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Choice, a Pokemon Shifters RP

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The sky is clear, the birds are chirping, and it’s neither too hot or too cold. It would be the perfect Autumn day, if not for the little fact that you don’t know where you are, how you arrived here, or even who you are. As a matter of fact, your only memory is being surrounded by black, and something speaking to you. You can clearly recall the first words it said, the question that started everything.

“What would you do for your dearest wish?”




The GMs are me and Fractional Pi Day. If you have any doubts, don’t be afraid to contact us either by PM or through the chat.

The OOC thread can be found here.

The Wikia is here.





Post 1: RP info

Post 2: Taken Pokémon for shifters, Accepted characters

Post 3: Accepted characters (continuation)

Post 4: Accepted characters (continuation)

Post 5: Timeline, Everyone's locations, Relevant NPCs





Welcome to Lamorak, an archipelago made of a giant island the size of Kanto and Johto put together with many smaller islands around it. Once upon a time the only common fauna were Pokémon hailing from Hoenn and Unova (and a few evolutionary lines from Sinnoh), but with trainers moving in and out and breeding the Pokémon they brought, nowadays you can find mostly any species if you know where to look. Small towns are incredibly more common than big cities, and transportation is mostly done by walking or riding on bicycles (or Pokémon) instead of using large vehicles due to the high density of trees in most areas. Pokémon Centers are everywhere, and Trainers can use their services for free; this includes healing their team, getting free food for themselves and their Pokémon, and being able to stay the night, though blankets must be returned the following day. Like in Unova, all Centers have a Poké Mart on the first floor, though all Marts sell all items regardless of the customer's number of Badges. Usually there are at least two people manning the Centers, one behind the main counter and one for the Mart - small towns sometimes have only one person in charge of both, though.

The main island tends to have a warm-to-tropical climate, while the smaller islands are… a bit more unique. You see, no one really knows why, but those islands can have climates that are drastically different from each other, especially the ones further away from the main island that can only be reached by 3-4 days on boat; we’re talking about perpetual blizzard islands and active volcano islands here. Some say it’s because of ocean currents, some say it’s because of special Pokémon that live there, and others just shrug and go on with their lives not needing an explanation.

We have no official map, so information on places will be added as they’re traveled to. Nurses and other workers are considered unimportant NPCs, so RPers can create and control them as long as it doesn't contradict anything they've done before.


A list of all the explored/mentioned locations is here





You started your life as either a normal human or a normal Pokémon. One day, you were alone, thinking about something you really wanted. Something you had lost, or wished to gain, or wanted to get rid of. Your biggest wish. In any case, next thing you know there’s a voice coming out of nowhere, asking you a question: What would you do in exchange for it coming true?

You answer the voice. You get pulled into a world of darkness, a shapeless shadow materializing in front of you. It explains it’s looking for players for a certain game. Win, and you will be granted one request. You listen to the rules, say your prize out loud, and when the shadow says it can be done… you agree to enter.

You faint after making your choice. No matter what place in the world you were before speaking to the shadow, you wake up in the main island of the Lamorak region. You forgot everything about yourself, save for your own name and faint traces of the conversation you just had. The rules you agreed to are the clearest thing in your mind:

1.- You will lose all memories, except of these rules.

2.- You will be granted special abilities to aid your quest.

3.- You win by remembering who you are and what you asked for.

4.- You will only finish remembering when Team Helix’s research is destroyed.



Note: For players who joined before the dream sequence, it can be found here - all shifters saw the same scene.

Note: A summary of everything that has happened is here





You play as a shapeshifter (or shifter for short), someone with the ability to switch between being a human and a Pokémon. Their original form will always be altered - facial structure, voice, body type; all of those and more can be different to your original appearance. In any case, the change will always be drastic enough to not be recognized by others you might have known in your original life. While they don’t have their memories, shifters retain the knowledge of their previous life; they just don’t know where they learned it. Shifters also have defining characteristics in each form that distinguishes them from normal humans/Pokémon:

Human form: Can use a very limited version of the moves they have as a Pokémon. When they first woke up after talking to the shadow, this was the form they were in. Can understand Pokémon.

Pokémon form: Can use up to seven moves instead of the usual four. Staying in this form tires shifters out slowly, as if they were walking non-stop, so they cannot maintain it for more than a few hours. Poké Balls treat them as if they were already caught (like this). Getting knocked out reverts them back to their human form.

Both forms: Shifters wake up in a set of ‘original clothes’ that resemble their Pokémon form. Their clothes disappear when shifting into a Pokémon, and appear again unharmed when shifting into a human. If they shift into a Pokémon without clothes or with heavily tattered/torn/damaged ones, the clothes do not disappear upon transforming, and when turning back into a human, they are back in their original clothes. The original clothes disappear when the shifter changes to their Pokémon form without them on.


Shifters always have trouble controlling their transformations and powers at first, though most of them master them in 2-4 days. Moreover, the decision to clear the game is theirs alone - while their past selves had their motives to enter the game, their current ones cannot remember what they were. Maybe they’re curious or dedicated enough to try to win, maybe they decide being a shifter is a pretty sweet deal and to continue on life as one forever. What they do is up to them.


While shifters can use their moves in their human form, they're so limited they're not even useful in actual battle. Someone with Water Gun would be able to fill a glass with water. Someone with Hydro Pump could pretend they have a garden hose with low pressure under their sleeve. Ember would make a flame akin to a lighter. Psychic would be able to lift and bend spoons and other small objects. Dynamic Punch would add power to actual punches like a trained boxer. Ice Beam would freeze small bodies of water.

No move used by a shifter in human form will have secondary effects like modifying stats like Accuracy or causing conditions like Confusion or Burn, and they're mostly useless when used against Pokémon, since Pokémon are accustomed to the full power of moves.

While most shifters start with 6 moves, they can learn a seventh one without having to forget one of their old ones. Learning an eight move would mean having to overwrite one of the previous ones, like trying to teach a fifth move to a normal Pokémon.


All items a shifter is carrying while in human form disappear when they switch to the Pokémon form, and appear again unharmed when the human form is active again. Items that the shifter isn't holding aren't affected, and as such can be picked up as a Pokémon to activate their effects.


Shifters can evolve: however, they cannot evolve into a species there's already another shifter of. So if there's an Arbok shifter, an Ekans shifter won't be able to evolve. Upon evolution, the only thing that changes are the clothes; moves, body, hair and the rest remain the same. Players need GM permission to have their shifters evolve.



On Move Learning


The same rules apply for both shifters and their Pokémon.

  • Level-up moves: they can be learned at any time without any practice, regardless of the character's level.
  • TM/HM moves: They can only be learned with the appropriate TM/HM. TMs can be reused as many times as one likes.
  • Egg moves: If the character didn't start with them, they cannot be learned.
  • Tutor moves: They must be learned from someone who already knows the move, or from a qualified tutor.
On Leveling And Evolution


Leveling up can be done multiple ways.

  • RP fights: fights against PCs or NPCs will always give levels to the winners, and to the losers too if they put up a fight. The more opponents you defeat and the more moves you use to do so, the more levels you'll gain. Note: The maximum amount of levels a single character can gain from battling NPCs controlled by oneself is 12 per chapter. There's no level limit if the NPCs are being controlled by someone else.
  • Events: sometimes characters will go through areas with trainers. In that case, the fights will happen but won't be RPed to save time, and everyone who participates gains a set amount of levels. The shifters are assumed to have won all the fights.
  • Items: Rare Candies give 5 levels instead of 1. Only GMs can say when characters can find one.
Evolution works a bit differently from the main games when level is concerned. Also, both shifters and their Pokémon can resist evolution even if all the conditions are met. If an item should have been used and evolution is resisted, the item will not be consumed.
  • By level: The character must be at the appropriate level and must have participated in at least 3 RPd battles (they don't need to have won them). After that, evolution can happen at any time. Rpers need GM permission to evolve shifters, but not to evolve their Pokémon, as long as the previous condition is met. Pokémon that only evolve while knowing a certain move, at certain times of the day, needing a held item, or by needing a special condition must follow those restrictions. Example: Magikarp to Gyarados; Amaura to Aurorus.
  • By friendship: The character must have participated in at least 3 winning battles. Shifters must be in a happy mood, and Pokémon must like their trainer. Example: Chansey to Blissey.
  • By area: The character must be in an area similar to the ones they need to evolve. Ask the GMs so we can set up somewhere appropriate. Example: Eevee to Leafeon.
  • By evolution stone: The character can evolve when coming in contact with their respective stone. Example: Pikachu to Raichu.
  • By trading: The character must be inside their Poké Ball, which should then be given/traded to a human character. Shifters in their human form count. The Pokémon will evolve as soon as it's out of their Poké Ball, even if the Ball was then immediately returned to the original owner. RPers with shifters that evolve by trading should contact the GMs if they want their characters to evolve. If the Pokémon needs special conditions like a held item or being traded for another specific Pokémon, those conditions must be met. Example: Haunter to Gengar.
  • No Godmoding or powerplaying.
  • Minimum of 4 sentences per post, and use proper spelling and decent grammar.
  • Don’t spam moves in battle or evade everything. If the move’s accuracy is ‘never misses’, like Swift, it will always hit.
  • Respect and be nice to each other.
  • Send your character sheets to me by PM.
  • No canonical human characters from the series, neither playable nor appearing in backstories.
  • Legendary Pokémon work differently in this RP. Don't assume anything or you might get a surprise.
  • Only 1 shiny per RPer, and it cannot be the shifter.
  • Only 1 Legendary per RPer. The specific rules about catching one are here
  • No repeated Pokémon for shifters. If one person has an Arbok shifter, no one else can have another Arbok shifter, though an Ekans shifter would be allowed.
  • Maximum 4 shifters per RPer.
  • If originally human, shifters can’t have been in an important position that would have their disappearance on the front pages, like Gym Leader or CEO.
  • One of the GMs will contact you when your shifter can remember something. Until then, you cannot give them any of their memories back.
  • Shifters can’t have more than 6 Pokémon, and you can only start the RP with one. The starting Pokémon must not be an evolved one.
  • If you haven't posted in a week without explanation and it's your turn, you will be PMed a reminder. If you don't contact the GMs in three days, your characters will be considered inactive and moved away from the scenes they were in. Inactive characters can become active again if the RPer returns.



Character sheet:


Name: (Only first name. Even if your character was originally human and had a surname, they forgot it)

Pokémon: (Their Pokémon form. Cannot be a Legendary, Ultra Beast, Type: Null, or Silvally)

Age: (The age they look like when in human form. Try to keep them between 13 and 31)

Gender: (Self-explanatory)

Human appearance: (What they look like in their human form, with the clothes they first woke up in. This is Pokémon so weird hairstyles and eye/hair colors are allowed. The clothes worn can be simple or flashy depending on what you want, but one look at your character should have someone thinking "are they cosplaying that one Pokémon?" Remember that if your character was originally human, they'll look nothing like what they looked before)

Pokémon appearance: (Their Pokémon form, and any differences they might have. There can be no significant differences, like greatly altering the color. Small markings, small variations in body type, longer/shorter fur, etc, are allowed. Remember that if your character was originally Pokémon, they'll look nothing like what they looked before)

Day they woke up: (Must be Day 10 or later for new characters (current day is Day 13). Check the Timeline for details)

Region: (Self-explanatory. Remember this is used to know which Pokémon they'll be able to recognize: Someone who's spent their entire life in Kanto probably won't know what a Garbodor is)

Backstory: (Who they were before entering the game and losing their memories. Must include reasons they had for entering the game, and what wish they made. If they have been a shifter for more than a day, explain what they have been doing)

Personality: (Self-explanatory)

Nature: (Must not contradict personality)

Ability: (Hidden abilities are allowed)

Moves: (Pick 6. TM/HM/Egg/Tutor moves are all allowed. It can be completely different from the moveset they had if they were originally a Pokémon, too)

Team: (Fill the below info for every Pokémon. Remember to explain how they were caught, with what, and where the Ball came from; also remember humans that enter the game leave their Pokémon behind and wake up with nothing on them. Shifters must start with Stage 1 Pokémon, aka Pokémon without a prior evolution)

-Species (Nickname), [Type of Poké Ball], Gender, Nature, Ability, Move1/Move2/Move3/Move4

Other: (Include other things that don’t fit anywhere else, like current possessions. Can only start with common items. Mention where they got the items from)


Note: new characters can pick between one of these three bonuses

-They can start with one more Pokémon

-They can start with 6 more levels, and their Pokémon with 5 more (if the shifter has one)

-They can start with 7 moves instead of 6



Clean version:

[b]Human appearance:[/b]
[b]Pokémon appearance:[/b]
[b]Day they woke up:[/b]
[b]Moves:[/b] Move1/Move2/Move3/Move4/Move5/Move6
-Species (Nickname), [Type of Poké Ball], Gender, Nature, Ability, Move1/Move2/Move3/Move4

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Taken Pokémon for shifters:


Absol, Arcanine, Archeops, Azumarill, Deino, Doublade, Dragonair, Fletchinder, Garchomp, Gengar, Glaceon, Glalie, Hydreigon, Infernape, Lucario, Mawile, Meganium, Metagross, Milotic, Noivern, Porygon-Z, Purrloin, Pyroar, Rapidash, Scyther, Shedinja, Sigilyph, Tyrantrum, Umbreon, Vulpix, Zebstrika, Zoroark



Accepted Characters:



Name: Rhapsody

Pokémon: Hydreigon

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Human appearance: Rhapsody’s tall, standing at 187 cm, with brown skin that tans easily to a darker tone and sharp facial features. He has narrow black eyes and dark navy blue hair, with front bangs that reach his eyes on the front and part on the right side, the rest of the hair reaching his shoulder blades. It spikes easily, the tips curving to face up and to the sides at many points, giving it a wild and uneven appearance. He's pretty expressive, both with his face and his body language, and all the exercise he had in his original body translated to a fair bit of muscle; though not enough to be noticed through most kind of clothes, he enjoys a high stamina that allows him to hike all day without being sore from the workout.

When he first woke up, he was in a long-sleeved hoodie that opened with a zipper, the outside black and the inside fuchsia, with black fur on the shoulders. Three long stripes of black cloth came out from each shoulder, with their ends looking like a triangle was cut from each of them, and of varying length; the first pair reached his waist, the second his hip, and the third his knees. Underneath the hoodie was a blue shirt with twin vertical fuchsia lines, separated in small sections by thin horizontal black lines. Further down, he had blue jeans with a fuchsia line on each side exactly like the ones on the shirt, and a pair of black fur trimmed boots that went over them. And around his neck was a black scarf, the right end reaching his waist while the left one, torn off, didn’t fall past his chest. All of the clothes matched the color of his Hydreigon form.

Extra clothes: A plain white shirt, a brown jacket, and a pair of normal jeans that he switched for most of his shifter clothes. He kept the boots and scarf.

Pokémon appearance: As an Hydreigon, Rhapsody has shorter and wider wings, with more black fur on their base. His blue scales are a darker blue than average, and he's bigger than other members of that breed. His tail is shorter with enough black fur on the tip to give it a fluffy appearance.

Day they woke up: Day 2

Region: Unova

Backstory: Rhapsody's clan was a trio of female Hydreigon sisters that liked to travel, and so didn't have a set place to call home. Not that they minded; for them, the whole Unova was their garden. They had Deino children at the same time, and the three small dragons were always biting and headbutting each other (which in Deino language meant they got along). The Hydreigon took their children with them on their travels, and raised them until they evolved.

As a Zweilous, Rhapsody's two heads had all the memories of when he was a Deino. However, the two heads now had distinct thoughts, feelings and personalities, leading to frequent clashes between them. Only when all three cousins were Zweilous did they received their two names, his mother naming the head on the right Rhapsody and the one on the left Requiem.

A month passed, and it was clear Rhapsody was the dominant head; he always beat Requiem at their little competitions for leadership of their shared body, and as such his decisions were the ones to be followed. It was around that time when the three sisters took their children to a large cave, and explained to them their family tradition: When Deino children evolved into Zweilous, they had to be left in their preferred habitat to fend off for themselves. Upon evolving, the Hydreigon would be considered a fully-fledged adult, and would take on the name of the head that survived and be free to choose a place to settle on. The three mothers bid farewell to their children and left after the six of them promised to find each other again when the Zweilous passed their trial.

Once they were left alone, the three Zweilous stayed together for one last day. They used that time to talk about what they were going to do once they evolved, and decided on a place to meet. Once the three were together again, they'd fulfill their promise before finally going their separate ways. And after spending all the night talking, when dawn came, they each chose a direction and left.

Thus, Requiem and Rhapsody were left on their own for the first time since they were born. Having no one to talk to but themselves made their arguments grew exponentially; the two heads were always angry at each other, their heads and necks covered in small wounds from their fights. Rhapsody kept leading their body, taking every chance to snap at Requiem and being the one to start almost every fight. By then it was already clear which of them would be the one to survive.

