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Mafija Lotto

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So basically this is a topic to announce things I have decided to do.

I'm a cave hunter and I want to gift rares to other people. By that I want to give an equal chance to everyone to win something.


Rules to join:

1. You need to have at least bronze trophy - no multis

2. You have to unhide your scroll when I PM you.

Applying multiple times per 1 lotto can get you banned.

You are allowed to apply for every single egg on the list.


To join apply on this form


Other informations

I will mostly lotto metals, coppers and xenos, sometimes some uncommon stuff.

I will at least try to held like 2 lottos per month.

List will be open at random time when I catch stuff and closed at random time.

Drawing will be held when I decide, again at random time.

Winners won't be announced (its their choice if they want to announce if they won), they will just get PM with teleport link.

For uncommon part please post your ideas for me what to hunt for.

I will only announce when drawing was done in here.



Spread the love~Caring is sharing~If you have the power to make someone happy, do it, the world needs more of that.


Have fun and good luck cool.gif


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Closing. This would be a personal gifting thread and those are not allowed. Please use the existing threads to gift (or there are some members who have made gifting a "game" and have threads over in the game subforum - you could look at how they have done that and make your own thread (if allowed by the section mods of the game subforum) or see if you could join one of the existing lotto/game threads as another gifter/contributor).

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