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Almost Inbred

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Here is how it works. You have an egg that if hatched you would not be able to breed because anything you bred it with would produce an inbred. That is where we come in. You post lineage links here so that the state of the lineage can be verified and we will provide you a blood swap for the egg.


Form for bloodswap


[SIZE=7][COLOR=orange]Hi my name is____________and I need a bloodswap
Lineage link for mate here________________________
Lineage link for egg here_____________________________[/COLOR][/SIZE]


Form for filling a blood swap


[COLOR=green][SIZE=7]Hi my name is_______________and I can fulfill a bloodswap
Name of blood swap you can fulfill______________
Link for lineage here___________________
Link for transfer here________________________[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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Closing as there has been no interest in the thread and we also already have the lineage aid center in breeding and the room of requirement as well as the even gen threads to help get mates etc.

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