Things continued like that for a few more years. One day, a fight between the two heads regarding which direction to go escalated into the 'serious' realm, with the two attacking each other. In the middle of their fight, they finally evolved, and Rhapsody found himself being the only one left.

At first he was ecstatic; finally, his useless head was gone, and there was nothing to hold him back anymore. Now all he needed to do was find his family again to brag about it and he could start his new life. However, his good mood didn’t last forever. He was supposed to forget and move on, but for some reason, he found himself thinking about Requiem at random times. “That idiot wouldn’t want to pick a fight.” “He’d probably be complaining about the cold right about now.” “Wasn’t he always going on about how we shouldn’t travel by night? Scaredy-cat.” “…This is getting ridiculous.” At one point, he had to stop and come to terms with the truth. That he had picked fights with his twin head not because he hated him, but to find a reason to hate him. Because every Zweilous knows nothing can change that one of them must go, and 'hate' is the easiest way of dealing with the inevitable.

Or at least, he thought so. Until a time when he came face to face with something promising it could grant any request in exchange for picking a fight, something Rhapsody had been doing most of his life anyway. So he accepted. And his condition was, “Bring my brother back with a body of his own.”

He's spent six days as a shifter since then. He might have forgotten everything about himself, but he was pretty sure what he was born as considering the fact that it took him the better part of the first day to figure out how to walk on two legs without looking drunk. Add that he had no idea how clothes worked or why everyone except him seemed to find meaning on some weird scratches all over the place that they called 'writing', and he could say with certainty that he had been an Hydreigon before, and one that didn't have much contact with civilization at that. So his first course of action was clear: steal some stuff, get a Pokémon from the area that could tell him when he was acting like a crazy person, and try not to strangle himself with his own scarf. Again.

Personality: The kind that acts first and doesn't think about consequences until they're biting him in the face, Rhapsody gets bored easily and can seldom stay still, which combined with his impulsive nature makes him an energetic and unpredictable individual that would rather follow his instincts before making any kind of long-term plan. Or short-term plan. Or any kind of plan at all. While that's given him experience in reacting quickly to changing circumstances and has made him very adaptable, he's also prone to making mistakes that could have been easily avoided with just a bit of foresight. It also doesn't help that he has a 'live and let live' mentality, which makes him unlikely to follow the opinions of others if he disagrees, preferring to argue his point and then just go ahead with it anyway ignoring what the other party has to say about anything. He applies that to other people too, being more likely to watch as someone jumps to the sharks rather than pull them back and save them the trouble, as he believes that one must only listen to oneself when making any kind of decision and use it to learn.

Rhapsody doesn't have issues in treating strangers with friendliness, even though his lack of a mouth filter makes him too blunt in voicing his thoughts and opinions. His time as a Zweilous also made him have a violent streak; while he isn't easy to annoy, he not only doesn't think twice about making someone submit by force like he used to do in the wild, he actually likes conflict and will get involved in fights if given the chance.

Nature: Hasty (+Spd, -Def)

Ability: Levitate

Moves: Dragon Pulse/Dark Pulse/Flamethrower/Surf/Earth Power/Thunder Wave


-Houndoom (Pooch), [Poké Ball], Female, Calm (+S.Def, -Atk), Flash Fire, Flamethrower/Crunch/Sunny Day/Solar Beam

-Vibrava (Bugface), [Poké Ball], Female, Relaxed (+Def, -Spd), Levitate, Earthquake/Rock Slide/Crunch/Protect

-Shiny Axew (Tusk), [Poké Ball], Male, Brave (+Atk, -Spd), Mold Breaker, Dragon Rage/Poison Jab

Other: One of Rhapsody's first actions after gaining control of his powers was to switch into Pokémon form and fly away with a Trainer's bag. Which he then left in the middle of nowhere after getting the only items he recognized, two Poké Balls. A small raid to someone's laundry line also got him less flashy clothes; a white shirt, a brown jacket, and a pair of normal jeans.

Current Items: 700P, Poké Ball x3, Oran Berry, Pecha Berry, Heat Rock, Smooth Rock, Revive


Name: Daniella

Pokémon: Milotic

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Human appearance: Daniella's around 163cm with tanned skin and sandy brown eyes. Her long hair is vibrant pink, the bulk of it held up in a high ponytail that ends around her lower back; the hair-tie holding it is cream and mostly elastic, with a big plastic decoration in front that looks like a tall triangle. Most of her bangs are short, but the two framing her face are wide and long enough to reach her hips, where the pink fades to a lighter tone at the ends. A cream string is wrapped around the upper part of each of the two long bangs, at eye level, with the string's only visible end loose and reaching her chin as it fades to pink.

When she woke up, she was wearing a cream-colored spaghetti strap top, with three small round holes cut at the sides - the top two showing the black bandeau underneath the top, and the lowest showing skin. Around her neck was a blue necklace, the front decorated with four elongated ovals fanning out in the shape and colors of a Milotic’s tail. She also had cream knee-length denim shorts with shredded ends, held by a thick light blue belt with black designs mirroring the ones of water reflecting light, and a pink buckle. The sarong tied around her waist, decorated with the colorful patterns of a Milotic's tail, covered most of the shorts, and her strapped sandals were mostly cream with the soles and buckles pink.

Extra clothes: Dark-brown winter coat that reaches her knees, with golden buttons. Tends to wear it over her shifter clothes.

Pokémon appearance: Chubbier and shorter than a normal Milotic, with the colors having a vibrant hue. Her antennae and fins are longer too, the fins growing a bit lighter at the ends. Her eyes are the same shade as the pink in her body.

Day they woke up: Day 11

Region: Kanto

Backstory: Daniella was born and raised in Saffron. Like most other Kanto children, growing up included an unsupervised region-wide trip with a starter Pokémon, though hers was delayed by a few years due to her parent's concern about her fragile health. During the trip she stayed for a while at the Daycare near Celadon, where she found out that while she had enjoyed battling, taking care of young Pokémon was her calling in life. She returned home to continue her studies, and after a few years, graduated in Pokémon Breeding.

After graduation, she returned to the Daycare to get a formal job. But it wasn't very long before a major problem arose. While studying, Daniella had been mostly sedentary, and suddenly switching to a relatively active lifestyle made apparent her health had seen better days. She needed to stop to catch her breath more often than she should have, and any strenuous activity left her weak and wheezing. Eventually, her chest started to hurt and she developed a cough that simply wouldn’t go away. She tried to continue her work even as she was getting treatment, finding workarounds to everything and relying on the various abilities of her team, until her parents put their foot down and insisted she had to give up on doing any kind of taxing physical activity.

Even then, she found a way to not completely give up by taking care of the eggs, resting most of the time, and allowing her Pokémon to carry her or pass her things. But she could see how worried her parents and friends were, how carefully her team treated her. She hated how much her sickness was affecting not only her, but the people around her. So when she heard a voice one day, asking what she wanted, her wish was for perfect health.

Her first day as a shifter could have been better. Daniella woke up with no memories of who or where she was, or why was she dressed for beach weather in the middle of a mountain. Trying to scale down, she tripped and almost fell, triggering her transformation into some kind of giant snake with gills that really wasn't made to be in rocky terrain either. At least her distressed sounds got the attention of a passing Kangaskhan, who took one look at the pitiful mess and decided she'd take the Milotic in. The first night also brought with it an Amaura, who started to follow the pair mainly because she had seen Daniella accidentally shift and thought her flailing was the funniest thing ever.

Personality: Coming from a bustling city, Daniella favors crowds and the sense of comfort and anonymity they give her; she doesn't have much experience with the wilderness though, accustomed as she is to traveling through places and paths clearly marked on maps. Practical and supportive, though morbid at times and with a dry sense of humor, she's the type to shun being the center of attention and thrive in the background doing the dirty jobs. Being around young and needy Pokémon also made her attuned to other people's ways of interacting and gave her the habit of following the mannerisms of whoever she's talking to. She believes in fostering independence and standing up for oneself, though she knows people have limits and doesn't mind asking for help. She reacts negatively to coddling and belittling towards her or others and can get defensive, which can end in her being dismissive at best or too cutting or offensive at worst.

Nature: Hardy (Neutral)

Ability: Marvel Scale

Moves: Splash/Recover/Safeguard/Light Screen/Protect/Hypnosis


-Kangaskhan (Khan), Poké Ball, Female, Gentle (+S.Def,-Def), Scrappy, Dizzy Punch/Sucker Punch/Endure/Reversal

-Amaura (Maura), Poké Ball, Female, Bold (+Def,-Atk), Snow Warning, Discharge/Blizzard/Ancient Power/Take Down

Other: Milotics are able to levitate on land; sadly, never having seen one before, Daniella is unaware of this fact.

After the first night, when she complained that her clothes were definitely not meant for sleeping outdoors (especially with a Snow Warning Ice-type out and near), Maura went away for a few hours and came back a bit roughed up and with a thick dark-brown coat. Daniella decided to leave the area as fast as possible and never let Maura out of her sight again (but kept the coat). Upon reaching Taismog, she struck up conversation with a trainer that had bought Poké Balls en mass to get the free Premier Balls, and managed to get two of them in exchange for a few practice matches.

Current Items:




Name: Z023

Pokémon: Porygon-Z

Age: 16

Gender: Nah (they/them)

Human appearance: Z stands at about 160cm tall, and their thin build and tendency to slouch make them look even smaller. Their skin is a dark beige with faint pink undertones, and their dark pink hair is styled in a messy bowl cut with strands sticking out in every direction. Their facial features are thin and inexpressive, their sharp yellow eyes almost always staring intently at something or another.

Their initial outfit consists of a pink button-up vest with the Silph Co. logo embroidered over the left chest over a blue long-sleeved shirt, blue formal pants, and pink dress shoes. A plain blue bandanna is wrapped around their neck.

Extra clothes: Brown hat.

Pokémon appearance: Z’s body and head are slightly smaller than those of an average Porygon-Z. The blue stripe running across their body is thinner than usual.

Day they woke up: Day 8

Region: Lamorak

Backstory: Z was created in a Silph Co. factory in Lamorak and, after a series of quality assurance tests, immediately upgraded to a Porygon2. They soon learned that they were part of the company’s latest experiment in automation: for three months, they and several other Porygon2 would act as the new customer service system, responding to clients and only directing them to a human operator when their questions were impossible to answer with Silph’s database alone. If all went well, this arrangement would become permanent. Z performed this job as well as they could. During off-hours, they were given permission to do whatever they liked as long as they didn’t leave cyberspace and returned in time for work the next day; having never seen the real world for themselves, they grew fascinated by descriptions of it on the internet and spent much of their free time reading about it online.

The experiment didn’t go well. In addition to opposition from the human employees, the Porygon2 would often misinterpret questions and offer useless advice. When the three months were up, the Porygon2 involved were removed from the system and given away as special prizes at the Game Corner. Z was sold to a trainer who wished to challenge the Lamorak League and was looking for an addition to his party. He used a Dubious Disc to evolve them to a Porygon-Z, then tested them out in numerous battles against his friends’ Pokémon. However, with little experience in both battling and controlling the glitches that came with being a Porygon-Z, they lost the majority of them. Frustrated, the trainer abandoned them, resolving to find a better Pokémon for his purposes.

Z was given free rein to explore the real world, as they’d always wanted - but it was also the first time they’d been alone. Left without any directions, their mind focused obsessively on their mistakes: they were entrusted with two jobs, both of which they’d failed at for reasons they didn’t even understand. Could they have avoided all this - done better, somehow? The shadow came to them with its offer as they were wandering aimlessly, lost in self-reflection. Anything they wished in return for a simple game seemed too good to be true, but with no other option available to them, they accepted its terms: “Give me the ability to understand other people and how they work.”

Personality: Z is an excellent logical thinker; they work best with puzzles and numbers, and they seem to have a built-in calculator even when in human form. They love learning and have a deep interest in how anything and everything works, so they approach much of life with a sense of childlike wonder. However, they lack self-confidence and have a tendency to overthink things, leading them to frequently second-guess themselves or doubt the conclusions they’ve reached. After all, everyone else has had more experience with the real world and time to think over their logic - wouldn’t they have a better understanding of things?

Other people, in particular, cause Z a lot of curiosity and stress. People are complete enigmas, and thus challenges - and if conflict arises, they see it as a sign that they’ve failed to socialize properly. They’ll be the first to back down in any argument, regardless of how strongly they believe in their position, and then try to convince the others to do the same. Although they have more problems than they can deal with alone, they still try their utmost to keep anything they think might upset others to themselves. However, with their wide array of nervous tics and odd behaviors, it’s not difficult to see when they’re upset.

Nature: Timid (+Spd, -Atk)

Ability: Analytic

Moves: Discharge/Tri Attack/Psychic/Magnet Rise/Recover/Protect



Current Items: Hat, Star Piece




Name: Lambert

Pokémon: Glalie

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Human appearance: Lambert's face is fixed in a permanent scowl. He has a heavy brow, a square jawline, and thick lips down-turned at the corners. His hair is a shade of white tinged with blue, cropped short and a little curly, and the light color contrasts with the darker shade of his skin. His eyebrows are also the same white, but any other facial hair he grows in will be black.

The clothing he woke up in is vaguely reminiscent of rocker fashion, with a white leather jacket fitted closely to his wide build. The jacket sports rectangular patches on the arms that resemble the holes on his other form, and on each shoulder sits a decorative black spiked stud. His undershirt is black and tucked into his light grey jeans. The pants are fitted at the waist and held by a black belt with a diamond-shaped buckle (which looks a little like a Glalie's mouth) though they get looser around his feet. Rips are present in the denim, revealing a black fabric underneath. His boots are covered in black and white spike studs, and similar studs can be found along his cuffs and his pockets.

Pokémon appearance: This Glalie is a bit heavier and a bit larger than the Pokédex-listed average, and also a shade or two whiter.

Day they woke up: Day 6

Region: Hoenn


"I wish… to become the very best."

Lambert hadn't considered the path of professional battling until his mid-twenties. Prior to that, his well-off parents sent him to trainer school but he had only battled casually; after graduation, he took up a few miscellaneous jobs around the Hoenn region to earn a little cash and hopefully find out what he really wanted to do. During his few years as a sailor, Lambert decided that he liked traveling the region and the sense of adventure it offered, but he wasn't too keen on simply drifting around the world for the rest of his life. The wild Pokémon roaming the lands and overeager kids looking for a battle have forced him to develop a reliable team, and the next logical step was to begin challenging gyms.

Perhaps it was because he didn't fight strategically enough, or his conditioning wasn't adequate, but Lambert found that he had many more defeats than he had wins. Children twelve and thirteen were effortlessly beating him, and that fact puzzled him. School was no substitute for practical experience when it came to this field, it seemed, and while Lambert had six badges under his belt -- some of which he had to try several times to get -- a growing sense of inadequacy arose within him.

The shapeless and shifting mass appeared with a proposal.

It has been about two and a half days since he woke up near a new city, with no recollection of how he got there, or anything at all. Only a vague recollection of the rules of the contract, and the awareness that he was somehow different. He had only shifted once on accident when he first woke up in the wilderness, and has been actively trying to prevent it from happening; however, other than having water freeze if he holds it in his mouth too long, he currently has moderate control over his ice powers.

Personality: Silent and reserved, Lambert is someone who seeks a level of understanding that cannot be conveyed through mere words and orders. He does not feel the need to speak nor express his own thoughts or emotions, which makes him an enigma to many. Most people leave him alone. He is okay with that. Lambert is a focused individual with a resolve of steel and an unhealthy drive for self-improvement. It is difficult to anger him -- though pain and betrayal can leave lasting grudges -- and even harder to change his mind after he has his sights set on something.

Nature: Quiet (+S.Atk, -Spd)

Ability: Ice Body

Moves: Hail/Blizzard/Frost Breath/Crunch/Rollout/Sh​adow Ball


-Honchkrow (Qrow), [Dusk Ball], Male, Quirky (Neutral), Super Luck, Fly/Tailwind/Thief/Confuse Ray


Current Items: 400P, Bag, Town Map, Cellphone, Helix uniform, TM31(Brick Break), TM44(Thief), TM52 (Focus Blast), TM80(Rock Slide), Potion, Iron Ball, Escape Rope, Revive x3, Contest Pass, Contest Case (black cane, black top hat, black cloak, black bowtie)


Name: Sine

Pokémon: Sigilyph

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Human appearance: Sine stands tall at 5'7 with a healthy pear-shaped body. She has olive skin, green eyes, and curly black hair reaching to the small of her back, gathered in twintails. It is parted in the middle and held out of her face by tucking it behind her ears. The clothing she woke up in includes a knit sweater patterned green and black like a Sigilyph's belly. The sleeves and her pants are black. The wings manifest as a yellow cape split down the middle and striped with red and blue, attached at the front with a large pin that resembles a nazar. Her boots have a slight heel and have a similar coloring and pattern to her cape, being yellow with red and blue stripes around the boot-cuff.

The cape, if it isn't taken off, has the tassels tied together in a knot and out of the way.

