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Shift male horses in their lineage rectangle

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Not totally sure this is the right place, but...


I do love the new male horse sprite, but it is a bit jarring in the lineage view compared to what it used to be.


Now, comparing the male to the female, the full sprites aren't terribly different. Same orientation, same arched heck, tail bends around similarly (though one is front / other is back). The raised wings, the 2nd hoof in the air, the angle of the body, and the wild mane are the primary differences, and those are more of angles than total differences. And yet, despite the similarities, they fill the lineage frame quite differently, which is causing many / most lineages designed around the old pose to look quite poor.


I think pulling the male forward, so that his hoof feathers just touch the edge of the frame, will give the lineage view a look much closer to the female horse, and decrease the change in look of lineages with the males. It will clip the one wing off, but there are plenty of sprites where that's like that.


However, as I'm no artist and don't have an editing program on this computer.... its hard to say for sure. Perhaps someone could do a mock up of it, compared to the female horse?





Here's the male vs the female:





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I'm in favor if this as well. Looking at our new boy, I'd have to say that he isn't occupying the lineage square as efficiently as he could. There seems to be a lot of empty space to the right that could be used.


user posted image

(that rectangle isn't perfect, don't sue me XD)

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*Raises hand* Can you ask for female marrows to be shifted a bit, too? Once upon a time they looked beautiful in lineages, but when TJ did a bunch of lineage tile tinkering some time back, they shifted to the left and never returned, leaving a gap of empty space that just doesn't look good in lineages. http://dragcave.net/lineage/OVszV



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I agree with this. Looking at the lineage view, I see a lot of space to the right side that could be used more effectively. It isn't bad, necessarily, but it is distracting.

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100% support here, I'd love to see both the Horse and Marrow dragons (and any other breed where up to a half of the lineage view is simply blank space) represented in a way where we can fully appreciate their beauty.

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I would definitely like this. The new horse sprite is pretty awesome, but he's leaving more empty space than necessary. A nudge in the right direction will make a lot of difference.

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