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Eclipse IC Thread

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((This is the IC thread for the roleplay Eclipse-head over to the OOC thread for information on the RP and to join it! Remember, braces(or curly brackets) are used for important information!))


{Day 1: Dawn

Woo, first rolls of the day. tongue.gif Any number between 1 and 6 is needed-just stick it in between two parenthesis or some braces like here. Hopefully these event rolls can get things going!

Dawn Roll: 5.}



The Yilo stuck her head from out of her burrow. The air smelt sweet and full of dew, but there was a peculiar tension in it. It was particularly noticeable because the Fleeting Realm is almost never tense-perhaps during a fierce storm, or a solstice when the days seemingly become unnaturally long, but never on a lovely spring morning such as this.

Izu crept out of her temporary home-life as a vagabond demanded a lot of "borrowing"-and shook clogs of dirt from her fur, still sniffing the air. Aside from the usual scents of flora and fauna, wisps of magic, and the old badger smell from the burrow, nothing seemed amiss, and yet her fur stood on end from the tension, which was crackling through the air like electricity. For whatever reason, she felt compelled to travel from her temporary residence north... but there was nothing fancy north, was there? Just mountains, right? She had already been up north.


Izu pawed at her muzzle, antennae drifting in the breeze, and looked around. A nice, dry burrow underneath a tree, plenty of grass and mushrooms, the stream that trickled nearby, the sweet, damp smell of an old wood hundreds of years old... she would miss this place. But her urge to leave kept pushing her to the north, and finally she picked up her rump and started walking. She didn't bring anything with her; just her wits and intellect, as she could never say she was strong enough to withstand a beating from any creature. No, all she has was her smarts, and thankfully she was smart enough to weasel her way out of most situations.

Well, let's just hope we don't run into anyone mean. She thought to herself. That bear was scary enough-what if I run into and elemental creature? I'd be done! She jumped over a rock, taking a final look behind her.

" Goodbye tree. Goodbye creek. Goodbye mushrooms. Goodbye clearing." She said.

With her farewells done, she felt a surge of renewed energy-the feeling of adventure! She could always come back to her cozy burrow if things became rough, but right now she was too curious to even think about it. With another bound, Izu skipped away from the clearing, wondering where this new feeling was going to take her, and how much fun she was going to have on this new journey.

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((What are the rolls for? Dawn Roll: 3))


Spacey removed one paw from her ears a few seconds after the blast sounded, and then clambered to her feet, tongue hanging from her mouth as she ran away. Blowing stuff up was so much fun! She noticed a certain tension in the air, but that was fairly normal considering how close she was to the border with the Realmless territory and the Timeless realm. Throwing a small firework explosion into the air, she ran in a random zigzag towards anything that seemed vaguely interesting, sticking her nose in or blowing it up.


As she wandered vaguely southwards, the tension in the air grew. This registered vaguely as not normal, but then there was something shiny and Spacey went to look at that.


((With all her exploding, she used up all of her starting MP. xd.png Well that was a good idea...))

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((Zed, it's your character and you make the decisions but going around exploding everything still doesn't seem exactly like something Spacey would do. She was made to be a freaking empress, at least let him show some restraint.))

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((Spacey doesn't have anything important to do right now. Exploding is fun, and she's having some fun time - hence the explodyness. Ohai a reason came out of nowhere, where was I? Oh yeah! BOOM! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


Ohai Zedi is here too. She's completely different... I need to be in a different mood for each of these two, so I can't update them at the same time. Expect lots of edited posts.))


Zeditha stalked through the undergrowth near a Pheonix nest. She had heard talk of a trader wishing to deal in their eggs and feathers, as well as a farmer suffering burned crops wanting this particular nest gone. Slithering her tail up to her side, she checked that the bags she carried, just big enough to hold the colourful eggs, were secure. Then, she waited. She had approached while the parents were out hunting to ensure secrecy, and it was simply a matter of time before they returned.


A dark cloud was passing overhead when the parents returned, shrouding the area in a rain-promising gloom. Their arrival was heralded by their beautiful, flamelike light, bathing their feathers even in the darkness. Zeditha's eyes glinted green from the bush she hid in, oblivious to their beauty. She only saw food and profit. Slowly, she stalked forwards, out of the bush. Once her wings were clear, she carefully spread them, and paused for a moment, steadying herself for the kill.


