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Burn it, Take it, Eat it

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The game is simple. All you do is say what you would do to the object the person above you named.

For example, the person before you said:



a box



I say: burn it


(then you name another object for the next person)


a cake



HAVE FUN!!! biggrin.gif

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Grill it! (slice it up, put it in a roll with rice and seaweed... I had it once, and I was really surprised that it made spam taste good! ohmy.gif)


A big red octopus?

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Fling it! (I honestly don't know why. I suddenly had the urge to when I visualized one in my head, and then I'd probably feel so bad after xd.png )


A metal chair?

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Give you a hug.


A tiny, baby dragon.

(Aw thanks! owo)


Say "thanks!" cus I am a nerd, then claw her insides out because I don't like mermaids


A roleplay

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