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((Where is the zombie apocalypse centered at? Or where is the majority of the RP going to take place in?


We should have a suicidal running zombie that is covered in green globs of glowing acid that explodes when it gets close to people or when you kill it (Starcraft Banelings yeahh)


I am at a serious loss as to how to post right now, so I'll just hang around for a bit...))

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((At the beginning, we're located in Manhattan, New York, but the area will grow significantly once the infection starts. Most traveling, by that point, will be on foot as vehicles tend to attract the larger, more dangerous variants. Plus, finding an operational vehicle that hasn't been stripped of its components will be difficult.))

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The moment Camilla felt someone tap her shoulder, she turned her head to see the woman and stepped away from the counter and over to her as she listened to the woman had to say. This was something that was not surprising to her: a long list filled with people that are looking to see if they can have the Fountain of Youth. What did surprise her, on the other hand, was when Audrey Gale mentioned that, due to her condition, she would go on a priority list. Now she had to think about whether or not to tell her family about this to see if they would support her for her decision.


"Grazie, Miss Gale," Camilla thanked her with a nod as she went with Audrey to the monitors with that slight limp of hers, "I'm Camilla Nervi. So where are the monitors located?"

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It is not the gun which is to blame for a death, but the man who pulled the trigger. Just as it is not the clouds which should be thanked for rain, but the sun. The catalyst is responsible for the action of any system, not the solution created nor anything added to the system afterward.

Thus, if mankind falls to plague or disease, do we blame the disease carriers, the slow development of a cure?

Or do we blame the ones who made the original source of the infection?




Alan crossed his arms, analyzing the piece of equipment in front of him with a stern gaze. It was a marvelous example of a human eye, built from what Alan could only assume was a silicate-based mixture, along with attachments for the nerve endings Erik had had separated. All in all, a fascinating technological achievement, but Alan honestly expected nothing less from the prodigy. Still, a bit of jealousy gripped him that he couldn't help but agree with. He wondered if - had Erik joined their team - it would have taken as long to work on. He just had to assume it would have.

"Your brother worked with us. How's his life been following the whole ordeal?" he asked, putting on surgical gloves that he'd found on a nearby counter, obviously laid out for this. "He'd already been fairly well-off before all of this."

He lifted the eyeball slowly, giving it another appraisal like it was some lost gem or trinket.

Meanwhile, Richard had already hefted the pieces of machinery in question with a bit of effort.

"Light. High durability. It's not my forte, but I'm assumi-"

"By GOD. What on Earth is this!?" Randall interrupted quickly, lifting the material with amazed eyes. "Good tension. Inarguable adaptation capabilities.... Yet able to be bent... so easily. Alan! Alan ya need to see this! The possibilities..."

"Hm?" Alan said, lowering the eye slightly to look at what Randall was currently infatuated with. If only he showed his love for the opposite sex as much as he did for the minerals he worked with, he'd probably have already had a wife, Alan wagered.

"Forget military use! That's primitive! Dumb! A waste of this technology's capability! That's thinkin' on a small scale. Sure, it could be light enough to build weapons with, and they'd be right strong, but are ya serious?!" Randall asked, turning to Erik as he walked off. "Do ya even know what yer workin' with here!? This changes everythin' I know about minerals, and that's a LOT. How the hell did you even make it? Is it a polymer? A monomer? Is it a new mineral like Caldium!? Or is it an artificial one?!"

He was shaking now, his eyes sparkling with his thought processes. Alan knew it was hopeless to stop him now.

"For... for instance! Those Dolls outside! If they had their exoskeletons replaced with this.... they'd be 120% faster! 210% more durable! I guarantee it! I GUARAN-TEE it!"

"Those aren't real percentiles, Randall. You're the one who told me that." Richard chuckled, putting the Aegithium back on the table slowly.

"Aw shush." Randall turned to him, frowning. "This is revolutionary. I can cut a few mathematical corners for it!"

"Sure.. sure.." Richard waved dismissively as he walked past Alan, taking the eye from him carefully.

"Are you going to assist me, or listen to earthman rant about discovering the wheel?" Richard whispered, patting Alan on the shoulder with his free hand.

"Oh. Of course." Alan shook his head to clear his thoughts and followed Richard down to the table, where medical equipment had already been placed, a bright light shining on the area in order to ensure everything was visible.

"I don't know what doctor you asked before, or if you did it yourself, but I have a method about how I do things, Dr. Knight." Richard said, readjusting his gloves and donning a surgical mask. "For one, I don't allow outside materials in my operation area."

He took the wrapper out of Erik's hand and tossed it towards Randall, hitting the man on his head, though Randall still didn't snap out of his excited state. Richard then proceeded to pull a pair of calipers from the medical table, looking them over.

