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BPP sheets and questions

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Bear paw peak rp link


The town in split in to factions or races of shifters.

Canine (wolf fox jackal hyena ECT) in one area

Feline (lions, panthers bobcats ECT)

Equine/ hoofed animals (horses deer buffalo elk) <very very few>

Bears (polar brown…)


This is broken up to outsiders:those who came into bear paw recently often running from something or someone, and insiders:those who was born in or around bear paw, or moved there and isn't running.


You can be a shifter or human, your choice. Human outsiders are not exempt from law! It only pertains to shifters. Humans are allowed in town.



1) Dc rules (go unsaid)

2) PG-13 (another unsaid)

3) Romance allowed

4) Please no huge posts! I know lots of you like doing them but being maker; I’d like to read replies. I find it hard to read giant posts (you know who you are) if you do find yourself making a multi paragraph book like post Please summarize it! It helps!

5) tell me if you want discreet history but don’t send me to be rped, I need to know something to fit in with the plot.

6) Wright seven times seven is forty nine if you read the rules in other

7) No half bread people! As in people with ears and a tail. (antlers are ok, they hardly leave the town anyway)

8) MUST STAY ACTIVE! (I will not apply this if you send you a disclaimer on this. I have been lenient in past but I will not do so again! If you are not active for two weeks you WILL be kicked off. Once off you must resubmit your character again. If it’s lost, oh well make a new one. If this happens three times you are banned from rp. This will apply UNLESS you let me no prior to your absence and when approx you can return. If date not certain, I'll understand and keep tabs so you won't get lost.))





Username: (nick name is fine)




Orientation: (bi, gay, pan, ace, etc)

Race: (human or type of shifter)


Animal looks: (if one)

Position: (Outsider or insider see mine for further details)

History: (see rule 5)

Personality: (please write a few things here)





More accepted character sheets: I should've made two posts when I started.. oops.


Username: Aroara

Name: Alex Rodriguez

Age: 17

Gender: she

Orientation: um why would I tell you?

Race: Avian - Raven

Looks: gold eyes and a purple streak in her hair

Animal looks: Raven

Position: insider- jewelry maker/ clothes designer

History: not one to say, but obviously orphaned at a young age, only farah who's parents sent Alex to BPP knows the secret they keep very close and tight lipped on.

Personality: spunky, secretive and oddly a clostophiliac (loves enclosed spaces). Alex is one to keep the mouth shut when it doesn't involve them.

Other: romance is going to be awkward with her call 1-800- DON'T DO IT!haha yeah just don't unless you want to try.....


Username: Dorchadas

Name: Kaeren Lune

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Orientation: Ha! Like I'd tell you!

Race: Avian- Leucistic Dark Eyed Junco

Looks: Smol boy

Animal looks: Smol Birb

Position: Insider- general miscreant

History: Was brought here by a friend of his family when he was three after barely escaping the bird flu that killed his parents and has been making trouble ever since.

Personality: Constantly upbeat and getting into trouble. Very mischevious. Considers the other avian shifters to be brothers and sisters.

Other:Hates when people mention how young he looks


Username: (nick name is fine) voltage

Name: julia baxter

Age: 19

Gender: female

Orientation: straight

Race: avian owl

Looks: her but with greyish blue eyes

Animal looks: owl form

Position: insider- cook

History: Julia had run away at a young age from an abusive step father. she had been caught breaking into a persons house who knew about shifters and instead of sending her to jail sent her to bear paw.

Personality: hotheaded, honest, afraid of spiders, shy usually unless someone says something she doesn't like then hotheadedness shows



Username: (Mid or Star) MidnightStar89

Name: Fazil Hunter

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bi (More towards males...)

Race: Avian - Peregrine Falcon

Looks: Him but with black hair and brighter gold eyes

Animal looks: This Peregrine

Position: Insider – Just a random boy who is too lazy to get a job.

History: Fazil was born right outside Yellowstone, but his parents were sure they would never even set a foot on its land. Fazil disagreed. When he was about 10, he went to see the place for himself. He visited Yellowstone's skies for a day, and even saw Bear Paw. When he came home, his parents were gone. After waiting for a day, and them not coming back, he decided to go seek help from Bear Paw. After living there for a week, he didn't even want to go seek his parents. So, he decided to stay, as there were friendly people there.

Personality: Fazil is pretty much that kind of an annoying teenager who hates when people command them. He is usually very glad, not necessarily smiling-happy, but not serious either. He likes to joke about even serious things, and sometimes he can't understand very simple things. Or "understand" things like why he should get a job or some other stuff. He is very social with adults too, and likes to hang around anyone who has the same kind of taste of humor as him. He's not super easy to make angry, but he sometimes takes things too seriously.

