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Popular, newly debuted idols who compete against each other to earn the most fans! When the two duos meet, though, tensions rise and feelings fly. Will they ever embrace their feelings, possibly ending their idol career before it's even taken off, or will they keep their emotions under wraps? Will the two groups ever figure out what pair is more popular then the other? Find out in this fun, exciting, rollercoaster we call IDOL BATTLES!




Set in Japan, in possibly the lively city Tokyo! Perhaps in the special ward Shibuya?


Sammy's Kids


Name: 松本 直人 (Matsumoto Naoto)

Idol Name: (Hibiki)

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: Nao has a rather attractive face, which helps him gather fans as an idol. He has a small birthmark that looks like a smudge near his left eye, but other then that his skin is pale and clear. (Well, if you don’t count the bruises on his knees as blemishes….) He stands at 5’7’’ and is relatively fit, but he isn’t amazingly built and he has only a little bit of muscle definition on his stomach. He has bleached his hair a pale blond (and he’s pretty proud of it), and there are no hints of roots showing at all. His hair is cut relatively short: it is cut in short layers on the back of his neck, and as a result his hair curls and sticks up quite often. His bangs are long, with a natural part to the right, but he keeps them pinned back with bobby pins. His eyes are a dark brown, but when he is doing his idol duties he wears green colored contacts with a prescription.

Whenever Nao goes out of his house, he is forced to wear a beanie to cover his blaringly blond hair. He also covers his right eye with his long bangs, and he wears rectangular shaped green glasses that he actually needs to see. He often wears baggy clothes, but he dislikes doing that and often just wears clothes that he wouldn’t wear as an idol (i.e. sweaters, cardigans, skinny jeans, capris, etc). He always wears a green string bracelet when he is in disguise.

Personality: Nao is a bubbly person. He loves talking and likes how his voice sounds, and he seems to not really pay attention to what he says. This is a false occusation, as his mind is constantly thinking of what would happen if he said this versus this (especially in important situations, such as when someone is suspecting him of something or when he’s asked about something he doesn’t want to be asked about). He always takes cons and pros into doing everything he does, but he loves to take risks and has almost had his cover blown on more than one occasion. He doesn’t hide his true identity as much as a typical idol does because he believes his disguise is good enough, and he doesn’t really want to cover up that much. He is known to be a jokester and he pokes fun at his friends, and if he finds someone interesting then he will pester them until they either cave into his pestering or yell at him to go away. He believes personal space is stupid and acts like it doesn’t really exist, so he gets close to people a lot. Like, A LOT. He’d grab someones hand and drag them along after him, and he would totally pinch someone’s sides and see if they squealed. He is easy to befriend if one can get used to his somewhat spontaneous personality, and the fact that he always has a thoughtful look in his eyes when he isn’t blabbing on and on. Oh, and he flirts with anyone he finds cute. Doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl. If you cute, you getting flirted with. (He may have been punched in the stomach because of this once, but he would say it was simply an accident.) He doesn’t have any romantic or sexual interest in females, and actually sometimes strings them along, but he finds it amusing to see them all behave differently. He does feel guilty after he’s done this, but he wouldn’t go back and apologize to them because he wouldn’t see any good in doing that. He loves talking to people he has talked to before, and he loves to make friends and learn about all sorts of people's lives.

He has a side to him that is much more quiet and calm, but this only comes out at certain times or at night. He likes to think over how the day had gone by, and he makes mental notes of what he could have done differently to avoid something from happening. He mulls over quite a bit of stuff when he is alone, but he doesn’t hate doing so and finds it relaxing.

His idol persona is slightly different to his real self: he is much more extroverted and says things without really thinking them through. He has found out that he does this because of nerves, and he is actively trying to find a way to calm his nerves and be more himself. His heart actually races when he is front of his fans, which makes him more nervous and afraid to do stuff and make a move. If he is surprised when on stage, he would probably visibly jump and then stumble over what he was saying or singing. He would then smack himself, either mentally or physically, and take a deep breath and apologize then try again (thinking of a different way to approach the situation).

TL;DR: Nao is what one would call an ambivert. He is flexible with social events, and he looks at the situation before he makes a decision on what to do. He is perfectly content with being with large crowds of people or being by himself. He thinks before he speaks, and if he knows he should keep his mouth shut he does so. He DOES joke a lot though, and he is still trying to get a grasp on his idol persona. He believes that his anxiety towards being an idol is only because it is something both unknown and exciting, and because he doesn’t know what the ultimate outcome will be he is hesitant to move forward. It’s an entirely new world to him, and he is kind of afraid of that.


+ Being with friends and large crowds of people

+ Being alone and thinking about all kinds of stuff

+ Stars

+ Chocolate Mint Icecream

+ Candy

+ Fruit

+ Anime and Manga

+ Reading

+ Really. Cheesy. American. Movies.

+ Languages

+ His fans on Youtube

+ Mammals

+ Singing

+ Doing covers of vocaloid songs

+ Pokemon/Zelda/RPG Games

+ Exercising, to an extent

- Horror/Gore (he’s not afraid of it, he doesn’t see the appeal in it)

- Cicadas

- People questioning his sexuality

- People picking on his sister

- Very loud and sudden nosies (i.e. thunder, gun shots, fireworks)

- Depressing things (especially depressing news)

- Being sad

- Spicy food


History: Nao was born December 4th, on a snowy and cold day. He was taken home to a nice house, with plenty of room to play and run. Of course, he was too young to do much of this, and before he could even talk his little sister was born. He was highly curious about her, and he wanted to play with her as soon as he could. He had to wait a couple of years, though, and during those few years he was a very kind and helpful brother. He and Kumiko grew, and soon they were able to play together. Most of his childhood was spent with his sister and his friends, and he didn't pay much attention in school. (He was too busy playing with the other neighborhood children.) This upset his parents, and when he was ten he was told that if he didn't focus on school more then he wouldn't be able to play with his friends again. He took this threat to heart and focused on school, and he was doing well, having learned how to balance his social life and his school life, but when he turned fifteen his focus drifted. To boys. And to liking boys. And to wanting to date boys. And to wanting to kiss boys. This was a terrifying thing for him, as he had never even thought about anyone like that before, and he put the blame on that one new kid in his class. If he hadn't shown up, everything would be fine. Nao tried to push away his growing feelings, and he failed to succeed but decided to simply befriended the new boy. One night, when he was with his friends (including that boy who was his secret crush), he slipped up and said who he liked. This was his fatal mistake.