((She'll try to just jump up and claw them. I'm expecting to have to roll agility, speed, and fighting for this, but since I don't know the procedure, I'l going to wait and see what instructions there are.

Oh and there are 6 eggs. She doesn't want to break any, but they are eggs, and may get broken in any kind of fight. Hence the surprise attack attempt.))

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((Fine by me. I'll be sure to check on this more often. So we have three characters in so far-I have learned that Esko will be less active on the forums so I just need dawn rolls from Capella and Pyro before we continue.

Though about your post Zeditha, it's dawn? Nighttime won't come for a long while. You can change it so Zed had been waiting the entire night before and now the sun is coming up, but you're basically skipping an entire day ahead here.))

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((Oops... I completely forgot about the time thing. I'll edit it now.

Most major RP fail ever... *fp))

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((Sorry for not posting right away. I tried to find some dice, couldn't locate 'em, and end up using a random number site. Dawn Roll: 1))


It was morning in the Realm of Rage, but with the thick clouds of ash and rain, one really couldn't tell. There was a rumble in the distance; thunder or an eruption in the earth, it was hard to say. The air was thick and hot, as it always was. The constant thunderstorms didn't provide much relief in this desolate landscape, for the droplets of water would often hiss into steam before striking the molten red ground. You'd think that nothing of flesh and blood could survive here, would even bother to journey into this part of the world. For the most part, you would be right, especially since the yellow-pelted wolf sprinting through a dark valley wasn't totally "flesh and blood." That became apparent when with every step, electricity sprang from his paws.


Blood rushed in Lightning's ears, and he panted heavily. He felt exhilarated, and couldn't help but grin at the sky above him. The storm rolling overhead was probably the biggest one Lightning had seen in a while, and he was eager to see if he could outrun it to get to its other end. Lightning regularly through himself into challenges like this, with a lack of anything else to do. He wouldn't have liked to admit it to anyone else, but governing a realm where there was almost no conflict because there wasn't anything alive to make any could be boring. Sure, it had been fun at first to not have the same responsibility on his shoulders as the other elemental wolves, but after a while . . .


A crack split the air, jerking Lightning away from his thoughts as a bolt of pure energy lit up the world. The golden-eyed wolf stared after it for its single moment of existence, and blinked his aching eyes when the darkness returned. More lightning arced across the sky, and the wolf raced forward with renewed vigor. Less thinking, more doing! He had a storm to beat!

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(( That's all right, things happen. tongue.gif Pyro isn't able to introduce her character(s) yet, but I do have a Dawn roll from her: 5

For battles, I technically RP the enemies. I have some basic stats marked out for the phoenixes for the fight. Once the phoenixes arrive, you roll two numbers, 1 for your Fighting and 1 for your Agility-the numbers for these in your stats are equivalent to the number of "dice" you will be rolling. In this case, since you'll be trying to avoid crushing the eggs, I'll also count your Agility number as attempting to avoid the nest. Every time the enemy attacks, you can use Athletics to try and block it, or Agility to attempt a dodge, and for attacking you'll be using Fighting. You can choose to use an Elemental Ability at any time-luckily, Zed didn't use up all of her Energy like Spacey did. xd.png

For Capella, if you feel like it you could use Agility + Speed rolls to see if you get ahead of the storm. c: Since it's nothing major though, you don't have to do any rolls.))


{Hm, no exciting events so far. Things continue as normal.}



The Yilo jumped ahead, scaling boulders and clearing bushes, racing through the forest, running on the excitement of adventure. It felt so long since she had fun traveling! She ought to do this more often!

She paused briefly on a rock, scanning her new surroundings.


(( Awareness: 18))


Izu found herself within another clearing, one strewn with smaller rocks. The forest was thinning out ahead, and she could see the majestic peaks of the mountain rim, covered with snow and lush grasses. It was a surreal view. But what she noticed the most was that she was on a definite, clear trail, leading straight to a cavern in the mountain. The cavern didn't seem too unusual-no bones or random carcasses, which was good. She sniffed the air tentatively as she neared, climbing uphill on rockier and sparser ground. She wasn't used to being in the open, so she did feel a growing paranoia as she left the trees behind her, but she was on an adventure! Adventures didn't like the cowardly! And besides, curiosity is number one in her mind. So, with her tail twitching just slightly, she grew closer to the cave, wondering what wonderful secrets might lie within it.


