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Poetry By Dorchadas

Now that the big fancy header text is gone, hi! I'm Dorchadas and I do mostly poetry. I occasionally do a scene or short story, somethimes crappy art too, but mostly poems.

I'll try to do requests but please understand that I'm not good at writing poems without inspiration so other requests might come before yours or I might take a while but I do intend to do them all. If you think I've forgotten you feel free to shoot a pm at me but please don't spam my inbox.

I will occasionally curse in my poems but it will only be if the piece calls for it and I will let the filter handle it.

I'll offer my meager advice and knowledge to whoever wants it, don't be afraid to ask!

For now I'll leave you with a recent piece I did:


I couldn't stop thinking of you

From the moment that we met

Showed me ways I never knew

And for a moment I could forget

The raging pains inside of me

Allthe cracks throughout my soul

l was never meant to be free

I will never truly be whole

I thought of you when we separated

Split off and went our ways

My love for you was unabated

But to you I was just a phase

I sunk back into my old patterns

Same day, different censorkip.gif

I knew I couldn't go on battered

I knew I wouldn't make it through this

I'm thinking of you in my final hour

When the dark is too blinding to see

So devoid, yet full of power

I guess these shadows must be me

I was doomed from the very start

To destroy myself at the very last

Will you still keep me in your heart

When I'm a figment of your past?


user posted image

^My Pooty, Fae (Art is not my thing)


(Reserved for pending requests)


Completed Requests:

-Fangtail528, Something about shadow


Also if anyone could take this first post, recode it to look prettier, and pm the revised code I'd be really happy biggrin.gif

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If you want, i could try and make your pooty colorful, other wise tho it looks not that bad actually :3

Also how do you center?! ive had a hard time with that...

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If you want, i could try and make your pooty colorful, other wise tho it looks not that bad actually :3

Also how do you center?! ive had a hard time with that...

Like this:

[CENTER]Like this:[/CENTER]


And Fae is actually supposed to be like white and feathery and stuff, so no thank you. happy.gif

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Your Pooty looks very nice! It looks like it would be some sort of floaty graceful dragon bird lol. I can turn it into the fluffy white creature you pictured it as if you're having trouble. It will be digital though.


Also, if you want, I can recode your first post for you! What do you want it to look like. I'm not the best coder, but I'm decent.

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Somewhat like that, but more like... Hm. Closest thing I can think of is Quetzalcoatl. Can't ever remember whether he was a Mayan god or an Aztec one. Basically he's like a snake that's fuzzy with fluffy feathery wings. And that's a stone mask on his face. And I would love a digital version of him! happy.gif


As for the coding, feel free to surprise me. I trust you. smile.gif


Now here's a poem I cobbled together just now:


Sometimes I watch the people walking by

Constantly rushing around, never asking why

I wonder how their life would be

If they could see what I can see

Everyone surviving just in time to die


Sometimes I go out to walk in the rain

Seeing all the people full of pain

If they'd let the drops hit their skin

And see the beauty lying within

Perhaps their unhappiness would wane


So when your life seems at its lowest

Stop for a second and smell the roses

It can always get brighter

The clouds will be lighter

And with that, this poem now closes.



PLEASE critique me. I'm always looking to see what I'm doing wrong.


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oh man oh man i like your poetry a lot!! O: it flows rly nicely and you have very nice word choice : ^ )

as for critique; i'm sorry i can't help you there since most of my poetry is freeform and i just roll along as i go--hardly much compared to yours! ; u ;

will be watching this for sure, though <33

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I honestly am really not that good... My only asset is speed. I can knock out a poem in five minutes easily, but I can't write at all unless I'm in the right mindset. (Fae is temperamental sometimes)

I actually usually do my poems that way, I hate sticking to rhyme scheme. I feel like it's more putting a train of thought on paper than "traditional" poetry, but it's totally beautiful when other people do it.