Other: Fazil doesn't always realize, how rare it is to be an avian, so he lives life on the edge basically. He might do dangerous or stupid things pretty often too...


Username: MidnightStar89

Name: Chris Snow (Often called Snowpaw as kind of a mocking name...)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Race: Siberian Tiger (White)

Looks: Teh Awesome Guy

Animal looks: White Tiger (Has brighter blue eyes, like the human looks)

Position: Insider - No job yet.

History: Chris was born in Bear Paw, but his family moved elsewhere when he was old enough to live on his own. He decided to get a little house of his own, maybe be a police or something. But when he was old enough to become a ranger, he noticed that the job was pretty boring, so he decided to just do whatever makes him keep his home.

Personality: Chris is an easy-going guy. He doesn't really care when someone tries to get him to take a job, or tell him to stop whatever he's doing wrong. He isn't really a people-type of person, he likes to wander around the woods as a tiger. He never really gets excites about visitors, more like stays away or leaves the area for a while. He is pretty brave, and sometimes acts very stupidly, like a teenager or something. He's also easy to annoy, and he easily just shifts and ignores the annoyer, but will fight if forced to.

Other: Chris has this little wooden cabin, at the edge of the forest, kind of behind the town. It's pretty peaceful there, and a little river flows by it too.


Username: Chic

Name: Lysander (Lie-sander, people call him Ly for short)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Orientation: He doesn’t know

Race: Deer

Looks: Ly – the complete left half of his head is shaved, the right side is still long. His eyes are brown not red.

Animal looks: here - He’s black and grey.

Position: Insider – Resident?

History: Ly was born near Bear Paw Peak, and spent his childhood in the forests outside the town with his mother. They would occasionally make visits into town to buy groceries, and he attended school there, but they mostly kept to themselves. After junior high, they moved away without a word and were gone for 5 years. He recently moved back into his old house just outside of town. His mother apparently passed away while they were gone.

Personality: He is kind, gentle and a lover of beauty, harmony and peace. However, in their effort to keep everyone happy, he sometimes finds it difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone, and as a result, he ends up getting stressed. He is very tactful, almost cunning, romantic, and just. He has a very strong sense of justice and fairness. He does tend to be superficial and very detached at times, and in effort to keep balance, he easily can be simply indecisive. He doesn’t seek people out unless they are very close friends, but he does enjoy the company of others.



Username: chic

Name: Lavinia Othello

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Race: Shifter – Florida Panther

Looks: Here

Animal looks: here

Position: Outsider – On vacation

History: He’s grown up using his looks to get what he wants, and he’s done rather well for himself. He’s always gotten the best of absolutely everything. However, it was never his parents paying for any of it, as his mother passed away and his father was dirt poor and worked as a mechanic. Somehow he always had a very rich benefactor giving him whatever he wished for in exchange for him attending their parties and keeping them company. After his father died when he was 15, these offers became much more sinister. They didn’t just want his time any longer, they also wanted his body, and without a penny to his name, his only choice was to oblige. Being a shifter only added to his exotic beauty, and to the leverage his benefactors held over him.

Personality: He is incredibly extravagant. He is very aware he is attractive and loves to flaunt it and take advantage of it. He wears fur coats, and gold jewelry that he definitely didn’t buy himself. He is incredibly vain and narcissistic. He is also very outgoing and love the attention of others. He’s happiest when all eyes are on him. He can be very bratty when things don’t go his way, but for the most part he’s nice enough.

Other: He’s actually very well educated. He knows how to play almost any musical instrument, and over 5 different types of martial arts.

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why not join an rp i need consistent writing practice anyways.


Username: Serce

Name: Mirjana Gavril

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Orientation: I don't really do romance, so undecided for now.

Race: Shifter- brown bear.

Looks: Mirjana I should really stop using pictures

Animal looks: Typical brown bear, nothing special. ((Are other breeds available?))

Position: Outsider.

History: She's from Macedonia, and her childhood friends have managed to get her out past countries to the US. Currently trying to settle in, trying to learn the whole set of rules.

Personality: She's a little lost, not as in directional, but just doesn't know what to do or where her life's going after having hunters on her back. As such, she's vulnerable to morality and ideal changes, and doesn't really have a strong sense of 'family'.

Other: Not much for now. seven times seven is forty nine

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Please read the rules fully you're missing something.



Yes there are polar sun bears, black bears, panda. Red panda. There are different types.


I'm happy someone is interested! xd.png

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Username: Dorchadas

Name: Skye Allen

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Orientation: *Raises eyebrows* My what now?

Race: Feline, Panthera Pardus (Leopard)

Looks: Like this, but with golden eyes. Generally wears tight fitting black clothes, her tool belt, and a black cloak.