When he went to school the next day, he was met with scornful looks and insults. He was called a freak and told he was sick, and he felt completely alienated and alone. He couldn't talk to his friends, because they all ignored him, and when he even looked at his crush he simply turned away. He was suddenly public enemy number one, and he couldn't talk to anyone about it. After the day ended, he didn't go home or to the club he was in, and simply wandered the town. He turned his phone off and didn't even think about going home, instead trying to figure out a way to correct his mistake. He came to the conclusion of telling everyone that it had been him just joking around, and that he had a girlfriend. This would prove to be a problem for him, as he didn't actually have a girlfriend at the time, but he knew he could figure it out. It was around this time that his sister found him, having been worried about where her brother was and wanting to know why he didn't answer her emails and texts. He apologized to her and told her he hadn't had a very good day at school and just needed to be alone, and after Kumiko had gotten him his favorite candy and dragged him to a park she was able to pry out of him exactly what had happened at school. He trusted her and came out to her, although he had been terrified she would find him disgusting, and he was beyond relieved when she also came out to him. He couldn't even think of what to say when she said that if he was unnatural and wrong, then she was unnatural and wrong too. He felt a huge weight lift off of his shoulders, and this encouraged him to stand firm with his decision about what to do with school. He went home late at night with Kumiko and made up a lie to his parents, then thanked Kumiko with a hug and was able to fall asleep. The next day, he was still met with scornful looks and insults, but after he had told everyone his lie they all loosened up and were more themselves around him. His crush, sadly, didn't talk to him very much after the accident, and he had lost a few friends, but he put on a smile and decided they weren't worth his time.

A couple of weeks after the incident with his crush, his classmates were starting to pester him about his girlfriend. He covered by saying that she wasn't in the same grade as he was, and that she didn't like to show affection when at school. His friends and classmates didn't quite believe him, and Nao went home that day worried about what to do with his "girlfriend". He then thought of Kumiko's then best friend, and although he felt terribly guilty and bad about asking her to ask her best friend to go out with him, he did it anyways. Kumiko's best friend agreed to going out with him, and Nao was able to get past his classmates suspicions. He could tell that his little sister had a crush on her best friend and often invited her along whenever the two went out together, as he thought it would be a way to get Kumiko and her best friend closer, but she soon found excuses to let him and his girlfriend have alone time. He decided to end the relationship quickly, as he had done it only for a cover and to try to develop feelings for the opposite gender and get past his "illness", and apologized profusely to Kumiko for everything. She understood why he had dated her, and the issue was seemingly dropped.

However, soon after Nao had broken up with Kumiko's best friend, more problems cropped up. He had found out that Kumiko's best friend had started to spread rumors about his little sister (from some kids in Kumiko's class), and he took the issue to his parents. His parents told him the issue would be better addressed with the school administrators, and he went to them and told them about the bullying of his little sister with no hesitation. He was pleased when he found out the bullying stopped, but felt remorseful for having the problem get so bad without his noticing earlier.

Life went on, though, and he graduated from junior high school. He applied to a different high school he knew not many of his classmates would be going to, and he got in. He worried daily about how Kumiko was doing in school and if the bullying had started again, and he made sure she knew that she could tell him about everything. He worried about her lack of friends, and about her education, and about any crushes she had. However, he learned to let Kumiko handle things by herself (mostly) and he began to focus on his own high school problems.

He decided early on to become something of a playboy at his new school, as to make sure no one found out his real sexuality again. He dated several girls, always hopeful that he would develop romantic feelings for one of them, but always ended up ending the relationship because he never felt anything for them. He worried about his sexuality, then did a lot of research about it, then worried some more. Why did he have to be different from everyone else? Why did society have to be so against people like him (and, apparently, his sister)? Why did he feel like he was sick; like he had a disease that was absolutely terrible? He couldn't get over it like he usually was able to do, and soon found that this was a problem he couldn't overcome by himself. He had wanted to talk to his sister about it and figure out how to get out of his slump, but he decided against it as she was dealing with her own problems. He took a day off from school one random day and browsed the internet for anything that would help him, and he stumbled upon a chatroom for people who were like him. People who were....gay. He was scared to say anything to anyone in the chatroom, but after someone gently asked him if they could help he spilled everything he had been keeping to himself. He opened up to this complete stranger, and when the stranger moved their conversation to email he only talked more and more. He rambled on and on for hours and the stranger was there to listen, and Nao soon found out that this stranger was a boy who was a year older then him and who happened to go to the same high school as himself. He found this very coincidental and didn't believe the stranger, but the stranger told him it was honest and true and told Nao they'd meet each other tomorrow. Nao agreed, and the two talked late into the night until Nao dozed off.

The next day, Nao was eager to go to school. He was excited to meet the stranger from yesterday, and when the stranger emailed him and told him where he would be waiting Nao hurried there as fast as he could. He was incredibly anxious, and worried, and scared, but he was also incredibly excited to meet someone like him who he could talk to easily (besides his sister, of course). His heart was racing when he arrived at the front gates to his school, and he thought it would stop when he saw a boy standing in front of the meeting place. He hid behind a wall and sent the stranger an email, then watched to see if the boy in front of the meeting place would look at his phone. His heart skipped a beat when the boy looked at his phone, and then Nao froze when the boy looked at him. It was really the stranger from yesterday. After an awkward introduction, the stranger, who was named Daiki, told Nao that he had to get to class but that they could hang out later if Nao wasn't busy. Nao agreed and the two parted ways, and Nao went to class feeling happier then he had in quite some time.

Nao and Daiki quickly became friends, and Nao realized one day that he had a crush on the older boy. He became stressed about this and told his sister. He then made the decision to not tell Daiki his real feelings, as he didn't want to ruin the friendship that they had, and continued to behave normally around him. Daiki, however, picked up on Nao's feelings for him (as Nao wasn't very good about hiding his feelings) and asked if Nao wanted to try dating. After he got over his embarrassment, Nao agreed and the two started going out. Nao began to accept himself when he was with Daiki, and Daiki taught Nao a lot of things he didn't understand, and Daiki even introduced Nao to YouTube and the wonderful world of video. Nao became very interested in this and decided to try it out. After looking around on the site at all the different things people did, and asking his boyfriend about what he thought he should do, Nao decided to cover songs. He made a YouTube account, asked his parents for a nice microphone, downloaded the right software for audio recording, and told all of the new friends he had made to subscribe to him. He then made his first cover, and was amazed at how many views he had gotten. This inspired him to keep going, and within a few months he had over 340,000 subscribers (it probably helped that he made some vlogs and was very into talking with his fans over social networks). Daiki was entirely supportive during all of this, and Nao was absolutely elated.