If I ever use my old Deviantart account again I can dig some good ones up but for now I've only got this (Very bad example but meh):

Someday I'd like to see the one who's willing to stand up in the middle of a crowd and admit their faults, the dark stories that keep them up at night and stay locked behind closed lips.

I want to see the one who can cast off their shroud and show all their mistakes, sparing none and knowing the condescension will come.

I don't want to see them do it without shame, without knowing the sins of their past; rather I want them to know their wrongdoings as they are revealed and feel grateful that they are secret no more.

By most, they will be shunned. Shunned by the very people that have their own shadows and dare not take them to light.

We all wear black veils upon our collective visages and from that cover we feel free to judge when there's a peek behind someone else's.

I would love to see the one who has the guts to bare their secrets.

But I know it will never be me.

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I always prefer freeform, it's hard to rhyme. Quetzalcoatl is an Aztec god.

Pronounced Kay ta Caw till. Cool poems, I have a few myself. One you'll see in our rp soon wink.gif


this thread is officially stalked by Aroara.

Edited by AroaraAngelwolf

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ahhh give yourself some credits; your poems are really good!! <333 it's always nice to receive critique and compliments c:

muses are hard, yeah : ' D i haven't written a poem in a while just because inspiration is like ???? wh ???? how ????

me @authors: how are you doing that

mm yeah i feel you ; o ; a train of thoughts is a really nice to put it! c:

omg ahh dang what a nice poem you're good at all poetry forms how <33

the only thing i would suggest for that one is to break it up into smaller segments; it's much easier and flows better read-wise when you have a lot of smaller verses as opposed to large chunks of sentences. ; o ;

mm your poems are really deep too nic e

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@Rora- Pssh, I know how to pronounce Quetzalcoatl, I just mix up Aztec and Mayan a lot. >~< Also thanks for the stalking I don't deserve this T^T


@Lune- Ah nyuuuu stahp the compliments you're too much >~< And inspiration is like you got nothing for like months and then suddenly you write fifteen things in one day and you're just like wut. And I've done better chunked stuff before, I actually just picked them up from my DevArt


My big old Dev poem dump:



Blaring, screaming,

a orchestra of chaos-

roaring, beautiful melodies,

an inferno of noise.


The throbbing bass,

ruling my existence,

to the outsider

a whisper in the breeze.


The world goes by,

a combination of blaring sound

and visual silence,

no sound but my own.


The people talk,

they yell, they shout-

I hear none,

just a comical pantomime.


The music- it moves me,

it sings and goes through me,

and nothing matters

but the sound.



The notes-

Empty, crystal

Shimmering in the air

Slowly shatter

And release their rainbow treasure

Like raindrops

They fall shimmering

Until they hit


They are iridescent,



The purity of ice.

They are feathers,

Touching me,

Sending fire through my bones,

And shivers down my spine.

They bring my tears-

Of joy,

Joy and anguish

Tangled, inseparable


I feel as if I’m




With the rain

Rain of crystal notes

The potential to bring one thing-


Or salvation

To the world.


The notes surround me,

Surround me as I watch,

Watch the world-

Does it burn,




Or does it heal,




Or is it both?

It always was.


The duality-

The darkest blacks

And the purest whites,

All the grays in between-

Such is our existence,

Always changing,


Unwilling to accept,

We will always be the same.


We live our lives-

A flash,

A bang,

Then gone,

Leaving others to flash away.

Some say it is meaningless,

Not knowing that their one flash

Helps the world grow-

One life dies

And two replace it.

We are solid for an instant

A second in the shadow of infinity,

Long enough to share your heartbeats

With the universe,

Trying to make our mark

When it was there all along.


We search for a sign,

A symbol,

Something to show us

A better life,

A higher purpose,

What is wrong with what we have?

We should accept

What we cannot change

Take our laments

And let them dissolve


With the dust of our fears and worries.

Not closing Pandora’s box-

Our darkness make us human-

But don’t dwell on the death

The sickness

The poverty

Instead, focus on the solution

which was there all along.


