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Dragon Personalities

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Every breed has a distinct personality. There are some extroverted breeds, some introverted breeds, some thinker breeds, some feeler breeds, so what if the breeds could be like personality types??? Where ___ person would be a white dragon, ______ person is more like a two-headed gilded bloodscale, ____ person is like an ochredrake, _____ person is like a falconiform wyvern, etc? Would be determined based on dragon breed descriptions.


Could also make a list of Introverted Dragons, Extroverted Dragons, Ambiverted Dragons, Thinker Dragons, Feeler Dragons, maybe even match breeds up to the MBTI! Could do this in GoogleDocs so that a group of people can contribute to doing this (as I can't do it alone, too busy)


Would anyone be interested in this??


And sorry if this isn't a good place to ask ^^; If there is good interest, will modify this post to put up google docs links and have a list of contributors that will help keep them updated c:

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I think a better project would be .... If you are this personality type, you might most closely identify with the following dragon breeds and do it based on the person, not on the breed. Because while we can make generalizations about dragons, most descriptions offer a wide enough description that almost any personality type could spring up in each breed.


Usually when there are things a dragon would "never" do... it doesn't have to do with extroversion or introspection vs judgement, its more.... they would never work for forces of evil, never kill without great issues and personal shame, never eat clams... things like that. Those are "personality traits" but not the Myers Briggs or whatever types of traits.


You can story any of those personality trait on any dragon breed. Although some may be a little more effort than others. You can do it.

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