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Bear Paw Peak (shifter rp)

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Shifters are basically outlaws. To be one, you sign your death warrant.


Although much like the Native Americans, there are places in the states where the feds can’t touch you without going though the local enforcement and it is Illegal for hunters to shoot you. These places are national or state parks. Here the murderer’s flee to get away with... well murder, and petty thieves take refuge from the uniforms. Shifters are considered killers, nothing more than animals with a human body they turn into by most people and are outsiders to most of the world.


Here, in Yellowstone you are a shifter. You can be in the “Pack” of the area, a group of shifters (werewolves are only the tip of the iceberg) that live there, or a fugitive running from the police.


Those who are native live in a town off and away from any trails in a highly restricted area. This town is called Bear Paw Peak. Some live in the towns surrounding Yellowstone but most live in the small town of two hundred people.


Immunity doesn’t stop here though, here if a kill is made; their own sets of laws are in place to end whoever responsible.



The town in split in to factions or races of shifters.

Canine (wolf fox jackal hyena ECT) in one area

Feline (lions, panthers bobcats ECT)

Equine/ hoofed animals (horses deer buffalo elk) <very very few>

Bears (polar brown…)

Avian (very limited)


This is broken up to outsiders:those who came into bear paw recently often running from something or someone, and insiders:those who was born in or around bear paw, or moved there and isn't running.


You can be a shifter or human, your choice. Human outsiders are not exempt from law! It only pertains to shifters. Humans are allowed in town.



1) Dc rules (go unsaid)

2) PG-13 (another unsaid)

3) Romance allowed

4) Please no huge posts! I know lots of you like doing them but being maker; I’d like to read replies. I find it hard to read giant posts (you know who you are) if you do find yourself making a multi paragraph book like post Please summarize it! It helps!

5) tell me if you want discreet history but don’t send me to be rped, I need to know something to fit in with the plot.

6) Wright seven times seven is forty nine if you read the rules in other

7) No half bread people! As in people with ears and a tail. (antlers are ok, they hardly leave the town anyway)

8) MUST STAY ACTIVE! (I will not apply this if you send you a disclaimer on this. I have been lenient in past but I will not do so again! If you are not active for two weeks you WILL be kicked off. Once off you must resubmit your character again. If it’s lost, oh well make a new one. If this happens three times you are banned from rp. This will apply UNLESS you let me no prior to your absence and when approx you can return. If date not certain, I'll understand and keep tabs so you won't get lost.))




Username: (nick name is fine)




Orientation: (bi, gay, pan, ace, etc)

Race: (human or type of shifter)


Animal looks: (if one)

Position: (Outsider or insider see mine for further details)

History: (see rule 5)

Personality: (please write a few things here)



Outsiders: (name. race type)



Mirjana -bear- brown bear

Skye - feline - black leopard (panther)

Farah -canine Feline- hybrid


Phillip- Equine - ram

Lavinia Othell- Feline- Florida Panther


Insiders: (race, name type)




Alize- wolf





Chris Snow -White Siberian tiger




Lysander- Deer







Kaeren Lune - Leucistic Dark Eyed Junco


Fazil Hunter- Peregrine Falcon




Jaycen Darke (Dor)


Accepted sheets:


Username: Aroara

Name: Alize Justice Winters (AJ)

Age: 23

Gender: female

Orientation: Straight

Race: Canine- wolf

Looks: Aj is 5'6" with Amber eyes

Animal looks: Wolf form

Position: Insider- Chief Ranger/ enforcer for bear paw

History: Born and raised In Bear paw, AJ was the though kid on the block her dad once being a high ranked military man until he got shrapnel in him and his fast healing bones gave him away. Although he was discharged, he was the rare few shifters that got to do so with honor having smelled the bomb and had everyone out before it went off saving many lives. Her mother is another wolf shifter trained the in Krav Maga and trained her daughter in the discipline.

Personality: Although she is a hard core woman, protective of her family and friends, she is actually quite kind.

Other: She owns a K-9 unit named Flax trained with German commands.


Name: Sky

Age: 16 1/2

Gender: male

Orientation: bisexual

Race: canine hybrid

Looks: 5'9 slender with yellow eyes another veiw of him

Animal looks: dog

Position: Outsider- runaway trying to escape a bad system

History: He was orphaned at a young age. Never knew his parents. He was bounced from home to home some good until they found out he shifts, others not so much. Spent half his life on the streets. Came to Yellowstone to hide until he hits 18 and gets out of the system.

Personality: weary and jumpy when around others.

Other: he’s about the size of a maned wolf with the coloring of a African hunting dog.



