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Get Out of My Head! || 1x1

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Enter if you dare, for Fata and I are plotting your dooms~


Anyways, plans?


There was the two minds in one body junk I proposed based on a thread I made a long time ago that never got off the ground.


There's also the idea of being antagonists or antiheroes. So much chaos.


Urban fantasy setting? Something modern with no magic and dragons?

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oh no

[ quickly licks this post as well ] so this is how we're doing things


omg i really like the idea of antihero / antagonist like antihero is sent to capture antagonist but they end up just banding together and going around screwing things bc they don't rly care : ' D

but the two minds in one body would be cool as heck too bc i haven't done anything like that before ; o ; anything you want!!


yesyes urban fantasy <333


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Maaannnn~ I love the idea of them ganging up and wrecking things.


Maybe we can combine the two ideas. Some science mishap occurs meshing their two minds together at some point so they have to share a body or one of them gets created and they end up splitting into two separate bodies.

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omg yes <33 i've never done an rp like this before i'm so excited ; o ;


oh my god i'm crying so hard

i like the idea of like. somehow something happening and they become one body two minds and they gotta work together ; u ; tho for that i think it'd be p cool if it was like hero/villain bc then they would have just the most interesting conversations but ??? i can do anything tbh your choice : ^ ) i def like the two minds thing like. yes.


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Hero/Villain grouping would be so fun for that. Le's do et! :3


I'm likely to toss in an anti-hero still cause, why the heck not? tongue.gif Anti-hero would just be for all the chaos the villain wants and hero is just "No, pls. Stahp. Don't make me do this."


Did you want to be the hero or the Villain? Or the Anti-hero?

Cause I kind of want to be the villain o3o It's been awhile since I played an antagonist.

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omg yess sounds good sounds good <33


omg i'm crying so hard ppfpfpt

playing various characters would be fun, yes!! OO: and oh my god the hero will be so fed up with the villain omfg

could the antihero maybe have a cowardly sidekick that doesn't know what they're doing


ahh i'm fine with being the hero if you want to take the villain!! O: go for it friend ; u ;

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Cowardly sidekick yaaasssss


Awesome~ Did you want to be anti-hero or their sidekick or should they just be NPCs?

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i hold much love for cowardly sidekicks yes

omg ahh if you don't mind i think it'd be pretty cool if we played them / i'm slightly leaning more towards the cowardly sidekick???? either way i can do anything so i'm cool w/ them being npcs too ; u ;

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Eyyy Anti-hero/sidekick duo will be a thing then :3 I'll roll with Anti if you're wanting the sidekick.


Did you want to fashion up a blank sheet and toss in whatever?

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hhhhhhhhhhhhhhECK yeah i'm so excited

omg tyty friend <33 sounds good, sounds good!!!


sure!! OO: ill get working on character sheets right after this post; though, i was curious, do they have special powers like marvel or smth / or are they like. urban fantasy creatures / no powers just kinda normal run of the mill ppl trying to do things? O:

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Ahh good question, good question. I'll roll with anything for that :3 If ya wanna slip in a spot for abilities or supernatural details, go for it!


Anti-hero's probably going to be some simple human with access to all these cool guns and such. Like Batman but, Anti~.

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omg hmm then maybe we can have a mix of all three??? like in this world there's creatures/powers/just normal humans and all of them can do equally cool things and

~*diversity*~, nice

also idk i called the humans w/ powers mutants if that's alright?? if you want to change terminology let me know and i'll edit my posts ; u ;

omg i love the idea of anti-batman yes <33 sounds good, then!!


here are my cuties, then ; o ; just tell me if i need to fix anything!!

feat. cowardly ghost sidekick and wind girl


Name: Ezra Evans

Age: 16

Gender: Demiboy

Appearance: At first glance, Ezra appears to be a normal sixteen year old. He has scuffled, dark brown hair and olive skin, splattered with freckles. His eyes are sea green, framed with dark lashes, and he has an innocent air about him. His clothes are casual, somewhat tattered, and if one looks closely enough they will see that Ezra actually floats slightly above the ground, as opposed to standing directly onto it. There's a faint, misty outline that circles his movements, thought it is not visible to the eye unless one looks very, very closely. Though his form is usually steady, he can flicker and fade if under great emotional distress or physical pain, though it has never gotten to the point where he has disappeared completely. Ezra's own body is a mystery to him; he's still constantly figuring out new things.