However, Nao and Daiki's relationship started to drift apart around this time. Nao was entering his second year of high school, and Daiki was now a third year. Daiki became busy studying for entrance exams, and Nao's popularity as a YouTuber was rising. Both boys decided it would be best to end the relationship, and this was good for both of them as they had started to realize they didn't have romantic feelings for each other anymore. Daiki told Nao that they could still remain friends, and Nao agreed, saying that once things calmed down they could try a relationship again (if they both were interested in doing so). They both agreed to everything, and then fell into the habit of just being friends. Towards the end of the year, Daiki told Nao that he had fallen for someone else, and Nao congratulated him and wished his friend the best of luck with the relationship (with no ill feelings).

Nao's sister, who had always been supporting her from the start with everything, had found new friends. He was ecstatic to meet them, and was supportive and pushed her to try to make NND videos when she had found out about it. He let her use his equipment whenever he wasn't using it, and did his best to help her out of her slump when she fell into it suddenly. He and his sister convinced their parents to get Kumiko some of her own equipment, and when Kumiko had gained some popularity the two decided to hold friendly competitions. They both became internet idols, although Nao knew he was more popular, and one day when they were both out they were scouted by a producer and asked if they wanted to become real life idols. They agreed, and the rest is pretty much history.

Other: He chose the idol name Hibiki because it means "echo, sound". He goes by Nao. His color is sapgreen (#308014).


Name: 武井 琥珀 (Takei Kohaku)

Idol Name: 九郎 (Kuro)

Age: 17

Gender: female disguised as a male

Appearance: Haku has a cute face, with almond shaped eyes and a small nose. She has amber eyes, which sometimes turn bright brown, and her hair is black. Her hair is cut in a pixie cut, with her bangs brushing over her forehead but not being long enough to hide her eyes. She usually wears a hat whenever she isn't being an idol, and she always has a scarf on no matter what the weather is. If she doesn't wear a hat whenever she goes out, she wears a mask. The mask is black and has teeth on it, and because of this many people give her odd looks whenever she walks by with it on. She wears long sleeves and pants often, which hides her oddly tan skin, but she does so because she has scars on her shins and arms. She wears gloves sometimes, along with long necklaces and rings. She also layers her clothes so that no one is able to exactly place her gender (as her chest is rather flat anyways), and she always has on a tight tank top underneath everything she wears. It's rare to see her dress in girly clothes, but she does actually do so whenever she's at home or when she goes to a different city (on super rare occasions, she'll leave the house in a dress). She is 5'9 and exercises regularly, so she's quite fit.

When she's being an idol, she wears a binder so no one can see any hints of a girls chest on her. She also covers her scars with make-up if she's wearing shorts or tank tops (which she wears more often than she would like), and she also applies make-up so she can try to look more androgynous/masculine. Her producer likes to play off the shota troupe with her, so she often dresses in bright colors that catch peoples eyes.

Personality: oh bro idk uh lets see. she's energetic and doesnt see why people need to be sad in life. like, sure, bad stuff happens, but there's always a tomorrow and the sun will always rise again!! people care about you!! crap crap she's very energetic and gets inspiration from a lot of stuff f i guess buT FUN FACT she actually gives people the cold shoulder when she first meets them because she gets scared of messing up what she says and she doesnt know if they'll like her so she's like "oh no i'll just watch for now and judge from afar dont mind me"


History: something to do with her grandmother. im flipping tired so im gonna say here that she had a friend who was like "yo haku you could be an idol let me convince my dad you'll be famous" and so she totally got in that way and she's like "do i really have skills tho" and now she's totally a trap utaite and has the skills so yws

Other: She chose her idol name to match with her partner Haruo/Shiro. She goes by Haku. Her color is amber (#FFBF00).

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popular newly debuted idols we could do the guild wars thing and they try to be more popular then the other group? - Lily, 2015


Name: Kumiko Matsumoto,

Idol Name: Sakura

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kumiko is a small girl with the cute appearance that is usually required of an idol. She has long black hair reaching her hips that is curled in ringlets. Her bangs are hime styled, the fringes almost reaching her eyes and parted on the right while the layer part is curled around her face. A small section is styled in a bun and tied up with a bow. Kumiko has extremely pale skin that is void of any visible blemishes. She has huge brown eyes that are framed by long lashes. Shes also pretty short and lacking in the curves department.

When she goes out, Kumiko wears a large blue-gray hoodie (with the hood up). Her hair (which isn't naturally curly) is braided and she wears red glasses (because her vision sucks and she uses contacts on stage but actually finds them uncomfortable.)

Personality: Kumiko's idol persona is a sweet and innocent genki girl who is quite bold. Shes the kind of girl the real Kumiko strives to be, but in reality shes actually a really quiet and shy girl. She feels like her success is only due to the way she looks. Shes rather clumsy and isn't the best at dancing and while her voice is cute and her singing is rather good, she doesn't have a wide vocal range and again feels like her success relies on her cuteness.

A observant and considerate girl, Kumiko is very sensitive to the feelings of others. Because of this, she usually isn't very likely to reveal her own feelings towards others if they are negative, instead keeping them bottled up inside instead of talking them out with the other person and clearing up some misunderstandings that could of been simple enough. An idealist, she always strives for the best, she learns better doing hands on work but doesn't deal well with criticism.




+Vanilla flavored things

+Girly and cute things, her favorite color is pink

+Wearing glasses

+Her hair in braids or a ponytail

+Loose and comfortable clothing like T-shirts and jeans

+Rain, thunder, thunderstorms


+She really likes to read, especially high fantasy or historical

+Picnics and really pretty scenery

-People that purposefully make her older brother sad or uncomfortable

-Scary things, ghosts and horror stories but she doesn't mind blood or bugs much

-Her hair getting in her face or stuck all over the place

-Wearing contacts, it irritates or eyes a bit but shes able to bare it

-Digital or electronic devices, she just isn't good with them

-Heights and long flights of stairs

History: Kumiko was always a well behaved child that strove to please those around her. She had a parents that provided for her and an understanding and loving older brother whom she admired. Realizing that she was luckier then most she did whatever she could to make them happy. Most of her childhood was spent tagging along with Nao as she had never found talking to new people easy. When Nao started to attend school, Kumiko spent most of her time playing alone and looking forward to when she could start her education as well.

Her first few months of school was spent sitting alone and being very awkward. As a result she buried herself into studying. Her teachers pitied and praised making it increasingly hard for Kumiko to make friends. Kumiko was befriended by a new boy in her second year. They're relationship was completely unromantic (at least to Kumiko) but their classmates didn't think so and by the time the two finished middle school they had stopped contact.

