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Dragon Cave: A Choose Your Own Adventure

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So basically, this is a roleplay that allows you to be involved a lot more. You fill out the form below for you character, I'll probably accept your entry, and I'll go through your story individually. You might cross paths with other players, but that depends on what path you choose. Rules still apply.







List of possibly positions










NOTE: For the random poll, I made a mistake trying to make a poll in this thread. sad.gif

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Um... question... I have no idea what this roleplay is about? What are we supposed to do? Are we dragons or people? Are there limits? Rules? I'm lost in the dark here.

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Basically, you're a human searching for eggs to claim and take care of them in a more realistic, less clicky-clicky sense. And the limit is 12, so as to be fair to everyone. Of course, the egg limit is four at any time.

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As there is no "Appearance" section, I will assume this is a "play as yourself" or "describe the character as you go along" type of thing




Jessica (Goes by Charles)


She's a young dragon tamer, being 12 years of age


Female (crossdresses to look male, and wears a tight chest wrap to hide breasts)


Claymaker Apprentice

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Jessica, ahem, er... Charles sleeps on her wooden boat, which is heading for America, when suddenly the wind picks up and somehow directs her boat to some rocks. She flies out of the boat, which crumbles into splinters. She hits the water with a splash, the pressure of hitting the rough water knocking her out. The last thing she remembers is seeing a pair of wings. S

She wakes up on a shore, and notices that she has landed on a large island. A castle stands in the distance. A signpost stands to the right of her. It says

"Dragon Castle Island and Town."

Charles is eager to go to town, but first she wants some sort of pet. Guessing that the island is full of dragons, she looks around for a dragon egg. She then notices a signpost that says

"Abandoned Dragon eggs this way," right in front of her, near the same area as the castle. She has the option to

1. Find one on the shore

2. Look around in the forest to her left

3. Look in a desert that is out of view

4. Check the Alpines in the distant left

5. Look in a jungle that is also out of view

6. Check the mountain past the Alpines

7. Follow the signpost in front of her

What do you choose?

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Oh...this is certainly an interesting concept, to say the least.

Imma choose four. The cold is my home haha

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Charles heads to the Alpines. For some reason, only there is it snowing. Charles trudges through the snow, which is at least 10 inches high. Her boots don't sink through though. Charles notices wolf tracks all around her, but know that they aren't of any harm to her. She then stops. In front of her is a bunch of dragon eggs on a rock. Eggs hang from tree branches like ornaments. Charles even feels some eggs in the snow.

Charles, what shall you do?

1. Take an egg from a tree.

2. Take one out of the snow.

3. Get one from the rock.

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Can I join? This sounds fun, and I need to be in more RPs as it's hard enough for me to join a D&D group what with my schedule.

Name: Suzie (goes by Zee)

Gender: female

Age: 16

Position: was farmer's apprentice, but ran away because she got too attached to the animals and couldn't stand it when they died.

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i would like to join this seems interesting

Name: PHill

age: 20

gender: male

position: knight

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Charles digs an egg out of the snow. The egg appears to be black with white lines and dots, an orange haze resonating from the right side of it. Charles still isn't quite ready to go to town yet, and sleeps under a tree in the snow, holding the egg in her left arm arm.

She wakes up the next morning to a movement coming from her left arm. The egg suddenly bursts open.

Suddenly, a snowstorm picks up, making it impossible to see anything. Charles can only feel the dragon, which seems to take a liking to her.

Charles, what shall you name the dragon?


Meanwhile, Suzie, or rather Zee runs down the road leading to the exit of the town. Not wanting to get caught, Zee knows that her best bet is to hide somewhere. But where could she hide? There's dragons all around, she knows that for sure. She then realizes that she could probably snatch an egg. She had always wanted to take care of a dragon. She had multiple options. She could

1. Look for one on the shore

2. Look around in the forest

3. Look in a desert that is to the east

4. Check the Alpines in the distant west of her

5. Look in a jungle that is to the south

6. Check the mountain south of her

Or, she could follow the sign that said it led to Abandoned eggs. Meaning she could:

7. Follow the signpost

What do you choose, Zee?


Back at the town, PHill looked around for a missing farmer's apprentice, as was instructed by the king. He had a hunch that the girl might be looking for a companion, a dragon possibly. PHill could also do with a companion; it got boring when he wasn't on duty. PHill knew of all the places that had dragons, meaning he could

1. Look at the shore

2. Check the forest

3. Look in the eastern desert

4. Look in the western alpines

5. Look in a jungle area that not many people knew much about

6. Check the highest mountain around

7. Go to the area with all the abandoned eggs

PHill, what do you choose?