"I trust these have been properly sanitized for something like this? After all your work, it would be quite an irritation if you had to remove the eye due to infection." Richard joked, grabbing a few more tools from the table. "Now now. Rest assured - replacing an eye is nothing to me. You have your fortes, and I have mine. I like to think I'm quite good at what I do. However, I unfortunately don't have much time as these slackers-" he motioned at Alan with a free thumb, shrugging. "So, as soon as this operation as finished, I'm leaving to make it back home before my shift begins. I'm not going to lose my chance at this new project if I can help it. You understand, correct?"

He pointed at the table Erik had moved to, stern.

"Now, if you're prepared to undergo this procedure, then I'm prepared to do it. Alan, get the anesthesia and prepare it for local injection. He may seem older than he is, but he's still a sixteen year old undergoing eye surgery. It's not painless."

He turned to Erik, curious, his mouth invisible beneath the mask.

"Unless... of course, you wish to undergo this complicated procedure feeling all of it? I doubt that's the case... but if you wish..."

Alan shuddered, shaking his head.

"Whether you're joking or not, Richie, I'm going to apply the anesthetic. Let's not take risks here. You know that." Alan stated, nervous.

"You think I would actually do it?" Richard turned to him slightly, intrigued.

"If the patient wishes for something, you've been known to do the unthinkable to ensure their wishes are met. I remember the man who asked that he not be put under for the amputation of his finger."

"He thought it would be quick. Unfortunately, he kept shaking the whole time and made it worse." Richard shrugged. "I do what I'm told to do. I'm a doctor. If people want mercy, they get mercy. And if this boy doesn't want anesthetic then he doesn't want it."

"Why do you assume he doesn't?" Alan asked.

Richard turned back to Erik, staring at him for a long while.

"He has his brother's... eye." Richard replied after a moment. "His brother had that same look. The look of someone who could feel pain and still carry on."

"What the hell are you talking about, Richard?"

"My first patient had eyes like that. He was allergic to anesthesia, but had developed an infection spanning the length of his arm which required the removal of most of his flesh in order to prepare for skin grafts. He came to us as soon as the infection began to show, and told us that he would do it without numbing the pain."

"That's preposterous."

"That's what the other surgeons said. They refused to do it. They didn't want to take chances at hurting a patient. But I saw that it was hopeless. The man knew he needed a surgery done. He knew the only other path was either amputation or expensive biotic treatment that could span years. He went with the grafts. And I was the one who did the procedure."

"Your... first procedure?" Alan said, dumbfounded, as he finished prepping the needle.

"My first. I remember how he sat in the chair, his face never moving, only blinking ever so often, as I quickly carved the dead tissue from his arm, avoiding as much live tissue as possible. You could almost see the bone. And he never once cried out."

"Not... once?"

"Well, he did. When he saw the bill." Richard laughed. "I'm kidding. The procedure was relatively inexpensive. He kept his arm and managed to make a full recovery. He later thanked me personally for accepting his terms."

"How could you stand to do that to someone?"

"Because you don't think of it as hurting a man. When you're saving a life, you can't waste time considering the pain they're feeling or what they think of you. You do what has to be done. If they ask for something, you do it. You don't question it. It's just like being a soldier, Alan. You follow instructions. You do it to the letter. And then you rinse your hands of the blood afterward and prepare for the next patient. And you save lives."

Alan stood, turning to Erik.

"Besides, Alan." Richard added. "Until the optic nerves connect, Erik won't feel anything from the removal of the old eye besides the disconnection of the nerves. Two moments of pain that will pass quickly, and then the job is done. I don't care what he desires either way. But it looks like he's undergone this procedure a few times before. He probably knows how it feels. In fact... I wouldn't be surprised if he did it himself a few times."

"Then why ask us?"

"Why indeed..." Richard said, though it sounded as though he knew exactly why.

Alan could only hold the needle in preparation, giving a glance to Erik as he awaited his words.

And in the background, Randall continued to fawn over the new piece of metal, absolutely enthralled by its creation and purpose.

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((Do we have an OOC?


Oh and when do you plan to begin the zombie apocalypse? Sorry for the load of questions...


Oh crap this is crap))


"Would you like to try the new drug?" That was the most common sentence on the streets now. Now he was being offered 'the new drug'. "Free trial."


"No thank you." The only answer he gave them. He then walked away. He gave a few glances at the shops and the advertisements here and there, but most of the advertisements were on the streets were on the Fountain of Life. He didn't exactly want immortality, and besides that he was still just a university student who was on a tight budget anyway.


He continued past the TV shop, and refused another offer for the 'new drug'.