Kumiko was then approached and befriended by a girl who quickly made it clear that she had a crush on Nao and was more or less using the boy's sister. She didn't mind it much and had found herself developing a crush on her then best friend. Life continued peacefully for awhile after that, most of Kumiko's time was divided between studying, her best friend and her brother. When Nao didn't return home from school one day, she became increasingly worried as he didn't answer any of her calls, texts or emails and soon set out to find him. She found him wondering the town and questioned him on why he didn't come home or answer her when she tried to contact him. When he responded that he had a bad day at school and wanted to be alone, Kumiko quickly ran off to the nearest store and brought a bag of Nao's favorite treats. Dragging her older brother to the nearest park, she told him that sometimes it helped having someone to listen to your problems. Nao responded by telling her that she might think that he was disgusting by the time he was done however Kumiko replied by telling him that was nonsense and that whatever he did she would try to understand and do anything she could to help.

After Nao told her all about his crush and the way everyone treated him at school when they found out, Kumiko was quick to wrap him in her embrace. She told him that she didn't think he was disgusting at all and she also had developed feelings for someone of the same gender though she didn't specify whom. Kumiko assured him that they were of the same blood so if the world thought he was unnatural and wrong, she at least would be unnatural and wrong with him.

Returning home to worried parents they made an excuse with something involving after school work. A couple weeks after, Nao begun dating Kumiko's best friend. She was always invited to join in with her brother and best friend but quickly started to feel like a third wheel and took to making excuses to let the two have time alone. The relationship didn't last long and Kumiko's best friend soon fell in love with another boy, the boy that had befriended Kumiko during her elementary years.

Though she felt awkward about supporting her current best friend to get together with her ex-best friend, Kumiko nonetheless supported her best friend in her feelings despite the pain in her chest that was caused by her best friend falling for another guy. As it turned out, it didn't look like anyone's love life in that small circle would turn positively during that time. Kumiko's ex-best friend confessed to her that he always had feelings for her and while she turned him down, word got around to Kumiko's current best friend and she was quick to turn around and take out her anger on Kumiko.

Kumiko didn't say much about it to Nao, hoping that in time her friend would see reason and that they would be able to make up. They didn't, instead it got worse. Her friend started to spread rumors about her and other girls were quick to step up and tell Kumiko that they weren't fooled by her 'cute act' and that they didn't say anything up until then out of respect for her friend. Kumiko's confidence took a big hit during that period in her life, however Nao was quick to find out what was going on despite Kumiko not saying anything. He took the problem to their parents and then the school administrators. The bullying stopped but no one wanted to befriend Kumiko.

Things begun to look better as Kumiko left junior high. She enrolled in the same high school that her brother attended and was quickly befriended by an energetic girl and friendly guy. Though sometimes feeling like a third wheel as the two had known each other since childhood, they tried their best to include her and she was thankful for their friendship and effort and as time passed, more and more people begun to join their group of friends.

It was around then that she noticed her older brother's increasing fame. Though supporting him from the start and cheering him on from the sidelines, she was always to shy to take part. After some encouragement from her older siblings and a handful of friends, she begun to make NND videos, using her brother's equipment when he wasn't. Finding herself growing popular, many comments telling her she was cute or adorable made her quit for a short time as she thought back to her junior high days however she was quick to break out of it, deciding that being cute wasn't a bad thing. With help from her brother, she was able to convince her parents to get her her own microphone and recording devices. It was around that time that she begun to collaborate and hold competitions with her older brother and their popularity skyrocketed.



Name: Haruo Itō

Idol Name: Shiro

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Haruo stands at an average height of 5'6. He has a slender build and his face seems to be stuck between cute and handsome. His white hair is rather long for a guy, the tips reaching the bottom of his neck with bangs almost dipping into his eyes. Haruo's skin is clear of blemishes and very pale. He has rather long lashes and blue eyes.

When out in public and not doing idol related things, Haruo wears a tan colored fedora on top of a black wig. He also wears extremely thick glasses without prescription.

Personality: Haruo's idol persona is much like what his real personality is like. A cheerful and hardworking boy, he is very honest and talkative and doesn't seem to posses much of a censor. Haruo is very confident in his ablities and tries for the best. He is willing to take up all the jobs that he needs to succeed but is above using dishonest means.

Haruo is very oblivious when it comes to the feelings of others. He doesn't understand sarcasm very well and finds it hard to tell if someone likes him or hates him unless they outright tell him. He learns well by observing and then doing, he takes any criticism seriously and rarely gets offended by it, instead using it to improve to the best of his abilities.




+Video Games


+Dark/'Edgey' Characters

+The color red but blue is a close second

+Strawberry ice cream

+Fruity Candy

-unnecessary gorey and/or violent things


-Vegetables and most bitter and sour foods

History: Born the oldest to a family that owned a major hospital, Haruo carried heavy expectations on his shoulders since youth. His younger sister was born as he was learning to walk. His sister was a quiet thing and he was constantly compared to her, being a talkative child himself but despite that he tried his best to be a good older brother.

In his early years. Haruo mostly hung out with his sister and the girls in his neighborhood. He didn't understand the other boys and their constant need to outshine one another, getting hurt in their 'tests of courage' and hurting themselves to prove that they were 'men'. Of course he was made fun of by boys and adults alike for not showing desire to play with those his gender. Those these offhanded comments actually bothered him, he was stayed firm to his belief that it was pointless to needlessly hurt oneself in an attempt to get others to admire you.

Besides, the girls he played with fawned over him and he was often assigned the role of prince or likewise when they played. Haruo enjoyed being the hero and saving whatever made believe world that had been conjured from their young minds. During this time, his younger sister often sat in the background reading little books or doing puzzles. Though always invited, she would only take a minor part and then return to what she had been doing or outright turn down the invitation.

It was a nice sunny day when Haruo met his hero. Around the age of five at the time, the young boy had managed to get lost while playing in the huge park that his family and him were having a picnic at on one of the rare days that both his parents had the entire day off. Wondering the park alone and scared as he looked for his family, Haruo had begun to cry as strangers shot him concerned looks but didn't reach out to help. It was then that a teenage boy dressed as a red power ranger swooped into his rescue. He dried Haruo's tears, was able to make him laugh and then stayed with him until his worried family was able to find him. The teenage boy was thanked and as Haruo was being taken back, the boy shouted that he hoped that Haruo could also become a hero of justice and help those that he could when the moment arose.

Ever since that moment, the young boy had been obsessed with heroes. Haruo attended elementary school and made friends with boys his own age. He played heroes with them anytime they had the chance. As this was going on, his sister was skipping a grade, scoring straight A's coming out at the top of her classes and making their parents proud. Though much pressure was put on him to follow in his sister's footsteps, Haruo was dead set on becoming a seiyuu and providing voices for the heroes that he loved so much.