Personality: Ezra is timid and easily scared, being an introverted individual. He is shy around strangers and wary of those he doesn't know, as well as having a completely new moral compass. Since his transformation into a ghost-like being, Ezra has been filled with an intense need to understand what happened to him for him to end up like this. Armed with his curiosity and an urge to uncover the unknown, Ezra decides to turn to a somewhat morally-ambiguous life of fighting crime.

History: Surprisingly, Ezra can remember very little about his past. He woke up one day in this condition, desperately confused. He's unsure if he's actually dead or not, nor does he remember any of the events leading up to his 'transformation', if you will. Through his adventures, Ezra has started to gain back little pieces of critical information slowly, through certain triggers such as the smell of a certain item or being in a location. He appears to have lived a somewhat normal life, with a loving family. So far, he can remember that he's allergic to cats and dislikes avocados.

Other: Whatever powers he gained from becoming a ghost-like entity, Ezra does not understand. This leads to him doing unexpected things without control at certain times, such as accidentally walking through doors or putting his hand through a person.


Name: Harriet Pinch

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Harriet has wavy auburn hair down to her shoulders, pale, easily-burned skin, and yellowish-brown eyes. She has her own sense of style, though her clothes are usually immaculately crisp and perfectly sized.

Personality: A by-the-book, follow-the-rules kind of gal, Harriet was well-known throughout her small town as a defender of justice, one who always stood up for what she believed in and refused to back down when confronted. Ever since she was little, Harriet was headstrong and stubborn, even willing to resort to full out punching when arguing with someone. Having a rather idealized view of the superhero/supervillian situation, she believes in doing nothing but the right thing, and will accept nothing else. She turns up her nose at anything even remotely morally ambiguous, and considers villains nothing but scum of the earth.

History: Harriet comes from a small town, the daughter of an ordinary human and a mutant. From her father, she inherited the powers to manipulate air, which lead to stressful circumstances for her young parents when they tried to take care of a baby that would float away on occasion. She grew up reading books and watching movies of famous superheroes, hearing tales of people using their powers for good and to serve the rest of society. Through her fascination with superheroes and doing the right thing, Harriet made quite a name for herself in her small town and was well respected. With the support of her parents and friends, she moved to the bigger city in hopes of chasing her dreams, becoming a superhero that would protect those who needed help and battle against the forces of evil.

Upon moving to the big city, she quickly set about using her powers for good and earning a valued reputation. All was going well, until a freak lab accident turned her life into a nightmare.

Other: She values her parents' opinion very much and will phone home every week to talk about her days and ask for their views on certain subjects.

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Pooaihsdf;lasdhgaosidfjasdhgjkd Please don't kill me |D I finally got around to actually finish them.


Name: Michael Hughes

Alias: Combustion Man

Gender: Male

Age: 32 years

Appearance: Mike has light brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin. His face is narrow with sharp features and his body is not very muscled. Column-shaped, he’s more lanky than anything and stands about 6’3” in height. He favors wearing plain t-shirts of various colors with blue or black jeans and worn down sneakers.

Personality: He’s often spontaneous and loud with a bit of a short temper. Mike is a very moral man but has a devious way of thinking. He knows what he wants and strives to get it. Sometimes he fails but more often he succeeds and gloats. Chatty, he’ll usually give you a play-by-play of what he’s doing or plans to do.

Weapon of Choice: Explosives

Abilities?: Pyrokinetic - favors making things go boom.

Other: His “supervillain” costume is a red and orange body suit with an array of belts looped around his waist and arms to hold his explosives. It comes with a head-covering to hide his identity.