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Without turning back, Audrey continued to lead Camila where the monitors were located, but several people asked how to get to them in case they decided they were gonna register at a later date. It had happened on more than one occasion, usually with the more skeptical people who were unsure and wanted to see some direct results from their friends and family who had already been through the process.


"Well, due to the large influx of people we had towards the initial release, we had several monitors installed along the hallways and even outside, but since its been a few weeks and the lines are starting to thin out, we removed quite a few of them. Most of them can be found here, in the East Wing, either along the walls or in the official waiting room.


Now, I bet you're wondering how this will affect you and your daily schedule? No need to worry, we choose a select few candidates from the wait list, priority members get more than half the slots available for that specific day, and then we lay out a schedule for them to choose a day that would best work for them. You appear like you are still in school, so you'll also need parental consent the day you come in to actually receive the injection. It won't hinder your attendance and we usually provide a note, advising the school of your absence.


Ah! Here we are, Miss Camila. Please, take your time and if there's anything that's troubling you, there are several advisers walking around who will be more than glad to assist you. Anyway, I must carry on with my primary duty. Take care."


Smiling and waving at the girl, Audrey began to leave, making sure she was out of sight before relaxing and letting out a massive sigh. Lifting her hand up to her ear and pressing a button, Audrey listened to a message that had been left for her and immediately began to pick up the pace, heading further into the Eastern Wing until she came upon a set of sliding glass doors.


Along the wall, there was a photo scanner that required three forms of identification to pass through. First was retinal scanner that adjusted to a person's specific height, it played a dual role where it not only took the exact measurement of the person, but it also used a deep retinal scan that picked up even the slightest anomalies. Next was a hand scanner that had been programmed with specific patterns left by the specific member. Again, if there was a slight anomaly with the hand's position, no entry would be permitted and a silent alarm would be tripped. Lastly, the member had a standard ID card that had to be presented, primarily to show they were still an employee of this corporation.


Once Audrey had made it through the doorway, it immediately slid shut behind her with a hissing sound as the seal was replaced. Grabbing a mask and a pair of gloves, Audrey proceeded down the halls until she came to a room that was quite dim in comparison to the rest. Upon entering, she paused a moment to examine the area before looking at the pair of people who were already present.


"So, what exactly is going on that you couldn't have left in the message?"


"Well, for starters, one of the test subjects showed signs of increased aggression, so we separated it from the others, hoping it would calm down. Well, instead... something else happened. After a few days, the aggression grew and then suddenly subsided. So, we thought the episode was over and put it back with the other subjects, but the moment it was returned... it was quite gruesome. An anomaly occurred, where tumors began to grow all over its body and it became feral. Well, we had to put it down, especially since it took the lives of two other subjects and injuring three others.


Look, what I'm trying to get at in the shortest form I can muster is... whatever it had, it gave to the other three and their variations have all been slightly different. Subject 9 lost all of its fur and took on a sickening orange color, while subject 11 showed advanced stages of decay but still moved about like nothing was wrong. Subject 17 grew dramatically in size, but was rendered immobile by its own deformities. Well, we called you in to inform you that we might need to delay any more appointments, cause after a few samples we collected one thing was certainly clear. It all stemmed down from a strain within the Fountain of Life, but we haven't been able to identify which one exactly. If you would, please inform your boss and we'll get to work on figuring this out. Hopefully, it's just a reaction with the subjects and has no such affect on a person. That'd be pretty bad, wouldn't it?"[/color]


Audrey stared at the man for a moment, her gaze seemingly empty, but the tension in the atmosphere around her was quite noticeable. Regardless, she turned towards the door and paused only momentarily.


"We're temporarily closing this facility until further notice. Make sure everyone else is advised that no word will be spread to the media until we can verify for certain whether this will be an issue. Dammit, Robert, do you have any idea how many people have been given the injection already?"


Without even waiting for a reply, Audrey proceeded to leave the room and down the hall she had come from. Now, she had to find the one who ran the facility and advise them of the situation, but as a security agent she first had to ensure the safety of everyone within the facility. So, after making it to the front desk, she made the announcement over the intercom that the facility was being temporarily closed due to a maintenance issue and that she was terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Next step was finding Damien Knight.




((Carry on, Thael, I'll just wait until after the procedure is done to reply.


@SULD: No, there isn't an OoC for this RP and idk whether or not I'll be making one. As for when the outbreak will occur... I'm taking steps to get there. Just getting in some details first before actually starting the scenario.


Also, there's a big reason why I called it infected and not something along the lines of zombies. The undead and whatnot wouldn't be realistic vs something more along the lines of "feral" humans. Like, think rabies and cancer being combined, with some radioactive bits also taking play. It's why I refer to them as infected and not zombies, cause... well, they aren't zombies... they're infected human beings.))