Username: Serce

Name: Mirjana Gavril

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Orientation: I don't really do romance, so undecided for now.

Race: Shifter- brown bear.

Looks: Mirjana

Animal looks: Typical brown bear, nothing special. ((Are other breeds available?))

Position: Outsider.

History: She's from Macedonia, and her childhood friends have managed to get her out past countries to the US. Currently trying to settle in, trying to learn the whole set of rules.

Personality: She's a little lost, not as in directional, but just doesn't know what to do or where her life's going after having hunters on her back. As such, she's vulnerable to morality and ideal changes, and doesn't really have a strong sense of 'family'.

Other: Not much for now.


Username: Dorchadas

Name: Skye Allen

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Orientation: *Raises eyebrows* My what now?

Race: feline Shifter, Panthera Pardus (Leopard)

Looks: Like this, but with golden eyes. Generally wears tight fitting black clothes, her tool belt, and a black cloak.

Animal looks: She has the rare melanistic trait that causes her skin to seem black from a distance, but close up you can see the faint pattern of leapord spots. In layman's terms, she's a black panther. Retains eye color.

Position: Outsider- Thief

History: Formerly employed by a group of thieves but ran away and hid here.

Personality: Laid back and calm in just about any situation.



Username: Dorchadas

Name: Jaycen Darke

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Orientation: is for freshmen

Race: Human

Looks: Here

Animal looks: This question offends me

Position: Insider- Deputy ranger/enforcer for Bear Paw

History: Jaycen was born and raised in Bear Paw and stayed there until he was 18, when he went into the military for five years. When he returned he was one of the few humans that could stop a shifter while unarmed and the only one who could do it better than most shifters. Deciding to put his skills to use, he applied to the Rangers and was accepted, rising to Alize's right hand man within a year.

Personality: Despite his military training and harshness in battle, he is surprisingly nice as a person. Somewhat of a southern gentleman.

Other:Calls AJ Ali even though she hates it



Username: Dotzrus

Name: Xel J. Flame

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Race: Canine Wolf

Looks: Here

Animal looks: Arctic Wolf

Position: Insider Border Scout

History: No idea, send me ideas.

Personality: Strong and serious, Xel is one to have a focused goal always in mind. Willing to give his life for those around him. Very loyal.



Username: Aroara

Name: Farah Sanders (said like Far- ah)

Age: 23

Gender: female

Orientation: Now why would I tell you that fool?

Race: canine feline hybrid

Looks: Farah

Animal looks: wolf

Position: Outsider kinda

History: when she was a pup she lived in bear paw. After some… complications, her mother and father had to leave. Apparently it is taboo to get with a different race. She came back to find her friend.

Personality: she is… interesting. Being two different races, she is… unpredictable. She has two different forms depending on what is dominate. For the most part, it is her wolf side.

Other: Cat side only when really angry



Username: MidnightStar89

Name: Sarah Winter

Age: 18 and half years

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight... probably, I don't know yet.

Race: Cougar-shifter...

Looks: here

Animal looks: Cougar(Plus has very red eyes, like human form)

Position: Outsider... no specific "job" to do.

History: Sarah was born pretty far from the Bear Paw Peak. She lived in a small hut with her mother, far from other people. They were both cougar shifters, and she was taught to hunt deer and other food by herself. One day, when Sarah was about 16, she wandered too far, and met a human. The human got frightened when it saw a cougar, and chased Sarah away from there. She almost got shot at that meeting, and had to flee. Her mother didn't let her back, she said she was old enough to go find her own place, so Sarah left. She had a couple of conflicts with other humen, and finally she found this more peaceful place.

Personality: Sarah is a very energetic and curious person. She isn't afraid to seek adventures, and she is definitely not afraid of people, she just doesn't necessarily like their company. She is very protective, meaning that she will defend her stuff, home or friends with claws and teeth, literally. She can get easily upset, but does not always show it on purpose, though it can be easily seen in her actions. Sometimes she might attack people for no reason, or try to befriend them. She trusts people quite easily, but she has that little sense that tells if something is wrong.

Other: Sarah has a little "memory" of her first meeting with a shifter. She has a very visible scar on her (when looking at front) right leg, from her knee to almost her ankle, that reminds not to annoy wrong people. The scar is visible in both her human and cougar forms.


Username: voltage or volt

Name:phillip w. burley Jr (PJ for short.)

Age: 14

Gender: male

Orientation: uhm lets go with bi

Race: equine ram

Looks: 5'3 with soft brown eyes

Animal looks: animal form

Position: outsider

History: PJ. was orphaned at a young age having lived on the street most of his life being raised by the wrong kind of people. when they found out he could shift they used him for a lot of things. he got in an argument and wound up killing the second in command of the gang that he was raised by, he came here seeking shelter.

