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Season 1 episodes:


1. Pilot

2. Snakes in the garden

3. Kissed

4. Hearts and minds

5. A chill in the air

6. Chosen

7. Left behind

8. Fated

9. For king and country

10. Sacrifice

11. Inquisition

12. Royal blood

13. The consummation

14. Dirty laundry

15. The darkness

16. Monsters

17. Liege lord

18. No exit

19. Toy soldiers

20. Higher ground

21. Long live the king

22. Slaughter of innocence




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Season 2 episodes:


1. The plague

2. Drawn and quartered

3. Coronation

4. The lamb and the slaughter

5. Blood for blood

6. Three queens

7. The prince of the blood

8. Terror of the faithful

9. Acts of war

10. Mercy

11. Getaway

12. Banished

13. Sins of the past

14. The end of the mourning

15. Forbidden

16. Tasting revenge

17. Temping fate

18. Reversal of fortune

19. Abandoned

20. Fugitive

21. The siege

22. Burn




Adelaide Kane as Mary Stewart, queen of Scots

Toby Regbo as Francis II Valois, the future king of France

Torrance Coombs as Sebastian de Poitiers, Bash

Megan Follows as Catherine de' Medici, queen of France


So, I started watching this series last week or so, and I managed to watch every episode aired so far. I really love it, the story is quite interesting and since I'm a total history freak this is a type of series that keeps me interested. wink.gif

And what about you? Have you watched it and how do you like it? biggrin.gif

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