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Camilla carefully listened to what Audrey had told her once she took out a notebook and jotted down what she needed to know, from parental consent to the locations of the Monitors and planning out a schedule for when she would need to take the shot, before giving Audrey a nod of her head. Once the other woman left, the 15-year-old took her time in looking around before overhearing the intercom speaking that the facility is closed due to maintenance. This made her think about the injection more as she followed people out of the building and carefully went down the stairs due to her limp.


Just before she got to the bottom step, however, Camilla felt her ankle grow weak momentarily, causing her to fall a bit. She caught herself on the railing, but she had to bring herself to hold onto it so she would be careful. After a while, she limped to the bus stop to catch the next bus and sat down, gently rubbing her ankle once she settled in her seat. Then she sat back up and waited for the bus to come, thinking about how to tell her family about her decision.

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Can I be a hunter plz


Username Oreoandarbiter

Name The unknown spirit

Race ???


No one know anything but he is immune to it...


Dark and mysterious



I know this is short but I hate typing on my phone....


Please use the edit button near the upper right of your post rather than double posting unless it has been a few days or you are quoting people or playing different characters and there's a reason to be posting multiple times.

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((I hope you understand that Hunters are an infected variant?


If you realized this and knew I didn't have a character form for infected, then you should know that playing as an infected wasn't exactly on my available to-do list.


There's only one that will be a sentient character, but that won't be until later and under my control.


Sorry, but no playable infected.))

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Richard shrugged, motioning to Alan as Erik placed himself upon the table for the operation to begin.

"Apply it." Richard added, grabbing the last few tools he needed and putting them in an organized fashion on a table closer to him, so that he was sure he was prepared. He then looked down at Erik as Alan rubbed the numbing swabs around Erik's eye, on the upper and lower areas. Once he was sure the area was numb, he took the needle and injected a small amount of anesthesia into the same areas.

"You even numbed the injection? What is this? A root canal?" Richard chuckled.

"I'm not taking chances when it's this kind of surgery." Alan said, frowning.

"It'll be very quick, I promise." Richard assured, leaning over Erik and smirking beneath his mask. "I'm nothing if not efficient."

He then proceeded to pull Erik's eyelids wide open, took a small, curved tool, and removed the old eye in one swift movement, exposing the artificial optic nerves connected to the real ones below, as well as the muscles connected to the eye.

"No blood. No tissue loss. Nothing has been severed. You know, you'd imagine that having your eye pulled from its socket would be painful, due to the thought of it, when in fact..." Richard said, disconnecting the artificial from the organic. "It's the separation of the nerve that would truly hurt... well that, and the muscles surrounding the eye."

He quickly began connecting the new eye, checking each wire as he pulled nerve tissue to non-organic tissue, making sure each one was well-connected.

"The reason I am being so quick is so that your mind does not have time to process that you just lost your eye. If you would have felt pain..." he added, finishing up the procedure. "It would have been mild. I'm impressed. The connections were flawless. It seems that your body truly believes this eye is real. Now let's keep it that way."

He reopened Erik's eyelids and carefully pushed the eye back in place, releasing his hold.

"Just look up, down, left, and... right for me. Good. Now..." he said, pulling out a small light. "Look at the light..."

He moved the light from left to right, checking for responses and dilation of the pupil. Satisfied, he moved backward, crossing his arms.

"Hmm! Good. Good! If there is any nervous delay between you telling your eye to move and it moving, then it's unnoticeable. A fine piece of work."

He removed his surgical gloves and mask quietly, then patted Alan on the back.

"I told you it'd be quick. Now I need to get back home before my project starts. Thankfully, this didn't take as long as I imagined."

He headed out the door, pausing as he prepared to walk out.

"I'm assuming I can keep the coat?" he said, turning slightly.

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Once Dr. Stone was finished with the operation, Erik remained laying on the table and staring at the ceiling. Not so much that he was in awe, but the amount of data being processed and updates being rendered to his analytic implant was much greater than he anticipated. As everything was starting to settle back into place, Erik began to sit up only to feel slightly faint at the motion. Yet, regardless, he continued until he was sitting on the table's edge. Blood trickled from his nostrils, but he paid it no mind as he looked at Randall, who was still quite fascinated with the piece of alloy.


"It's still in its experimental stages. Unfortunately, I'm still having a bit of difficulty balancing it out for climate changes. Average temperatures, it works superbly, but once it starts dropping close to freezing the alloy tends to get rather brittle and frail. That's part of the reason I'm glad you're present. Maybe you could enlighten me as to why I can't seem to find said balances."


"You know, finding out from your family that you aren't at home can be quite irritating, but to think that even though you have all this time off and still come to the lab? I don't know if you're that dedicated or you just don't like being with your loved ones."