Name: Demi O'Hara

Alias: Gun Rocker

Gender: Demigirl

Age: 17 years

Appearance: With fiery red hair and green eyes, she has peach-colored skin and an overwhelming amount of freckles across her cheeks and nose. Her hair is kept relatively short, ending at the base of her ears in the front and growing shorter in the back. Bangs sweep along her forehead across her eyebrows while a duck tail spikes from behind as the result of hairgel. Her face is round with a somewhat snub nose and she doesn’t stand much taller than 5’6” without shoes.

Demi’s clothing usually consists of pastel colors, cropped jackets, vests, cargo pants, boots, and lots of accessories like bracelets, necklaces, or cutesie designs.

Personality: Much unlike the personality one is geared to expect with her appearance, Demi is a very gung-ho girl. She has a foul mouth, especially when she’s angry, and a sometimes rude demeanour. She doesn’t care much if you feel insulted by her, she more prefers to be honest and blunt. Demi loves action and jumping into fights but she’s a lot smarter than you might give her credit for. She enjoys tinkering with mechanical or electronical things and designing all sorts of stuff like weapons or vehicles.

Weapon of Choice: Guns and maybe knives

Abilities?: Nope

Other: Her “hero” outfit doesn’t really differ from her daily one; it only really has darker colors and a hooded jacket to cover her head. She uses a black cat mask to conceal her face.

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omg AHHH FRIEND i love them both the chemistry is going to be great for this rp im so excited!!! : ^ )


and omfg dont worry about taking time--i completely understand, life can be busy!! take all the time you need ; u ;


did you want to start, or should i??? and omg do you want to start with the bodies fusing or them meeting or ?? OO: how should we kick off these cuties and their adventures??

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I think~ We should start with the chaotic collision between good versus bad shortly before the boom :3 A science lab with all sorts of chemicals and machines that we have no idea what they do pffft. Combustion Man is trying to blow censorkip.gif up like usual.


And you can totally start if ya feel the main intro. Otherwise, I'll go for it.

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He was whistling merrily as he hunched over his latest effort, putting the pieces together and inspecting wires to make sure they hadn't gotten frayed. Red and orange fabric from his suit possessed a faint blue tint, created by the illumination from the machinery that surrounded the man. Michael (AKA Combustion Man!) stood up and, resting his hands on his hips, inspected his handy work. At his feet rested one of five explosives that were placed throughout the research lab, wires connecting them all to a detonator in his left hand. Grinning, he briefly praised his excellent work beneath his breath and strutted away from the bomb.


The distinct sound of a gun being cocked reached his ears, causing the man to pause. "Hold it, bub! You've been a pest for the past year but that stops tonight!" A familiar voice with the promise of another soon to arrive.


Twirling about on his heel to face the young girl with a unique gun in her hands, Mike hummed with thought. "Where's your sidekick? And, surely Miss Hero isn't far behind? This is a first though; usually she approaches me before you do," the man remarked.


Gun Rocker (or Demi as her parents named her) spat on the floor and muttered a curse. "Yeah, and it's because of Goody-Two-Shoes you always get away! Not this time though cause I'm here first!" Demi glanced over her shoulder, frowning. Ezra had disappeared... Again. Damn ghost boy, always chickening out.


Shaking her head, Demi fixed her gaze forward once more an- Wait! Where'd he go? Swearing as she spotted him disappearing into a hallway, she shot at his back but only succeeded in ruining the doorframe. "****! Come on, ghost boy! He's getting away!"


Mike smirked as he hurried down the halls, ducking into another room. He wasn't leaving the place just yet. Not until he accomplished what he needed to do.

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omg oh no i just realised i forgot to give my two aliases

ghost boy works for ezra he's going to hate it though : ^ )

and i think silver wave is ok for harriet for now ??? might change it in the future but eh ; u ; ))


"Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh nonono--"


Ezra drummed his fingers together against the wall nervously, the boy brushing brown locks out of his eyes as he peaked around the corner.