Pokémon appearance: The 'fingers' of Sigilyph's wings and tail are long and slender, with the red stripes being thicker than the blue ones and the blue stripes coloring nearly the whole feather. The Pokémon's main body is small and rotund, more wide than it is tall.

Day they woke up: Day 6

Region: Johto

Backstory: Sine was a legendary Pokémon fanatic. Born in Ecruteak City, Johto, Sine had been surrounded by culture and history and imbued with an insatiable sense of curiosity. In her childhood, she thought she saw a huge shining Pokémon flying through the sky and her obsession with mythological Pokémon began. She wasn't even sure if the bird Pokémon really was the legendary Ho-oh from the books, but she refused to think otherwise.

At around 14 years old, Sine moved with her family to the bigger Violet City and was expected to continue her education in the city's academy. Instead, she would often skip class to either go to the library or wander the Ruins of Alph, evading the researchers and native Pokémon to try to solve the mysteries herself. Her adventurous spirit eventually led her to confront her parents and ultimately travel around the region. The purpose of her journey was to grasp at scraps of information about god-like Pokémon who can control the weather or travel in time and to prove that, unlike the civilizations which worshiped them, these Pokémon still roamed the earth.

She concluded that the rest of the puzzle would be in Sinnoh. Before leaving the region for a few years, Sine went back to Violet City to say her goodbyes to her parents and then visit the ruins one last time, despite the warnings that the area was unstable. She was caught in a cave-in and broke her left leg. While she might have survived even with her injuries (as she sent her trusty Pidgeotto to get help), she was nevertheless approached by the shadow because of her feelings of shock and despair. She gave one simple request:

"I wish to see Ho-Oh again."

It's been about three days since she woke up near Vertia, and ever since she discovered her shift partway through day one, Sine has been aggressively testing the limits of her new form by shifting until she is tired, then reverting to rest before repeating the process. She is familiar with how long she can stay as a Sigilyph and how to control her flight, but she is incredibly exhausted and moody from prolonged exertion.

Personality: Sine is independent and impulsive. If she is afraid of anything, she doesn't let it show in front of anyone. She doesn't like asking for help, which ends up in her biting off much more than she can chew and potentially getting herself in heaps of trouble with her disregard for most rules (mostly the rule 'no trespassing'). Stubborn in a sense, Sine is hard to argue with and would rather leave than admit that she's wrong. She thinks actions speak stronger than words, and doesn't like bragging nor saying more than she has to, rendering her an enigma even to some of her friends.

Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)

Ability: Magic Guard

Moves: Air Slash/Ancientpower/Hypnosis/Psychic/Whirlwind/Mirror Move


-Omanyte (Aster), [Repeat Ball], Male, Impish (+Def, -S.Atk), Swift Swim, Bubble Beam/Rollout/Prote​ct/Tickle

-Onix (Matilda), [Poké Ball], Female, Brave (+Atk, -Spd), Sturdy, Dragon Breath/Smack Down/Dig/Bind

Other: Prior to the game, Sine wore glasses and she can still be seen absently touching the bridge of her nose when she's thinking, as if trying to adjust them.

Current Items: 3700P, Poké Ball x3, Thunder Stone, Water Stone




Name: Gaes

Pokémon: Mawile

Age: 7 years -> 28 years

Gender: Demigirl

Human appearance: Standing at 5’2” with no shoes, Gaes’s human form weighs around 130 pounds, putting meat on her bones. Her figure is pear-shaped but hugged by a yellow sundress with a pleated skirt ending at her knees when she woke. The shoulder straps are 3-fingers wide and the collar is modest, resting just beneath her collarbone. Black, elbow-length gloves cover her hands while black, knee-high boots cover her feet. The heels are short, only adding an additional inch to her height. Possessing sun-kissed, olive-toned skin, Gaes has a round face with a small nose and large, red eyes, giving her an innocent and almost child-like appearance. Her black hair is long, falling to the small of her back, and straight. Two sets of “bangs” frame her face, reaching just above her narrow shoulders. Often, her hair will be in a high ponytail (held by a hair tie upon waking) but, regardless of whether it is up or down, a perfectly circular splotch of yellow adorning the dark strands at the back of her head is always visible.

Pokémon appearance: Originally, Gaes was on the shorter end of the height spectrum, reaching 1’10”, with a slimmer form and paler colors. Now, Gaes reaches the average 2’ height and has a thicker figure with darker coloring. The yellow of her body is warmer, no longer “faded”, and the black doesn’t appear like it’s covered in dust anymore.

Day they woke up: Day 8

Region: Hoenn

Backstory: Originally a Pokémon, Gaes was young when she was caught by a trainer in Hoenn and made part of a decent team. However, Gaes wanted the trainer’s favor and often caused trouble, blaming it on the other five Pokémon. Of course, this resulted in them disliking her but Gaes didn’t care - as long as her trainer favored her most, she was happy. Eventually, she was caught in her schemes and the trainer sent her away, unable to trust in Gaes. Left alone and hurting, she reflected on her actions and made a wish to turn back time and change who she was...

Personality: Perhaps the biggest thing to know, Gaes is a liar and schemer. She’ll lie about the smallest of things if it helps her to play the innocent or the victim in a given situation. She likes to consider herself playful, only pulling “harmless pranks on a few friends”, and labels herself a conversationalist. Though Gaes is a fan of conversation and talks quite a lot, it’s mostly just gossip and rumors based on nothing.

Gaes is ambitious. She strives for the things she wants most, including revenge. If she feels she’s been wronged, or someone has made her mad, Gaes will do what she can within her power to get them into trouble or pull a nasty trick on them.

Nature: Naughty (+Atk, -S.Def)

Ability: Hyper Cutter

Moves: Play Rough/Iron Head/Fairy Wind/Crunch/Iron Defense/Feint Attack


-Spritzee (Bree), [Poké Ball], Male, Naive (+Spd, -S.Def), Aroma Veil, Sweet Kiss/Calm Mind/Draining Kiss/Echoed Voice

-Phanpy (Annie), [Poké Ball], Female, Hasty (+Spd, -Def), Pickup, Charm/Take Down/Growl/Bulldoze


Current Items: 200P, Belt, Poké Ball x2, Great Ball, Potion x2, Oran Berry, Damp Rock, Heat Rock x2, Light Clay


Name: Emil

Pokémon: Meganium

Age: 23 years

Gender: Male

Human appearance: Emil stands at 6’2” with a lanky build. His skin is somewhat pale with a slight red tint as if he’s on the verge of being sunburnt. Scruffy blond hair adorns his head with a seed-like clip resting on the top-right side; two “antennae” sprout from the clip and arch slightly backwards and down to the right. Emil’s face is angular with somewhat sharp features (partially hidden), yellow eyes beneath thin eyebrows, small nose, and thin lips.

He woke up in dominantly green clothing. A green chesterfield coat covers his torso, sporting three pockets (two on the left side) and six yellow buttons. Usually, he leaves this open to reveal a pinkish-red vest and white dress shirt underneath. The collar of the coat much resembles a large pink flower with white edges when buttoned up, the six “petals” evenly reaching around his neck and over his shoulders. (The tips end about halfway down his upper-arms.) A yellow pattern covers the central area of the “flower”. His pants are of a khaki-like material and a paler green than his coat, a yellow belt strapped around his waist. They fit comfortably, neither tight nor loose. On his feet are plain, white sneakers with yellow and green laces.

Pokémon appearance: He looks very much like the average Meganium, nearly reaching 6’ in height and weighing over 200 pounds.

Day they woke up: Day 5

Region: Unova

Backstory: He was born and raised in Unova, knowing no other regions except through geography lessons. Growing up, misbehaving was never much of a thing for Emil. He preferred to help wherever possible or just sit and watch people and Pokémon. His family ran a Pokémon Daycare and Breeding facility for at least three generations until financial hardship forced them to hand over the business. He was about 15 at that point and had been looking forward to one day taking up the mantle of running the place.

He was generally a good kid in school, with other people, and especially with Pokémon. However, his mannerisms were a little odd when compared to most others as he couldn’t always connect on an emotional level. The lack of empathy for specific situations didn’t hinder him much though; he still managed to make plenty of friends.

Near the end of his schooling and afterwards, he was able to take up work in another Daycare facility which eventually reignited his former hopes of running his family’s business.

So much so that he wished to one day bring it back as it had been.

Emil’s memory only goes back four days. Waking up near a dirt road and lost, he naturally headed for the closest town he saw. He spent a couple of days there, helping with odd jobs in exchange for a few services (like meals) and some basic supplies (like the brown satchel he keeps slung over his shoulder). Day three, he bought a Poké Ball with the intention of catching something. After all, everyone kept telling him it wasn’t safe to go alone. He met a Shinx that afternoon and, making use of the strange ability he learned about hours after waking on day one, he caught his first Pokémon. The Shinx - now named Nix - provided good conversation and a similarly mellow personality (albeit a bit more on the serious side). Afternoon of day four, Emil considered it time to move to the next town where he was told he could get information about Helix.

Personality: Emil is a very laid-back individual. He can easily be described as someone who rolls-with-the-punches and, for all outward appearances, isn’t fazed by a lot of things. He takes almost everything in stride and constantly moves forward. Few expressions ever cross his face, ‘neutral’ being his most common (or default). He chuckles in response to many different situations, as if he’s very easy to amuse or a rather smug person (depending on the case). While he is actually easy to amuse, he’s hardly ever smug; he just sometimes doesn’t know how to give the right outward response and chuckling is the best he can do.

Internally, he thinks a lot, about every little thing. Emil frequently questions himself and maybe he should have done this instead of that last week. But, in the next moment, he’ll have moved on to the next mental debate. His tendency to not linger on things for very long is mostly why not many things faze him. (Well, that and taking things as they are.) More often, his interest - and curiosity - are sparked by anything that would be considered a big shock or surprise.

Stress is little known to Emil, a strange acquaintance that shows up only a few times. He’s not the best at handling it but he knows how to get through it. However, it’ll cost him a few sleepless nights and a perpetual look of worry when it overwhelms him.

Nature: Relaxed (+Def, -Spd)

Ability: Overgrow

Moves: Solar Beam/Magical Leaf/Poison Powder/Synthesis/Aromatherapy/Body Slam


-Luxio (Nix), [Poké Ball], Non-Binary, Serious (Neutral), Intimidate, Volt Switch/Charge/Wild Charge/Tackle

-Croagunk (Rook), [Poké Ball], Male, Adamant (+Atk, -S.Atk), Anticipation, Shadow Ball/Sludge Wave/Brick Break/Focus Blast

-Nidoran♀ (Tackler), [Poké Ball], Female, Bold (+Def, -Atk), Poison Point, Poison Jab/Ice Beam/Take Down/Shadow Claw

Other: Emil has a habit of lightly tugging his left earlobe when he’s thinking.

Current Items: 650P, Bag, Town Map, Poké Ball x2, Potion x2, Revive, Escape Rope, Dawn Stone


Name: Kim

Pokémon: Infernape

Age: 15 years

Gender: Male

Human appearance: Standing at 5’10”, Kim has waist-length hair that starts out in an untidy, uneven mess of white that covers his ears. His bangs resemble a lopsided, brick-red ‘M’ that almost reaches his narrow shoulders. The back of his hair is much longer than the rest, taking on yellow, orange, and red colors to mimic fire. He keeps the longer strands together in a loose ponytail, held by a white hair-band (it came with the clothes) about a foot from the bottom. Kim possesses warm, brown skin, dark blue eyes, a slight build, and youthful features in the transition from child to adult. Curves have started to appear in his figure, partially unnoticeable beneath his clothes.

Kim woke up wearing a white, sleeveless leotard. A cropped, white, short-sleeved jacket with gold edges cover the upper half of his torso - held together by a pair of gold cords. A gold swirl decorates the top of both shoulders and two are evenly spaced on the front. His hands are covered with gold, fingerless gloves and a pair of tan shorts rest on his hips, ending mid-thigh. A dark brown belt is buckled through the loops while a second one sits slanted from the left side of his waist. Finally, on his feet, he wears white sneakers with gold laces.

[Have a really bad draw]

Pokémon appearance: As an Infernape, Kim reaches 3’4” in height and is built a little bulkier than average; some can confuse him as slightly overfed.

Day they woke up: Day 8

Region: Kalos

Backstory: Growing up in a competitive family in Kalos, Kim constantly got into fights with his brother that usually started with “I can do better than you”. His mother was never in the picture, as far as he could remember, but his brother - being five years older - always placed the blame of her abandonment on Kim’s birth. Dad was a competitive battler until he left the stage when Kim turned nine and wanted to follow his footsteps. At ten, he got his starter Pokémon from the local professor, a bag of supplies, and set out with a like-minded friend to train and win as many battles as he could. After three years, Kim returned home and had amassed several badges, medals, and trophies to commemorate his victories.

Two years later, his dad passed away from illness, leaving him in the care of his older brother. Greatly upset by the sudden change in his life, Kim left home and set out once more, deciding it better to focus on his Pokémon and battles rather than grieve or wallow in pity. Of course, that didn’t stop the teenager from having emotional/mental breakdowns due to improperly handled stress. At some point, he made a wish to go back home and see his dad again.

Instead, Kim woke up to the foul stench of rotten food wafting from the dumpster of a restaurant. Possessing no memory, the first face he met was the judging, pompous snout of a Rattata as it munched away on a chip. Kim spent the first several hours lost, trying to orient himself in an unfamiliar town and figure out where to go or what to do. Of course, this resulted in an emotional breakdown in a dead-end alleyway and a snickering insult from the same Rattata.

The next day, the Rattata left Kim alone as he moved around the town. Taking advantage of a five-finger sale, Kim secured a new backpack and a Poké Ball before obtaining a handout of supplies from the local Pokémon Center. To avoid getting in trouble, he left the town as soon as possible, heading in a random direction with no idea of where he was going. A few hours later, after stumbling around and trying to understand his non-human form, Kim crossed paths with a Ralts. He wanted to battle her but had little experience fighting as an Infernape. Not wanting him to embarrass himself further, the Ralts offered to help him and entered the Poké Ball without further battling.

Night two yielded a weird dream with the same voice as “Rules Voice”. Ralts didn’t know anything about strange voices or humans turning into Pokémon when Kim bothered to ask her; as far as he knew, he was alone in this kind of situation. With her guidance, they made for the closest town, stopping to fight a few battles along the way. The coin Kim earned from those battles was helpful in obtaining a couple potions and another Poké Ball.

By day five, Kim was able to catch a Chespin after a successful fight, had long since mastered his cool ability to change into an Infernape, and figured out how to use each of his moves while in human form.

Personality: Kim tries his best to come off as the “cool kid on the block” with a no-nonsense attitude and a jerk-like demeanor. He’d be better at it, though, if his temper wasn’t so short and his behavior too childish. He often picks the wrong fights to battle out of a competitive cockiness that seems to be instinctual. Granted, he has the past experience of several wins to boost his behavior but, he hasn’t won every fight and it lands him in severe trouble, more often than not.

Honestly a hotheaded kid, Kim believes that it’s easier to be angry in front of people than it is to cry. As such, he doesn’t handle his emotional responses very well (or in a healthy manner), which results in him being easily overwhelmed by stress or upsetting situations. His usual response - around people - includes running away from the scene or throwing punches (verbally and/or physically).

Despite all of his flaws, he tries to be a good kid and make people important to him proud. Secretly, Kim’s humble and looks up to anyone who helps him. He enjoys simple company and being able to make some kind of difference in another person’s life, even if it’s small. He cares deeply for his friends and always does the best he can to pay attention to them.

Nature: Hasty (+Spd, -Def)

Ability: Blaze

Moves: Flare Blitz/Mach Punch/Flame Wheel/Flamethrower/Brick Break/Bulk Up


-Ralts, [Poké Ball], Female, Careful (+S.Def, -S.Atk), Trace, Growl/Confusion/Teleport/Disarming Voice

-Chespin, [Poké Ball], Male, Modest (+S.Atk, -Atk), Bulletproof, Tackle/Vine Whip/Bite/Leech Seed

-Eevee, [ultra Ball], Agender, Impish (+Def, -S.Atk), Adaptability, Helping Hand/Quick Attack/Bite/Swift

-Absol, [ultra Ball], Male, Quiet (+S.Atk, -Spd), Super Luck, Double Team/Swords Dance/Night Slash/Razor Wind

Other: Backpack (stolen from a store), Potion (bought)

Current Items: Bag, Potion



Raptor of Dragons

Name: Zoey

Pokémon: Purrloin

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Human appearance: Zoey as a human stands about 4'9 tall, with cream colored skin. She has rather long purple hair that she likes to keep straight and not really doing anything with it. She has two mischievous green eyes that only glisten when she is about to con someone. She wears a cream colored t-shirt with purple jeans, that somewhat cover her cream colored shoes. She also wears purple finger-less gloves that came as a result of her outfit. Zoey is also slender for her age and can get through narrow gaps most others can't.

Pokémon appearance: In her Purrloin form, Zoey stands about 1'04" tall. Her tail is shorter then most Purrloins, but has longer fur which makes her shed like crazy.