Halfway through middle school, Haruo was scouted to join a theatrical company. His parents were reluctant to let him participate but finally gave in on the condition that he brought home good grades. When he was sixteen his powerful vocal range was noticed and he scored a role as the voice actor of an anti-hero in an upcoming anime. From there he was offered many little jobs.

He eventually quit school to devote his time to becoming a full fledged voice actor. His parents, angry told him that he could live on the streets but his producer set him up with his own apartment. He was eventually give the role of a narrator in a music video for a well known group of idols. His voice and appearance now well known, he was offered a place in a newly formed idol group.


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The sky rumbled loudly, and a car could be heard honking some distance away. People shouting about the sudden downpour and kids screaming about the puddles that were quickly forming was what the black haired teen heard from her place in the bookstore. She watched the world from her seat near the window, her gaze following a little kid who was soaking wet and the little kids mother who was trying to use an umbrella. The wind was too much for the plastic parasol, though, and the umbrella flew out of the women's hands. The teen hid a smile behind her fingers and watched, amusement twinkling in her eyes, as the mother grabbed her child and headed towards an awning, most likely to wait out the rain. She let her attention drift and saw several other people running to find cover, but watched as a lady slipped on the water and almost face planted onto the ground. She braced herself for the collision, but was surprised to see a man in a suit catch the lady before her face met the hard cement. The black haired girl let out a quiet sigh and sat back in her chair. Those two probably just fell in love, right? That was what typically happened when someone saved someone else from a terribly embarrassing thing, or from a life-threatening situation. She made an incomprehensible noise and picked at her nails for a brief second, thinking over exactly how she had ended up in this store, in this chair, people watching and doing nothing productive.


The forecast for today hadn't called for rain. She should have known better, though, since she had seen how dark and ominous the clouds had looked before she left her house. She didn't think much about them and had just hurried to the bookstore to get the book she had been waiting almost a year for. It was the next book in the Wyard series, which was an American series that was surprisingly popular amongst Japanese people. It didn't come as a shock to her when she couldn't get into the store immediately upon her arrival. The series was fantastic. A completely different world then earth, a rich plot, a beautiful setting, amazingly thought out characters, plot twists that could kill. It was one of the most popular books in America, and was apparently well known in Japan. She glanced at the book on the table in front of her and gave a small smile. She couldn't wait to go home, curl under a blanket, drink hot chocolate and read it.


She looked across the slightly cramped store and saw most of the people standing around were reading. Well, that was to be expected. It was a bookstore, and there was no reason to go outside now. She would do the same to pass the time faster, but she didn't think she'd be able to focus much on the words unless she had her own music to listen to. She let her gaze drift again, this time looking over the other people in the building, and drummed her fingers against her leg. These people were boring. Just standing and reading. Her eyes met those of a barista at the coffee bar in the corner of the store, and she smiled. She could go for a nice hot drink right about now.


She stood from her seat and slid her book into her backpack, then slung the bag over her back and stepped around a man who had been a little to close for her comfort. She gestured to the seat to tell him he could take it, and he nodded once to say he would do so in a moment. Probably after he was done with the page. She turned from him and moved around everyone else who was standing, then came to the counter and waved to the barista. He smiled back and asked what the teen would have, and she responded in a neutral voice that she would have hot apple spice. The barista entered the drink into the register and told the teen how much it would be, and after she had paid she moved to the end of the counter and put her backpack back on. She watched the barista make her drink for a moment, then looked out of a window when she heard a kid scream. That one had sounded terrifying.


She noticed no one else had paid any mind to the scream and frowned ever so slightly. What if the kid was in danger? What if it was someone being abducted? Well, she didn't really think it was anything that serious, but she felt a little upset that no one had even bothered to look outside and see if anything had happened. They're all just engrossed in their books. She told herself, knowing full well that as soon as she got home she would be like everyone too. The barista set the hot apple spice on the counter and the black haired teen thanked him, then she took the mug into her hands and looked for somewhere she could sit and put her drink down. She saw a girl who looked to be close to her age sitting in the corner, reading the book, and decided she would go sit with her. It wouldn't even matter, really, since she was just going to read and she wasn't using the tiny table in front of her anyways.


The teen made her way over to the other girl, holding her mug carefully between her fingers. She looked the other girl over, taking note of the black hair that was hidden in a hood and the red glasses that fit her seemingly perfectly. She paused, surprising herself with her own thoughts. That girl was kind of cute. No, no. She wasn't cute. Don't do that, Kohaku. She mentally smacked herself, taking a quick breath and closing the distance between the two. She put a smile on her face and set her mug gently on the table so as to not disturb the glasses girl. She removed her hand from the table and put her hands in her jacket pocket, then tilted her head to the side. "Mind if I sit here while I drink my hot apple spice?" She asked, using her male voice. She had learned a couple of years ago how to manipulate her voice, and it was because of this skill that she was able to do what she did for her work. She was convinced her partner didn't know her real gender, and if she could fool him then she knew she could fool everyone else. Although, she didn't really think her partner was that hard to fool.


She felt thankful for wearing the outfit she had worn today, and sent a silent thanks to her grandmother. Her jacket was large and hid whatever curves she had, her scarf hid the lack of Adam's apple in her throat, her skinny jeans weren't very skinny on her and had to be rolled up. Her hat, a simple messenger hat, hid her face just well enough so no one could recognize her at first glance. She hadn't thought of wearing her glasses when she got dressed earlier, as she didn't think she would be out very long. She was starting to regret this now, though, because if someone recognized her it would only spell trouble. Granted, she was quite new at her job and she wasn't popular enough to warrant people actively looking for her, she still worried about people recognizing her. She didn't want to let down her friends that supported her, or her family who was incredibly excited for the opportunity, or her small fanbase. She especially didn't want to let down her producer and partner. So, she simply hoped she wouldn't be recognized right now.

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Big drops of rain pattered noisily against the roof of the bookstore, thunder rumbling in the distance. The angry honking of cars from the nearby intersection as people impatiently urged on others so that they could get to their own destination. It grew louder in the bookstore as people filed in to take temporary shelter from the rain, the topic of conversation mostly seemed to be focused on the unexpected storm. A young teenage girl watched the commotion from a bookstore window. She was rather short for most girls her age and wore an over sized blueish gray hoodie. The hood made most of her features save for a pair of red glasses indistinguishable at first glace. She strolled deeper into the bookstore to escape the noise, this bookstore being one of the bigger ones in town. Hugged tightly to her (small *cough* *cough*) chest was the newest translated installment of the Wyard series.