Demi, as always, had gone right ahead and sprinted at the speed of light once they had caught wind of Combustion Man, renowned supervillan and really, quite a nuisance by now, setting bombs into the nearby research facility in an attempt to sabotage an experiment. The fearless Gun Rocker, leaping into battle at the first sign of trouble. And as for him . . . ?

Because of his frequent appearance with Demi, the media had taken to naming him Ghost Boy. What kind of name was Ghost Boy? Even thinking of the alias made him cringe, and Ezra winced softly as he leaned his forehead against the wall, closing his eyes. He could feel a warm, tingling creeping up his fingers and toes, a familiar sensation by now--he was disappearing. It was nothing serious, and his limbs usually appeared back in an hour or so, but the boy was quite distressed over the fact he had little to no control over his levels of invisibility.


"Where has she gone?" he murmured to himself, blinking open eyelash-framed eyes as he peeked around the corner.




Ezra jumped high in the air at the sound, his levitation momentarily enhanced with his fear at being ambushed. Turning around, he saw auburn hair curled in a perfect, neat wave, and familiar yellow-brown eyes.

Harriet Pinch, known throughout the town as the Silver Wave, curled a piece of her hair around her finger as she regarded him, waiting for an answer. The silver circlet embed in her red-brown locks gleamed in the plastic lighting of the labs, and her red-lipped mouth was downturned in a frown.


"Gun Rocker," he murmured, shifting his gaze down as he slowly lowered himself, feeling his scruffy sneakers scratch the cold basement ground. Really, what was the point of wearing shoes other than for aesthetic when one never actually walked upon the land?


"She's here already?" Hazel eyes widened, and her red mouth shaped itself into a perfect O.


"Yeah," he replied, pressing his back into the wall. Harriet had always made him uncomfortable, be it her natural confidence or the possibly she could wash away him and his ghostly powers with a simple gust of wind. Really, mutants were too powerful.

And where did that leave him?


"****! Come on, ghost boy! He's getting away!"

Demi's voice interrupted his wonderings, and both he and Harriet looked up just in time to see the infamous Combustion Man run from the room, contraptions already put in place.


"Not so fast!" Harriet yelled, immediately on her feet. In a gust of impossibly-fast wind, she was gone with only a trail of silver and red in return, and Ezra scrambled to keep up with Demi, who was beginning to give chase as well.


Really, when would he get a break?

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[[aisdhjhgnsdhgoiaf !!!! I promise I didn't forget! I'm bumping this so it's easier for me to find and make a post. I'll have something up tonight or tomorrow!]]

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Ducking around corners, Mike felt a bead of sweat run down his cheek as another bullet made the plaster wall to his immediate left explode, small chunks flying out and smacking his face. He could outrun the kid, any day, but he couldn't outrun a gun if she had a good shot. A gust of wind through the building heralded the arrival of his favorite little hero and, despite himself, he grinned. Coming to a halt, he whirled around to face Gun Rocker as she was knocked aside by Silver Wave's turbulence.


"Ah, good. We're all here! Now the festivities can really being!" he chimed, still grinning. Lifting his hand that held the detonator, he quickly depressed the button and...


Nothing happened. Why was there no boom? Scowling, he looked at his detonator, smashing the large red button repeatedly. Gun Rocker whistled to get his attention, laughing. "I thought this only worked in the cartoons!" she hooted, waving a cluster of wires for him to see. "I shot these apart while you were running, flame suit," Demi smirked.


"It's Combustion Man!" Mike snapped, throwing the detonator at the girls before fleeing on his heel. He wasn't done yet. He still had tricks up his sleeve.


Demi cocked her gun once more, leveling the sight in the center of her vision and aiming for the man's back. Before she pulled the trigger, he veered into a room down the hall and she swore, muttering beneath her breath. "Well?" Fixing a glare at Silver Wave, she glowered. "Make yourself useful already! Use that magic air of yours and suffocate him or something!"


