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4G gold LH x RA checker.  Teleport Link



bloodswap, please!


TRADED!  Thank you!

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3G Gold x Starsinger Checker

3G Gold x Pink Sweetling Checker (gendered female)

3G Gold x Erador Checker (gendered female)





- Bloodswaps for all, Green Line in my Signature applies to all if you own the pairing but did not get an egg this week.
- Will accept a 2G Gold from Erador unrelated to any in group/150070 for more than one


Please feel free to PM me if needed. Thank you!

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2nd gen Aeon with Desipis mother, influenced male. Nice parent names.

Influenced Y82bq to be male with (JH4D3). Feb 27, 2021, 8:36 am EST





2x 2nd gen Pargulus from Pumpkin, any combination.  Nicely named parents please.


Make an offer on my hatchling!  Traded, thank you!

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Posted (edited)

HAVE: 2G Azure Glacewing from male Shadow Walker (lineage)


WANT: Exact bloodswap please ^_^


Green line in siggy applies; happy to chat, just drop me a PM! Otherwise offer here!

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2G Kyanite from Pumpkin


FYI I will zombie attempt the father Kyanite! I cannot promise it will turn, and state that if it properly revives, I will let it live. If it dodges, it dodges however I will retry another time. 




2G Zombie attempt x Pumpkin.


I accept the same terms as above :) 


I will also accept any from holiday as I kinda wanna try and start a line (only zombies at base tho). Any zombie type as long as its a 2nd Gen baby (and the holiday is not killed but partner as Im unprepared to match that).

Trade Link:




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