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2015-08-29 - August Release

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By the way: Does anybody try to breed them with a Guardian of Nature?


I really hope that my Silver Lunar Heralds will grown up before a colourchange, but i doubt it.

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By the way: Does anybody try to breed them with a Guardian of Nature?


I really hope that my Silver Lunar Heralds will grown up before a colourchange, but i doubt it.

My first one won't grow up until tomorrow at this hour, but I can give it a try then. It will be interesting to see what results people get.

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"Lunar Heralds are deeply attuned to the two moons of Valkemare, Aurax and Cirion. Strictly nocturnal, they draw energy from moonlight and will only hunt when the moons have waned. When breeding, the amount of moonlight the parents receive from each moon will determine the color of the egg produced. When a Lunar Herald is struck by direct moonlight, an illusion of multiple wings may appear. Witnessing a Lunar Herald’s illusory wings is commonly believed to be a sign of good fortune."


As I hinted at before, these were originally submitted as Prize dragons at the same time as the Shimmers.  Unsurprisingly, Gold = 1st, Silver = 2nd, Bronze = 3rd.  The blue color was meant to be my alt.  They were called Prismatic Heralds at the time and were linked to the sun instead.  The moon phases came after Shimmers were chosen for the new Prize breed.  The "good fortune" bit is also a reference to their Prize origin - the original description said that owning a wild-caught one was considered to be the epitome of good luck. 


So, without further ado:



*~ All About Lunar Heralds ~*


Despite their appearance, Lunar Heralds only have two wings, and they are very delicate and thin.  The wings are covered in fine iridescent dust similar in composition to the powder of a butterfly's wing.   The dust is actually comprised of shed skin from the dragon's wing membranes.  It easily brushes off when touched and is believed to contain magical properties.  The dust is replenished the next time the dragon sheds its skin.


When the wings are oriented correctly to the angles of the moons, the iridescent powder gleams like a rainbow.  During this time, an illusion of multiple wings may occasionally appear.  Depending on the brightness of the moonlight, this illusion can be quite vibrant.


Lunar Heralds are not overly large dragons.  Their body size is comparable to that of an average horse, not including their wings, neck, and tail.  They are very delicate creatures and quite lightweight for their size.  This combination makes them quite fast both in the air and on the ground should they need to escape a threat.


With the exception of mating season, Lunar Heralds are purely solitary creatures.  They do not feel safe in the company of other dragons, since they lack any real defenses against attack.  Hence when encountering another dragon, they will usually hide themselves away.  If the dragon is another Herald, they will greet each other by touching their front feet together and then go their separate ways.


Every night when the moons are visible, a Lunar Herald will seek an open area to "moonbathe".  This is incredibly important for them as they draw energy from solar radiation reflected off Valkemare's moons.  Direct solar radiation from the daytime sun is too strong for them and can be lethal if they are subject to long periods of exposure.


Lunar Heralds breed at all times of the month, and the intensity of the moonlight from Valkemare's moons determines the color of the egg produced.  This color will remain with the dragon throughout its life.  Despite their differences in appearance, Lunar Heralds are accepting of all within their species - they are all the same, after all.


When the moons have waned or there is an extended period of heavy cloud cover, Lunar Heralds are forced to hunt instead of moonbathing.  However, this can be dangerous for them due to their frailty, so they normally feed on smaller creatures like mice and rabbits.

Closing as we are now getting silver lunar adults.


Quoting LadyLyzar's info post above:



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- Millie-Azure has made a New Valkemare Lunar Calender, based on current data, that predicts the Lunar Egg Herald results all the way to 2020!


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LadyLyzar's avatars (c/p from ladylyzar's post):


Alright, since we have some Silver adults, here is the last avatar of the series.


For anyone who missed the others, here they are:


user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


As before, please save to your computer and upload it yourself - don't eat all my bandwidth. smile.gif Enjoy!

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