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The Unwanteds Shelter

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Have an egg or a hatchling that you do not have room for, but that you still want to have a home? You have come to the right place!


Want to adopt and care for an unwanted egg/hatchling? You can do that here too!



Here is how this thread works: When someone has an unwanted egg or hatchling, they post it here. Then a shelter keeper takes the egg or hatchlings, and it is put on an adoption page, where users can apply for the eggs and hatchlings and give them a permanent home.



Rules-Please Read All


1. This is not a trading thread. You cannot post something here and then ask for something else. That is not how this works.

2. By posting something here, you give shelter keepers and adopters full permission to do whatever they want with the it. You may not post something here with a set of rules on what you can and cannot do with it.

3. You may not kill, bite, experiment with, use earthquake with, regift, or abandon what you get on this thread. You may freeze hatchlings, but what you adopt here must remain on your scroll.

4. You may not adopt while you have dead eggs on your scroll.

5. You must have at least one adult dragon to adopt.

6. You may not post something here if it has less than 24 hours left. This number is subject to change.

7. Shelter keepers may, with permission, keep one egg per week that is dropped off. Please pm me about this when doing so.

8. IF YOU ARE NOT A SHELTER KEEPER YOU MAY NOT CLICK ON TRANSFER LINKS FOR SOMETHING THAT HAS BEEN DROPPED OFF! You may only adopt from the adoption list. Failure to comply will result in a permanent ban.

9. Shelter keepers must pm a transfer link to adopters.

10. To prove you have read the rules, put your favorite dragon species at the bottom of your posts.

First offense results in a week-month ban depending on severity of offense. Second offense will give a one month-permanent ban depending on severity. Third offense is an automatic ban.



Now that that is out of the way, let's get on to the forms!


Want to help out and become an shelter keeper? Fill out the form below.

Note: by filling out this form you agree to check this thread as often as you can and collect anything that has been dropped off without a form. You also must have a magi dragon so you can transfer the eggs on to an adopter's account. If you do not have one pm me BEFORE filling out the form.


[SIZE=7][COLOR=green]I Want To Help![/COLOR][/SIZE]
Forum Name:
Scroll Link:
Pm Link:
Anything you are unwilling to do?:


When dropping something off, use this form:


[COLOR=purple]My Egg/Hatchlings Needs a Home![/COLOR]
Forum Name:
Scroll Link:
Transfer Link:
Lineage Link:[/COLOR]

[SIZE=7][COLOR=green] Attention Shelter Keepers! When You Pick Up Something That Has Been Dropped Off, Please Use This Form:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[CODE][COLOR=green](user who dropped off the egg/hatchlings)--->(Shelter keeper who took in the egg or hatchling)
Lineage Link:[/COLOR]


When using this form, it ensures that I can add the egg/hatchlings to the adoption page in the following post.



When adopting from the adoption list, use this form:


[COLOR=orange]I Would Like To Adopt![/COLOR]
Forum Name:
Scroll Link:
Pm Link:
Egg/Hatchlings Number: (the number next to the egg/hatchling in the adoption post)


When something is adopted, the adopter or shelter keeper must post this form:


[COLOR=green]Shelter Keeper's Name---> Adopter's Name
Lineage Link:
Adopter's Scroll Link:[/COLOR]



Want to help in a different way? Make a banner!


For mods:

Purple texts is for drop offs

Orange text is for adopters

Green Text Is for Shelter Keepers.


Adoption page and all forms will be in the two posts below.

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Closing. We already have gifting threads for our unwanted eggs/hatchlings.

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