((EDIT: Woops, almost forgot about the messages that will be given to the wolves! Give me a sec while I write those...))


Coming out of the shiny the Wolf of Space investigated...

Sun waited as she neared. The Wolf of Space was so alike him! She was a good investment-fun, playful, and always willing to blow something up. What could possibly go wrong?

When Spacey was close enough to the shiny, Sun jumped down from the sky, his light reflecting brilliantly off of the object. Wind rushed past him, and the rays he gave off manifested them themselves into shining golden fur, taking shape around him as a wolf. He left a trail of fire behind him as he landed in front of Spacey, bathing the area in an ethereal light.

And of course, classic Sun Wolf, he flashed her a smile as he got up from landing.

" It's my favorite explosive wolf!" He said in a warm, jolly manner. " Say, what have you blown to bits now? No wait! Don't tell me! I saw from above!" He laughed. " Ah hah, oh, but really, I have a task to give you. I mean, you don't have to do it, but well... something is up with Moon. And I think you can help me figure out what."


Racing along a threatening storm...

Moon glanced at the sun on the horizon. Her brother was waking up for the day, and she needed to be quick before his blinding rays eliminated all possibility of her conversing with her Wolves. Lightning was right there-she just needed to get to him.

She raced along the top of the storm, her pawprints visibly left behind. She knew her wolf well, chances were too unlikely that he wouldn't beat the storm. She just had to rely on him racing it. Once he came through, then they could talk.

She paused at the edge of the thunderstorm, electricity crackling underneath her paws. She kept an eye on the blackened, dead landscape below her. She wasn't too obvious, aside from her dim blue glow-who would bother her?

" Come on, Lightning." She whispered. " Time is wasting!"

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((What could possibly go wrong... lol

Also, I think these two might just get along nicely.))


Spacey took a step backwards, surprised for a split second by the appearance of her master. After dipping her head in respect for a few seconds, she looked up at her, listening intently. "Of course, Sun Wolf," she said excitedly. "I'm on the case! Er... got any idea where she might be?"


((Stupidly short post. *hates short post for its shortness*))

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((xd.png 'Tis very short.))


Sun Wolf

Sun chuckled at the thought of Spacey chasing after Moon. Unfortunately and oddly enough though, an Elemental Wolf can only see the Celestial Wolf who created them; there was an odd missing link, where Sun couldn't visit Moon's Wolves, and Moon couldn't visit his Wolves. It can make things quite a pain in the tail sometimes. But luckily the Elemental Wolves can visit each other, and Moon and Sun can cooperate on eclipses.

" Moon is here in the Realms somewhere, but I didn't see where she went-I was too busy looking for you and my other Wolves. But I have an idea! See, I have four wolves, and she has four wolves-if I send my Wolves to hers, they can get some information from them! So that's really all I need you to do-go find Time, Lightning, Fire, and Clouds, and ask them what's going on." Sun paused briefly to sit down and paw at his muzzle. " Because see, Moon has been traveling down here an awful lot, and has been slowing down since she's realized that the solar eclipse is arriving soon. She's making the nights longer. I don't know what has her so on edge. But hey, maybe she's told her wolves about it!

" Can you do that Spacey? I haven't seen her wolves about, but I'll keep an eye out for them. I can give you little hints and stuff along the way-you know how I love puzzles!" He beamed. " And since you're so close to the Timeless Realm, you can already go find Clouds! I'll be out there too, searching for Ice to give her the same message. If I get my four wolves on the case, surely in no time we can find Moon's wolves and get some information from them; Moon isn't usually so quiet..." He frowned briefly, only to return to his normal, jolly self. " Well, more so than usual, hah hah! I trust you'll do a good job, as always!"

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Spacey smiled broadly and nodded. "Right on it! I'll head over there as soon as I can. I'm sure Clouds will know something - see you soon!"

With a goodbye flick of her tail, Spacey ran off towards the Timeless realm. It shouldn't take long to cross the border, but the Realms weren't small places. It could take days for her to find the Cloud wolf, and even when she did, there was no guarantee they would know anything. Still, she would do her best. Breaking into a long-paced gallop, the best kind of run for keeping up over a long distance, Spacey enjoyed the feeling of the air against her face. She was on a mission, and there was no way she would let the Sun Wolf down.