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PHill heads for the jungle. The jungle is full of bugs and creatures that easily

count as pests, along with rather dangerous plants, but PHill manages to get through. A couple hours later, PHill finds himself in a swampy area. He notices eggs bobbing up and down in the shallow part of the water. Vines surround him, and he is sure there are eggs in the trees. He has the option to

1. Get an egg from the water

2. Take one from a vine

3. Look up a tree

PHill, what shall you choose.


Meanwhile, Danielle, or rather Danni, Dan.... ehm.... the Princess of the fair kingdom sets out on her own, having finally gotten permission from her father to leave. She is in search of a dragon egg. She has never had a pet, and thinks that a dragon will be the perfect one. She heads to the outskirts of the town, the area that people look around at before entering the town. Danni knows that she can look for an egg

1. On the shore

2. In the forest

3. In the desert

4. In the Alpines

5. In a jungle

6. At the mountain

7. In the area full of abandoned eggs.

Danni, what shall you choose?

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Ooh, so Jess is a runaway apprentice? Ooh, I'm liking where this is headed! xd.png

Wait, NEVERMIND. I saw "farmers' apprentice" and just now remembered that my character is a claymakers' apprentice.


I''ll name the little one Tulvir. It's a special name to me, I dunno why.

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Name: Reega

Age: 14

Gender: female

Position: daughter of a travelling merchant, got caught stealing ( why is she stealing? well she IS a traveling merchant) and is on the run.

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Danni heads for the forest, the sun setting rather too quickly for her. Soon, she is wandering through the forest alone, stepping on tree branches and getting lost in the dark, until she sees a tiny moon, full of bumpy craters. It seems to smell of cheese. Suddenly, she sees more of them, and realizes that they are eggs, all hanging from tree branches. The sounds of eggs being slammed against trees startles Danni, and she even sees blue bumps bobbing in a river.

Danni has the option to take an egg from

1. A tree branch

2. An area she hears slamming at

3. The river

Danni, what do you choose?


PHill pulls an egg from a vine. The sun has set, making it impossible to see it. PHill feels tired for some reason, and decides to sleep, putting the egg in his right arm. When he wakes up, a head resonates from his right arm. A baby dragon stares at PHill. The dragon is hard to see, but PHill can make out some green color.

PHill, what shall you name the dragon?


Tulvir shivers, and Charles realizes that the baby dragon can't handle very cold temperatures yet. Charles somehow knows that it is a male. It seems like it could easily walk in the snow, but Charles doesn't want to risk it, and decides to carry it to the town, which takes about half the day.

Finally, Charles finds herself in the town. Unsure of where to go, she takes a guess and thinks that she can go to

1. A giant tower

2. A "Bed-and-Breakfast" style place

3. The castle

Charles, where will you go?

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Reega runs out of the town in a hurry. She knows that she might be caught if she goes back, so instead she decides to hide somewhere. She has never been out of town before ironically, but going somewhere else besides a town she just stole from seems worth it to her.

She can go to

1. The shore

2. The forest

3. The desert

4. The alpines

5. The jungle

6. A mountain area

7. An abandoned egg site

Reega, where will you go?


PHill names the dragon Tetsuna. The dragon seems confused when PHill calls it that. Phill somehow senses it is a boy. PHill gets ready to leave, but suddenly, he is confronted by a.... ninja? PHill takes out his sword and shield, and gets ready to combat the ninja. PHill has the option to

1. Slash the ninja, and make the ninja run away

2. Block any attacks with his shield

3. Capture the ninja and take the ninja back to the castle

4. Run.

PHill, what shall you do?


Meanwhile, Danni picks up a banging egg from a tree. She realizes that it is a brown egg with two whitish-blue stripes, a Whiptail dragon egg. She takes it back. The egg doesn't seem very well though. In fact, it seems rather sick. Danni, who knows she must go back to town, hurries back, making sure to keep the egg warm. She has a feeling that the dragon will hatch, but she doesn't know when.

Danni hurries back to the castle. It is full of guests. A party is happening. Danni, who is not much of a social type, hurries up to her room. She gets out a pillow and gently sets the egg on it, putting the pillow on her dresser.

She goes to sleep. When she wakes up, she hears the egg cracking. The dragon comes up, but somehow, the lights go out afterwards. Danni shall have to wait to look closer at the dragon. Meanwhile, she must name it.

Danni, what shall you name it?

_______________________________________________________________Charles decides to go inside the bed and breakfast place. When she walks in, she only sees the person who she presumes is in charge.

"Ev'ryone be sleepin' upstairs. It's midnight, ya' know?" The manager says. "Do ya want anything to eat?"

Charles, will you

1. Have something to eat?

2. Hold off

Charles, what do you choose?


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