Day they woke up: Day 6

Region: Orre

Backstory: Zoey was born to a family of con people in the Orre Region but they made her believe she was some rich person who can get anything they want. For the first fourteen years of her life, Zoey was on top of the world, being a bully and a snob to other people. But she couldn't shake that feeling like that wasn't her. So one day she asked her parents the truth. Needless to say, when they told her, Zoey wasn't really surprised. She knew her older siblings loved to con people, but she didn't think anything of it before. The following year, she started going with her parents to con valuable stuff from others to satisfy their own needs. It took her a few months how to actually learn properly, but she started slowly, before finally becoming more and more good at conning. Three years after the fact, Zoey's entire family was caught but her.

In a panic, Zoey ran off leaving the only life she knew behind. She spent an entire year being looked down upon and abused by other people, and finally she got tired of that life. She wanted to change her fate. She then heard a voice in her head that offered her a way out. It promised that anything in exchange for a fight. Her wish was 'I don't want to have been born in Orre". After that, she woke up in a strange place forgetting her past in the process. After three days of struggling of turning into a Purrloin, Zoey finally managed to get her Purrloin form under control. She then ran into a random trainer and noticed he had an empty Poké Ball. She then did something she really didn't know why, she traded him a random potion she had found for his empty Poké Ball. A few minutes after that, she found a Litleo and threw the Poké Ball at it, capturing him.

Personality: Zoey acts all innocent and naive, but she is actually clever and sneaky. When she sees a rather easy target, she goes up to them, act all sweet, then tries to con people out of their valuables for useless stuff.

Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)

Ability: Limber

Moves: Charm/Scratch/Assist/Sand Attack/Pursuit/Torment/Thief


-Pyroar (Tama), [Poké Ball], Male, Jolly (+Spd, -S.Atk), Rivalry, Headbutt/Echoed Voice/Ember/Yawn

-Shiny Duosion (Globbers), [Dusk Ball], Male, Impish (+Def, -S.Atk), Overcoat, Recover/Psychic/Endeavor/Reflect


Current Items: 8800P, Bag, Leaf Stone, Shiny Stone


Name: Chompers

Pokémon: Tyrantrum

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Human appearance: Chompers in his human form stands about 6'5" with pink skin that looks like it could be border lining red. He has golden blonde hair that is rather spiky and points in different directions. His sharp black eyes can intimidate a foe if they look into them if they're not strong enough, with a small white beard growing around his mouth. He wears a white bandanna that spikes out that goes down to a red cape over a white shirt that fits over his well muscled body and wears brownish-red jeans with black boots covering his feet.

Pokémon appearance: Chompers as a Tyrantrum is bigger then most known Tyrantrums standing at 8'09". His coloring is border lining a red-pinkish color and his tail is slightly longer then most Tyrantrums with larger spikes to his tail to add some extra damage to his foes.

Day they woke up: Day 4

Region: Kalos

Backstory: Chompers was born as a Tyrunt in the Kalos region in the time when Pokémon Dinosaurs ruled the Earth. He had only one other sibling that survived a nest raid. He and his sister always rough housed around, but when his parents left to gather some food, a wild Pokémon appeared and attacked him and his sister. Chompers survived but his sister didn't survive the attack due to the Pokémon being highly poisonous. After a few years of learning how to hunt, Chompers finally left his parents and started looking for a territory to call his own. He finally found the perfect place but he was in competition. Another Tyrunt sought out the same territory and they both fought over it.

Chompers nearly lost, but felt his body undergo a change and he evolved into a Tyrantrum and ended up chasing his opponent away. For a few years he was by himself when he lured in a female Tyrantrum in and ended up getting her to be his mate. Over the course of the years, he managed to father quite a few eggs without loss. Then one day a poisonous Pokémon bit him when he wasn't paying attention. He died later that day and slept for what was an eternity.

He awoke much later and this time, he was surrounded by gray stuff. He was compressed before he was finally was released into a new environment with these creatures in which he's never seen observing him. He wants to go and chase away the creatures, but there's a huge gorge and something he's never seen before stopping him from doing so.

He spent his days looking and feeling rather lonely before a voice entered his head. It offered him something, almost which Chompers didn't understand. It was asking for his wish, what Chompers really wanted. "I want to be reborn in a time where my kind was everywhere" was Chompers wish before blacking out. He woke up with a confused look and without his memory, he was trying to figure out what happened, but draws a blank every time. He has now spent five days on the island after controlling his shape shifting.

Personality: Chompers is a guy of action, if he sees movement from the corner of his eye and it goes away, he will chase it down until he finds out what it is. He is a bit curious of the world around him and will often make a decision for people, in which case they often protest causing him to bite his tongue and listen to them.

Nature: Rash (+S.Atk, -S.Def)

Ability: Strong Jaw

Moves: Crunch/Dragon Claw/Head Smash/Stomp/Ancient Power/Giga Impact


-Dunsparce (Driller), [Poké Ball], Male, Brave (+Atk, -Spd), Serene Grace, Headbutt/Dig/Roost/Glare

-Archen (Feathers), [Poké Ball], Female, Lax (+Def, -S.Def), Defeatist, Dragon Breath/Acrobatics/Agility/Crunch

-Nidoran♂ (Nidotyran), [Poké Ball], Male, Careful (+S.Def, -S.Atk), Poison Point, Confusion/Focus Energy/Horn Attack/Flatter


Current Items: Escape Rope x2, Revive, Moon Stone, Dawn Stone


Name: Anhew

Pokémon: Deino

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Human appearance: Anhew as a human stands about 4'5" making her look like a child. She has long black hair that goes down to her shoulders while her short bangs covers her white eyes. She wears a black pointed hat on top of her head, making it look like part of her hair. She has a child-like face that most people would try to take advantage of her. Her skin is dark making it look like she enjoys being out in the sun. Her outfit consists of a black and blue t-shirt that starts off black and fades into blue. The upper black part has red sprinkles that also go across the sleeves. For the fluffiness of the Deino, her outfit comes with a small black scarf that is also sprinkled with red. Her pants are blue jeans along with pure blue shoes.

Pokémon appearance: Anhew as a Deino stands exactly at 2'05" with a lighter shade of blue then most Deinos. The black of her fur is more blacker then most Deinos.

Day they woke up: Day 9

Region: Unova

Backstory: Anhew was born in the Unova region right in the heart of Victory Road. Her mom was the only Pokémon she could trust as her mother explained why it was so critical to keep moving. It had to do with the hatred that the Heatmors and the Durants had for each other in the cavern system. For a while, Anhew's mother kept her out of the front lines, teaching her how to feel the earth beneath her feet. After a few years of hiding and on the run, Anhew's luck seemed to have run out. They were caught in the middle of a battle between the Durants and Heatmors. During this battle, while Anhew tried to defend herself from a Durant, she managed to get separated from her mother and ended up getting that jagged scar on her muzzle. After managing to escape, she waited for hours for her mom to show up and life would resume as normal. When she realized her mother wasn't coming, Anhew had to leave the cave she was in. She then a small oasis where a Durant was eating an Oran Berry. Noticing Anhew, she took pity on the Deino and gave her a piece. Grateful, Anhew became friends with this Durant. For the next couple of years, this Durant had hid Anhew and the Oasis in secret until one day, a Heatmor found it and it killed the Durant and burned down the oasis. At a loss of what to do, Anhew wouldn't eat or sleep. All she could think about was the nice little Durant. She was on the verge of bouncing between edges when she heard a voice in her head. Lifting her head, she asked it to speak again. 'What is your wish? The thing you want more then anything?' Finally lifting herself off the ground, Anhew spoke with more confidence then she had ever dreamed of. 'The thing I want most? I wish the Heatmors and Durants had never began this feud!' That was the last thing Anhew said before blacking out. When she came to...she is trying to figure out where she is. All she knows is it's her first day of playing a game.

Personality: Anhew hates all types of fighting. If she sees a fight about to go down, she runs away. The only time she can't avoid it is if the Pokémon tries to attack her, then she'll come back and try to reason with it. If she can't reason with it, then she'll have no choice but to fight, even though she hates it. She is really confident when around her friends, but if her friends start fighting, she'll try to stay out of it, unless she gets involved, then she'll either start crying that her friends are fighting or snap and try to knock them both out. She is always cautious around new people and will either paw at the ground or play with her scarf.

Nature: Careful (+S.Def, -S.Atk)

Ability: Hustle

Moves: Headbutt/Dark Pulse/Bite/Dragon Rage/Tackle/Astonish


-Gogoat (Gogurt), [Poké Ball], Male, Modest (+S.Atk, -Atk), Sap Sipper, Milk Drink/Leech Seed/Tackle/Leaf Blade

-Audino (Berry), [Poké Ball], Male, Gentle (+S.Def, -Def), Regenerator, Heal Bell/Hyper Voice/Heal Pulse/Healing Wish


Current Items:

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Accepted Characters, continuation:


Raptor of Dragons

Name: Jack and Sark

Pokémon: Doublade

Age: 23

Gender: Sark prefers to be male and Jack prefers to be genderless

Human appearance: As a human, Jack and Sark is 175 cm tall. They have pink eyes with a very light skintone, not to mention they have a smile that looks like they're always plotting something. Their hair is long and pink and tied up in a ponytail with an equally long pink ribbon that splits into two, covering their arms and finally resting on thier hands . They actually wear a kosode outfit: the haori is a light brown color with two edge like blades on each shoulder sticking out along with a darker shade of brown on the front that matches the two brown spots on the seaths. The kosode is grey along with some black outlining. The obi that is tied around their waist is golden and is eight centimeters wide. The hakama is undivided and like the kosode, it to is grey with a black outline so that when they stand a certain way, it makes them look like a sword. A pair of grey tabi rests on their feet that fit snuggly into tabis.

Pokémon appearance: As a Pokémon, Sark and Jack as a Pokémon stands out as 2'09" making them a tad larger then usual Doublades. The scarves are a bit shorter and Jack is usually the one who attacks first on the left before Sark attacks on the right.

Day they woke up: Day 6

Region: Johto

Backstory: When Sark was hatched, he was raised in a samurai school in the Johto Region breed by proud Aegislash parents and was giving to a samurai in training. Pleased with having a partner, Sark and his trainer trained hard at the school until one day, his trainer wanted more. He pushed Sark to the limit and made him evolve into a Doublade and Sark was happy with another blade whom called himself Jack. Sark was thrilled having a sibling and called him that, respecting Jack and his genderless choice, which Jack gave the respect back and started call Sark their brother. For them, life seemed perfect, until one day, they went against a trainer with a Charmeleon to advance in their studies. In that moment, the Charmeleon's fire lit the building on fire. Sark thought fast and dragged himself and Jack out of there, fearful of losing his sibling. Jack had to convince Sark to stop and go back because they left their trainer in the building and so they did. Sark grew scared he waited patiently as Jack watched the fire in interest.

As they watched the people take out the fire, they realized their trainer hadn't come out. The conclusion they both came up with was that their trainer was dead. Jack had to constantly keep cheering Sark up as they comforted Sark their ribbon around him. They wandered around before they were captured by another trainer and tried multiple times to evolve them. Jack knew if he evolved, Sark would just be the only one left and without comfort, probably fall into a state where he just wouldnt care about anything. A few days later, the trainer finally abandoned Sark and Jack out of frustration that they refused to evolve. As the Doublade traveled, Jack was starting to get more and more bolder as Sark become deathly afraid of the world around him. Sark was becoming paranoid that a fire might happen and they wouldn't make it. Sark soon started having nightmares about fires and Jack had to soothe him down every time. Then one day, Jack noted that their brother started floating lower and lower in anguish and fear and they didn't know how to help. They were soon asked a question about their deepest wish. "Our wish?" Jack asked, looking back at Sark who was finally starting to float again. "What would be your wish Sarky?" "W-wish?" Sark rasped. "I wish the building never caught on fire and we still had our previous trainer." "Really, cause that is my wish too," Jack said, soothing Sark as they wrapped one of the ribbons around Sark comfortingly before they both passed out.

When they came too, they realized they couldn't remember anything except for some rules and stuff. Jack soon realized there was another being in his head that was waking up. A few seconds later, they panicked and transformed into a Doublade. Jack was calm while Sark waved about in the air, freaking out, which was amusing to Jack before they calmed him down. Floating around for two days, they mastered turning to and from Pokemon to human and human to Pokemon. After they had mastered it, Jack and Sark were floating around until a trainer tried to catch them with a Poké Ball. Angry, they both turned and knocked the trainer and the Pokemon traveling with him out. Turning back into a human, Jack took the black backpack from the knocked out trainer which held two Poké Balls. The next day, he found a yellow Pokemon known as a Combee and quickly knocked it out before capturing it. He nicknamed her Regina and now has spent 4 days in the game.

During that night, they had a dream, a lady came and said the rules were changing, after that, a memory came back. The memory was that of a human who seemed a bit frustrated at them. The name Zack came to mind as he evaded the trainer because of a thing called a Dusk Stone, which in turn, the term evolution came to mind. 'The nerve of him,' Jack mentioned to their brother via telepathy. 'Do you want to evolve?' 'No!' Sark said in desperation. 'I don't want you to leave! If you leave, then who will I have?' With that, they turned and floated away from their trainer and went over by a Flareon, which the name Flare popped up. "You two okay?" Flare asked, noting the Doublade. "We're fine," Jack replied. "We just don't want to evolve, I don't think Zack realizes it." Flare sighed, before saying, "Why don't you want to evolve?" "Sark doesn't want to be left alone," Jack replied. "We don't know what to do." "I can't tell you what to do you two," Flare said. "Zack is our trainer and I've always done as he says, maybe it is time you do the same."

With that, Jack woke up in a cold sweat and two things came to mind. Sark didn't want to lose Jack which meant they were close and the fact that they hated Dusk Stones. A few more days before Jack and Sark wandered the forest before Regina convinced them to go to a nearby town that she didn't know the name of. Jack agreed while Sark started complaining about how it might be dangerous with people around. Jack took it in stride before they soothed Sark's fear. Right before they set off, they found a white and red Pokemon they didn't recognize. After talking to it, they found out it was a Zangoose and had to do some serious convincing to it for it to come with them, using the only other empty Poké Ball they had and nicknamed it Claws.

Personality: Sark at times is often sad due to the loss of his original trainer (Although he doesn't know why when he enters the game). He is a bit paranoid of the world around him and much rather hide then fight. If he sees a fire, he'll quickly scream either to put it out or simply run the other direction. Sark is rather hesitant on making friends and much rather stay quiet then talk. The only person he'll be a chatter box to is Jack. As a Pokémon, Sark will mostly let Jack do the talking and has a habit of just floating there and staring at people. Jack on the other hand is charismatic and a flirt. They like attention, but not a whole lot of it. They like to be outgoing and discover new things around them. They have a habit of constantly rubbing their right arm. As a Pokemon, if someone is on distress, they will wrap their ribbon around the person as if to give them some sort of comfort.

Nature: Quirky (Neutral)

Ability: No Guard

Moves: Shadow Sneak/Toxic/Spite/Iron Head/Slash/Confide


-Vespiquen (Regina), [Poké Ball], Female, Sassy (+S.Def, -Spd), Honey Gather, Air Cutter/Sweet Scent/Gust/Bug Bite

-Zangoose (Claws), [Poké Ball], Male, Lonely (+Atk, -Def), Immunity, Slash/X-Scissor/False Swipe/Detect

Other: Jack likes to fight fire types while Sark doesn't. They also have a bag.

Current Items: 1600P, Bag, Poké Ball x4, Potion x2, TM36(Sludge Bomb)



Shiny Hazard Sign

Name: Cassandra "Cass"

Pokémon: Pyroar

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Human appearance: Cass measures in at roughly five feet and seven inches of tanned skin and finely cut muscle. Before the game, she was never all that toned-- more lean, really--, but the transformation granted her a decent volume of bulk in the upper arms, shoulders, and thighs to a point where she could easily be mistaken for a professional fighter or athlete. Her skin is golden-tan and tough; callouses have roughened the skin over her palms and the soles of her feet, and her elbows and knees are weathered as if from constant sun exposure. A ridiculous amount of hair flows straight down her back; the tips reach just beyond her buttocks, each strand a vivid red with a single bold stripe of yellow down the center of her hair and a few thin strands of gold interspersed throughout. Occasionally she wears it in a thick braid, but usually it hangs freely about her backside. Her eyes are almond shaped and slightly slanted, with piercing blue irises. Dark brown eyeshadow and eyeliner contribute to the ferocity of her gaze, but her big, borderline-goofy smile offsets most of her intimidating features. Her eyebrows are sharp and neatly manicured, unlike the rest of her.

The outfit she awoke in is blessedly simple. A tan camisole, only a few shades darker than her skin tone, shows beneath a soft flannel the color of burnt umber. The flannel's sleeves roll to her elbows, and the flannel itself remains unbuttoned. A basic pair of leather leggings matching in hue to her flannel hug her skin, and disappear mid-thigh beneath a pair of tan leather boots. The material of her boots is surprisingly supple enough to allow for rapid movement without much restraint. Although not quite unkempt, Cass is usually in a state of disorder and is therefore less likely to be caught freshly made-up.

