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Small Additions To Custom Sort - Search

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I glanced briefly to see if there were any other threads and didn't see one.

When you start getting over 500 dragons it takes a while to pull the newly grown ones down to the rest of their group. Yes I know it would be easier to just have it on a default sort, but think about it, isn't their at least one dragon you want at the top of your scroll if not a couple that will always be there right at the top?


I was just thinking that in custom sort if there was a 'search' bar or something similar that it could make moving them easier.



Your scroll is in a Custom Alphabetical sort.

- New dragon grows up and you go to into custom sort.

- Highlight the dragon or multiple dragons like normal you normally would.

- Type in S in search bar

- Moves you automatically down to where all dragon breeds beginning with S are.


Or something similar, that way you don't have to scroll all the way down to where the rest of that breed/type are. Probably the simplest way would just be have a breed search bar, where you type in the breed name or a key word; because even in rainbow sort most likely ones of the same breed are close to each other.





While I like the idea I found an easy way to move them in custom, highlight the dragon then scroll down (don't drag them down just highlight and scroll) hit control to highlight another dragon of that breed and it automatically moves down what you had highlight previously. It is a lot faster even with a big scroll to move them.

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This would be nice. I really like Rainbow Sort, but like to keep breeds together (which means that for, say, Vampires, I need custom sort). And I don't have the patience to manually go and drag+drop every individual dragon into place, so right now I'm just using Breed Sort (less pretty, but more practical).


It would be nice to have a sort of "custom format sort" implemented.

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