((Okay, so... what do I do for Zeditha? Tell me what to roll and stuff and I will roll that.))

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...you roll two numbers, 1 for your Fighting and 1 for your Agility-the numbers for these in your stats are equivalent to the number of "dice" you will be rolling. In this case, since you'll be trying to avoid crushing the eggs, I'll also count your Agility number as attempting to avoid the nest. Every time the enemy attacks, you can use Athletics to try and block it, or Agility to attempt a dodge, and for attacking you'll be using Fighting. You can choose to use an Elemental Ability at any time...

So roll Agility first, then Fighting for a surprise attack. Once the phoenixes react, you can attempt blocking, dodging, and fighting some more. Think of it like turn-based combat. Also, before rolling your Agility, you can use Seeker first in order to try and pick out flaws in your foes. Basically all you do when using a Quality is you say you used it, and I'll work out the numbers.))




Two phoenixes circled their nest from above, peering down at it. They haven't noticed anything unusual yet. The male phoenix, though smaller than his mate, felt tense. Something seemed wrong, but he couldn't quite put a talon on it... With a tentative squawk, he circles lower toward the nest, and his mate follows him.




Sun Wolf

Sun smiled as Spacey bolted off into one of the Realms. " She's so jolly! Well, that's one wolf informed. Now to go find Ice!" With a turn and a great big leap, he was already back at his celestial post in the sky, preparing to go visit the Timeless Realm. Funny, had he paused to look over into the Realm of Rage, he may have spotted Moon curiously perched upon a storm cloud. But he was too focused to look around, already making another leap to the cluster of floating islands off the mainland's shore. Even if he did see her, he couldn't visit her yet anyway-only in 29 days could he do that.

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I also attempted to sneak up on the phoenixes - do I roll Stealth? I'll roll some dice anyway, if you don't need the numbers ignore them.

Just rolling some normal D6es... because I'm too lazy to open a new tab, I have real dice. xd.png


Sneak/surprise attack on phoenixes

Stealth: (6) 4, 4, 4, 6, 6, 1 - total 25

Agility: (4) 4, 4, 5, 3 - total 16

Fighting: (2) 6, 2 - total 8

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Lightning's paws drummed against the ground, and his breath came short and quick. A lesser creature would have given up by now, but Lightning was finally able to see a point where light was streaming in beyond. The blackened earth was illuminated in a pale morning light not far from where he ran. Lightning looked at the patch longingly, and felt a bit of panic flutter in his chest as the storm's shadow continued to consume the land below.


He felt like he was going as fast as he could, but somehow, Lightning had to try to pump his legs even harder. The motion of his limbs blurred together, and the elemental creature pushed himself forward, spending all his energy in a final sprint. The gap between Lightning and the sun-touched land closed rapidly. Finally, the shadows of the clouds slipped away from his pelt, and the wolf limped triumphantly into the daylight.


Lightning hadn't noticed Moon's presence, exhausted as he was, until the she-wolf spoke. He jerked his head up, ears pricking in alarm as he looked towards his creator. "Moon?" he exclaimed in surprise. He blinked. "What do you mean 'time is wasting'?" He loped over to her, slowly and with great care for his tired body. He breathed heavily, but his eyes were bright, extra so to know his leader had witnessed him running so fiercely.

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((Yeah sure. Also, you forgot to put in the parenthesis. tongue.gif))




The phoenixes certainly didn't noticed the dragon hiding near their nest, but they were both quick enough to evade the first attack! The female phoenix swooped away in an arch to recover from the scare, while the male phoenix makes his first move!

A peck, aimed for the eye! He misses and does 1 damage to Zeditha.

The female flew just a bit too far out; she's taking a while to come back. Only one enemy to worry about for now.





The wolf jumped from her position from the cloud, happy that Lightning beat the storm like she expected, but also surprised that he managed to hear her from all the way up there. She landed in front of him, already speaking.

" Lightning! I need to speak with you! Something bad is coming, I feel it, and we need to gather the Wolves now!" She demanded; not at all like the quiet, reserved wolf she used to be, she was speaking urgently at a rapid pace. " Find the Wolf of Fire in this realm, then go to the other Realms and gather the other wolves. We must get them all at... at..." She hesitated. " I don't know. But you must find the other wolves!"