Personality: caring, shy, loving, and doesn't fully understand how his "play" can hurt others.




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Sky looked around the forested rest area. He sat at a picnic table and debated shifting in the woods, hiding his things in the trees and walking around as a dog begging for food. Some sorry sap always fell for it. His tattered scarf stayed with him so it looked like he belonged to Amelia airheart. His mountain bike, a old piece of rusty metal that was held to by gorilla tape and prayers, he was shocked it still could hold him... although he hasn't eaten anything in about a day and a half, and two days before that. He slipped in through the south, at Jackson hole and managed to make it passed the rangers by sheer luck and a few tricks. He picked the spot that was in the shade and under the trees. How was he to find anything about the shifter town if he mentions it to the rangers they'll be suspicious possibly.. He couldn't risk being sent back now.





AJ was on patrol as a ranger. She hiked around the trails most of the morning, checked on the campsites, and frightened off a group of bears (who were purely wild) near a rest stop. She even went northward and made sure her wild brothers and sisters the wolves stayed off the road. Boy did it pain her greatly when a body rolled into the station again. People need to be more careful about not hitting them. They have families too.

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Skye lurked in the shadows of the forest, staring at the people of the rest area. No, not people, marks! Ugh. Back to the soliloquy. She scanned among them, unseen, unknown. She was a shadow in the darkness, absolutely sil-


She frowned and held her stomach. Mostly silent... ah screw it! I shouldn't be thinking soliloquy anyway!

Darting into the throng, she grabbed a couple packs of hotdogs and ran, spotting a conveniently placed bike. She hopped on it, feeling the rush of victory. Should be easy, you never forget right? As the bike fell over, she frowned. Oh yeah, I never learned...


Jaycen headed out of town, knowing Ali's route and heading for where she would be now. He had a small dart gun with tranq darts in it for protection, but he probably wouldn't have to use it. Didn't want to, either. The animals had feelings too, and if they were about to attack then it was because he was in their territory. He smiled as a rabbit ran past. The peak's a decent place, even if some of us have... interesting backgrounds.

He stopped and sat on a rock at the bottom of a hill, watching the top.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Right on time, she came over the top. Tossing a sandwich to her, he smiled. "You should probably remember to bring food with you on patrol, Ali. Sit with me and take a break."

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AJ should get a sight tingle as if she is being watched. Hidden in the shadows of the forest, a white form watched her with blue eyes. When she got close she heard a familiar voice, "You know it's better to patrol with a partner Alize." He blinked as a sandwich flew at her. "...so much for being original..."

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Sky jumped up when someone grabbed the rust on wheels from right behind him and promptly fell over. He snarled and yanked it out of her hands. "this is my bike! What the hell do you think you're doing!" He shouted drawing attention, that he needed, a distraction. He saw on the restricted sign between two trees, blocking a narrow path, a small stamp in the corner that looks like a paw print. Shouldering his pack he slipped into the woods at the sign as the few people there gave the girl disproving looks.




Alize caught the sandwich easily and sighed heavily. "Yeah yeah, you two are sounding like my dad, I have one already, heaven forbid if I get two more! You Xel ,I told you to patrol the border of bear paw for new comers and lead them to the town. You don't need to check the border of a 3,468 square mile park! And jayjay.... don't call me Ali..." She socked him playfully in the shoulder although her tone was warning. "Thanks for the sandwich. I'm a tough girl, I can handle myself and a few bears..."

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Xel shrugged, "I'm on break. The rest of the scouting crew decided that one guy shouldn't be doing a three men job into many sittings, so I came here. But seeing as you are popular, I'll head back to town."

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PJ was wandering through the forest around the town. He heard commotion of everyday life in the town though he never was one to go around groups of people. He hadn't been there yet but he was too shy to just walk in. He looked around hoping to find any mountains really close to the town as that was where he liked to go to relax. He stayed close enough to hear the town so he could find it but far enough away so that he could easily bolt if there was danger from the town.

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Skye hopped onto her feet and backed away from the group, running into the trees once she was close enough. Slipping into her panther form and picking up the hot dog packs between her teeth, she slipped through the trees and began following the bike boy.

I am a shadow among shadows- swift, stalking without detection, completely sil-


If it was ever possible for a fierce jungle cat to look surprised, it happened then.

Looking up to see the boy had already seen her, she shifted back, moving the food to her hands.

"Okay, so I'm a shifter. Whatcha gonna do, call the cops? Bear Paw Peak is supposed to be around here somewhere, cops ain't settin foot within a mile." Sticking her arms out, she shot him a sarcastic smile. "Unless of course you think you're able to slap em on yourself, in which case feel free to try."