Looking at the entrance to his lab, Erik smiled when he saw Tina standing in the doorway, albeit with an irritated scowl on her face and began scratching sheepishly at the back of his head. Tina, on the other hand, merely sighed and continued in, waving at the two remaining doctors as she passed by.


"What did you just do, anyway? You got blood running from your nose like you just got into a fight or something. Wait... you didn't fight one of them, did you? Do I need to take revenge since you're too weak to defend yourself?"


"No, no, it was nothing like that. I just... processed a bit more info than I could take and the result is as you see. No fights or anything. I'm sure you remember Dr. Alan, the one who lead the team in Fountain of Life's creation and dramatic success. Next to him is his associate, Dr. Randall, a renowned geologist and my go-to guy when it comes to my experimental alloys."


Tina raised an eyebrow, wondering if Erik was being honest and turned to look at the two doctors. Looking back at Erik, she leaned forward and looked him straight in the eye, twisting her head to observe the currently swollen side where the numbing agents had yet to fully settle down. Suddenly, it dawned on her and she grabbed his shoulders, shaking him back and forth.


"You didn't, did you? If your mother finds out, she's gonna be furious! Even I told you that it could be dangerous, but here you went and did it anyway. How do you know something bad won't happen later?"


"If that happens, I'll just have to painfully remove it and replace it with one of the temporary variants. Tina, this is supposed to be permanent, something that I won't have to replace every few months cause the tech is outdated or it can't process data correctly.


Look, it'll be alright and, in time, it'll become completely unnoticeable. If it works, I would have created another revolutionary piece of machinery and I can spread it throughout the world. All I did was made myself the experiment rather than a volunteer or a test subject."


"That's what I'm upset about, Erik. You're risking your own health when you don't need to. You worry me, so much."


"But that just shows how much you love me, right?"


Smirking, Erik leaned forward and kissed her, hopping off the table simultaneously while she contemplated just how to react. It was both infuriating yet pleasing and it left her in a befuddled state. One thing was certain, however, and that was Erik definitely cheated.




It had been three days since the group was forced to take shelter in one of the established bunkers manifested shortly after the outbreak occurred. Four months had already passed by since the time Erik was last in enjoyable company. Now, he was on a life or death race, protecting what little he had left. Damien had disappeared just a few weeks after the outbreak began and their father had done what he could to make sure they all got away.

Two months ago, their mother had fallen to the infection, having received an injury during their journey but withholding the incident until they were in transit to a new location, dashing away into the city where security agents took her out.

Now, all Erik had left was Tina and his little sister, Mina, who appeared like she was holding it all together but was really torn up on the inside. Everyone was, at this point. Looking at the large group of people, hunkered down inside the bunker, Erik's eye was processing the biometric scans, identifying who was at risk and who was clean. So far, everyone was in the green, until he saw the small group in the corner. For most, they appeared like everyone else, just a bit sickly and scared, but through Erik's eye he saw nothing but the sickening olive green indicator reflecting they were infected. Looking at Tina and Mina, both, he crouched down beside them and patted Mina's head.


"I'm gonna notify the guard that we have a sick family in our midst. I know it might seem a bit cruel, but I'd rather they be lost than the whole group being lost all because I didn't speak up. I should be right back, shouldn't take any longer than a couple of minutes."


As he began to stand, Tina grabbed onto his sleeve, her eyes beginning to water as she stared at him. For a moment, the two merely stared at each other in silence until Erik smiled at her, to which she reluctantly released her hold. As Erik began to shuffle through the crowd, looking for one of the guards (he had given each guard a blue highlight to better identify them in a crowd), something began to stir in that corner. One of the younger children began to heave and cough ferociously, as if trying to purge their system from something that couldn't be expelled. His mother was rubbing and patting his back, hoping to soothe whatever the cause behind his heaving was, but his status was changing drastically.

Blood began to seep from his eyes, like tears, and they had a sick yellow tint while the iris itself was brownish-orange hue. Boils were forming on his neck and face (his body as well, but those were unnoticeable) and he began to enter a state of convulsing.

Another person who was nearby turned to see what the commotion was, his eyes widening in horror as he realized the transitioning that many were becoming familiar with and panic began to ensue. While Erik had just found a guard and began to inform them, the entire area was lighting up into an uproar. As if in slow motion, Erik began to look through the room, his right eye watching as people began to push and shove their way towards the exit, frantically trying to get away from the young child who was now gnawing on his own mother's arm. Tears streamed from her eyes as she, vainly attempted try and soothe her child, knowing fully that he was just as lost as she was. By this point, the guard had his rifle aimed at them and a few bursts put them to rest, but it didn't calm the crowd that was still frantically trying to escape.

