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Super Mario Maker

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Basically if you have the game and want to share your level codes, or found a really cool level and want other people to play it as well post them all here.


Or if you want some tips or want to give tips on making levels, etc.





Here's a few tips from me:



Tip #1 - With the day 1 update unlocking all of the tools is super easy. Play around on the level maker (make sure to be actively messing around) for about five minutes and a notice will pop up that new content is arriving the next day, then just place lots of blocks until the truck appears and you get new content. Just repeat until you have everything.



Tip #2 - When holding onto some of the items in the maker, shake them and it can change them to something else (e.g., bowser turns into bowser jr)



Tip #3 - You can drag super mushrooms onto enemies to make them super-sized. In some cases this changes the enemy completely (e.g., hammer bro turns into a sledge bro)



Tip #4 - When you unlock sound effects, you can place them on Mario. That way if you want the music sound effects (e.g., the boss music) to play throughout the whole level, you can place it on him and it will do that. Likewise you can place sound effects on enemies.



Tip #5 - If you get stuck playing someone else's level and really want to beat it, you can always download their level and study it in the edit mode to determine the best way to beat it.

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Ah, I wasn't sure whether to get this game at first, but I went ahead and got it on the launch day. It's actually pretty good so far! Anybody beat 100 Mario Challenge Expert Mode yet? I haven't. It's insane (some levels were actually unfair, similar to Kaizo Mario).


Here are some of my levels. I promise they're not difficult. Stars appreciated! I'll be happy to play and star levels posted here.


Magikoopa Battalion (8D0E-0000-0039-D8E7)

Spring is your Best Friend (017B-0000-0033-DB1B)

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I made a level and I guess it was just because I knew where all the hidden things were but people weren't clearing it at all so I had to change it a little bit to make it a little easier. We'll see how it goes.

I wish I could see the little X's where people get killed, that way I can fine-tune a little better. I just had to guess on what I thought might have been the problem. For all I know people got stuck at the beginning which is just a throw-back to Super Mario Bros 3 Classic Hammer Bros on blocks layout.

I also realize I'm terrible at designing good looking airships D':

I guess I need to play some SMB3 to get some good ideas in my head....




Anyway, my stage, It's called Hammer Time (for lack of a better title):








I'll make sure to check out your levels as well!

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I uploaded some more levels since then, feel free to check out my other levels by clicking my Mii icon in the next link. Guys, I need feedback on this new course. I'm not quite sure what to do with the last bit, is the objective there clear enough? Anything else that need to be changed? Bookmark it or copy the code.


Speaking of Bookmark, it's pretty cool. Now players can search for specific style, theme, and difficulty there with ease.


(As I said before, I'll be happy to play and star levels posted here.)

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