Pokémon appearance: Cass isn't terribly different than the average female Pyroar, though her shoulders are slightly more broad and the fur on her chest is more prominent. The long streak of mane has a few more thin strands of gold as well.

Day they woke up: Day 6

Region: Kalos

Backstory: Cass had always believed in soulmates. Perhaps not strictly in the romantic sense, but the idea that two souls were destined to be together-- one soul split into separate halves-- had always been a perfectly rational explanation to her. From a young age, Cass was convinced that she and Allison were the same; not just the same face, but the same soul, complete and at peace only when the two of them were together. Allison's presence made everything right in Cassandra's world. The strength of the twins' relationship was a powerful force, and it reflected in how both girls clung to the other at various times of the day. In the morning, they shared a seat at the kitchen table. At school, they shared toys and academic material without missing a heartbeat, as if one person was using them instead. In the evening, they talked about everything and nothing, sometimes in a gibberish that only the twins somehow understood. They even shared the same bed and did not break the habit until they reached fifteen years of age. They were always touching somehow-- holding hands, standing shoulder to shoulder, leaning against each other-- though usually subconscious, as if the physical connection somehow heightened their mental one. The twins were on the same wavelength with only each other. Cass and Alice were one and the same, and it was not until the middle of high school that either of them began to doubt that conviction.

Puberty brought about a whirlwind of changes, but none was more apparent than the drastic shift in the girls' personalities. Cass didn't notice it at first. She was excited about becoming a trainer or eventually the Kalos Champion Rapidash racer; she trained day and night, but whatever free time she had, Cass spent it at Allison's side, who had always been supportive and an emotional crutch. Cass was more talkative than Allison, and therefore filled whatever silence that fell with chatter and babbling. She didn't notice when Allison started listening to darker music, or when she ignored Cass's talk to read her books, or when she stopped hanging around Cass's group of friends. Eventually Allison stopped showing up at Cass's junior races altogether. Cass brushed it aside, convinced her twin was simply devoting herself to her studies. After all, Allison was emerging as a real brainiac with strides that even Cass struggled to keep up with. It wasn't until they had their first real fight-- Cass had tripped on Allison's laptop charger and it broke-- that Cass began to realize that her sister had changed. At first, it confused her. Why would Allison change? Her sister was pretty great as she was. For a while, Cass tried pretending that everything was fine, that Allison was still her Allison, but it didn't take long for Cassandra to realize that ignoring the problem wasn't going to work. Her twin's style changed, her attitude. She cut her hair short, pixie-length, which contrasted Cass's long hair. She buried herself in books and dropped all extracurricular activities, going so far as to even giving away the Minun that she had received on their 16th birthday (Cass's had been a Plusle). Shortly after, Allison got her own room and left Cass by herself. It seemed like every part that they shared was gradually erased away until Cass wasn't sure they shared anything at all any longer, except their face; yet even that was different, for Allison threw herself at developing her femininity and pursued a talent with make-up and fashion. Cass was utterly bewildered and hurt. Her soul felt as though it had been perforated, like swiss cheese, with every little argument or difference that came between them. She wasn't complete anymore, and without Allison, Cass was lost and alone.

She was not the type of person to give up without a fight, however. In a last ditch effort to win her sister back, Cass abandoned her training and her friends, hoping to assimilate herself to Allison's new interests. She clung to her sister and she clung hard. At first, her twin didn't seem to care. Cass was happy to do whatever Allison wanted so long as it included herself. Their relationship stabilized for only a few weeks until Allison grew irritable again. One day, Allison exploded at Cass out of the blue: she hated their similarities, hated that she couldn't be different from her sister, hated that she wasn't her own person. Cass didn't know how to respond. Without Allison, Cass didn't know who she was. Crushed and betrayed, Cassandra withdrew from her sister and threw herself at her previous activities until the twins barely saw each other during the week. This continued for nearly a year; sometimes talking, sometimes arguing, sometimes ignoring each other for days on end. Cass hated it. The negative impact on her affected her ability to perform and her mental health, until she lost so many races that her sponsors retracted their support, and finally Cass dropped racing all together. She wandered regions as a trainer for a while to pass the time and make some money. It never filled the void left in her heart, but the bonds she developed with Pokémon soothed some of the ache. After a few years, Cass felt healed enough to return home to Kalos and reattempt connecting to the sister she had loved so dearly.

It could have gone better. Allison was almost like a stranger at this point, and Cass almost didn't recognize her; she had dyed her hair a deep red, wore thick, dark make-up, and generally looked like someone that belonged in an angry punk band. There was a simmering rage in Allison that Cass didn't recognize, and it frightened her. Much to her surprise, Allison was willing to establish a connection again. Although it was rocky, it was something, and Cass couldn't help but feel the flutter of hope in her chest at the prospect of having her sister back after all those years estranged from her.

A year ago, Allison got involved with a shady character that Cass took an immediate disliking to. This person was sly, rude, and manipulative-- Cass could see it plainly, but her sister was blind to it. She didn't care that it was a woman (she wasn't one to judge in that circumstance, anyway) but for the simple fact that this woman was taking advantage of Allison's skill and knowledge in biochemistry and engineering. Cass remained on the sidelines, watching her sister like a hawk. They were a part of a project of some sort, and this woman pushed and pushed and pushed Allison to work, and as soon as the data was available, it was stored onto a harddrive and shipped elsewhere while the originals were wiped. Allison didn't get paid for any of it except with quick, dangerous smiles and sugary promises.

Cass tried talking to Allison about it, about the suspicious things she’d seen the woman do and the injustice of the entire arrangement. Her twin bristled and snapped something about “You just can’t let me have anything to myself” before storming away. It bothered Cass too much to let go, though. She felt like she had run out of options. Without thinking it through, Cass approached their parents and explained the situation, hoping to gather their support-- yet in her determination to save Allison from a bad relationship (and possible criminal activity), she outed her twin to their family without realizing until it was too late. Their parents went into an uproar and threatened to disown Allison unless she recanted her orientation. Horrified and outraged by their reaction, Cass screamed out her own orientation and raced after her twin, who had fled the house violently trembling. By then it was too late; Allison’s words were venom, and she made it thoroughly clear that she wanted nothing else to do with Cassandra.

Cass was hollowed after that. She spent the night in the forest outside of their hometown, curled up on the grass while her Pokémon dozed in their Poké Balls nearby. She didn’t cry. She was too empty to conjure tears. When a strange shadow approached, Cass barely registered its presence. There was something about a game, about a wish…. Instead of paying attention, she was half-dreaming about her childhood, back when the world made sense and her soul was whole. Yet the mention of a wish drew her from her fantasies. The shadow asked her about her greatest desire, and to what lengths she would go to achieve it. Cass didn’t even skip a beat as she blurted, “I’d do anything to have my sister back!” The forest around her faded into an abyss of nothingness in response. Though she couldn’t see the figure, its voice floated through her, filling her head with rules and details that both frightened and intrigued her. But she envisioned her wish, her desire, and nothing else mattered-- with sudden ferocity, she accepted the challenge and fainted.

The first thing she realized, in her next conscious moment, was that someone else was pressed close to her. Cass awoke snuggled against the backside of some random lady, who, incidentally, had also passed out in the middle of a forest. A few moments later the stranger stirred. Cass, in all of her unbridled curiosity, leaned closer to get a better look at the stranger’s face...and her eyes snapped open in the same split second. This startled the unknown woman enough that a bright flash momentarily disoriented Cass (as she had been quite close), and suddenly a black and white striped horse-creature was staring down at her, aghast. This then surprised Cassandra enough that the light returned and within seconds she found herself on four legs and tongues of fire flickering out from between her newly-massive jaws.

Needless to say, it took them a little while to calm down and sort out what happened. Both of them agreed to stick together, as neither was particularly keen on figuring out what was going on on their own, with the idea of tracking down the “Helix” business and getting their memories restored. Currently, they have been traveling for three days in the game.

Personality: Cassandra, unlike her sister, is a very animated person. Her expressions vary greatly depending on her mood, and thus make her easily readable by others. A happy Cassandra is typically very gregarious and warm-hearted. She is open to new friendships and exploring the unknown as if her curiosity were an insatiable beast, though her nearly non-existent foresight often leads her into trouble. While she is capable of being patient, Cass prefers action of some sort and quickly becomes restless in stagnant situations. Angry Cass is incredibly hotheaded and easily provoked, but she can never hold grudges for long and can be won over with humor or sweet talk. She enjoys the company of just about anyone she meets. Her welcoming demeanor seems to attract children, which she doesn't mind as she possesses a strong maternal instinct that can be triggered by her desire to be close to and protect others. Cass is the optimist of the twins.

Nature: Rash (+S.Atk, -S.Def)

Ability: Rivalry

Moves: Heat Wave/Wild Charge/Hyper Voice/Snarl/Overheat/Crunch


-Shiny Fennekin (Dagaz), [Premier Ball], Male, Timid (+Spd, -Atk), Blaze, Psyshock/Flamethrower/Hypnosis/Flame Charge

Other: She's pansexual. She discovered a small, child-sized backpack at an old camping site they happened across. A berry juice was inside, but Cass drank it shortly after its discovery (much to the disgust of her companion).

Current Items: Bag, Poké Ball x4, Potion x2, Antidote x2


Name: Allison "Allie/Alice"

Pokémon: Zebstrika

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Human appearance: Because of the game, Allison gained several inches in height to reach a solid 5'10" and a complexion the smooth cream of a skinned almond. She is mostly lean and willowy in body structure, but her thighs are dense with muscle as if she were a dancer. The elegant poise in which she carries herself and the grace of her stride grant her a rather sophisticated presence, though it is largely unintentional from her. However, this is offset by the biker outfit that she awoke in. She wears a matte-black leather motorcycle jacket with a throat-latching collar and a zipper down the front, and a matching pair of skinny black jeans. White bands decorate the entire ensemble: one across the jacket over her collar bone, just below her throat, with jagged end points; another over the curve of her chest in a crescent shape that meets at the jacket's hems at the junction of sleeve and shoulder, where the white continues in a loop across said hems; a third that stretches over the mid-back of the jacket with bolt-shaped points that reach around her waist; two bands on the sleeves of the jacket just below the elbow; the backside of the jacket's collar in another crescent shape. The jeans display a similar pattern. A bolt of white wraps around the seat of her jeans, and another band circles each leg at mid-thigh that is kinked with an upward point on the side of both legs. A pair of black combat boots lace up to her knees, but also sport two white buckles that imitate the striped pattern on the sleeves of her jacket. The toe section of the boots are gray instead of black. Beneath her jacket, she wears a simple black and white striped tank top, though she rarely ever unzips her jacket to expose it. Her fingernails are painted the same shade of gray as that on the toes of her boots.

Allison's hair changed drastically for the game as well. Upon waking, she discovered her hair turned stark white except for the shaved undercut around the bottom portion of her head that remained black. The rest of her hair is long, and she keeps it tied up in a high ponytail where the lengthy strands reach her hips with a few wild curls springing outwards. Her bangs are cut straight across, though there are two pieces of long hair on either side of her face that hang down to her chest. These two pieces have sharp waves toward the end that mimic that shape of a lightning bolt. Her eyebrows are thin, black, and arched sharply at the ends.

Her face is somewhat long in shape and narrow. Like Cassandra, her eyes are a piercing electric blue, though Allison's are framed by long, thick white lashes and bright yellow eyeliner on the bottom eyelid and black over the top. Her lips are full and dark naturally, but transforming grants her near-black lipstick over the true color. A pair of blue thunderbolt earrings sit on each earlobe and a couple black hoops encircle the outer edges.

Pokémon appearance: Allison is a rather tall Zebstrika, with longer horns atop her head than the average of her kind. Her striped pattern is slightly more bold than others to even out the proportion of white-to-black coloration. The stripe on her nose, however, is much thinner and shorter than other Zebstrikas.

Day they woke up: Day 6

Region: Kalos

Backstory: Allison has never believed in destiny. Even as a little girl, she believed that someone's fate was decided by them and their actions alone, not some mysterious outside force that meddled in people's lives. Her twin sister Cassandra was convinced otherwise. It didn't bother Allison much at first, because she loved Cass more than she loved anything in the whole world; with her sister, Allison was brave, she was fun, and she was happy. Cassandra made all of the shadows seem less daunting. As little girls, Allison-- then "Allie" or "Alice" to her twin-- didn't mind that they were virtually the same person. She loved having everything in common with her sister. Here was someone who understood every part of her already built into her life! But, like all things, this came to change with time as the girls grew older.

Allison was the first to understand what was happening. They were growing apart. Cass was a non-stop bullet train that barreled ahead into her life without fear or doubt, a fiery spirit that dampened for no-one and didn't let failure ruin her day. Allison watched her sister blossom at a young age. Cass was talented, which Allison admired greatly, and she channeled all of her energy into striving for her goal as a Champion racer. Allison attended every race and every practice if she could. Yet, there was something nagging at the back of her mind each time she sat on the sidelines, cheering for Cass on the back of a Ponyta as she thundered across the finish line. It wasn't until a little while later that Allison realized that they weren't the same. They began to argue about little things, like which music to listen to, which friends to hang out with, what to do on a Saturday night. It was silly, but it bothered Allison greatly. She sat on their bed for hours at a time, thinking and dreaming and wondering about life-- about herself. It took some time, but eventually, Allison came to the conclusion that she didn't want to be the same as Cass. She couldn't. Allison wasn't a great racer. She wasn't enthusiastic about making new friends or raring for some grand new journey. This revelation frightened her greatly, because if she and Cass weren't the same, then who was she? Allison realized she had nothing of herself, nothing personal or unique of her own. Everything was Cass. Frustrated and feeling alone for the first time in her life, Allison withdrew from her familiar world, shutting herself away from everyone in attempt to hold in the panic that threatened to overcome her at anytime. She stopped going to Cass's races, because the sudden jealousy that spurted over Cass's success and the guilt that followed was too much to bear. Instead, Allison threw herself at the only thing she could find comfort in: books. Lots and lots of books. She studied nearly every chance of the day she got, hoping that somewhere in the monotonous text that some spark of life would jump out at her and strike her with that life-altering "AHA!" moment. She excelled in her classes and stood proudly in the top percentage of her peers. Yet, she still did not feel like her own person. She felt shrouded in Cass's shadow, both in the promise of her twin's bright future and in Cass's confidence that they would remain together forever. Allison began to detest the idea. She wanted to be herself, without Cass's influence or imprint, but nothing yielded itself to her as her special niche. She couldn't possibly have been destined to be the cheerleader, right?

Their fights grew more climactic. Allison cut her hair off short, to which Cass reacted very negatively (and Allison secretly enjoyed). She found another home for the Minun their parents had given her alongside Cass's Plusle, because if she was going to raise a Pokemon it was going to be one she caught on her own and nothing tied to the sister that outshone her. Eventually, she even moved all of her own things into her own room and worked hard to alter her appearance. She wanted to share nothing with Cassandra; not even their face.

Allison made a lot of changes since, and the gradual separation from her twin felt like a weight lifting off of her shoulders. Yet it wasn't long until she noticed Cass creeping back into her life. Her twin hung around more, looking for ways to include herself in Allison's activities. She listened to Allison's music without complaint, read some of Allison's books, and even tried wearing the same style of make-up. It wasn't until Allison found Cass wearing one of her new shirts one morning that Allison finally lost her patience. All of her bottled up frustrations came tumbling out in a mess of curses and words that stung at Cassandra with intent to cast her away. And much to Allison's surprise, it worked. Cass seemed to disappear overnight. They rarely saw each other outside of school, despite sharing the same roof. Allison was simultaneously relieved and saddened by this. She didn't want to hurt Cass-- even if she was angry in the moment-- but there were no words she could use to explain what she felt to the twin that had always thought they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives. So Allison decided to use this distance to her advantage. She explored different avenues and ways of expression over the years. Her hair changed colors, her fashion switched styles, and so on. Her excellence in school granted her a scholarship to a College of BioScience in Kalos where she was recruited to study evolution in Pokemon and the dramatic changes that rapidly developed in that brief moment of time. It was there that Allison met Eloise. She fell for Eloise like a boulder down a hill; in barely any time at all, Allison was wrapped around her finger, eager to do whatever Eloise requested. Love for Allison was never simple, though. She juggled her feelings for Eloise-- which were only occasionally reciprocated, she found, and usually only when it suited Eloise-- and the guilt and regret that followed Cass's leave. In addition, Allison still didn't know who she was or what she wanted to do with herself. She struggled to contain these emotions for a long time, and they ate away at her and festered deep in her heart for nearly a year. By the time Cass returned, Allison's negativity was close to boiling over. Still, she tried connecting to her twin. A yawning emptiness had settled in her with Cass's departure, and she yearned to fill it with her sister's warmth. Like all things for Allison, it didn't last long. Cass began to question Eloise's intentions. She made offhanded comments that needled Allison's resolve. When Cass finally broached the subject outright, Allison shut her out again and refused to hear anything else regarding Eloise's integrity.

