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Holiday Kin Trading Center

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One 2nd gen Almandine x Yulebuck

One 2nd gen Gold Lunar Herald x Glystere



TWO 2nd gen ALMANDINES x Yulebuck



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I'm in need of various holidaykin to get my Valentine lineages ready, and would love to arrange bloodswap trades for them - or make other arrangements if bloodswaps aren't needed on your end.



3G Amarignis x purple Pyr: Teleport Link

3G red Gemshard x Sweetling: Teleport Link



2G Gold x Erador, 2X

2G Silver x Mutamore

2g gold Shimmer x Sweetling (no bloodswap available, sorry; I have no CB prizes)

2G light Lumina x Arsani

2G bronze Shimmer x Mutamore (no bloodswap available; sorry; I have no CB prizes)

2G Silver x Amarignis

3G tan Ridgewing x Val '09

3G Galvanic x Val '09

3G White x Sweetling

3G Silver x Sweetling

3G BlackTea x Rosebud

3G Almandine x Rosebud

3G IratusCantor x Heartseeker

3G tan Ridgewing x Arsani

3G Gold x RA

3G Almandine x Heartstealing

3G tan Ridgewing x Heartstealing (no bloodswap available, sorry)

3G bronze Tinsel x Mutamore

3G gold Lunar x Mutamore

3G Silver x FloralCrown

3G Tercorn x Sakuhana

3G BlackTruffle x Sakuhana

3G Aranoa x Erador

3G Sapo x Erador

5G gold Lunar x Soulstone



Most of my CB Valentines have bred recently, but they'll be ready for 2G swaps in a couple days at most.  PM me if you're interested in any swap I haven't already bred/teleported!

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Up for Trading: 

3G Arsani x Silver: Would love a bloodswap! 


Seeking Mates: 

2G Sweetling x Aria 

3G Sweetling x Moonstone 

3G Rosebud x Black 

3G Radiant Angel x Sunsong 


Pairings I can Attempt within the Week: 

3G Val'09 x Black 

4G Val'09 x Black 

4G Sweetling x White 


Cheers and good luck!! ^^ 

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update for found mates!

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2g electric x light weaver

WANT: bloodswap pls!


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Posted (edited)


3G Lihnseyre from Sakuhana




Must not be related to Cherry Sterling or Soul Princae

Purple in signature applies if your dragons are uncooperative, feel free to pm me ^-^


Thank you!

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4G Freckled from Sakuhana - checker

4G Black Tea from Floral-Crowned - checker

3G Aether from Floral-Crowned - checker



Bloodswaps for all of them! You can do whatever you like with these eggs, once they're on your scroll it's your business ^-^

Feel free to pm me, the purple in my sig applies if your dragons are unccoperative!


Freckled Clicky

Black Tea Clicky

Aether Clicky

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Up for Trading:

3G Silver x Arsani

3G Spring x Sweetling


Seeking Mates: 

3G Spring x Rosebud

3G Spring x Arsani

3G Spring x Radiant Angel

4G Spring x Val'09


Pairings I can Attempt: 

3G, 4G Black x Val'09

3G Spring x Val'09
4G, 5G Moonstone x Sweetling

3G, 4G White x Sweetling
3G, 4G Sunsong x Radiant Angel


Honestly I just woke up realizing I need help with spring seasonals before the summer gets here. O__O



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Posted (edited)

Hatchie! Will happily accept a fresh-laid egg in exchange.


Have: 2G umbra from Glystere. lineage

Want: bloodswap.


Make an offer on my hatchling!

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2nd gen Silver Tinsel

From code parents 1LOVE & F**ck1


(I will always be open to breed her for the dragon(s) listed below. 

You can choose your own mate.

She will be bred as many times as needed to produce your desired egg(s).)


https://dragcave.net/teleport/2b1613a43932ae8057108b74c5f6dd92Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!




CB rares

Multiple CB metals

2nd gen Prize

Other general offers

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