Animal looks: She has the rare melanistic trait that causes her skin to seem black from a distance, but close up you can see the faint pattern of leapord spots. In layman's terms, she's a black panther. Retains eye color.

Position: Outsider- Thief

History: Formerly employed by a group of thieves but ran away and hid here.

Personality: Laid back and calm in just about any situation.

Other: Sven thymes Sven is for tea nein

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Its modern times, I haven't herd of a modern thives guild. Other then that .. I see no issue. Im out now so I'd. Add it later. So it would be a outsider- thief. Hehe

.. we have two sky's. Sky and skye ...hehe.

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Username: Aroara

Name: Alize Justice Winters (AJ)

Age: 23

Gender: female

Orientation: Straight

Race: Canine- wolf

Looks: Aj is 5'6" with Amber eyes

Animal looks: Wolf form

Position: Insider- Chief Ranger/ enforcer for bear paw

History: Born and raised In Bear paw, AJ was the though kid on the block her dad once being a high ranked military man until he got shrapnel in him and his fast healing bones gave him away. Although he was discharged, he was the rare few shifters that got to do so with honor having smelled the bomb and had everyone out before it went off saving many lives. Her mother is another wolf shifter trained the in Krav Maga and trained her daughter in the discipline.

Personality: Although she is a hard core woman, protective of her family and friends, she is actually quite kind.

Other: She owns a K-9 unit named Flax trained with German commands.


Name: Sky

Age: 16 1/2

Gender: male

Orientation: bisexual

Race: canine hybrid

Looks: 5'9 slender with yellow eyes another veiw of him

Animal looks: dog

Position: Outsider- runaway trying to escape a bad system

History: He was orphaned at a young age. Never knew his parents. He was bounced from home to home some good until they found out he shifts, others not so much. Spent half his life on the streets. Came to Yellowstone to hide until he hits 18 and gets out of the system.

Personality: weary and jumpy when around others.

Other: he’s about the size of a maned wolf with the coloring of a African hunting dog.



I gotta post mine here!

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Username: Dorchadas

Name: Jaycen Darke

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Orientation: is for freshmen

Race: Human

Looks: Here

Animal looks: This question offends me

Position: Insider- Deputy ranger/enforcer for Bear Paw

History: Jaycen was born and raised in Bear Paw and stayed there until he was 18, when he went into the military for five years. When he returned he was one of the few humans that could stop a shifter while unarmed and the only one who could do it better than most shifters. Deciding to put his skills to use, he applied to the Rangers and was accepted, rising to Alize's right hand man within a year.

Personality: Despite his military training and harshness in battle, he is surprisingly nice as a person. Somewhat of a southern gentleman.

Other: Ze van tie muss ze van ees 4D9

Calls AJ Ali even though she hates it

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Username: voltage or volt

Name:phillip w. burley Jr (PJ for short.)

Age: 14

Gender: male

Orientation: uhm lets go with bi

Race: equine ram

Looks: 5'3 with soft brown eyes

Animal looks: animal form

Position: outsider

History: PJ. was orphaned at a young age having lived on the street most of his life being raised by the wrong kind of people. when they found out he could shift they used him for a lot of things. he got in an argument and wound up killing the second in command of the gang that he was raised by, he came here seeking shelter.

Personality: caring, shy, loving, and doesn't fully understand how his "play" can hurt others.

Other:seven times seven is forty nine

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Username: Dotzrus

Name: Xel J. Flame

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Race: Canine Wolf

Looks: Here

Animal looks: Arctic Wolf

Position: Insider Border Scout

History: No idea, send me ideas.

Personality: Strong and serious, Xel is one to have a focused goal always in mind. Willing to give his life for those around him. Very loyal.

Other: 7*7=49

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Dorchadas, orientation is sexual orientation..... I'd like it if you'd have something there. If it is to be revealed, please put that there.




As for race let me explain to all of you, you don't say shifter. Say the animal type (ie canine) and then specific animal or just hybrid. (Canine, wolf or feline, panther)


It helps me organize them.



Accepted dotz!

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Dorchadas, orientation is sexual orientation..... I'd like it if you'd have something there. If it is to be revealed, please put that there.

Pssh, you're no fun. XP They're both to be revealed.


Has the RP started?

Yep, Rora's posted in the IC


Everyone's waiting on Rora lol

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Ehh... I should mention, the animals can't talk like the do in other rp. They speak telepathically to each other.


Canine understand canine but not feline and such that's why the group is split so.


She would've caught the sandwich. So... I'm assuming your two characters are in north Yellowstone now?


Bear paw is near the south in a restricted area. So near where both sky(e)'s are.

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He isn't in animal form. I never said a wolf was watching her... Regardless they are both wolves too... Anyway... Yeah he is north...

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I was less going for romance and the fact they are both wolf shifter insiders... So they would be friends.

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