Looking back through the crowd, Erik tried to find the bright, highlighted purple he used to identify Tina and Mina, but panic gripped him when neither could be found.

As the crowd poured out of the exit and into the streets, Erik pushed through, looking for either of his remaining loved ones, cursing at himself for having left them.


"Head for the Dome!"


"Calm down, the situation has been resolved. Please calm down and proceed to the Dome."


Guards were doing what they could to try and calm the terrified crowd, but a horde of infected had been drawn by the noise and was now intensifying the terror. Even as rounds were being popped off, the terrorized citizens continued down the streets, some of them either being picked off or trampled by the very crowd they had been with.

Finally, Erik's eye picked up one of his highlights and he immediately made his way over, finding Tina hunched in a corner of rubble, hands wrapped over the top of her head as her entire body shook. Pushing and shoving, Erik finally reached her and placed a hand on her shoulder, startling her at first, but garnering a hug and an outburst of crying, but there was still another person Erik had to find.


"Tina, where's Mina? Where's my sister at? Please, she's all I have left, besides you, so I need you to calm down and tell me where you saw her last."


Sniffling and looking at Erik, all Tina could manage was shaking her head side-to-side, the universal symbol indicating she didn't know. Closing his eyes, Erik remained at her side, his free hand clenching into a fist while his other grasped tightly around Tina's own hand.

By this point, one of the official security teams had arrived and began subduing the surrounding infected. Cries of terror began to transition into cheers as the pair of dolls in the team began making short work of the infected. Still, there was no sign of Mina anywhere, even with a deep scan of the area and Erik cursed. Some birthday this was turning out to be.

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((Does this mean we're starting or is that just a mini-timeskip?))

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((Infection has started, but this just one of the time skips. We'll be getting to the main part soon. We did the intro, how it started. We'll be doing the initial stages of th outbreak, before the big guys show up. Then there's the big collapse and finally the flesh.))

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He grabbed his arm in pain as he stumbled towards the shelter door, coughing. Fiona helped him back to his feet, stabilizing him so he was balanced again. His arm felt like it was on fire. He moved into the shelter just as bullets flew past him, killing the Infected that had followed him here.

His mind was swimming. This felt like a dream, a nonexistent reality forged of someone's dark imagination. His perception felt both true and false. He could no longer make sense of anything but her, and what was right in front of his eyes.

"Hold up there, sir. Stop."

Alan hesitated, confused. In front of him, a man in military-style combat armor, holding a rifle over his shoulder, appraised him with a stern eye.

"Your arm. What's wrong with it?"

Alan looked down, almost as though he had forgotten. Suddenly, realization dawned upon him as he remembered.

The attack. The feel of teeth. Fiona calling out as he placed himself in front of her, his own flesh being the shield for hers. But then she had grabbed the beast, getting behind it, only to get bitten... And he had.. he had removed...

Now, an obviously infected appendage curved down from his shoulder, the clothes torn. It was darker brown than the rest of his flesh. The veins on the arm were dark blue, almost purple.

"I'll repeat, civilian.." the man said, his voice both perplexed and obviously concerned. "What happened to your arm?"

"He was trying to protect me. He was bitten...." Fiona said, despondent.

"Sir, should we shoot him? After all..." a person appearing to be a young woman leaned to the man who seemed to be in charge. "Well... we've already had multiple people change in here."

"Not yet. His infection looks different. And he doesn't appear to be attacking anyone or convulsing. You can scan him if you want, though."

"Right." the girl said, giving Alan an appraisal. Satisfied, she turned back to the commander, slightly befuddled.

"His infected tissue is localized to his arm. The virus strain hasn't gone far beyond it. His immune system is actually fighting it back. It's puzzling." the girl said, walking towards Alan. "We haven't seen anything like this..."

"Well, he ... he made a cure, of sorts..." Fiona began.

"My infection is at the beginning stages. I created... I replicated the serum to bolster my immune system's defenses. I've brought more in case I need more injections. I should be fine for roughly a month or more, depending on whether I require more or less per injection. That's all I know. If you're going to shoot me..." Alan began.

"Shoot us both then."

Alan turned, surprised. Fiona pointed at herself, face determined.

"I was also bitten. My arm was removed to replace it with this... thing." she said, flexing her fingers.

"A doll appendage?" the girl said, turning to the commander. "This is more and more confusing."

"Take them to the back. That's the Doctor from the news. Leonards. Put him with the other high-priority targets, but put him under guard. And if he does seem to exhibit signs of changing... Shoot them both."

"Both of them!?" the doll said, concerned.

"I see it in that woman's eyes. This is no time for trying to convince her any other way. Might as well obey their wishes. Take this." he said, handing the girl a service pistol. "You didn't come prearmed, did you?"