Kumiko had recently grown interest in the series after recommendation from a friend however she hadn't known it was that popular until she attended the book release held today at the very bookstore in which she stood. She couldn't say that she was surprised, the book was expertly written with well fleshed out characters and setting, the plot was exciting and had twists and turns that really kept one on their toes. Kumiko wasn't sure that she was such a qualified judge however, she had always been a sucker for high fantasy and adventure.


The last book had ended in a cliffhanger and she couldn't wait to find out whom survived the ambush. Thanks to the storm, it was sooner rather then later. It was impossible to make her way home in this weather since her home was close enough in walking distance that the nearest train station didn't stop anywhere near but far enough that it would be rather dangerous to try leaving at the moment since their seemed to be a lot of traffic at the intersection and the clouds had made it incredibly dark.


Snuggling into the corner of two bookshelves, Kumiko rested her book on her knees and opening up the first page, begun to read. She had stayed up rather late the previous night working on a cover for a vocaloid song. It hadn't just been any cover either, the original song was a chorus of several vocaloids so naturally there was to be several utaites. Kumiko had always loved collaborations, choruses, duets or anything that involved several people, she loved how they allowed each individual to shine in their own way and then get lost in the chaos of other voices so when she was asked to join, she had agreed without hesitation. Since becoming and idol, Kumiko had balanced her social life, family, school and NND, she was finding it harder and harder to find time to cover songs but she was managing. This cover required her to stay up later then normal because of everyone's conflicting time zones. They had finished recording a few days ago and last night they had stayed up to finished editing the video before release. By morning the video already had several views and lots of positive feedback.


It was warm in the bookstore and Kumiko was in a really comfortable position leaning against one of the bookshelf, her hoodie, the inside of the hood covered with soft fur cushioning her head. As she read past the battle and the main characters making it out more or less in one piece, she felt her eyelids growing heavier. She closed her eyes in a slow blink.




She was woken by a male voice. Eyes fluttering open, she quickly looked up to the stranger. A young boy, seemingly around her age. He wore a large jacket, a scarf wrapped around his neck, it wasn't unusual, it was fall now and quite cold. She couldn't make out much of his face, a messenger hat casting a shadow over his features but she saw the flash of amber eyes and bits of black hair. Kumiko just stared awkwardly at the stranger for a couple seconds before registering what he had asked her. Letting out an awkward "Mmf." she nodded a couple of times to show that meant yes and pulled her hood even higher over her head, cheeks burning in the shadows that the hood cast over her. She realized her mouth had been slightly open, had she been drooling? No, as far as she could tell, still she must have looked like an awkward fish.

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Kohaku wondered if she had woke the girl when she had looked at the black haired teen. Had the girl been sleeping? She had seemed surprised, but Kohaku thought that might just be because she was sitting somewhere rather hidden from the public eye. She smiled graciously when the girl gave a sound of agreement and slid into the seat across from her, quietly observing her. She watched as the girl pulled her hood up and wondered if she was trying to hide her embarrassment or if she was trying to hide something else, but she just shrugged the thought off and took a drink of her apple spice.


She looked across the bookstore, then out of the windows. It was still pouring down rain. Was it ever going to stop? Storms this extreme didn't usually last for a long time. Did anyone even have any predictions for when it would stop? She hummed a tune quietly to herself and pulled her phone out of her bag, sighing when she saw that it hadn't gotten wet. She wasn't sure how exactly that had happened, but she was incredibly thankful that it didn't even get damp. She pulled up a weather app and looked at the forecast, then smiled. "The storms supposed to be over in fifteen minutes or so, according to my weather app." She directed this at the girl sitting across the table. "But while we're waiting for it to end, we should chat some." She smiled again and hoped she was coming off as friendly.


Usually, she would just ignore whoever was sitting next to her and watch them for a bit, but she was curious about the girl and wanted to try talking with her. She wasn't sure why this girl had piqued her interest, but she was going to let her interest take over and just talk. "My name is Takei Kohaku. You can just call me Kohaku, though. It's easy. Or if you want to, you could call me Takei. But everyone calls me Kohaku." She took another drink from her mug and looked at the girl. "Do you come to this bookstore often?" She hoped that was a nice conversation starter and watched the girl, waiting for her reply. If she gave a reply. She might be too shy to say anything. Kohaku wasn't sure.




The sudden downpour was not what Naoto had been expecting. He had told Kumiko, who had been going out today, that it was going to be nice. When he heard the thunder, he had realized he had been mistaken and went out to find his sister and bring her home safely. He had forgotten to bring any protective clothing to keep the water off of him, and was now completely drenched. He had forgotten his hat, which was a very bad idea. He had hoped very strongly that no one would recognize him, because seeing a soaked idol would definitely be something his fans would love to hear about. He also was absolutely not thrilled about being out with the thunder, but he tried to keep a cool face while he was walking. However, he couldn't help but flinch whenever there was a boom from the sky. He didn't like loud noises, or the fact that he was very uneasy whenever there was a crack of lightning, but he felt responsible for bringing his sister home. He didn't want her to get hurt by a tree falling over, or get hit by a car or anything bad like that. Plus, it was dark, and when it was dark all sorts of creeps came out.


He shook his head and pushed the thoughts away. Kumiko was probably safe in the bookstore she was going to. This bookstore was what Nao was trying to find, but he had forgotten to ask her about it before she had left. He had no idea where the bookstore was, as he went to a smaller one that was hidden away from the large crowds, but he knew that he had to find the bookstore Kumiko went to. It'd be the only way for him to get her home safely. He jumped when there was a flash of lightning above him and braced himself for the thunder that soon followed. Oh, he absolutely hated storms. Why did nature like to scare him with its awful, booming skies? He ran his hand through his drenched hair and pushed his bangs back, then took off his glasses. They were covered with water and the water just ruined his vision. He'd rather have a hard time seeing than have to squint through the water droplets on his glasses. He looked around and frowned, feeling kind of lost. He knew where he was in relation to his house, but he had no idea where he was in relation to the bookstore he was trying to find. Maybe, he thought, I should just go home. He frowned at the thought and pushed his bangs back again, then squared his shoulders and continued walking ahead. He wanted to find his sister and make sure she was safe, at the very least.


He pulled out his phone, then quickly put it back away. He couldn't text Kumiko when he was outside. He wanted to, but with the weather being as bad as it was, he didn't want to risk losing his phone to the water. He nervously pulled on the hem of his jacket. He had messaged her over and over and over again and she hadn't responded yet. He figured that might just be because she didn't hear her phone or the bookstore didn't have reception, but he was also very worried. If something had happened to her . . . He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, then moved over to the side of the road and stopped next to an alley. He needed to calm down. The likelihood of something actually happening to her was very thin. He was just overly worried. Thunder boomed above him and he covered his ears, squeezing his eyes shut. He thought, once again, that he should just go home.