Jaycen missed her hair playfully and smirked. "I will never ever call you anything but Ali. And I'm sure you can handle some bears. Unless of course, you were to pass out from hunger or something... which is a completely random example, of course. I would never imply you don't eat enough." He pulled out a sandwich of his own and took a bite. "And if I didn't check on you I'd just worry the whole time, yknow?"

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"Technically the cops can't set foot on this land for its all dedicated to the shifter population anyway. You're damned lucky I thought twice about biting you but now I'm thinking twice about not biting you. Are you really that despite to eat raw half frozen hot dogs? You're pathetic. " he turned around and got on his bike riding away down the trail fast he may be hungry, but he lasted three days with little bit of food. He splurged on a dinner burger the other day and was saving his cash, all tucked into spots one of which was a pocket sewn into the waistband of his pants, that way in a stick up, the person wouldn't want it anyway because they thought it came from.. inside his pants. Clever and he avoided many robberies that way.




She shoved Jay away from her. "Well you better get back, the mayor said something about a few newbies needed to be shown around and told the ropes, he couldn't think of any better person then you to do that job. And as for you blue Jay, I keep peanut butter in my car. Jif, extra crispy. I'm not gonna starve but I'd take that as a compliment on being so skinny." She fixed her hair and gave her still uneaten sandwich to Xel. "Here a snack for the trip back, now I gotta go now fellas, deputy, get back to work. Remember I'm still your boss."

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Xel took the sandwich and shrugged, "You have to deal with her man, I will leave you to that." With that he headed into the thick woods again. When he was done with his food, his body morphed out of sight into a white wolf, and ran back to the town, become human again as he entered.

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Skye tilted her head. "Bite me... wait he's a shifter too? Then this must finally be the way to Bear Paw! I've been looking for ages!"

She shifted to her panther form and made short work of the hotdogs before running along the path. Finally, a place where she wasn't being chased down.


Jay hopped to his feet, heading to camp. Seems like things might get a little less peaceful around here with all the newcomers, but I'll always have the forest for when I need some peace. I just hope none of them irritate Xel, he's scary when he gets angry.

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((Hello, new guy here :3 My sheet is not yet on the post when I post this reply, so don't be surprised!))


Sarah walked along a dust path in the forest. Was there a better way than this bumpy, rocky road she had found? She looked around, she didn't want to shift in case someone watched her... She waved her long, red stray hairs out of her face, and sighed. She had seen some deer, but she hadn't even tought of catching them.

Suddenly she saw the road expanding. "Now this looks better!" she said, and smiled. She started walking a little faster. Was this the road to the Bear Paw Peak?

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PJ stretched as he couldn't find a mountain close enough for his liking. He hadn't been paying attention and had walked head first into a tree by one of the main paths into town or so it seemed. He slowly stood up off of his butt brushing the dirt off of his pants as he looked towards the town. He started very slowly walking towards the town still slightly unsure if he wanted to live there though knowing it is probably the only safe place for him.

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A polar bear moved out of the trees to Sarah standing on his hind legs sniffing the air. Once it was sure she was a shifter, it went back on all fours and looked at her as it headed to the woods down the path.

A moose found pj and sauntered along beside him, it was female, and looked around the trees for any danger.


All three paths opened to the planes and a slight craggy aria behind the town. It wasn't big, but there were a lot of houses and brick business buildings. Most where workshops for making furniture out of antlers, or beads and clay pots, jewelry and other such items they sold online or in other stores in the park towns like mammoth and west Yellowstone. The bear and the moose lead the two to a brick office that was set up like a old small police station.



The path split several times intended to make the human on it loop around and go back to the picnic area. Sky continued straight until he hit the planes and saw the town far off. He biked faster, until his tire hit a rock and flipped him over. Bruised and shaken he got up and shifted into his slender form after strapping his bike to his back pack, he trotted the rest of the way to the town.




AJ was driving back to town when a black wolf ran in front of her, making her swerve and go into a ditch. She got out to see if she hit the animal, moving slowly, frightened that she could've hurt the poor thing when a red striped wolf jumped up and tackled her.

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"Why did I follow a polar bear? Maybe because you don't see them in yellowstone? Because i'm curious? Anyways, it led me to the town..." Sarah thought these things while standing at the door of a police department -like building. She heard hoovesteps behind her, and saw a person and a moose. She tilted her head a little, and smirked. "Did that thing lead you here too?" She asked. She tried to look for the polar bear again, but it was gone. She flicked her hair out of her face again, she thought she should cut that one stray hair shorter someday.

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Xel was sitting outside the police station and looked at the two newcomers, "It's not polite to call the people here 'that thing'. We get enough bad cred as it is..." He stood up and began to study the two. "So we got a horny sheep and a kitten. Welcome to Bear Paw."

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((Haha, horny sheep x) I hope you don't mind i'm replying to every other roleplaying message that is somehow related to me.))


Sarah looked at the white-haired guy and her eyes opened wider. "So that was a...?" she stopped for a moment. "...That explains... Sorry, Miss Moose person..." she muttered in a surprised tone. She focused on the person standing in front of her again, and slightly nodded. "Glad to meet you too... Whoever you are. My name's Sarah, by the way." she continued. "...A kitten is not really what i'd call myself..." she thought, while looking at her surroundings. A few buildings there and there.

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"Name's Xel, I'm one of the border patrol officers. Pleased to meet you both. I would suggest poking your head inside to register and such. Best way to make a living here is to make yourself known."


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The moose shifted back to a bulky woman. "Well, cat lady, you're in a town of shifter people.. what do you expect? I'll help the child,... she knelt and smiled at the boy. I am Hannah, you can stay with me if you'd like. I can use the company..



The bear also turned into a white hair man nodded to Xel and left.




A speckled dog trotted in with a bike on his back, tilting his head at the growing group of people in front of the office. He stood up and shifted back to a human watching and listening carefully.

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As Sarah met so many new people so quickly, she felt kind of awkward. She looked at the boy who said his name was Xel, and nodded. "I guess I should..." she then looked at the nice moose-lady. "I'm sorry, i'm just not used to... Well, so many shifters. I've only seen my kind as i've lived kind of isolated from others..." she then said, and proceeded to go inside the office. She looked around, then turned back to Xel. "Where do I registry and stuff?" she asked, raising her eyebrow a little bit.


((I love how you see this post at like 6pm and for me it's 1am. I should go to sleep now...))

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Mirjana poked around the corner of a protective building, gripping the wooden wall. A slip of paper fell from between her hands. She didn't bother to look at it as she absentmindedly picked it back up. She knew what it was. It was something that belonged to a past she had left not too long ago, and therefore did not matter. What did was finding a place that would accept her, like this town her friends told her about. There would be people like her; people who didn't care she had hundreds of dollars worth of fur.

The girl took a glance at the woods behind her. With a sigh, Mirjana left the building and decided to introduce herself, breath hitching and a hand shielding her heart.


((Finally. Still need some work on cohesiveness if anyone could give me tips there.)

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Xel pointed a thumb behind him to the building he was just sitting in front of, "This building right here Kitten. Go in there, fill out some paperwork, and begin a new life. If you have questions or need help, ask those inside. Once your out, you'll be a citizen. If you see me around, feel free to say hi or ask me anything."

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PJ was staying quiet in the back not really looking at anyone more towards the ground. He listened but was not completely sure if he should go in as well. He looked at the moose lady as she knelt in front of him. He mumbled softly but looked at her "o-ok i'm not sure i-i'll be good company a-and i am usually in mountains when i can be but ok H-Hannah."

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Sarah looked at the Building Xel pointed at, and nodded. "Okay, thanks", she said, and walked to the doorway. She turned around to look at the shy boy. "Do you want to come at the same time?" she asked, she wanted to seem more polite than she was normally. However she did not want to wait, so she turned around and walked inside. She looked around, and walked to a counter on one side of the room. "Hello? I'd like to register..." she said, while leaning at it, maybe to call someone or catch someone's attention.

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Hannah smiled. You can't live on your own here, your too young. I'm sure you'll love my house, my husband Tim and I live on the rocks way outside of town. He's a Colorado mountain goat. I'm sure he can handle a few rounds of rutting. Come on now..let's get the blasted paperwork done. Give something for jaycen to do.." she picked up the boy and carried him inside like a child.




Sky parked his bike outside and slipped in asking for the work and registered. It said they had too in order to get a census of how many supply runs they will need during the year. He sat in a corner keeping an eye out for that damned cat that tried to steal his bike.




AJ pulled on up in the side by side four wheeler. Although cars can't fit on the road, the people got four wheelers, and dirt bikes, more often those kind of bikes that go on and off road. The woman beside her had a tank top and a tattoo on her left shoulder her eyes were a startling unusual color even for a shifter, they were turquoise, like the stone. She appeared to have a unlit cigarette in her mouth but she didn't smoke. It was for show mostly, and it was gum from the eighties, wrapped to look like one odd yes, but it was a big thing then. Now you can only find such items at a novelty candy store

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