"No sir. Nothing but the-"

"They don't need to know about that." the man said hurriedly.

"If I may ask, officer, what's your name?" Fiona said, as they were being led away.

"Lieutenant Crane. Matthew Crane. Of Squad 74. Protection and Disease Control." the man said flatly, turning back forward.

Realizing the man wouldn't talk further, Fiona and Alan followed the doll through the halls of the bunker.

As they passed by other people, Alan received numerous, worried glances at his arm, which was obviously not normal, nor safe. He felt a burning nervous sensation on the back of his neck. The tension was rising. They had a right to be scared. At any moment.....

Are you afraid of turning?

Alan looked around, vexed. Something had spoken to him.

"Fiona, did you say something?" he asked.

"Hmm? No." Fiona said, continuing to walk at a brisk pace.

No, of course not...

The famed doctor, the savior of humanity, the one who worked so hard - so fervently - to protect, is worried about becoming an instrument of destruction.

Alan knew where the voice was coming from now. A cold sweat broke out on the back of his neck. He shuddered, as though he was freezing.

"Are you ok, Alan?" Fiona asked, worried.

"Yes... yes... I believe so..." Alan replied, unsure.

Lying to your own wife? Maybe you ARE changing, Alan. Maybe you are indeed becoming the thing you fear most. Don't you trust her to understand?

No one could understand you. Now silence. I won't listen to you. You won't turn me.

I WON'T? Are you SURE? I'm pretty persuasive....

Leave me be. Leave me. Leave me now. I won't become like you.

Only time will tell, Doctor. Only time will tell.

He shuddered again as it seemed a presence left his mind, but not entirely. It lurked outside the boundaries of his mentality, waiting for a weakness. It was as though he had pushed it from the room, but it was outside of the door, leaning against it eagerly.

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((Trying to figure out how to bring Camilla back in while this is going on because I don't know whether or not she actually received the injection in between the last time she appeared and the time the infection starts.))

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Sitting in a corner, arms wrapped around his legs and Tina trying to do her best to comfort and reassure him, Erik wondered where everything had gone wrong. Sure, there were variables that led to adverse effects, but nothing as extreme as what was going on. To top it off, his entire family was gone now. Lost and he felt like it was his fault. All because of a thesis he had written. Suddenly, his eye began to pick up indicators of an infected being. Pushing himself back against the wall, his body growing tense and fear starting to grip at his throat, Erik waited and waited until he saw who it was. Dr. Leonards.


Dropping back to the ground, Tina looked between him and the doctor just a few times until she noticed the doctor's arm and took a stance between him and Erik. Yet, when a hand firmly gripped onto her shoulder, she looked back to see Erik shaking his head to which she relaxed ever so slightly.


"I assume you were able to retrieve Diz?"


"That's not all he was able to retrieve. Dr. Leonards was also able to retrieve a painful experience that left him in the condition you see him in. I'm not so sure whether to consider his wife lucky or unfortunate, but I did my best to direct the doctor in applying a doll's arm to where her previous one had been severed."


By this point, Diz had relocated herself into Erik's analytical machine. Something he had tested a few months back, but the transition often led to...


"Erik, your nose is bleeding?!"


As with the initial transplant of his right eye, when great amounts of data suddenly poured into Erik's mind it often resulted in a severe rise in his blood pressure. In turn, this brought on his bloody nose results, but when he had tested a full upload of Diz's 'main body' it had been more than just that. Yet, he didn't feel the need to inform the others of such irrelevant matters.


"I'm fine, but thanks for worrying about me. What I'm more worried about is your condition, Mr. Leonards and yours as well, Mrs. Leonards. It's quite evident your attachment was done in a rush, both to prevent blood loss and potentially save you from the infection, but the transfusion process that maintains a natural blood flow wasn't properly attached. If I may ask, does your arm feel heavy or slow?"


"Forgive my interruption, Master Knight, but where is Mistress Mina?"


A glum look spread across his face as his shoulders slumped forward and his gaze shifted towards the ground. Tina also looked down, but she placed a hand on Erik's back to try and help comfort him.


"A large portion of our group was separated when we were at our last bunker. A mother and her child had been bitten and the child was the first to turn. Everyone inside lost all sense of self-control and began trying to escape. This drew in more of the infected from outside.

Security Squad 60 arrived to provide assistance, but we were separated from them when a larger horde showed up. From there..."


"I keep telling you she's fine. Mina's a smart, young girl and I doubt that security squad would've fallen so easily."


"You say that like you've lost so much in this outbreak. Hell, your great aunt is probably still on that cruise boat."




"You don't even remember how your parents died, but I got to watch that happen."





"And then, I thought I could trust you with my sister's safety, but you couldn't even do that..."