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Kumiko listened self consciously as the boy pulled out a chair and made himself comfortable. She could hear the boy take careful sips from his drink, probably something hot. Suddenly feeling like she was paying a disturbingly excessive amount of attention to the stranger, she turned back the page of her book trying to find the last spot she remembered reading.


The pattering of rain seemed to grow louder and ever more frequent and although normally she would find it soothing, Kumiko begun to worry; would the rain stop or at least lighten up enough for her to make it home tonight? The boy begun to hum a song quietly, a song that Kumiko knew well considering that she had finished a cover for it the night before. She had a rather difficult time getting the song out of her head all day and now thanks to this stranger it had weaseled its way back into her head and proceeded to play itself over and over again.


The girl suddenly stopped humming letting out a sigh of what sounded like relief. Kumiko tilted her head in an angle that allowed her to see the stranger out of the edge of her hoodie. They seemed to be checking their phone and had soon announced that the storm would let up soon. Kumiko was about to let out a grateful response when she was suddenly reminded of her own phone. Even when on vibrate her phone had a rather loud buzzer so she often sent the phone to silent when out in public places- she found it embarrassing when her phone buzzed and strangers would look around in an attempt to figure out where the noise was coming from only to pinpoint it to her.


Kumiko had told her family that she would be at the bookstore today but not the specific one. She hadn't expected to be very long, planning to only grab the book and hurry home. As she was slipping her shoes on, she had voiced her concerns about some suspiciously grey looking clouds. Her brother had been quick to reassure her that the weatherman had promised a nice day. Knowing that he would probably be ridden with worry at the moment, Kumiko instantly begun to feel guilty.


Her guilt was farther fed when she turned on her phone and sure enough- many test message notifications from Nao popped up on her home screen. Quickly entering her pass code and opening up her messaging app she sent a quick text to Nao.


I'm fine, I'm trapped at the bookstore but I'll just wait for the storm to die down. I'm okay so please don't worry about me.


She stared intensely at her phone screen waiting for a reply. Knowing her brother he would be out in the rain looking for her. The guilt was eating away at her when suddenly the stranger sitting next to her spoke up, offering to start a conversation, giving their name and was followed by the question of how often Kumiko frequented this establishment.


The boy's name sounded similar to an online handler of an internet friend Kumiko had. The friend was a female though but now that Kumiko thought about it, the stranger sounded very similar to the voice her friend would make when she pitched her voice a certain way to sound like a guy. It was probably just a coincidence, Japan was a rather populated place and it would be rather awkward if Kumiko had gotten the wrong person.

"Oh, um. I'm Matsumoto. Matsumoto Kumiko." She considered the question the boy had asked before responding.

"I don't think I visit the book store quite often, at least not compared to some. I prefer the library however today was the release of the newest installment of the Wyard series. I had to discover if my favorite character survived the latest ambush before social media blows up with spoils. He was a villain that had just been redeemed and had recently joined the main character's gang so I'm scared that he'll die now. Authors have a tendency to kill off villain like characters shortly after they become good." Kumiko stopped talking a breath. She really loved the Wyard series and had a bad habit of going on and on about stuff that she was excited about. She buried her head back in her hoodie as she felt another blush creep up her face. The stranger probably thought she was really weird or excitable now.





Haruo clenched his teeth in pain as the kitten inside his jacket sunk her tiny claws through Haruo's thin shirt and into his flesh. The rain pelted heavily his head, the clouds above covered the city making it a dreary grey color as he climbed down from the tree he had just rescued the little kitten from. The little creature had somehow gotten herself stuck on one of the branches. Haruo had just climbed up to her when the rain had started pouring down hard enough so as the raindrops hit the ground they shattered leaving a little spray. He had grabbed the kitten and placed her inside his jacket so that his both his hands would be unoccupied so that it might be a bit safer for the both of them when he was climbing down the tree.


The kitten was clearly unhappy with being trapped in Haruo's jacket and continued to demonstrate her distress by clawing up Haruo's stomach and letting out unhappy little mews. She was a lovely little thing, tortoiseshell, black and amber with light green eyes. Her other two siblings were of similar coloring, one being all black and the other one being striped.


Haruo had found the three on his way to work that morning. They were placed in a small cardboard box under the shade of a large tree in a public park and they looked to be about a couple of months old at the most. The side of the box spelled out some barely comprehensible writing in black sharpie:


free kittens landlord not happy. had to get rid of them please give them a good home


Haruo had been seething with rage when he found the box. How dare the owner act so irresponsibly? He had left the box there intending to pick it up after his job was done. It was a quick line that he had to record today so he hadn't expected to be long. The people in the building would have been very upset if he had brought animals in.


He had rushed straight to the kittens after he had finished with his lines however he counted one less kitten then there had been the first time. Frantically he had looked around until he spotted her on the branch of the tree that the cardboard box rested under. The rain had begun to drizzle as he begun to work his way up the tree. Went he finally reached the kitten, she was drenched and had not been happy to see him though he didn't blame her. He would have been terrified as well. The storm seemed to be getting worse however and it would not have been wise to wait so Haruo had opened up his jacket, placed the squirming kitten next to his stomach and zipped his jacket back up. He immediately begun to make his way down the tree.


Haruo landed in wet grass and as he made his way over to the box that contained the other kittens, he could feel the cold water seep into his shoes. He opened his jacket and pulled out the kitten, placed her in the box and then picked up the box, struggling to see through the rain.

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Kohaku smiled when the girl introduced herself, then she smiled more when the girl started talking about her favorite character. "Well, Masumoto-san, I agree. Authors always want to kill off the interesting characters. Honestly, the author could just kill off the main character and I wouldn't be upset about it." She waved her hand, then heard thunder boom outside. She looked out the window and frowned. It was still dark outside.


She turned her attention back to Kumiko. "How long have you been a fan of the series? I've been a fan since the very first book, but I've been a follower since the authors last novel, "Those Who Sin", if you've heard of it?" She leaned forward in her seat. "All of the authors books are actually fantastic. But, honestly, this series is one of the best series out there. Well, there are a lot of series out there, but this one is definitely my favorite. The characters just draw you in and the writing style just makes you want to finish the book in one sitting." She realized she was talking fast and covered her mouth, smiling behind her fingers. "Sorry, I don't have anyone to talk to about this at home, so I just got kind of excited."