But when Cass instead went to their parents, inevitably revealing Allison's sexual orientation before she was ready, the rage in Allison exploded. She denounced Cass outright and left their hometown as quickly as possible in shame and fury.

Allison spent the night in a cheap hotel in a small town several hours away. Of course, she couldn't sleep, so she lay curled on the grimy mattress wiping away the hot tears that muddied her face and muttering curse after curse. That's when she heard a bizarre, deep voice echo softly through the room, imploring her about her greatest desires. Although startled, Allison found herself responding to the voice. She told it she wanted to be alone, to never have had a sister to begin with, so that she could be herself completely. She told the voice bitterly, "I'd give up loving anything ever again just to have my own life and no sister to ruin it." Almost immediately, the hotel room disappeared into blackness, leaving Allison suspended in a shadowy void. The voice remained. It explained something about a game, and the rules that accompanied it. Allison considered the option before her for a long moment. In her mind, all of the pain that she endured was caused by Cass's incessant and childlike need to be together. All of Allison's problems would be solved with one single wish, if only she could win this game... A cold indifference began to displace the hesitation she felt. A moment later she accepted, and was plunged completely into darkness.

Something large and warm was pressed against her when the first inklings of consciousness began to drag her out of slumber. When it moved, Allison's eyes flew open, and she was suddenly inches from the face of an unfamiliar woman who was gazing curiously down at her. Her heart skipped at the unexpected surprise, and without warning her skin grew warm and a bright light enveloped her. She found, with increasing mortification, that her body had morphed into something else entirely. Long, sturdy black and white equine legs held her in place, though the quite abrupt change in body structure made her head swim and her new legs threatened to fold under her from the intensity of the spins. The woman who had been beside her was equally as startled, because a split moment later she changed, and then Allison was face to face with a Pyroar. An honest to Arceus Pyroar.

Allison was the first to remember something about rules. Though neither of them understood why and how they could suddenly shift into Pokemon (though she'd never seen something like what she was, her new companion swore up and down that her Pokemon was called a Zebstrika), they eventually agreed that staying together would be more beneficial than wandering the roads for Team Helix. Whoever that was. Three days they are into their journey, and Allison still isn't any closer to figure out what Team Helix is, who she is, and what that strange ache in her heart is about.

Shortly after transforming for the first time, a little bug Pokemon scurried up her leg and nestled itself into her spiky mane. He was attracted by her electricity, but even once she reverted back into a human, the little Joltik was too enamored by Allison and her friend to leave. Though she pretends not to care for him, Allison enjoys his company.

Personality: Allison's juxtaposition with her twin is extremely cliche. Her cold exterior contrasts Cass's almost to a ridiculous extent as if they were two faces to the same coin. Where Cass is sunny and extroverted, Allison is reserved, stoic, and emotionally controlled-- or at least, enough to keep others from reading her like an open book like Cass. She never found much use for surrounding herself with a lot of friends, and so became intensely selective of her company. Her curiosity is bound more in academia, unlike Cass's desire to explore the outside world. The bookworm in Allison dominates a good portion of her time, as she devotes large portions of her day to reading or learning about new concepts or developing her science to perfection. She prefers solitude mostly, but she cannot deny there is also a part of her that cannot stand to be alone. The internal struggle over her contrasting desires and her identity remains the largest war she battles. Though in the game she does not remember why, Allison still suffers from an emotional pain that she can't quite identify.

Demeanor wise, Allison appears to be aloof and distant, preferring to gauge a person's trustworthiness before allowing them to get close. She often comes across as disinterested or dismissive because of this, when in reality she is learning as much about her subject as she can. She has a hard time relating to strangers right off the bat and therefore appears to lack empathy or compassion upon getting to know other people, but given time, Allison can become fiercely protective of those she has learned to trust and cherish. Loving is never easy for her, but when she does, she does so with all of her being.

Nature: Serious (Neutral)

Ability: Lightningrod

Moves: Flame Charge/Wild Charge/Discharge/Spark/Shock Wave/Bounce


-Aerodactyl (Arrow), [Quick Ball], Male, Lonely (+Atk, -Def), Pressure, Iron Head/Ice Fang/Sky Drop/Rock Slide

Other: She's very, very gay, and very, very bad at romance.

Current Items: 1600P, Town Map, Cellphone, TM06(Toxic)


Name: Valda

Pokémon: Noivern

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Human appearance: Without her heels, Valda reaches five feet and five inches (the heels add another three inches). She is thin and agile with a finely toned musculature. Her hair is medium-length and reaches just beyond her shoulder blades when let down and is sleek black in color. It is normally pinned up and back in thick, elegant curls, with a few loose curls hanging against the back of her neck and cheeks (Example), though she does zero upkeep for the style and thus it often becomes a mass of black curls in wild disarray until all of the pins fall out. The yellow of her eyes is startlingly bright and unnatural. Her makeup is mostly simple, with a black top liner that wings outward, and a bottom teal liner that wings inward down her nose. Her lipstick is a dusty, matte purple. In each ear rests a large, cumbersome hearing aid; circular in shape, with a teal centerpiece and thin black inner rings, while the outer clasp of the aid is thick, black, and sports a spike on tip where it encircles the top cusp of her ear.

She wears a formal dress: the sleeveless bodice has a high neckline that is obscured by the fluffy white scarf wrapped around her neck. The front of the bodice is a deep purple, while the rest of the dress is black velvet; where the purple ends at her pelvis, a black belt is fashionably fastened with part of the belt hanging in front of the dress skirt. Two spikes tip the hanging end of the belt. Her dress is form-fitting and billows out slightly at the feet. Solid-colored fabric drapes from her backside (the fabric is sewn from the shoulders down to her buttocks) to purple wrist cuffs with black studs, allowing the fabric to flow freely from her arms. The inner side of the fabric is teal while the backside is black with purple lining the outer edge. Maroon suede half-gloves cover her fingers and palms (and partially the tops of her hands). Although usually hidden by the hem of the dress, her heels are slim and black, with various straps around her ankle and tops of her feet. Two red gems adorn the toe-straps of each shoe.

Extra clothes: Jeans, crop top (saying "My Slurpuffs bring all the boys to the yard" coupled with a drawing), sneakers, and a pair of large, rounded sunglasses. She got rid of all her shifter clothes, save for the gloves and the hearing aids.

Pokémon appearance: Valda is taller than the average Noivern at 5’02 inches. Unlike before the game, Valda’s skin is virtually flawless with no evidence of her scaring. The teal of her coloration is bolder and brighter (borderline turquoise) than most other Noiverns.

Day they woke up: Day 5

Region: Kalos

Backstory: Valda’s parents left her to fend for herself when she was young, as many Noiverns do when their Noibats reach a certain age. She took to battling extremely well, going so far as to kicking her brothers and sisters from the nests to claim her own territory. Valda was an adolescent Noivern, the proud guardian of her mountaintop in Kalos, when a human came waltzing into her space. At this point she hadn’t come across many humans-- as most didn’t bother with the trek up the mountainside-- so she was curious about this one. She fought his team well, but even a strong dragon like herself wasn’t able to overcome more than three enemies before succumbing to her injuries and fatigue. She was caught in an Ultra Ball, much to her displeasure, although she was still intrigued enough about the trainer that she decided to investigate further.(The trainer mistook her for a male Noivern at first and named her Jaeger-- Jay for short-- but kept the name even after realizing his mistake) He introduced her to competitive battling, where she flourished. Though their bond was not very close like it was with his other Pokemon, she tolerated her trainer enough that she remained with him, if only because that meant she could continue fighting. Together, they won several competitions and league challenges.

Eventually, she did reach a point where homesickness for her mountain began to call her. She grew restless and depressed, and often broke free from her Poké Ball in order to stay outside. Her trainer caught on fairly quickly, and told her that he would release her if she did him one last favor. He wanted some of her progeny to remember her by and continue her line of champions. Valda wasn’t thrilled by the idea, but if it won her freedom, she wasn’t opposed to it. The problem, however, was finding a male Pokémon that she liked enough to get that close to. Any of the dragons that her trainer introduced into her enclosure (something he had made especially for her to help with her restlessness) Valda immediately attacked. It wasn’t until she discovered some bumbling idiot of an Altaria locked in her pen (by accident, at least) that she finally made her selection. Together, they had three eggs. Two of the children hatched strong and healthy, but the third was sickly, thin, and bizarrely colored. Neither Valda nor her mate had ever seen a Noibat the color of seafoam before. And strangely enough, this little thing became the first object of her affections, and she grew attached to him in a way that had never occurred to her before.

Her trainer, unfortunately, felt the same. He was ecstatic over the discovery of a “shiny” Noibat. Despite the infant’s fragile state, Valda’s trainer took him from her enclosure and decided to place the Noibat into training early. He took several trips out of town with Vale (the name had come to Valda the moment he’d broken out of the shell), and left Valda behind with the other two. About a week later, her trainer returned-- alone. She listened with increasing dismay as he explained that Vale’s sickness had only progressed until the little Noibat was beyond the point of recovery and passed in his sleep.

The worst of it, however, was when he said he couldn’t let her go any longer. Valda was stunned. He said since she’d made shiny offspring before, then maybe she’d be able to again. He already had buyers lining up for her regular children. According to him, she was too valuable now to release. Valda grew immeasurably angry. First, his ignorance got her child killed, and now he had the gall to sell her remaining children and betray her last wish? She wasn’t some broodmare! Filled with rage, Valda destroyed her enclosure and smashed her Ultra ball into smithereens. She rampaged for a good while, trashing his facility to the best of her ability before finally taking to the skies and racing as far from him and his treachery as she could manage.

Eventually, Valda found another mountaintop to settle in on. (She had to fight a few Braviary for it, but her none-too-gentle persuasion paid off) She stayed there for several years by herself, defending her mountain from any who dared to trespass (especially humans). A male Goodra appeared one day, and no matter how many times she chased him down the mountainside, Valda always found him lounging by her pond the next morning. This exchange finally gave way to an unsteady companionship, and soon enough Valda found herself the mother of another clutch. To her relief, these two hatched with the same exuberance and strength (and normal Noibat coloring) as her other children from before. They were headstrong, like her, and enjoyed challenging themselves at every turn. She protected them with everything she had. When the first signs of human activity appeared at the summit of her mountain, she lost her temper and wreaked havoc anytime they drew close. Then her children evolved into Noivern, and the presence of her family on the mountain began to attract more humans despite Valda’s efforts to keep them away. She began to attack them outright and indiscriminately, even if the humans she went after weren’t interested in capturing her children.

Valda’s hatred for humans mounted higher and higher the longer she continued to fight them off. After one particularly nasty battle-- she’d barely survived the human’s Garchomp-- Valda found a strange voice echoing around in her head after she spent several minutes cursing the humans. When it prompted her for her greatest wish, she thought without hesitation, “I wish humans never existed.” But what would she give in return? Valda’s answer was immediate: she’d give up anything, even her own children, if it meant she never had to face another human again.

Valda didn’t remember falling asleep, or waking up. She discovered she didn’t remember a lot of things. Suddenly she opened her eyes and found herself in a new forest, one she’d never seen before, and the colors were all wrong. Or at least, she thought they were. She wasn’t sure. The sounds were different, too, as if they were muted or muddied, but she didn’t know why that bothered her, either. Her thoughts were clouded and fuzzy, and she wondered if the darkness she felt shrouding her memories would ever lift.

It wasn’t until she tried standing up that Valda realized something else was wrong. She hobbled on the weird things strapped to her feet, which she realized after a long minute were coverings often worn by human women to be stylish. She couldn't remember what they were called, but she harbored an intense dislike of them immediately. In fact, she found as she inspected herself, that the sensation of bubbling unease would not leave her. Her skin felt odd, and part of her felt the need to scratch at it for no other reason than the discomfort of having it brought her. She couldn't fathom why she felt so distressed. It stayed like a rock in the pit of her stomach no matter what she did to appease it.

It took her a long time to figure out how to walk in the human feet-spikes. The cloth she was draped in was incredibly soft to the touch, but so heavy and hot that she found herself clawing out of the outfit as the danger of heatstroke drew uncomfortably close. She tossed the feet-spikes too (which she vaguely thought were called shoes), just for good measure, and shredded as much of the ensemble as she could with her meager human fingers (she kept the strange ear-pieces, however, if only because she found that she could hear much better once she pushed the little buttons on the sides). At that point, riveted with the thrill of destroying human things, Valda was quite suddenly taken by a glow of bright light. The instant comfort she felt in this new body and the natural grace she maneuvered with was almost as surprising, but Valda decided not to question it.

She spent three days in the forest, figuring out how to do human things in the human body once her Noivern form was forced back. The dress and its many accessories had returned upon shifting back, much to her annoyance. She had been contemplating on ripping it up again when she came across a little red and white ball sitting on a rock.

For whatever reason, the sight of the ball infuriated her more than the human clothes. She’d snatched the ball, intent on smashing it against the stone, when it suddenly popped open and a floating purple thing came bobbing out onto the wind around her. It called itself a Drifloon-- Flooey for short, it said-- and explained that the Pokeball Valda was holding was special. It plucked the Pokeball from her fingers when she insisted on its destruction and cradled the ball in its tiny tag-like feet, saying that its trainer had left it here, and it was waiting for her to come back. Valda scoffed, but didn’t care enough to convince the Drifloon otherwise. She left the Drifloon by the rock without further thought to its fate.

To her surprise, the next day she found the purple balloon floating nearby, humming and clutching its Pokeball. She told Valda, “I know she’s probably not coming back. Maybe she just can’t remember where she left my Pokeball. Do you think I could come along with you? Maybe we’ll come across her at some point and she’ll remember all the fun we had.”

Valda didn’t really care for company. The Drifloon was quiet, though, and didn’t give her much trouble. Besides, when Valda asked about something called a “Team Helix,” the ghost Pokemon seemed to know something or other about it. “My trainer used to talk about them,” Flooey had said. Then, after a moment of careful consideration, the balloon stretched out a stringy arm and held out her Pokeball to Valda. “Please don’t break it,” she implored, “but maybe you can hold onto this, for now? At least until we find my trainer.”

For some reason or another, Valda didn’t break it. Instead she shoved it down the neckline of the dress (where she found she could hold a few small items without too much difficulty) and muttered something about “don’t get in my way.” The Drifloon followed happily after her. They stayed together for another two days while Valda explored the forest.

On the night of her fifth day, Valda's dreams were accosted by a strange human woman and then a fleeting memory of a strangely colored Noibat hatching from an egg. The name "Vale" has haunted her ever since. She spent another three days traveling with Flooey until the Drifloon finally convinced Valda that she should enter the human city called Fastfall to find more information. Instead, Valda spent an entire day terrorizing the humans on the strange, fake scenery set up around the city until the resident gym leader chased her off with a Pokémon she'd never encountered before. Whatever it was, it made her head hurt, but at least she'd left behind a blazing car that shortly after exploded much sooner than the humans were expecting. It was a lovely surprise.

Personality: Valda is not a terribly friendly individual. She covets her personal space more than anything else in her life, and is quick to retaliate if it is invaded. Her primary reaction to most things she doesn’t like-- which happens to be most things in general-- is aggression and hostility. She finds that most of her problems are solved if she beats the crap out of someone long enough. Although Valda is capable of caring about others and forming relationships, she’d prefer not to. In fact, part of her snide and judgmental facade helps keep her sequestered from others, because she feels the safest in isolation. She does have a softness for children, but she tends to ignore it whenever possible (unless they are her children-- then she becomes a hellion on steroids if someone so much as considers passing a threat their way). Valda is not a very sympathetic individual and often struggles with empathy for anyone, which is why most of the relationships she does manage to form often end shortly thereafter. She doesn’t trust very many people/Pokémon, and very possibly never will.

Most of all, she despises humans.

Nature: Hasty (+Spd, -Def)

Ability: Infiltrator

Moves: Boomburst/Draco Meteor/Hurricane/Flamethrower/Dragon Pulse/Super Fang


-Drifloon (Flooey), [Poké Ball], Female, Gentle (+S.Def, -Def), Aftermath, Shadow Ball/Ominous Wind/Calm Mind/Shock Wave


Current Items:

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Accepted Characters, continuation:



Name: March

Pokémon: Metagross

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Human appearance: In human form, March stands at 1.7 meters with a pretty muscular build and a slightly tan skin. He's wearing a blue shirt with long sleeves and a grey X on the front, blue jeans and black shoes. The ends of his sleeves and jeans all have 3 grey triangles coming from them. He has short black hair curling up a bit at the ends and his red eyes are covered by black sunglasses.

Pokémon appearance: A Metagross with legs just a tidbit shorter than the usual length.

Day they woke up: Day 10.

Region: Hoenn.

