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 ˏ₍•ɞ•₎ˎ sen's art thread ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

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You must be magic. MAGIC I tell you \0/

He looks awesome, thanks ^0^ My sister is gonna squeal when she sees him digimon frontier was her childhood


Oh, there's a new one? Oh...hope they make it good.

ahh thanks esko ;u;aa glad you like him c:


i recently finished watching the pacifist undertale route + almost done with seeing the genocide playthrough. below's a picture of mettaton c: i was going to draw someone else to his right, but i wasn't too sure who to do ;u;aaa it was a three way tie between ghost!mettaton, napstablook, and frisk ;u;aaa

user posted image

accidentally messed up the area where his neck and hair is, so it kind of looks like a blob over there, but no regrets :'Db


(still working on thread requests, just finished the rough sketches ;; )

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oh man sen you made an art thread? n i c e


I'm glad you did, it all looks so pretty!



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