A flicker of movement caught her attention and she looked back towards where the enemy had disappeared. He was fleeing from the room now. This time, however, an explosion followed his exit some moments later, blasting the walls outward and raging with flames and smoke.


Damn! He's setting them off manually! Coughing, Demi picked herself up from the ground as a second explosion rocked the building from the other side. Alarms were blaring by now, flashing red lights mingling with the blue from the machinery. Particles from the ceiling above their heads fell, dusting the ground and Demi's hair. Cracks raced across the panelling, groans filling her ears. "Move!" she roared at Silver Wave, lurching to shove the other girl and herself out of the way of the collapsing debris.

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"Child!" Harriet called, her brows narrowed in a disapproving gesture. She floated easily among the debris, allowing her natural wind powers to carry her onwards, yet the superhero bit her lip and grimaced as Demi's furious calibre of shots shook the entire building. She heard the wood groan in its foundation from sustaining multiple hits, and the female feared for their safety should the palace give way.

"Be careful!" she scolded, flying onwards. Behind her, she caught a slight of Ezra gliding around, hands stuffed in his pockets and his face permanently plastered into a frown. Really, the female heroine thought with a sigh, when would the boy learn to cheer up? There were exactly two parts to being a superhero: one, the natural justice that drove such heroes onwards in their day-to-day lives, and two, a charming persona. If one did not have both of those things, how could they possibly hope to make a living out of saving lives?

There were so many things Harriet wished she could correct about this world and the people, both big and small, yet the female knew this was not the time to dwell on the miseries of her company. After all, they had her mortal nemesis to chase. She flew forwards, coming to a halt in the main room with elegance, where she was greeted with Gun Rocker's mocking tones.

"Make yourself useful already! Use that magic air of yours and suffocate him or something!"

"Magic air?" she repeated, feeling her hands clench into fists. Air wavered around her closed hands, stirring up tiny whirlwinds in her momentary anger. She sighed, feeling annoyance pound at the edges of her sanity, and shot the other a glare.

"We'll talk about this later. Right now, our main objective is him."

Combustion Man. She glared at him with a fiercer look than the one she had addressed Demi with, pouring her years of frustration and injustice into her look.

"Today's the day," she declared firmly, a small smile upon her lips, "that we catch you for good!"

However, by the time she had finished her declaration of justice well served, said supervillan had disappeared from the confines of the room entirely.

Curses! She glowered at the spot he had been only moments before, and prepared to give chase once again. She realised, just as she halted to a stop, heard Ezra's scream behind her, and felt a gust of wind, that he was beginning to set off his bombs manually--no! She couldn't let that happen!

She raised her arms to protect herself, momentarily pushed back by the debris. Small rocks pelted against her arms, scratching into the fabric of her suit, and Harriet squinted through the dust and smoke to make out a moving, dark shape.

There! Conjuring wind within her hands, she prepared to shoot--


Another body suddenly crashed into hers, knocking her off balance and throwing her concentration off.

"What was that--" she snapped, yet was cut off when she realised a huge bolder now stood where she was only seconds before. Demi slowly rolled off her, coughing, and she decided not to scold the younger for infringement of personal security as well as an absolute act of stupidity. It was, after all, well-deserved.

However, this meant that her gust of wind--which, really, seemed such a good shot when she had the time--was now astray. She watched as the air blew quickly, picking up momentum and small pieces of crumbled cement, creating a small maelstrom in the middle of the room. The runaway hurricane crashed into one of the chemical tables nearby, filling the place with an odd stench.

No--this would not stop her! She was on her feet immediately, pushing Demi off--she would remember to thank the young heroine properly next time--and rushed at Combustion Man. There was no time, for she knew this place would not hold, and she had no such plans of having him escape yet another time. She launched herself at him, just as her mutant gust of wind swirled towards the both of them.

"I'll take you down with me!" she yelled.




Everything hurts.

Well, as much as he would imagine it did. One of the perks of being technically dead was that he could feel no pain, after all.