Everyone is like this.

I am too.

I never said I wasn’t-

I suffer from the human condition.

Our virtues-




Our flaws-




Our gifts-




Our curses-





All of us are good,

As much as we are bad,

And all the things in between.

We are everything and nothing,


Bottled and given form.

We simply are.

We have no need to prove our existence.

We are here,

And that is proof enough.

We need only enjoy life-

Our virtues

And our flaws.

Nobody is perfect-

Imperfections make us real.

Being perfect is unnatural-

An imperfection in itself.

I don’t expect you to accept this,

Most of you won’t.

It’s who you are.

So be who you want

And live vicariously

Through yourself.



Come in from the rain,

Cast off all your pain,

Please come inside,

Out there is insane.


We here are all flawless,

Out there it is lawless.

Come in to safety,

Come in to solace.


For this is the Haven

The thing you’ve been craving

Yes, this is a place

That you can feel safe in.


Here there is unity

One perfect community

And this is your chance,

Your one opportunity.


Cast off your demon

And step into Eden

You only give up one thing:

your freedom.



I am a machine-

Gears and pistons,


Until they are silent


I am covered

By flesh and blood

Donning a cloak

Of humanity

And appearing no different

Than anyone else.

Every response, every move, every glance

Is calculated

To deceive you

To hide my inner monsters

And show a perfect shell,

Like the purest white egg

That is rotten inside.

Anything I do

Is designed

To make you respond well,

The very things

I want you to hear.

I am the gum on your shoe,

Trying to convince you I’m not,

Trying to talk my way

Into being a god.

I’m blackest evil-

A monster,

A demon,

A twisted fiend,

Finding my way into your hearts

By tearing them open

And jumping in.

And the one place I can be me,

Or rather

The me I want to be,

Is here.

This piece of writing

Is your only glimpse into my soul.

I never wanted to be this way

And I don’t know how it happened.

All I know

Is that it’s unfixable-

I will stay

An unholy warping

Of what we call





your world shatters

and you're left

picking up the pieces.


you don't want to go on at all.


your heart is ripped out of your chest

and your soul begins to fall.

But no matter how many crystal tears you shed

or how hard you sob,

no matter how far you run

the world will never stop.

The people still walk and don't feel a thing

not caring about what is past.

The earth still turns and the sky doesn't burn

and the crickets still chirp in the grass.

When you feel so much pain you're never the same,

you yell and you scream and you curse.

You wonder why when they've gone and died

the world isn't feeling much worse.

You only see red when a loved on is dead

and you don't care about a thing.

You're broken and hollow and you just want to wallow

in misery and death and despair.

But you should know it doesn't work-

you don't get anywhere.

So you have to move on

It shouldn't feel wrong

To remember but not obsess.

You know they would want

you to take it in stride

and to make sure you're at your best.

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I tried saying your second one. Sounded awesome :3 i honestly suck at poetry, but im good at criticizing things, and i say in that second one, i saw NOTHING to crit :3

i want one about Shadows, cuz that kinda how i feel most of the time.

Edited by fangtail528

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I tried saying your second one. Sounded awesome :3 i honestly suck at poetry, but im good at criticizing things, and i say in that second one, i saw NOTHING to crit :3

i want one about Shadows, cuz that kinda how i feel most of the time.

No problem, Fae seems to be thrilled with me atm so inspiration to spare

Also I totally did it haiku form I love haikus



Fading light brings fear

Lurking among the corners

Spreading of the black


It lies in shadow

The essence of the unknown

Concealment within


Shadows hide truth

Silhouettes and dusky space

Benign becomes beast


Fear not the shadows

The darkness will not harm you

Fear what lurks inside

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No problem, Fae seems to be thrilled with me atm so inspiration to spare