Backstory: March had always been a regular person that just wanted to have fun with his Lotad, and Lombre when he grew older. When he was 20 he didn't move out of his parents' house, because he didn't have to. This came in very handy as his job as a supermarket cashier didn't pay much, and he could never afford a house of his own. His parents left Hoenn to go and live in Kanto to work on a very important project concerning environmental protection. The company they did this for only had enough money to give them two plane tickets, and March's parents didn't have enough money to take their son along. He missed them every single day, and wished that they would either come back to Hoenn, or that he could move to Kanto. His very low level of education also made that he had no chance of getting any better of a job. One day he had a weird dream and...

... He woke up in... where was he? What happened? He thought. I remember... a game. What game? Returning memories. Team Helix. Destroying research. Why? I don't know. So how? Special powers. What powers? He looked at himself, noticing his outfit looked a lot like a Metagross. Metagross heh? I wonder if... Suddenly he transformed into a Metagross. Shocked by what had just happened and not really able to control his limbs and his levitating body he flailed about in the air and randomly used all of his moves on the rocks surrounding him. When he calmed down, he happened to turn back to his human form. He decided to stay where he was for now, there seemed to be some vegetation, including trees with berries that he recognized. On his third day there he had a fateful encounter with a female Snorunt, and, as he was used to after two days of understanding what all the Pokémon were saying, he understood what the Snorunt was saying. The Snorunt asked him to go to the nearby town. March gathered all the berries he could find, planning to sell them when he got to the town, so he could buy a poké ball for the Snorunt. After a day of travel he arrived there...

Personality: He is a bit introverted and quickly satisfied. He is also very caring and will do anything for people and Pokémon he cares about.

Nature: Quiet (+S.Atk, -Spd)

Ability: Clear body

Moves: Bullet Punch/Iron Defense/Hone Claws/Meteor Mash/Psyshock/Earthquake/Magnet Rise


-Snorunt (Frost), [Poké Ball], Female, Jolly (+Spd, -S.Atk), Ice Body, Weather Ball/Bite/Ice Fang/Leer


Current Items: Bag

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Day 1: Game starts.

Day 8: Kusba arc.

Day 9: Vertia arc.

Night 9: Dream.

Day 10: Left Vertia. Journey to Taismog starts.

Day 13 (Current day): Taismog/Lifferoad/Fastfall arcs.




Everyone's location:


Active Characters:

Taismog, forest: Allison, Anhew, Cassandra, Daniella, Jack&Sark, ???

Taismog, north: Kim, Vaila

Lifferoad, Center: Chompers, Emil, Sine, Dailus, Soimar

Fastfall, near Gym: Gaes, Lambert, March, Rhapsody, Valda, Z, Zoey


Inactive characters:

Somewhere in Kusba: Fia, Kage, Sarah

Abra Delivery Service: Rennaj, Elizabeth

Somewhere in Vertia: Evelyn, Lacie, Nero, Rae

Caves North of Vertia: Jasper

Somewhere in Taismog: Dammerung, Ellie




Relevant NPCs:

Note: These NPCs are important to the plot, and as such, only the GMs can control them. All Pokemon owned by these NPCs have a neutral nature.



Gym Leaders


Gym Location: Kusba Village

Name: Hygre

Specialty type: Dark

Age & Appearance: (Have an excellent drawing by Pi) A girl that looks to be in her late teens. She has light gray hair, most of it cut short so her nape is exposed, with the front separated into two long bangs that reach the middle of her chest. She has light brown eyes, but uses contacts so the left one looks red and the right one looks black. Outfit is a white dress shirt, a black jacket with long sleeves that opens on the waist and reaches the ankles, little white crystals in the shape of a diamond sewn on the inside of the lower part; a bright red bandanna tied around her neck, sunglasses, and white pants with black on the outer side that stops before reaching the top and a silver chain on the left side, and knee-high black boots with too many belts and the highest heels a gal can wear without breaking them while running (she likes looking tall). Height is about 174cm with heels and 167cm without. Keeps her team's Dusk Balls fastened around a thick wristband on her right wrist.

Battle team: Zoroark, Umbreon, Honchkrow, Bisharp, Drapion, Greninja.

Badge: Midnight badge. It looks like the full moon with a black cloud covering the lower half. The color of the moon (white, light orange, orange, red, dark red) determines the difficulty it was won at.


Gym Location: Vertia Town

Name: Laren

Specialty type: Fossils Rock

Age & Appearance: A man in his late twenties that looks at least five years younger. He has long dark brown hair that he keeps up like in a high ponytail with a hair fastener fashioned after a Claw Fossil, the hair divided into five braids, each end tied with a hair tie decorated with a shiny dark brown orb. Dark skin, and bright green eyes that help with his youthful appearance. Wears a gray shirt with a big collar and a brown vest over it, full with pockets of different shapes and sizes; all pockets are white with a red flap. Has thick black gloves and long gray pants with the ends inside the brown hiking boots. Carries around a dark gray backpack, with even more pockets. Keeps his team's Repeat Balls clipped to the inside of the vest, on the left side.

Battle team: Omastar, Cradily, Armaldo, Rampardos, Archeops, Aurorus.

Badge: Ancient badge. It looks like a light-brown rectangle representing a layer of dirt divided by a black zigzag cracks. The higher the difficulty level, the more layers of ‘dirt’ (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), each a darker color than the ones above it. Small spots can be viewed in the layers and between them.


Gym Location: Taismog Town

Name: Driemen

Specialty type: Poison

Age & Appearance: A man who’s 31. He has dark purple eyes and wavy hair of the same color that reaches his chin, styled in a side part with most of it combed to the right. Most of his long bangs cover his face, obscuring his right eye, with the left bangs tucked behind his ear to show the jewelry he wears; two piercings on the top of the ear that look like red fangs of about 3 cm each, and an earring that looks like an upside-down yellow heart surrounded by enough red and black to make it have a tear-like shape. He usually wears a bartender outfit, consisting of black pressed pants and monk shoes of the same color, a black vest with a lavender handkerchief poking out from the left breast pocket, a very light lavender pinstripe shirt under the vest, and a small black bow-tie. The sleeves of the shirt are rolled up to a little below the elbow, and he wears a black sleeve garter on each arm. Keeps his team’s Timer Balls on the front of his belt, three on each side.

Battle team: Nidoking, Arbok, Seviper, Crobat, Toxicroak, Ariados

Badge: Vermouth Badge. A martini glass with a drink umbrella, full of purple liquid emanating a waft of smoke. The color of the umbrella (peach, red, green, blue, black) indicates the level it was won at.


Gym Location: Fastfall City

Name: Tae

Specialty type: Fighting

Age & Appearance: A woman around her late forties who was the protagonist of the Vendetta series, a saga of 4 action movies that aired around 20-25 years ago, though she still appears as a guest star in other films when she has the time. She’s known for doing all of her stunts and fights without the need of a double for neither her nor her Pokémon - as such, she’s good at many martial arts, knife handling, parkour, and at the shooting range. Pretty tall, around 177cm, with a tanned athletic body. Slanted brown eyes and black hair. Her hair is tied up in a twisted knot, the ends falling towards the right like a ponytail. She also has a thin red hairband that keeps most of her bangs from falling as low as they should. Usually wears black flats, a white tank top, and dark red tracksuit pants with orange vertical stripes on the sides until the knees. Has a thick black belt with pouches on the front and sides. She has her arms from elbow to wrist bandaged, and taped fingers. Keeps her team’s Ultra Balls on the back of her belt. Ambidextrous.

Battle team: Sawk, Lucario, Medicham, Poliwrath, Blaziken, Breloom

Badge: Fracture Badge. A clear rectangle with brown borders as a window, and 5 ovals in the center to represent knuckles, the thumb on the right side. The number of cracks in the window (0, 1, 2, 3, shattered) indicates the level it was won at.



Elite 4


Name: Leonard Dailus

Specialty type: Flying

Age & Appearance: A man around 31 with long red hair and light gray eyes, about 174cm tall. Half-ponytail, bangs held back by a stiff black hairband. Wears a light purple button-up shirt, under a light beige loose cardigan of the kind that doesn’t close, long enough to reach his knees and thin enough that one might confuse it for a scarf at first glance, until seeing the loose collar. Normal black jeans and dark brown hiking shoes. Has a white scarf around his neck, with only one visible end on the right, along with a black string necklace loose enough that the shimmering white stone on its middle is at the height of his chest. Carries a dark brown trainer bag on his right side, the strap resting on his left shoulder. Black-rimmed glasses.

Battle team: Hawlucha, Gliscor, Togekiss, Talonflame, Skarmory, Salamence


Name: Jeff Jebbediah Soimar

Specialty type: Dark

Age & Appearance: A man around 34 with a buzzcut and stubble that barely reveal enough hair to show its black color, and striking green eyes. Around 190cm tall, and looks like he could wrestle a Machoke into submission. Covered in scars, especially the forearms. The most noticeable one is on the left side of his face, a jagged scar that goes from the side of his nose to his chin, touching the corner of his mouth and making it look like that side is always twisted down. He usually wears a bandage around his chest and a black sleeveless coat over it that’s usually left open (the coat is currently lost), along with simple black pants fastened with a belt of the same color, and plain black sneakers.

Battle team: Weavile, Bisharp, Mandibuzz, Malamar, Krookodile, Gyarados



Team Helix


Names: Leslar & Vaila

Division: [[info not unlocked]]

Rank: [[info not unlocked]]

Age & Appearance: (Have an amazing ref pic drawn by Pi) Both appear to be on their mid- to late-twenties, with Leslar being the youngest, and both wear the Helix uniforms; hospital-green clothing with white buttons, transparent goggles covering the lines of their hair (Leslar's is black and Vaila's is dark blonde), black tall boots and gloves, and white belts with the insignia on the middle. The area between the shirts' buttons has light blue and red horizontal lines, and the insignia is red on the left, blue on the right, and has varying tones of both colors on the middle. Female uniforms include very light blue leggings. Both of them have dark eyes. Height is about 176cm for Leslar and 165cm for Vaila.


-Leslar: Rufflet

-Vaila: Lopunny, Clamperl


Names: Eisen Stroms (nickname: Storm)

Division: [[info not unlocked]]

Rank: Executive Assistant

Age & Appearance: 29 years old, 184cm. Short messy blond hair, blue eyes. Wears a pair of golden earrings. Carries with him a small notebook and pencil everywhere. Clothes consist of a light blue dress shirt and dark navy pants, with black shoes and belt, and a gray tie, all under an open white lab coat that reaches past the knees.

Pokémon: Rotom





Name: Cheira

Age & Appearance: A young girl who looks to be around 7. She has bright orange hair that falls in very curly locks around her, the longest strands reaching her mid-back. Round face and big violet eyes. She wears blue overalls with a stripped white-and-grey shirt, and light-colored flat mary-jane shoes.

Team: Gastly

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How long did it take to get sick of a place? Because Rhapsody was going to bet less than six days, aka the number of days he had been going around through forest. And he was truly tired of it. Too much vegetation threatening to smack him on the face, too much noise when moving, too many hidden tree roots one could trip on. At least the whole ‘losing balance and falling on one’s damn face’ situation improved after the first day. He only had less than a week’s worth of memories, but he would eat his shoe if he had been a human before waking up as one in this tree-infested chunk of dirt.


The worst part was that he couldn’t complain because it had been his own idea to go the hard way instead of taking the road. He didn’t trust roads though. No idea why, but in this situation the only thing he could do was trust Past Him knew what he had been doing and follow his gut, dealing with things as they came. “Didn’t you say it would only take an hour?” But dammit if he wasn’t going to find something else to be verbal about.


His companion, a small Houndour that had been leading the way, didn’t even turn to look at him when answering. “Of course it would take longer not using the clear path. And don’t talk to me.”


“Jeez, there isn’t anyone around.”


Now she did look at him, a warning look in her eyes. “But there could be. Better to not risk it.”


He huffed, crossing his arms. He had to admit that the small advantage Pooch had by having her whole memory did make her more knowledgeable about what the majority was supposed to be able to do and not to do. And if she said that a human understanding Pokemon was something she had never even heard about, he had to go with that and pretend he was normal too. He had no idea where he was or how everyone else would react if they knew the things he could do, so laying low was a priority. After getting out of this damn forest.


Which was the whole reason he asked her to lead the way to the biggest human settlement she knew of. He’d been on a town before, but he had only stayed long enough to grab some things he thought he’d need, and hadn’t spoken to anyone. The trip was worth it to get rid of that thing he had woken up wearing with the long strips of cloth on his back that kept tangling on stuff, though he was never going to admit the time it took to figure out what clothes were supposed to go where. And if Pooch had lied about the shirt being inside-out when they met he was going to kick her again.

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Cold... dark... alone...

But... mostly cold...

I feel... I feel like I'm... trapped...

Trapped... in a blizzard...

Buried... in a snowdrift... and left to die...

I've never felt this cold before...

At least... I don't think so...

What was before...?

All I can remember... is what's happening right now...

Stranded without memory...

Cold... dark... alone...

Behind the Kusba Pokémon center, there was a slight movement. After a moment, it was followed by another. Little by little, a crumpled form shifted from the ground to supporting itself on one knee, revealing itself to be a young looking girl. She was breathing heavily from that little effort, obviously very weak. Slowly, she raised herself up onto her feet, barely keeping herself from falling again. Her eyed closed in pain as she winced, holding her stomach.

"Just... need food..."

Half walking, half stumbling, she started walking around the side of the building, using its walls to support herself. Coming around to the front, she tripped and fell, passing out again.

Cold... dark... alone...


Rennaj hated the forest. It thrived with bug types, there was barely anything to eat save for berries, and it was fairly dark most of the time.

But at least it made a decent training ground.

Taking a deep breath in, he focused. He'd already learned his human form fairly well and found it lacking. His moves were weakened and he was much slower. He doubted he'd be using it much, aside from resting. It was a shame his Pokémon form drained energy now. Looking up, he set his sights on one of the trees and ran at it, pushing his speed to the limit.

Bullet Punch!

His fist slammed into the tree, hard as steel, and a loud *crack!* resounded throughout the forest. Slowly, the tree fell, slamming into the ground with a loud crash. He grinned.

Just one punch. Not bad at all.

Dusting himself off, he walked away from the wreckage. No need to be seen yet. After a bit, he was getting ready to settle down when he heard a rustling. Climbing up one of the trees, he silently watched as a blue haired man and a Houndour passed below... and they we're talking to each other? He began stealthily leaping through the trees and following them, hoping to go unnoticed.

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Pooch suddenly stopped, nose quivering. Rhapsody raised an eyebrow as the Dark-type proceeded to glue her snout to the ground, making that characteristic rapid breathing dogs did when sniffing something. "What?" he asked, but she limited herself to walk in a circle, before raising her head again and inhaling as deep as she could.


Okay, so he was adding 'bad senses' to his growing list of Why Being A Human Sucks.


Damn, there was a chance something was there, and it really put him on edge to not know what or where. He briefly considered switching to his Pokemon form, but that would just show Pooch he wasn't ready to pretend to be human in front of others and he was not going to prove her right.


Clicking his tongue, he crossed the few steps that were between him and the Houndour. She'd refuse to talk to him from now on, so he'd have to handle everything himself. "Oi! Someone there?" he called.

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Sarah leaned more forward on the branch, as she glared at her target. She held her hand out to the side, so that her companion, Teccy the noibat, could sit on it. Its claws held tightly on his master's sleeve, as he prepared for a "signal". They had become very close in a very short time, as they met in the forest the other day.

Sarah looked at the rattata walking through the short grass, looking for berries. She suddenly nodded. "Super fang", she whispered to the companion, who swooped down, and his front fangs started glowing and growing. As he reached the rattata, he smashed himself at it, and bit its back, and the rattata screamed in pain. The wild pokemon tried to shake him off, and managed to smash him against a tree with a tackle. Sarah hopped down. "Use bite!" she yelled, and the noibat in the grass twitched his ear at the command. He jumped up, and as the rattata came in with another tackle, he dodged, and bit the creature's tail, little red dots could be seen in the air. The wild, angry and hurt pokemon breathed heavily as it ran around panicking. Suddenly it bit into Teccy's wing, and he screeched out of surprise, and let go.

"Wing attack!" Sarah commanded, and the noibat swung his wing, smashing the rattata against a nearby tree. The pokemon fell to the ground, and there was a big crack in the tree. "Rattata..." the pokemon weeped, before fainting. Sarah walked up to it, and nodded, her noibat instantly hopping from side to side on his little feet to the prey. He glanced at the defenseless creature for a while, but chomped into it. Sarah turned around, and grabbed a berry off a bush. She could hear the last scream of the pokemon as it was eaten. "Good boy", Sarah mumbled while eating the delicious blue berry.