Moon knew her behavior would be baffling to, well, anyone. She was usually taciturn, letting Sun do most of the talking while she stood back and watched quietly from a distance. The fact that she was so alarmed that she was speaking so vaguely alarmed even her. Finally, she paused for longer, to explain in greater detail.


" Look, Lightning, something wrong, something evil, is coming on the solar eclipse. I don't know what it was, but it would be too late if I waited to tell Sun, but I also can't just sit back and tell no one. I... I don't know what this thing is, but if it's so powerful I can sense it from the heavens, I can't risk letting it come up! My only solution is the Wolves-Sun and I poured a lot of our power into you guys during creation, so you could be the guardians of the things that were overwhelming us. But that also means that Sun and I are weaker, and on the solar eclipse... we'll both be vulnerable. Somehow, I know, that this thing is going to erupt right then and there, taking advantage of our weakness. I can't let that happen!

" You need to find your brothers and sisters. You need to gather them... someplace, I don't know yet, because the presence is everywhere. But once you guys are gathered... I don't know. Maybe we can repel the presence." Moon pawed at her muzzle, at a loss for advice. She was just going to set this huge task onto Lightning's shoulders? Without even giving him directions? What was this thing they were going to be fighting anyway?

One step at a time. She told herself. You have twenty-nine days left-that's plenty of time, right?

" First things first, gather the Wolves, even if they don't want to participate in this. It's essential." She told Lightning. " I can figure something out."

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A quiet growl escaped Zeditha's frustrated lips as her claws swiped meaninglessly at the air. Its intensity increased as the male's attack struck her scales. Swinging her tail round, she attempted in vain to hit the bird, while also releasing the spell she had previously prepared - a shadow vapour. Zeditha had a split-second choice to make - target both phoenixes, reducing the likelihood of a successful infection (I would guess~) or just the male, leaving the female to be a problem later? Luckily, the choice was easy; she had kept a watchful eye on the whereabouts of both her victims, and she released a patch of deadly shadow towards each.


((Tail-strike aimed at male. She didn't try very hard, focusing instead on her Vapour, and missed.

Shadow Vapour aimed at both phoenixes (one each; is this allowed? If not, ignore female one and I'll do that next turn). Costs two energy points; she now has 3.


Male phoenix Shadow Vapour

'How long it lasts' Endurance: (2) 3, 1 - total 4

'How bad they suffer' Endurance: (2) 6, 6 - total 12


Female phoenix Shadow Vapour

'How long it lasts' Endurance: (2) 5, 4 - total 9

'How bad they suffer' Endurance: (2) 5, 1 - total 6


The Shadow Vapour info on the sheet implies two Endurance rolls. "Shadow Vapor; Infects the enemy with deadly Shadow Vapor. An Endurance roll determines how long it will last, another roll how bad it will suffer."

If I misread that, please tell me what you did mean and I'll roll correctly. xd.png


Also, slightly wishing I took Vicious as a Quality. I probably didn't because I didn't meet its requirements~ too late now wink.gif))

Edited by Zeditha

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(( Ehm, I guess if you insist that she missed? She could have hit him. Also, Shadow Vapour is a direct attack, so you can only target one foe when using it, but you have 4 Energy left since it costs only one point. Though you did read the rolls right.))




The dragon conjures up a black mist and engulfs the male phoenix in it. The Shadow Vapour is very effective! It does 8 damage to the phoenix, severely weakening him. He writhes as the vapour threatens to transform him into a shadow creature, and in his struggle he is unable to retaliate properly. He misses a chance to attack or defend.

His mate, seeing him in trouble, pushes to arrive to the battle, and in doing so she fiercely conjures up something to protect him.

((Burning Barrier: 1+1+4+5 = 11))

She bursts a tree branch into flames! Ripping the branch from the tree, she swings it full-force at Zeditha. Hopefully the fiery branch can cause a long enough disruption for her mate to get away. The branch is immense and is spitting out sparks and flames at a rapid rate-Zed's best chance would be to dodge the branch, lest she take a wound from the impact! It's too hot too touch, so blocking would be impossible.