A loud pop echoed throughout the room as a warm, stinging sensation began to swell in Erik's cheek. Tina was standing now, her arm still outstretched in the position it had been after she had smacked him. She was breathing heavily and the look in her eyes, the fiery gaze she usually had when she was in a match, now held resentment and anger towards the boy.


"You think I haven't lost anything? That only you have lost so much? Your family was like my family, Erik. Do you not know how hurt I am right now? How much I hate myself for not holding her hand just a little bit tighter, but that crowd... they pulled her away from me and then more of the infected showed up, everything was just so chaotic. My mind went blank and I felt completely lost."


Kneeling down beside him, she cupped her hands around his face and pulled his head up, staring him in each eye. This time, her gaze was more stern, but the same fire still burned in it and the way she was looking at him seemed like she was searching for that same gaze.


"You need to pull yourself back together. We've just got to make it to the Dome. I'm certain she'll be there as well. If not before us, she should be there shortly after."


Sighing, Erik let his gaze fall once more, but reached up with his hand and touched Tina's cheek as well. Tina smiled weakly at him before turning to look at both Dr. Alan and Mrs. Fiona, her gaze primarily falling on each of their arms, but focusing on Dr. Alan's arm. It looked like it had been drained of all fluids and left in the sun for far too long, but it also had a strange organic look to it as well. Nothing else seemed odd, but Tina locked eyes with Alan for a long moment before looking away. Even though his facial features didn't reflect it, she could tell he was struggling with something, but whatever it was she couldn't quite figure out.




Meanwhile, walking along the desolate streets another smaller group was carefully making their way to the next bunker. Unlike the main body, this group only consisted of roughly fifteen people, six of them were members of the Security Force, Squad 60. In their midst, Mina was walking alongside their commander, Audrey Gale. Something she had discovered about the young woman was, despite her capabilities as a commander, she was actually quite a lackadaisical person.


"This isn't the way to the Dome, you know?"


"Cause we aren't headed towards the Dome."


"Why's that? You know there are refugees in the group, yes?"


"Cause we were told to go South, where the Spire is."


"The... Spire?"


Sighing, Audrey stopped and turned to face Mina, placing a hand on her hip and staring at her with a look of disapproval. For a moment, Mina thought the young woman was going to scold her, but instead she turned back and waved her hand in the air dismissively.


"Look, I understand you're Erik Knight's little sister, but we have our orders. Whether you consider it fortunate or not, we were in the area when all that commotion stirred up the surrounding infected. So, we did what we could to save as many lives as possible."


Mina lifted an eyebrow, but remained silent, looking at the other members in their group. There were a few children, but aside from them everyone else was older than she was. A couple of teenagers, who, even though they hadn't even known each other a few days ago, were now acting like they were high school buddies were towards the center. Towards the rear were the more elderly, one of the Squad's Dolls was accompanying them, while the remaining members were towards the front where the brunt of the security force was located. Audrey had been off to the side, seeming like she was doing her own thing when Mina had approached her, having seen her in the labs before, she had figured being close to her would be the better option. Unfortunately, and to Mina's discouragement, it hadn't been one of her best choices. Still, she gave credit where credit was due. Audrey knew how to lead and how to fight when necessary, so she tried to let the young woman's faults slide.


"I'm just worried about my brother. It might be a bit different, but I'm fairly certain he's losing himself, wondering whether or not I'm still alive."


"Well, the Spire has comms linked up with the Dome, so I'll make sure you can send a message, if not talk with directly, to him once we get there. Will that suffice?"


"It will have to, since I doubt I'd make it very long on my own out there. I don't have the training nor the equipment, so I might as well be walking with a bunch of cans tied around my ankles and meat hanging around my neck."


"You're... something else, aren't you?"


"I'm a member of the Knight family, of course I'm something else."

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Alan slid down the wall, now sweating slightly and breathing heavily to calm his nerves. Since the voice had left him, his arm tingled much less, and a lot of the pulsing on it had slowed.

There was something else within him now - and it wasn't human. It was a sentience, a conscious mind, a being who ...felt as though it extended beyond just him. It felt like it was trying to rejoin something, come back with the whole. The answer was obvious, and he coughed slightly.

But it was there. That voice, both like honey and yet like vinegar, a voice that could be as sweet as chocolate but was poisoned with the venom of malice. It was there, lurking in the confines of his mind, waiting for a chance to take the throne of control. It was like he was making a barricade against it. His head ached slightly.

The words and exchange between Tina and Erik was a mess. He grasped phrases every now and then, but he felt dazed and out of sorts. Fiona stared at Tina and Erik, despondent. She then turned back to Alan, concerned.

"Does it hurt...?" she asked quietly.

"No... not right now... It did... But how is your arm?..." