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What are you breeding this Halloween?

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I forgot about zombie fodder again. Drat. laugh.gif


I'm just continuing several lineages - Pretty darn excited about being able to breed these SW and Sunrise together and finally finish that lineage!


Going to try breeding Male Desipises x Spotter Greenwings too, I need four of them haha


These two Spessartines will be getting Grave mates - And so will this Stone.


Also, was able to trade for this SW from Holly last year, so Jolly Vitality will finally have a proper mate yay!(the eggs will be AP'd though)



Other then that, I'll probably be hunting for pretties in the AP and breeding my CBs to match the finds, or just to random mates. All other Halloween lineages will be bred for the AP as well.

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This is my first halloween so I'm not breeding anything, but I'm hoping to find a mate for this Almandine x Cavern Lurker checker.


That said, my priority is to get one of each Halloween dragon from the AP first, hopefully 2nd or 3rd gen. I don't know how easy it'll be but I love AP hunting so I'm really looking forward to it!

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The only deliberate breedings I'll be doing is a 5G PB pumpkin to swap with a friend to make 6G PBs next year.


And this.


I'll be on the lookout for my usual holly x halloween 2Gs as well.

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Hah! What I'm breeding this year is Shadow Walkers, of course. lol. What else?


I've got a couple special pairs though. Him with her.


These two will be sending Black Marrow children to the AP once the Shadow Walkers I've promised to people are picked up.


He and his mate will be sending Shadow Walker babies to the AP as well, but not until later in the breeding week.


Plus I'll be breeding my "Unusual" pairs of Shadow Walkers: His parents and her parents, though the ones I can control are spoken for, plus the two of them are a pair. The third gens will go straight to the AP for grabbing goodness.


I'm going to try to breed some pumpkins to swap for other pumpkins, but it will depend on how many Shadow Walkers I end up breeding to keep whether I'll have room.

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Just to check, are Halloweens supposed to start breeding the 24th?

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I hope you plan to breed your messies too: I need some for my lineage. They won't be harmed, I promise. smile.gif


I have 5 Pumpkins (1 CB), 3 Marrows (2), 4 Walkers (2), 2 Lurkers, 4 Graves (3) and 3 Desipises. I'll breed some every day, offer eggs on the Departure Board and catch some APed eggs.

Also, I don't believe in checkers, so max freedom for new owners.

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I believe it'll start on the 25th.

Ah okay! I just checked past event announcements and seems like it is the 25th. Goodie! Enough time for my things to hatch. smile.gif

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I finally decided which pairs I'm going to breed since I never friggin coordinated genders among everything.


Continuing my Grave x Solstice EGs to 3rd gen!

Continuing my Grave x Falconiform EGs to 3rd gen!


Grave x RA 2nd gens (Two of them) since I apparently forgot to do it last year. >_< I already have the 2nd gen RAs, but no 2nd gen Graves.


Spirit Ward x CL x2


Male Ember x Female Desipis x2


Female SW x Male Silver Lunar Herald x2


Male Desipis x Red Nebula x2


This is all since I only have 3 pumpkins and apparently, despite many attempts to get more, I invariably abandoned every single CB magelight pygmy I attempted to pick up so I only have a single breeding pair. XP


And just gotta say.... it's VERY HARD to pick a mate that works with Desipis. >_< Even other Desipis don't look nice with them.

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And just gotta say.... it's VERY HARD to pick a mate that works with Desipis. >_< Even other Desipis don't look nice with them.

I haven't decided what I'm doing with mine, but I'm liking the way Hellfire Wyverns look, especially the females. Or Mageia Xenos, for a very Halloweeny black/orange.

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Most of the Halloweens I picked up are messy, but I got a few good ones I can breed with mates I acquired over the year. As for the messy ones, I will probably breed them too, someone will want them to freeze.


I'd really like to get some new lines to try for next year, since I know now that lineages are important to most. I need some more Graves and Shadow Walkers, that's for sure.

