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Ghosts of the forest

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This Rp is based off of the Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater. If you would like to know more about the series before joining please click here.




Years ago, the Mercy Falls pack of werewolves used to live in peace in Boundary Wood. That was before Shelby bit Jack Culpepr and put us all in danger. Jack ran into the forest after starting to change unpredictably between human form and wolf form (All new werewolves start to change between human and wolf unpredictably after they are bitten). Tom Culpepr organized a wolf hunt because he thought that we had killed his son, Jack Culpepr. We almost died, but Grace, a human girl who was bitten but never changed, stopped the hunt. We survived for a while after that before Shelby decided to cause trouble again. When a new werewolf named Olivia changed back to a human, Shelby mercilessly killed her. Tom thought it was our pack and decided to organize an air hunt. Sam, who used to change but was supposedly cured, led the pack to the Boundary Waters peninsula with help from a police officer who knew about us and Grace, who had finally started to change. On the way there, Shelby was finally killed and was no longer a threat to us. For years we have lived in peace on the peninsula, with no threat from humans. But now, a new threat has risen. A new pack has come to live in the stretch of open ground between Boundary Wood and Boundary Waters. They are already tired of their territory and want to expand. The only logical place to expand to is the Boundary Waters peninsula, because it is free from the threat of humans. We have seen how much larger the other pack is and know that they could easily tear us to shreds. Now we must move yet again, back to Boundary Wood. But will the humans hunt us yet again, or will we live in peace for the rest of our lives?




Boundary Waters- A large peninsula in the middle of a lake connected to land by a narrow dirt road, barely enough for two vehicles. There is a large lodge on the peninsula that houses the werewolves in spring and summer when they are humans. Prey is very plentiful here, especially in spring and summer.


Boundary Wood- A very large forest with lots of prey. There is a small shed filled with clothes and food for when the wolves are humans. Sometimes they turn back into a wolf in the shed though and this can cause problems. There is another lake on one edge of the forest that isn't as large as Boundary Waters but is still pretty big.


Mercy Falls- This small town is surrounded by Boundary Wood on all sides. When the wolves shift they come to 'Beck's' house, which is on the edge of the forest. The house is large enough to hold several people in it at a time.




-Try to keep genders generally even. If there is a bit more of a certain gender that's fine but I will not allow 30 girls and 14 boys. Also I will not allow characters that are neither male nor female.


-There is a max of four characters per person.


-Please put any OOC in brackets so people don't get confused.


-Please be nice to your fellow role-players.


-This is NOT a Lit or Semi-Lit RP but if you are only writing one sentence please make it well-developed and easy to reply to. I will NOT allow three words to make up a sentence, for example; Cole killed Shelby.


-I will allow there to be original characters from the books but I have no objections to you making a new character. You CANNOT make a character from the book that is already dead like Beck.


-The wolves communicate ONLY through pictures they are able to send from their minds into the minds of one or more pack members. They do not know how to communicate with words at all and don't understand the concept of them. The only other way they can 'speak' is by snarling, biting, etc.


-Please post your form in the topic.


-The wolves are able to communicate with words only if they send them through a thought. No this doesn't mean they can read minds, only send thoughts.


-And last but NOT least, the wolves can NOT keep human thoughts in wolf form and they always forget that they were ever human. In wolf form they can't remember human thoughts and the luckiest wolves can keep their thoughts for about a minute with Sam being a rare exception.

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Human appearance:
Wolf Appearance:



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