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Springtrapped - DA Journal Series

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Hello! Im just posting this as to maybe get a few more people who may be interested in my upcoming book series for DeviantArt. smile.gif


Its called "Springtrapped" and will very likely be quite a few deviations long with every few parts adding up to a chapter. If you go onto my DeviantArt profile, you can see that I post updates on it and I release a couple teasers for it to get anyone who likes it ready. wink.gif


Its a FNaF series that dates back a while if you pay attention to the main character in one of the teasers. I also post daily deviants while I work on the comic series. It will be moving much faster than it will be in a few weeks as school is getting ready to start for me.


Can't wait for others to join in and keep an eye on my progress. Feel free to discuss teasers or ideas here or when the comic gets released, you can talk about what all happened. biggrin.gif Enjoy and here's my DeviantArt! It can also be found in my Signature.


My DeviantArt

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