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57 pumpkins

20 Marrows

17 shadow walkers

14 lurker

7 Graves

7 Desipis


If things go right, 1 day of catching, followed by 1 day of breeding (+requests) and another day of breeding + catching. I'm hoping to get some low timed graves and Despis toward the end of the breeding period for freezing. Other than PB pumpkins, I don't think there's any lineages I'm looking for in particular

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Now that the breeding started, I thought I'd show some more ideas...

(Didn't breed them myself, because I have no CB Shadows, but I chose the mates when trading for them.)


Blue Gemshard x Shadow

Silver Herald x Shadow

Shadow x Blue Herald

Shadow x Bronze Herald

Chrono x Shadow

Spirit Ward x Shadow

The Blue and Bronze Lunars must look amazing with the blue and brown Shadow Spriter's Alts, respectively...


I'll also breed some 3rd gens to the AP that I started last year, but couldn't find a mate for. Hopefully that will motivate people to do these lineages as well. wink.gif

Shadow x Tidal

Shadow x Imperial Fleshcrown

Shadow x Tan Ridgewing


More Shadow lineages I love and will continue: Heartseeker, Royal Blue (f), Sunsong (m), Cassare

and Solstice, but that is as complicated as it's beautiful, both being Holidays and the Solstices having two variants

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I bred some PB even 3rd gens into the AP of Shadowwalkers, Cavern Lurkers, and Black Marrows. Also a batch of PB 2nd gen Graves.

For some reason I really like the looks of even purebred lineages.


Still hoping to find a 2nd gen PB pumpkin as a mate for the one I already have, but so far no luck. Got everything else I wanted already, though. smile.gif

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For myself I've bred....

Grave x Nocturne

Nocturne x Grave

Desipis x Nocturne

Nocturne x Desipis


I had also planned these but got sidetracked in the AP and now happily locked.

Grave x Chrono Xeno

Grave x Sunrise

Green Gemshard x Desipis


Maybe next year. happy.gif

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Probably wont be breeding unless someone PMs me for a specific pairing they need.

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I have a million and one lineages to breed this year. Some I never found mates for from last year, some I still have no idea what I'm doing with. I'll probably just go down the line and breed what I can. I'm not much of a planner kind of person. tongue.gif



Buuuut.... I have been looking forward to breeding this since last year. And man oh man it looks good!


My two favorite dragons together in one magnificent checker!? What more could a girl ask for? Maybe a mate LOL

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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A truckload of marrow spirals that I'm half glad no one cares about, so I don't feel guilty about not being willing to trade them away.


Also, I guess, some marrow (quasi-)checkers.


And then, with the very slight amount of space I have left, rawrscarybooghostpumpkin dragons Desipes.


We'll see how it pans out. I am throwing any single one of those out the moment someone goes "hey, I have a 3G marrow checker x swallowtail, I saw you're looking for that" so I can make hasty egg space, but otherwise things are smooth sailing from here.

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My 2 CB pairs: Graves and Desipises.

I hope to get some of their auto-abandoned eggs back, I was contacted by one person so far but seems the rest decided to ignore (their parents ask in their names), even though I'm offering a swap. Meh:(

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Continuing some lineages I got last year^^ (as last year was the only time I got my first halloweens >-<)


Pumpkin x Pygmy 4th Gen

http://dragcave.net/lineage/dlEea 4 of these guys where breed so 3 others should be getting this linage :3


Marrow x Ember dragon 3rd Gen



Cave Lurker x Spirit Ward Dragon (These dragons go really good together, hope others make some too) 3rd Gen



Grave x Bleeding Moon (I'm new to lineage making so I thought he would be on the bottom>.<) 3rd Gen



And I made lots of purebreed 2Gen Desipis with my 3 pairs





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There's never been a more frustrating time for me to be active and limited to 6 eggs at a time! lol I am loving these dragons!

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