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Rivers of London

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I looked but I couldn't find a topic on this. It's written by Ben Aaronovitch and so far, it has five books:

  • Rivers of London (Midnight Riot in the US)
  • Moon Over Soho
  • Whispers Under Ground
  • Broken Homes
  • Foxglover Summer
The sixth book, The Hanging Tree comes out next summer, I've heard. There's also a five-part comic, Body Work whose fourth part was just recently released, and some short stories.


The books themselves are amazing. The main character, Peter Grant, is a nerdy policeman and a fledgling wizard in (You guessed it!) London. Rest of the characters include Peter's mentor and boss, DCI Thomas Nightingale, all-around awesome person; Lesley May, Peter's fellow constable; Beverey Brook, goddess of a small river in south London; Sahra Guleed, self-proclaimed muslim ninja; Dr. Walid, gastroenterologist by day, cryptopathologist by night; and many more. Together, they fight crime. laugh.gif


I mean, an urban fantasy crossed over with a police procedural? What's there not to love! laugh.gif

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