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CYOA dragon game book

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Hi All,

Just thought I'd post this here for anyone interested. I recently wrote a short choose your own adventure game book for the Windhammer competition called "The Draconic Challenges" where you try to get your own dragon egg from a wild pair raise the dragon you find if you're successful.


It is up now to read for free here. http://www.arborell.com/thedraconicchallenges.pdf


It's an interactive book where you make choices, some of it involves rolling a dice or using a number generator such as this one https://www.random.org/dice/?num=1


There's a number of other entries with all sorts of different topics for anyone who likes CYOA and game books here http://www.arborell.com/windhammer_prize.html (They're all free to read as well).


It's my first entry for this competition so I'd love any feed back on mine from anyone who reads it and would like to let me know. (You can either post it here or email it to the organiser if you would prefer to be anonymous).


Also you can vote for your favorite books, just make sure you pick your 3 favorite ones from the list. (If you vote for more or less entries than this your vote wont be counted).


Happy reading smile.gif

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