As Teccy finished eating, it left the carcass of the rattata and flew on Sarah's shoulder. She petted her friend, and put him inside his pokeball. Sarah knew he didn't like it, but she wanted to be in peace. Teccy made a whole lot of noise when sleeping, you see. Sarah walked away from the fight scene, and sat under a tree. She raised her eyebrow when she thought she heard someone yell in the distance, but she relaxed under the tree. "I wonder why Teccy doesn't talk that much. He could. Maybe he's just a silent type of a pokemon... while awake..."

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((Guys, let's try to keep the whole "where do characters get their protein from" as vague as possible. There's no need for unnecessary horror and moral complications, since that's not the point of the story))

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Lambert fiddled with the few coins he had in his pocket as he exited the Pokemon Center, his jacket slung over his shoulder. It had been nearly three days since he found this new town after taking the path out of the forest, where he woke up with no possessions and only a vague recollection of the events leading up to that moment. The more he tried to think about specific moments in his past, the more they felt like this slipped away, like a dream where he could only remember that he had forgotten. He didn't waste any more effort getting them back, content with the possibility of remembering those thoughts later. And yet, a memory of the Game and its Rules was disproportionately vivid in his mind, reminding him that there was still some goal to work towards. But what was it?


For the past forty-eight hours he had been living under the charity of the town's local Pokemon Center, for he knew how to survive in urban areas better than in the wilds. The wilderness was a dangerous place to be without you own pokemon, and Lambert appeared to have none -- not even a Box storage registered to him -- but himself. He found his alternate form too clumsy to be of any use, and as a human he was able to do a small cleaning job to earn a few dollars he knew he might need later.


He could understand pokemon almost as well as he could humans, and he understood that it was an extremely uncommon ability (then again, nothing about him was common) and remained silent about it. Through overheard conversations of travellers passing by, he pieced together some knowledge about this new place -- Kusba, according to the signs -- such as the best spots to harvest berries, or things to do at lake to the north.


Lambert knew he had to find his own place to stay at some point, but with no money and no mons, the task was a difficult one. If only he could challenge the gym in town…


At that moment he nearly stumbled over a crumpled form on the ground. A girl. What was she doing here alone? Lambert knelt down as to not scare her (he was fully conscious that some local people found him intimidating), making a conscious effort to soften his face. He gently put a hand on her cold, scrawny form. "Are you alright, girl?"


If she didn't wake up, it wouldn't be too hard to carry the poor thing into the pokemon center, a few steps away. She was distinctive-looking, and Lambert wondered if she was lost, or if someone would recognize her and give her further aid.

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Cold... dark... al-

"Are you alright, girl?"

Liz struggled to break out of her unconsciousness, managing to crack open one eye. She saw a man with a somewhat scary face and oddly colored hair. She wondered idly if the man had strange hair for the same reason she did, then decided it really didn't matter right now. Weakly, she gripped the edge of his jacket and wrapped it around herself for warmth. "Just... a little... hungry..."


Rennaj assessed the situation carefully. He couldn't run, the dog would sniff him out. He couldn't shift, they might see him as he does it. He couldn't approach in Pokémon form, they might try to catch him.

He grinned. There was only one thing left to do.

Close combat!

Ren leapt out of the bushes and unleashed a flurry of super effective punches upon the Houndour. After his surprise attack, he ran off. It would seem like one of the wild creatures of the area did it and he wouldn't be suspect at all. He frowned slightly, noting that he'd been taxing himself too much.

I'll have to shift back soon...

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They had to be human. Their senses and physical form matched the species perfectly, and if there existed anything that could mimic a human closely enough to fool itself, they weren't aware of it. The only evidence otherwise was a strange intuition they hadn't been able to shake since they'd woken up roughly an hour ago, that something about this was wrong - but in the face of insurmountable evidence, they had little choice but to (try to) disregard it. They were human, and despite not remembering much of anything, must have been human for quite some time already.


So why was walking proving to be so god damn difficult?


They pushed another branch out of their path, grimacing at its unpleasant texture. They were beginning to wonder if "head toward the strange sounds" was any better of a plan than lying on the ground and waiting for things to make more sense. They'd fallen on their face more times than they could count by now, and somehow they still couldn't get themself to focus on the ground instead of objects at eye-level. Were they making progress at all? Another branch, then another - and the view in front of them shifted from nondescript trees and bushes to a human with spiky blue hair, his back to them, a Houndour lying unconscious at his feet.


They made a choked sound of surprise and froze. Was he a trainer? They could feel their heart racing at the thought, though they couldn't imagine why. They bit their lip, suddenly at a loss for what to do.

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Something that resembled a blue two-legged fox suddenly came out, attacking Pooch. The Houndour only had time to make a surprised sound before she was hit with a rain of punches, the attack's power enough to make her faint when the last one sent her against the ground. The other Pokemon didn't waste time, turning tail and running off as soon as the battle was over.


Rhapsody couldn't believe it. It had all happened too fast for him to do anything with his lowered human reflexes (why the hell had he tensed his back that hadn't helped at all), but he was not going to stand for this. He was going to find that thing and friggin' beat it up and he was going to do so right now.


In fact he was a second away from throwing caution away and shifting when a sound came from somewhere behind him. He quickly turned, in case it was that blue fox again, but it was just a human. A short, pink-haired human with pink and blue clothes who looked like they had not expected to see Rhapsody in the middle of the forest.


A thought occurred to him, and Rhapsody smiled, too wide to be radiating anything but hostility as he started taking steady steps that screamed bloody murder towards the stranger. "You have three seconds to deny that blue fox was yours," he growled in warning, muscles in his back, neck and arms tensing in preparation for a possible fight. "Three," he said as he stopped right in front of the other, towering over them. "Two," and he grabbed the bunch of cloth under their neck to prevent them from escaping before they gave him an answer. If they hadn't given him one after the countdown finished, so help them, he was going to get physical.

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As Sarah was almost drifting into sleep, she heard a noise. First she thought it was just some random bird in the tree, but then she heard foot... no, pawsteps running through the forest grass near her. She quickly went into position to jump into standing position, and she waited for a few seconds. The pawsteps were getting louder, so she jumped up from the grass, and almost lost balance, but stood her ground. She saw a blue pokemon run past her, but she didn't have the time to grab it, recognize it, or basically do anything. She stared blankly at the way it headed to, but couldn't see it. "How hard can it be to track a blue pokemon in a forest? What pokemon was it? Was it actually a pokemon or just some jerk in a costume?" she thought, and grabbed her backbag. She started slowly walking to the way the pokemon flee'd, but stopped after a few step. "Hey, who's there?" she asked in a loud-ish voice. If it was going to attack, at least she could have a little headstart.


((How come I can't make this any longer? :V Oh well))

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The stranger whirled around to face them, and they hoped desperately that they knew enough to at least respond to him properly. Instead of speaking, though, he shifted his posture, began a slow march forward, and - well, it fit the description, but for some reason they found themself reluctant to describe his new expression as a smile. They blinked, taken aback, and quickly shifted their gaze downward to break eye contact. He did start talking then, but now they were rather too preoccupied with another concern to process it: the quickly diminishing amount of space between them. Would it be worth trying to move away, in their current -


They felt the pressure on their neck without seeing the arm that caused it and flinched backward in blind panic. A bright light and the feeling of something shifting overtook all their senses, and when it faded, the shoes in their field of vision had been replaced with a tail. A cheerful startup jingle played in their head as a background function registered that they weren't touching the ground anymore. Everything was suddenly, blessedly clear.


They would have to amend that "human" hypothesis.

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Lambert let his jacket slide off his shoulders. He helped the girl swaddle herself in it, the garment making her look even smaller within its folds. She asked for something to eat, and the older man remained silent for a couple seconds before quietly apologizing and searching through the myriad of pockets in his jacket, taking care not to rustle the girl. He himself hadn't had much to eat in the past few days other than the soups and bread served to travellers, and a few common berries other trainers were nice enough to share.


Despite the charity towards him, he hesitated for a moment before fishing an Oran berry from his jacket and placing it in the girl's hands. He was going to save it for later, but if he made a detour to the berry fields -- if the tip he heard was correct -- then he could easily get more.


He then gave a quick glance around him. Not many people were on the street at the moment. It was a good thing he was here, though he reassured himself by thinking someone would have stumbled upon her eventually.

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Elizabeth looked up at the man (who didn't seem nearly as frightening anymore) and thanked him quietly as she took the berry. She bit into it and almost immediately felt the juices renewing her energy and restoring health. She sat up, less weak but still not even close to her peak. Looking up at Lambert, she smiled. "Thank you. Not many people would have done that for me. To be honest I don't remember anything except-" She stopped short suddenly, realizing she had been about to reveal the rules to someone. She was pretty sure those were supposed to be a secret. "-ah, nothing. Can't remember anything at all."


Rennaj skidded to a halt, registering that he had passed someone. He started creeping back carefully, listening to see if they were creeping up on him.

"Hey, who's there?"

Rennaj narrowed his eyes. They didn't seem to have moved much. Perhaps it may be best to seem friendly.

He tentatively came out of the trees and approached the figure with wide, innocent eyes.

"Lu... cario?"

Dear Arceus, this is humiliating. Groveling and scraping to a trainer just to see if I can get any benefit later on... I need to find something better than this soon. But for now...

Attempting to be as cute as possible, he walked over and nuzzled her hand. "Luuuuu."

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Sarah's eyes widened a little bit, when the pokemon actually came out. "Lucario? Did it say Lucario? I've heard about those, I think..."

Sarah leaned a little bit backwards when the pokemon approached. Was it trying to be cute? She almost jumped backwards when it came up to her, and nuzzled against her hand.

"Erm, hello?" she said awkwardly, and petted the pokemon.

"This seems... Wrong. Something's odd here, i'm sure of it."


She took a step backwards, and leaned down to the pokemon's face. "Are you actually pokemon?" she asked, while tilting her head a little bit, examining the pokemon. "What a silly question... Hahah, like there would be anyone like me." she chuckled, and petted the Lucario's head once more. She then stood up again, and just looked at the pokemon.


((I just noticed I called a backpack a backbag earlier lol.))

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"...The rules?" he interrupted, finishing off her sentence. Maybe she was hiding something. If Lambert still had his own memories, he would have brushed it off as amnesia from some kind of shock or perhaps, the girl hiding some sensitive issues, but they both seemed to be in a similar predicament. The assumption correlated with her appearance, or at least her hair. What kind pokemon was she? A water type? An ice type? This meeting was fated, he was sure. Maybe she knew more, maybe less. He only made a small acknowledgement at her thanks, a slight bob of the head. He rose to his feet, extending a hand and turning his gaze to the pokemon center. "Maybe we should head inside, first."



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The kid randomly burst into light, the cloth Rhapsody had been holding disappearing into nothingness as the light faded to reveal some kind of pink floating Ducklett with a detached head. On one hand, Rhapsody himself had been in that particular situation before, and shouldn't have had any reason to overreact. Even with Pooch's earlier claim that people like Rhapsody shouldn't even exist, he did, so meeting others like him wasn't something impossible. On the other, his nerves had been on high alert since the blue fox fiasco, and his instincts were right now in the 'Fight' mode.


Which was why before he could think he had already headbutted the other. Hard.


He muttered a swear, rubbing his stingy forehead. Stupid human body. The kid had unceremoniously fell into the bushes it first came from, blue limbs sticking out like a Diglett on a road, so at least he could assume that human form of his wasn't completely defenseless.


Damn, not the time. He had some murdering to do, but that'd need to wait until he cleared things up with the legless Ducklett. And thinking about it, if Pooch found out he had forgotten about her and was a second away from leaving her unconscious body behind, she wouldn't let him sleep in a week.


He clicked his tongue in slight frustration. Alright, first things first. Taking Pooch's Pokeball out of his pocket, Rhapsody returned her inside with the beam of red light. That taken care of, he turned his attention back to the tangle of brightly-colored limbs, letting his stance loosen up. Hitting something had helped his mood.


"Oi, you still alive?” he called, not backing away but making no move to get near the kid again. He felt like sitting down to show he wasn't looking for a fight, but he wasn't going to let his guard down until the earlier threat had been taken care of. "I'm not gonna kill you anymore so you can relax."




Last time she had checked, Kusba was not this big of a village. No, last time she had checked, there wasn't space for anything and every street was so ingrained in her memory only the quickest look was enough to tell her if anything had changed. But now she felt like she had already checked every nook and cranny twice, and she still hadn't crossed the village once. Arceus, why was it that things always seemed bigger when you were looking for something? Someone should contact Palkia and make a formal complaint.


The girl adjusted the bright red bandanna tied around her neck as she marched on, the multiple belts on her knee-high black boots making soft clicking sounds with every step she took, matching the sounds made by the high heels hitting the dirt road. Light danced below her every time it was reflected just right by the multitude of white diamond-shaped crystals that decorated the inside of the lower part of the black jacket, which fell to her ankles like the end of a cape. The front was cut so the lower part reached only her waist, showing off the belt over the white and black pants and the silver chain attacked on the left. The sleeves were long but rolled up until right before the elbow, so they wouldn't cover the black wristbands, the right one holding six small Pokeballs of varying types.


She groaned audibly, blowing a strand of light-gray hair out of her face before it stuck to her sunglasses. The hair on the back of the head didn't give problems, cut short so it barely covered the nape, but the two front bangs were long enough to reach the chest and liked getting in the way when left on their own. With a huff, she scanned the area she was in, trying to see any small furry things, specifically the one that was going to be grounded for an entire week as soon as she found it.


It didn't take long to find something else that looked out of place. Two people who were clearly not from town (at least she had never seen them before); a girl with her hair two tones of blue and a very-out-of-place jacket with spikes around her, and a white-haired guy with a black shirt and a more eye-catching belt than any of Hygre's. He seemed to be helping the girl on her feet by the look of it.


Trainers? Possibly. In any case, she was already asking everyone she came across, so two more wouldn't hurt. "Ey!" she called to them, starting to walk towards the pair. "Is something the matter there?"


After she took care of her duties as Gym Leader, of course.




The Umbreon ran, breathing coming in quick and sharp, paws a blur as they impulsed her forward over the forest ground. Her long ears twitched, trying to listen to the sounds surrounding her, picking up the flap of wings that hadn't left her vicinity since she run away from the town. Was it catching up? She had to go faster...!


She closed her eyes, shrinking her head against her body to protect her precious cargo, the little box she was carrying by the ribbon using her mouth. She wasn't going to let go of it. She wasn't going to get caught. She just wanted to go home-




With a loud, surprised yelp, the Dark-type stumbled over a tree root, losing her balance. Her paws quickly worked to try to keep her from falling, but the action changed her course, making her run out of the vegetation and right into the back of a girl with a white hoodie. The impact sent Umbreon to the ground, the package not flying away due to sheer force of will, and as she opened her eyes slightly she saw the girl wasn't alone, a blue, black and cream Pokemon next to her. "Owwww..." she whimpered, trying to roll on her side to stand up.


Not a second later, a male Rufflet flew over the trees. “I found her! I found her!” it shouted again and again, its small form describing a wide circle over the trio without any attempt to get closer.




[[Information on NPCs has been updated. Unlocked: half of Hygre's character sheet]]

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Sarah looked at the Lucario, and held Teccy's pokeball in her pocket. If anything happened she'd-


"Gah!!" she yelped in surprise, when something big hit her from behind. She fell on the grassy, luckily dry, ground right next to the blue pokemon. She turned around with a frown on her face, and saw a black-yellow pokemon next to her. "An umbreon?!" she immadiately recognized, it was her favourite pokemon after all.


"I found her! I found her!" she heard from the above, and raised her eyebrow. She then looked again at the umbreon, and when she stood up, she saw a box. She walked to the pokemon, and leaned down. "Are you okay?" she asked while looking around, if they were in trouble.

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They didn't have much time to ponder the implications of their transformation before the human pitched his head forward directly into their own. Not having found their balance yet, they crashed back into the bush they'd just walked through as much from surprise as the hit. Hm - considering how unpleasant just walking around had been earlier, they would have expected that to hurt more, but the most they felt was a dull ache. A side effect of this alternate form, perhaps?


Speaking of which, this situation still made no sense. While their newfound species gave a lot of insight into their earlier actions, it raised far more questions than it answered. Their memory was woefully incomplete and quite possibly entirely fabricated by whatever cruel deity or programmer decided to drop them in the middle of a forest, but it'd been fairly consistent with the external world so far, and from what they knew a being that could change from a human to a Pokemon was simply impossible. And yet, here they were. They stared sullenly at a leaf, which did not deign to respond. There just wasn't enough information to make any sort of conclusion.


The human spoke again, interrupting their thoughts. Somehow they'd almost forgotten he was there! Right - this was supposed to be a conversation. They could handle that, hopefully. They floated upward, carefully extracting themself from the bush, and shook a couple of stray leaves off their limbs. "I'm - " they began, then immediately trailed off as they realized their volume was set much too low to be audible. They coughed, turned it up, and tried again. "I, ah - " wait. Humans couldn't understand Pokemon, could they? They stared down at the bush in mild panic, reaching for their language settings at least three times before managing to switch to English. They were messing this up already, weren't they? "I think I'm still alive. A-as far as I can tell."

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