So even if his legs were trapped underneath one of the falling rocks, Ezra just stared blankly. No matter--if he could just free himself, all would return back to normal. He possibly had the worst, and most reviving, superpower of all time.

"Demi?" the ghost boy called nervously. "Mind giving me a hand?"

Surely Gun Rocker, with her freakish strength, could lift rock with her bare hands. If not . . .

Well, they would be in trouble, then. He's in too much of a panicked state to force his body to disappear so he could slide out of his situation, and so he simply stares with despairing eyes at the clearing smoke.

"I'm retiring after this," he calls into the unknown.

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[[i had designed Demi to be strictly human - no powers. But your post gave me the idea that she could have mild strength enhancement. Not something like Superman but, certainly noticeable given her size.]]


Well geez! Save a girl's life and get no thanks in return? Rude. Demi huffed as she picked herself up, offended at being rolled off of Silver Wave without so much as a mutter of gratitude. Oh well. She just wouldn't save her life next time then! "Demi? Mind giving me a hand?" Turning her head at the call, Demi hurried towards where Ezra was pinned at the legs beneath a large chunk of debris.


"Geez, you're useless," Demi griped half-heartedly. She was more glad that he was okay but she wasn't going to show that at a time like this. Stepping over him so she stood with one foot on either side of his body, she motioned for Ghost Boy to stay down. "Cover your face. I'm gonna blast some of this off ya before trying to lift it; too heavy otherwise," she instructed. Loading a new shell into her gun, she cocked it and took aim.


At this point, there was no way she'd get away from this unscathed - she was just too close. However, if fortune was on her side, most of the pieces would fly off without doing much damage. If was a big statement though. Sucking in a breath and bracing herself, Gun Rocker pulled the trigger. The bullet exploded into the hunk of rock, creating a web of cracks that burst outward with shards of concrete flying each way. Demi swore and quickly turned the upper part of her torso and head away, grunting as she shielded her face and felt pieces collide with her body. Some sliced her cheeks and neck, others bouncing off her clothing or tearing the fabric. Gratefully, the majority missed her and fell to the ground without interception.


Slinging her gun over her shoulder, Demi ignored the sting of her wounds and crouched down. Her fingers crawled beneath the edge of the debris, finding surface to grasp as she grunted again, this time from effort of lifting the boulder up. This thing's heavier than it looks! Shoving it off of Ezra's legs, Demi exhaled in relief and collapsed to sit on the ground beside the ghostly boy. "You owe me an ice cream after this."




Mike heard Silver Wave approach and he scowled, hurrying to reach the third bomb before she could stop him. Almost there! Blast! The girl's arms wrapped around him, seizing his movement just as a whirlwind hit them. The pair were sent flying and Mike was slammed into the wall. The wind knocked out of his lungs, he gasped for air as he fell to the floor, coughing.


Climbing to his feet, he filled his starved lungs once more and rushed for the third bomb. Located amongst a set of testing equipment and vials of liquid, the bomb began to blink red lights at his touch, a ten second timer beginning its countdown. "I'm not going to lose today! I won't be foiled again! What I'm doing, I'm doing for the good of this world!" he shouted at Silver Wave.


Five seconds left. He needed to start running. It was only a shame that he likely wouldn't be seeing Silver Wave again after this. Unless she managed to avoid the explosions.

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!! ay yoo that would be super cool--do the thing! c:


Well, he didn't expect anything else. Ezra obeyed, shifting so his face was safely enclosed within his arms as he heard the sound of Demi loading her gun--of course she would find the most violent, explosive-filled way to go about solving such a problem.

Even so, his heart skipped a beat--or did it? Ezra wasn't quite sure if being ghost meant he still had a beating heart, and the boy was surely not in a hurry to know--as he felt a significant amount of weight disappear from his legs in the form of an explosion of stone. He heard the pieces rain down all around and the sound of Demi swearing in the distance--ah, so the girl was unhurt. It wasn't as if he cared, surely not, yet knowing his partner-in-crime was still alive and kicking was reassuring.

