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Glomp Gifting

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Yunako --> White Stripe : tDyea

Lesh4537 --> Nebula : XIHku

kittyrules2003 --> Golden Wyvern : ci0VK

Ninetails --> Pink : kxBvb

xdlugia --> White Stripe : MHgKt

lolahighwind --> Silver Lunar Herald : 5VDiX

Terrafreaky --> Undine : U8bCa

Denwayasha --> Spotted Greenwing : NhKQ0

AnanoKimi --> Nhiostrife Wyvern : PUZte

okura --> Pillow : DYo7r

anetofstars --> Geode : 1RaDT

Ellenai --> Celestial : mOScJ

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Does anyone want to share their Holiday and/or new Gifting Ideas for the New years? With Valentine just around the corner, I don't really consider the "Holidays" over. So anyone into the Holiday and Giving Spirit and want to share their GLOMP plans and inspire others or share a GLOMP gift they received?

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Like the idea of this! Perhaps when that last whoops click cools down! Ooo! This would be great for holidays as well! Halloween soon ^.^

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Is it okay if you PM someone in advance to ask them if they have a preferred lineage?

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Tesnivy --> Shadow Walker : T0J1U

MathPi --> Cheese : Q9u78


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