Izu noses her way into the cave. It was much more ominous, now that she was up close to it, though no beasts came charging at her when she approached. She attempts to peer through the darkness.

((Awareness: 14))

She doesn't see much, though she can tell that the cave goes very deep into the mountain-interestingly enough though, it goes up rather than down. It must be one thick mountain.

Izu takes her first, tentative steps into the cave, unsure about her decision. All sorts of cruel things lived in caves; what if she ran into one? What could she do?

Don't worry about it. She assured herself, as she walked away from the comforting daylight. You're smart. You can always outwit trouble.

As long as she didn't come across anything nasty...

((Eh, roll an isolated encounter; these things only happen periodically to players who trigger them, usually from Awareness. Encounter: 7. WOW Izu you are lucky!! Like... how?))


Izu spotted something glinting the the darkness ahead. Her curiosity taking over, she approached the object, sniffing the air but catching no scent. She didn't hear anything unusual either; only the steady drip of water within the cave. As she came closer, she saw that it was a pendant. It was a pure white crystal, not unlike smoky quartz, cut into a octahedron and encased by a fiery bronze metal like weaving vines. it was on a simple chain, and the pendant was simply lying there, seemingly untouched by anybody.

" No way!" Izu gasped. " My first loot! Woo!" She snatched up the pendant in her mouth, feeling rather proud of herself and awkwardly shrugging it over her head and around her neck. The pendant didn't seem particularly special; that is, until Izu nudged the crystal itself with her paw.

Flash! Izu jumped and squeezed her eyes shut with a squeak, immediately preparing to flee whatever it was, but after cautiously reopening her eyes, she saw with amazement that the pendant was glowing. The glow was dim and red, the white crystal had turned black as night. A bit baffled by her new discovery's change, Izu simply shrugged, getting excited again at the fact that she found something cool.

" I'm going to wear this everywhere!" She declared to the cave. The only answer was her own echoes. Getting up and shaking her fur, she proceeded to explore the cave, already eager to find more treasure.


((Izu now has a special item that allows her to have a huge boost in taming Dark creatures. Too bad her Animal Handling is only 3. xd.png Still baffled on how I managed to roll something like that...))

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((I read the OP and realised you can only do one offensive move at once. I did originally roll for a tail-strike as well but removed it.))


With a growl, Zeditha ducked underneath the branch, aiming to fly through the edge of the flame and strike the phoenix. She kept part of her focus on the spell, though - she didn't want the male to get away, or he might protect the eggs.


((Branch dodge and physical strike on female. I'm guessing the spell doesn't need any further rolls - it'll run out when it runs out.

However, since the branch is meant to distract me, I'm going to assume I need to roll something else, and roll anything that seems relevant.


Dodging the branch

Agility: (4) 4, 4, 3, 6 - total 17


Attacking the Phoenix

Agility: (4) 4, 4, 4, 1 - total 13

Fighting: (2) 5, 5 - total 10


Avoiding distraction

Will: (5) 3, 4, 4, 5, 5 - total 21

Awareness: (5) 6, 3, 3, 3, 2 - total 17

Cunning: (5) 3, 4, 4, 5, 6 - total 22


That's all the things I thought might possibly be relevant~ Please tell me what was and wasn't needed so I can do what's necessary next time xd.png))

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((Yeah, you only need to make rolls for the spell once. And that's true, it will run out eventually. For the distraction you don't need to roll, since you're already dodging it. Always nice to play safe though. c:))


Much to the rage of the female phoenix, Zeditha successfully dodges the branch. It bounces off a nearby boulder harmlessly, though its licking flames are dangerously close to the undergrowth. Zeditha strikes the female-she couldn't dodge fast enough, and takes 4 damage.

The male is still struggling with the Shadow Vapour. He attempts to aide his mate by claw-scratching Zeditha. The vapour inhibits him and he does only 2 damage to her tail.

The female attempts to attack Zeditha in the same manner. She misses. Darn you, agile dragon!

The flames from the branch leap higher, and catch a dead bush alight. It will be only a matter of time before the arena is in flames! The female phoenix sees a chance to use the flames to conceal her and her mate so they can protect the nest-she just needs to get closer to the bush.

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((Awareness: (5) 6, 5, 4, 4, 4 - total 23. Pretty sure that's high enough to notice a flaming bush.))