"You alright?" the ghost-boy asked his partner as Demi crouched down, slipping her fingers inbetween the cracks and successfully lifting the stone off. She succeeded in shoving the thing off, and Ezra inspected his legs--faintly around them, he could see wisps of white smoke as whatever ghostly powers he had been granted from the skies above worked to repair the damage--in a matter of minutes, his legs looked, and felt, completely normal.

He chuckled at the girl's words, nodding along halfheartedly. "I'll admit to that one," he confessed. "Chocolate-chip mint?"




Darn it all! Harriet pushed herself to her knees, grimacing as she felt scrapes from the fall slow her process, yet the girl steeled her will and shoved herself to her feet.

I can't lose yet . . . !

She yelled as Combustion Man succeeded in reaching the third bomb, thus beginning a countdown. No, no! This building wouldn't hold against yet another explosion, and as far as the superheroine knew Gun Rocker and Ghost Boy were still inside!

There was no way they could die like this--absolutely none! she wouldn't let Combustion Man get away with his plan, moving onwards to wreck havoc around the cities. Even if it meant sacrificing herself, Harriet would ensure that the rest of her beloved city, humans and mutants and all indeed, were safe.

"Your plans are selfish!" she replied, hair whipping around her face as she felt the wind at her fingertips, air dancing between her hold in reassurance of their allegiance. "You will always lose, so long as my heart keeps beating!"

She rushed forwards, propelled by the wind gathering at her footsteps, and used her powers to knock both her and Combustion Man off to the side, straight into a pile of wires.

The bomb . . . !

It wasn't soon before Harriet realised her fatal mistake--tangled up, there was no way, there was no time . . . !

She gathered the wind once again, and thrust her hand forwards. Gathering all the wind at her disposal, Harriet spent the last of her energy attempting to whisk the bomb away from the both of them, just as the timer hit zero.

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"You know me! I'm touched!" Demi laughed, touching her chest in a mild show of emotion. Smearing blood across her face, she frowned. "Yeah, I'm alright; nothing a few bandaids can't handle," she stated. Climbing to her feet, she held a hand out for Ezra to grab. "We need to get going. This place isn't going to last much longer." Once the boy was standing, she hurried to find an open exit. As she did so, the building shook with another explosion, walls crumbling and machinery breaking. "****!"


Ordering Ezra to keep up, Demi darted around falling debris, climbing over or sliding under when needed. Her heart raced with adrenaline and growing fear at the thought of being buried in the wreckage. Finally, she found the exit and burst through it, collapsing on the ground dozen yards away from the destroyed facility. Laying on her back, she took deep breaths to try and regulate it, willing her heart to calm down before sitting up to see what remained of the demolished building.




He would have made a retort to the girl's claims if he had the time. As it was, Silver Wave blasted both of them to the side of the room into a tangle of wires and equipment. Mike grunted from the pain, his head and vision swimming from being disoriented. Abrupt realization straightened out his senses and he cried out from panic as the girl threw out her power, the timer striking zero.


There was only fire and hot air, sound gone after the initial blast. Silver Wave's powers managed to contain much of the explosion but machines were still destroyed, circuitry going on the fritz and electrocuting his body. It almost felt like an out-of-body experience; he could feel the pain but it didn't disturb him as thoroughly as it should have.


Then he felt nothing and his thoughts started drifting like wisps of air. For a moment, he feared his mind would be blown away into nothing but, after what could have been eternity, his mind reformed into something solid again. Did I survive? Or am I dead? His senses completely eluded him, leaving him in a dark world with just his thoughts. Maybe I'm in limbo, waiting for my soul to cross to the other side? Funny... I always believed I would see my life flash before me when I did. Yet, there's nothing...


The thought mildly upset him but, it didn't seem to fit right. Slowly, touch returned to his awareness and he could feel something against his body. Actually, thinking about it now, he felt something else against his mind. What is this? Prodding it, he started to recognize what it was. It was difficult to describe just how he knew but, he recognized Silver Wave against his mind. What are you doing in my head!

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