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Xeno Swap

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Figured we could use a xeno thread ^w^

Xeno haves only. Though you can ask for whatever you like~

Please include teleport link or a contact in your post

Update or delete your post once you've traded.

Remember the trading thread rules

hmm, I think that covers everything? Go here for the sprites biggrin.gif

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I'll talk to the other mods about this, but we usually don't allow threads for single breeds only except under certain circumstances. ^^

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We will be leaving this closed. As Sock said we don't normally allow a thread for just one breed except in special circumstances.



I invite anyone with concerns as to if they would like or would not like such a thread to PM me. Keep in mind that we already have a CB thread were Xenos can be traded as well as the dragon trading thread and the hatchling trading thread once they hatch.


Xenos really would not fit into the gender swap thread unless it is for a gender swap i.e. not just xeno for xeno as we know what type of xeno it is before it hatches (unlike with the gemshards)

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