She leaned back in her chair and reached forward to grab her drink, then quickly took a drink of it. She watched Kumiko for a bit, then looked around the bookstore, then she looked back at Kumiko. "I'm honestly a nerd when it comes to this series. It's kind of embarrassing." She smiled sheepishly and set her drink down, then pulled down her hat. "Sorry for talking so fast. I hardly let you say anything. I'll try to be more quiet."




Naoto jumped when his phone buzzed in his pocket, and he moved away from the wall and quickly ducked into a store to look at his phone. The girl behind the counter stared at him, and he heard some people in the back of the store laugh at him. He flushed and looked at his phone, then sighed when he saw it was Kumiko. So she was safe. That was a huge relief. He could go home now and dry off.


"Excuse me, sir, but are you..." He looked up when he heard the girl behind the counter start speaking and he watched her eyes widen. He held a finger to his mouth and smiled, and the girl covered her mouth.


"Keep it a secret just between the two of us, alright?" He winked at her, then turned and left the store. He sighed and turned away from the store, walking down the sidewalk. He had been spotted, and now that girl was going to go and run off and tell all of her friends. His manager would then yell at him and he would have to say that it was just a mistake, and it would just turn into something awful. He probably wouldn't be able to leave his house ever again, honestly. All because a fangirl recognized him.


He sighed again and ran his hand through his hair, pushing his bangs back and on top of his head. He heard a tiny meow somewhere and he looked around, squinting to try and get a better look. He sighed when he just saw blurry shapes and jumped when thunder boomed above him, then yelped when he felt someone grab his shoulder. He turned and saw it was the girl from earlier, and he felt himself pale.


"Oh my god, it is you! I can't believe it! Can I get your autograph?" He moved away from the girl, but she followed after him. "Oh wow, I can't believe this! I listen to your songs all the time, I've been a fan since the very beginning!"


Naoto groaned and looked back at the girl, then he heard another meow and looked across the street. He saw a blurry shape of someone carrying a box, then looked back at the girl, who was rambling on about something. "Hey, uh," he squinted at her nametag, "Nagisa-chan, I'm glad your a fan of my work. Really, I appreciate it a lot. But, Nagisa-chan, its pouring out here and you're getting completely drenched. Why not go back to your workplace and wait until the storm ends? That'd make me feel better, since I can't stand the sight of a pretty girl like you getting soaked." He flashed a smile and saw the girl blush, and he took it as his cue to leave. "I'll make sure to keep an eye out for you at the next concert, but I really have to go." He started across the street and looked back at the girl. He saw she looked stunned and he quickly crossed the street, hoping she wouldn't follow him.


He approached the person with the box and grabbed their shoulders, then leaned in close to them. "Please help me, there's a girl who's basically my stalker following me. I'll help you with the kittens, so please, help me get rid of the girl." He looked back across the street and saw the girl was crossing, then he paled when she called his idol name.


He let go of the persons shoulders and moved in front of them, than squinted at them to try and place their gender. He figured it was a boy and clicked his tongue, but he soon grabbed the box of kittens from the boy. "If you want these kittens back, you have to help me get rid of that girl, boy!" He said, going into an alley. He heard the kittens protest but shushed them, then looked back to see if the boy would follow him.


He didn't know what he'd do with the kittens if the boy didn't follow him. He was hoping the boy would follow him. He was really hoping the boy would follow him. He needed someone to help him get rid of the girl and he had picked the boy because he had been around. Plus, he looked close to Naoto's age, and he probably didn't recognize him as the idol Hibiki. That was the most important thing right now. Well, that, and getting the kittens somewhere warm. He didn't know how he was going to get his plan in action, and he didn't think taking the kittens was actually a good idea. But, he had done it and there was now no going back.

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Kumiko felt herself relax as Kohaku begun to animatedly talk about the book. Kumiko loved meeting people who shared similar interests with her. She lowered her hoodie a smidgen and adjusted her red glasses so that she could see Kohaku better. "No, no, no I don't mind at all, I'm actually quite excited to meet someone around my age that is as passionate about this series as I am!" Kumiko smiled, clapping her hangs together. "I actually discovered the series through an online friend, she couldn't stop talking about it!" Kumiko explained.


The storm rumbled on as the two continued to talk.




Haruo tightly gripped the cardboard box with one arm and raised his other arm in a poor attempt to shield his face from the rain. Water squeezed out of his shoes with every step he took, creating an uncomfortable cold and wet sensation. Sudden heavy breathing approached him, a female voice called out something inaudible and then Haruo's shoulders were seized by strong hands.

He was forced to stop in his tracks, both arms quickly and protectively wrapped around the cardboard box full of mewling kittens. The person that had stopped him had begged Haruo to help with a stalker but before Haruo could reply, the cardboard box was snatched from his arms. The kitten thief was sudden in front of him and had swiftly ducked into an alley, claiming that he would only return the kitten if Haruo helped him with his stalker. He couldn't make out much of the other boy's appearance, the boy moved too fast and Haruo was too surprised to notice much about the boy's features as the boy grabbed the cardboard box and passed in front of him.

Momentarily stunned, Haruo wasn't sure how to respond, the only distinguishing features that he could register of the boy's was a beanie and blonde hair. A girl quickly approached him, her eyes scanned the gray surroundings. She didn't seem to mind the heavy rain, dripping down and off her face, ruining her makeup.

"Hey have you've seen a boy around here just now? Sort about your age, blonde with green glasses?" She talked quickly and seemed to be out of breath, like she was chasing someone. This could be none other then the stalker that boy was talking about.

"Uhh... Yeah." Haruo started not sure where to direct her. Definitely not to the boy, who knew what kind of things the boy would do to the kittens if he thought Haruo betrayed his location. "He went that way. Seemed to be in some kind of hurry, maybe trying to seek shelter from the rain?" He pointed to the direction of a nearby mall, it should keep her busy.

"I just came from that direction though." She answered, her voice carrying a more then a hint of suspicion. She squinted her eyes at him. "Hey don't I know you? Wait a minute wait a minute. Oh my god ohmygod! Aren't you-"

I was suppose to go straight home after the recordings. I was too careless, this is bad.

The girl begun to pull out her phone. She didn't even ask permission, like he was some kind of strange and exotic creature. Haruo didn't think, just turned around so his back was to the girl. He could see the ground in front of him illuminate for a quick second by the flash of the girl's phone camera, his shadow stretched in front of him. Thats when he really begun to panic. Haruo had no intention to make trouble for is manager, he had just recently debuted and he intended to stay on good terms with the impatient woman. Quickly ducking into the alley, he soon located the blonde boy and reached for his wrist, panic wild in his eyes.

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