Noticing the spreading fire (and the advantage it could cause her targets), Zeditha attempted to block the phoenixes' path. Then, focusing on the female this time, she cast another Shadow Vapour, as well as preparing a Blinding spell.


((Block from the fire, Shadow Vapour on female and rolling in advance for a Blind.


Blocking female from flames

Athletics: (2) 6, 5 - total 11 (I promise that's what I got first roll. I'm surprised at the luck here too. xd.png)

Agility: (4) 1, 2, 6, 6 - total 15


Shadow Vapour

'How long it lasts' Endurance: (2) 1, 4 - total 5

'How bad they suffer' Endurance: (2) 3, 2 - total 5

(Cool coincidence there, dice. I like you.)



Knowledge: (4) 1, 2, 2, 6 - total 11

Awareness: (5) 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 - total 19


It said knowledge/awareness, so I rolled both. Not sure if that was right, but I'm rolling in advance so you can correct me before it matters xd.png



How much health do I have? (total and current wink.gif

How do we gain/regain energy? Can we do this in battle?))

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((You have 3 health left out of 6. You cannot regain health or energy while in battle. You do, however, regain 2 points of both at the end of each day(so by dawn on Day 2 you would gain 2 health and 2 energy back). Eating food, sleeping, and using items can make this process go faster. Right now though your inventory is empty, so you don't have anything to regain more points.

And pffff my bad, you're supposed to roll Endurance when casting Blind-Knowledge/Awareness is for the creatures caught by Blind, to see how badly they're affected by it. I'll go edit that now. So I just need an Endurance roll for that.))


With a rather large Dark dragon blocking the female phoenix's path to the fiery bush, she was unable to get to the flames like she wanted to. Zeditha prepares for a Shadow Vapour spell...

Dodged! The female was quick enough to avoid the spell as it was flung past her. Her mate was starting to recover from his own struggle with the spell, but he was still too exhausted to perform any moves. The female decided to take matters into her own hand-er, talons.

((Ring of Fire: size=1, longevity=12))

A ring made entirely from fire forms around the female, but unfortunately it is too small to encompass her mate and the nest as well. She chooses to protect the nest as her mate recuperates, landing on it with the fire leaping high enough to protect her and her eggs. She'll be damned if this dragon gets them!

However, the phoenix recognized that if Zeditha really wanted her eggs, she would have to get them out of here.


((I'm presuming there are four eggs in the nest?))

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((I picked 6 earlier. 6 eggs.))


Drat! That female was pesky. However, there was still a male trapped in the fading spell. Flying over, she attempted to grab him and bite, a move which should finish him off.

She also released her Blind spell, mainly targeting the female but also the male. Hopefully, he should be easier to catch when blinded.


((A Blind, then a grab and a neck-bite. Fairly simple~



Endurance: (2) 6, 4 - total 10

Endurance: (2) 6, 5 - total 11

((Two rolls just in case you needed more than one xd.png))



Agility: (4) 2, 3, 4, 5 - total 14



Fighting: (2) 3, 1 - total 4))

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((The spells require too much concentration; you can't release a spell and attack at the same time. I'm guessing you're going to prefer the spell since it affects both phoenixes? The grab will count though since it's more of a neutral move.))


Too many eggs in the nest. The female can't hope to carry each one to safety at a time. Her mate is still in trouble, almost escaping a wild grab from the dragon but getting caught by a leg. The female was about to react, but suddenly everything flashed and she was enveloped by darkness! She panicked, being unable to see, but kept her talons clamped firmly onto the nest.

The male was a tad luckier, and with the Shadow Vapour having finally worn off, he could remember seeing his mate and a burning bush. All he had to do was hold onto the memories of where they were, and he could remember his surroundings well enough to fight back.

He was getting pretty sick of this dragon. He prepares for a spell:

((Inferno: 12))

He exhausts his energy supply, going limp in the dragon's paws, yet the area surrounding him and his mate's nest bursts into fire! The heat rises quickly as other untouched plants begin to get consumed by the flames. The spell won't last long-it's only a matter of time before the fire dies down enough that the battle can proceed.

The female is comforted only slightly by the sudden heat she feels, as she is still painfully aware that she cannot see any threats. She doesn't do anything. Zeditha's best chance to escape the flames is to run from them or fly, unless she can risk a few burns.

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