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Do You have a Dalek?

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~This thread has been created with the permission of SickThing the original owner of the dragon this thread is based around~


Like the Dorkface and Thuwed threads and lineages, this thread is based around a very special group of dragons. This group is defined as being descended from the CB Bronze Tinsel dragon with the code 'Dalek' owned by SickThing.




For those who are unfamiliar with what a Dalek is, they are from the show 'Doctor Who' and look like this: http://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?&id=JN.kCdzFhD0...id=1.9&rs=0&p=0



- DO NOT request a 2nd gen from the original owner. Any found doing this will be banned.

-Please refrain from requesting anything lower than a 5th generation unless a breeder states they can provide it.

- Respect breeder specifications

- Do not register other people's dragons. Please register only your own.



Do you have a progeny from this one of a kind dragon? Register it here!

[B][COLOR=red]I want to Register My Dragon![/COLOR][/B]
Breed of Dragon:
Dragon's Name:
Lineage Link:


Would you like a dragon descended from 'Dalek'? Request here!

[COLOR=orange][FONT=Arial]I would Like to Request![/FONT][/COLOR]
PM Link:
Scroll Link:
Any Specifications:


Would you like to be a donator? Sign up here!

[B][COLOR=purple]I want to Donate![/COLOR][/B]
Scroll Link:
Can users PM you: Yes/No
If yes, PM link:





PM Link

Scroll Link

Specifications: No biting, abandoning, killing or freezing please.



Registered dragons (13):



Minterminate ~Mint



http://dragcave.net/lineage/kMI9l ~Bronze Tinsel



Haekis Dalek's Kin VI ~ Bronze Tinsel



Extermintate ~ Mint

Trotsky's Asylum of the Daleks ~Mint



Dalek's Shadow 2 li-sa ~ Shadow Walker

Cupreous Metal ~ Copper (brown)



Dalek's Last Stand ~ Bronze Tinsel

Salt Shaker of Doom ~ Bronze Tinsel

Bronze Dalek ~ Bronze Tinsel

Horsey Dalek ~ Bronze Tinsel



Z'Winter Dalek ~ Winter Seasonal



Dalek Kaan ~ Bronze Tinsel


~Please note that this thread is still under construction~


If you are interested in this thread and its concept or have any questions, post or PM me.

I would like to have:




Mod Sign Up Now Open



- Check submitted lineages are descended from Dalek

- Make sure participants are in compliance with forum and thread rules

- Keep watch for any harassment

- Aid in the decision making process

-Help keep count of the number of Dalek dragons registered

-Make sure people use the forms

- Compile a list of newly registered dragons until I can update this post


Please fill out this form and PM to LoveOfTheMoonChild


[COLOR=green]I want to be a Mod![/COLOR]
PM Link:
How long have you been on the game and forum:
How often can you preform your duties:
Why do you want to be a mod for this thread:





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yes i did not know daleks are more valued then other tinsel lines

To clarify, they are not. A Dalek is simply something from Dr Who, which is a popular show. Dr Who fans would naturally appreciate dragons with Dr Who-related codes, just like a member of most any fandom would like a code relating to their fandom.

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I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who, so when I originally saw that there was a Prize dragon named Dalek, I knew I wanted to have a dragon descended from that cool dragon! smile.gif


I want to Register My Dragon!

Username: LumosSeeker148

Dragon's Name: Z'Winter Dalek

Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Z8S5t

Edited by LumosSeeker148

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Welcome Flamma as the second mod for the thread smile.gif

If there is anyone who can make banners, please contact me.

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I have a Minty Dalek!


I want to Register My Dragon!

Username: dragongrrrl

Dragon's Name: Minterminate

Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/SExgX


She just grew up today, so it may take me a little while to find the right mate for her. If anyone is interested in offspring, I'll be breeding the same pattern as Lagie's 5th gen.

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I love seeing all the new dragons that are a part of the Dalek family smile.gif


However, I do stress that you please use the forms so I may more easily add the dragons to the list. More breeders would be appreciated and I would love to have people submit banners for the thread smile.gif I also have one Mod slot left, so please apply smile.gif

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I just realized that I've been added to the breeder's list. This is a little premature, since I do not have a suitable mate for Minterminate yet, and it may take me a while to get one for her.


I will be looking for another 4th gen Mint Tinselkin, unrelated to Dalek, Glory or Se 7 en, since I hope to breed my next Dalek gen with Joy. <3


When I am ready to join the Breeder's List, I will submit her on the appropriate form. wink.gif

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All names and breeds have been added to the lineage links of registered dragons. I also revised the dragon registration forms. Please use them to make things easier smile.gif

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I would Like to Request!

Username: Firedda

PM Link: Contact

Scroll Link: Scroll

Any Specifications: Can I suspend my request until after the Halloween event? If not, I will take this down and re-post after.

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