Also I totally did it haiku form I love haikus



Fading light brings fear

Lurking among the corners

Spreading of the black


It lies in shadow

The essence of the unknown

Concealment within


Shadows hide truth

Silhouettes and dusky space

Benign becomes beast


Fear not the shadows

The darkness will not harm you

Fear what lurks inside


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Here's a quikie I did just now, I'll try to pump out some more soon ~



Humanity is broken


Ruined by hope and crushed by despair

Constantly reaching farther

When we reached the moon we wanted the stars

When we reach the stars we'll want new galaxies

As much as we throw the word around

We truly have no grasp

Of "Satisfaction"

We see it as something we get later

Something to strive for

When all it is

Is a reason

To hate what we have now

It can always be worse

It can always be better

But it's only as good as you let it be

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Such pretty poetry.~ I can always appreciate a good writer. wub.gif


Keep up the good work! I wish I could give a request, but... That shadow one pretty much summed up what I think is cool. You've earned a stalker/fan. <3

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Awesome! Stalker, fan- doesn't matter. I could use more of both.


To the thread in general: I'm thinking of starting up Deviantart again and posting all the things but laziness. Thoughts?

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I have recently figured out how to post on my devi, I have a watt pad account too. Perhaps some of my poems can give you inspiration and visa versa.


I need to write more stuff. sad.gif I haven't because laziness too.

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Hello stalkers/fans/enemies/people who were bored cause nobody is replying in the topic they actually like/friends! I've had an idea! I wanted to write a random scene to put up here and I was feeling lazy and didn't want to make characters or use old ones. So I thought: "Why not use other people's characters instead!"

The answer to this is "Because my stories/scenes are terrible", of course.

But I'm doing it anyway!


Entering your character is simple:

-First come first serve

-Only 3 characters total

-I reserve the right to do anything within DC rules with them

-Characters can be original or previously used in an RP or something, but they must be yours

-The character description must be as detailed (or more so) than an RP character sheet.


Fire away!

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Ooh ooh, me me!


I'd like you to do something involving Yopple (a Cassare/Magi hybrid) and Ohimia (a Lumina).


Yopple...well, there's not too much to describe his appearance. Instead of being a coppery-color, he is a bright orange. He still has the black markings the other Cassares have. His name is funny, mostly because his owner got tired of writing names and them dissapearing, so wrote "Yopple" out of frustration. He's got two opposite personalities; a wise, kind one and a cruel, mean one. His "good" side cares for the clan and his owner, and wants nothing but the safety of his friends. His "bad" side wants everything either dead and rotting or in chains, forced to be a slave. Normally, Yopple keeps his bad side surpressed, but...yeah. Sometimes it comes out.


Ohimia is your typical Lumina. Shiny silver scales, goldish-yellow underbelly. She's madly in love with Yopple (his good side, doh) and she's kind of dopey. Not saying she's dumb, because she's not. She's just a little dopey. She's also positive and cheery.

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Do Netaku! (if you saw the pooty force thread you know his personality (i know you've seen him...) so im not really gonna bother retyping that :3) I don't care what you do with him tho! he likes to do anything as long as its fun!

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Sorry guys, I totally missed those for some reason. Totally DC's fault. Not cause I'm oblivious or anything at all.


However Esko, you can only have one character submitted. If you pick one I can get started right away~

And procrastinate for a week or so biggrin.gif


For now here's a little piece I thought up about an hour ago:


All of us have secrets

But everyone can change

Rarely does someone stay the same


But it matters not to demons

They'll never cease their chase

They live only to see you erased


So when your faith is broken

And all hope has taken flight

Dusky sunlight shattered by night


I'll be standing at your side

To help to get you through

I will be there

For you.

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i come up with songs in my head all the time, i may try (right now) to come up with one xd.png


The darkness holds the shadows,


and the night holds darkness,


but the true darkness is inside us,


The shadows in our hearts


of bonds broken long ago,


sadness woken long ago,


the shadows draw forth,


to take you with them,


back into the shadows depths,


the more you struggle the faster you sink,


into the shadows,


of your heart.

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