about other lineages from my spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TGk2mBoXoxaQafHHWtxR69ed5K1NzrTOWYeLwtVaa1g/edit#gid=429488578


List of Christmas Dragons I need:



List of Christmas Dragon Mates I need:

- none at the moment

Edited by tjenni

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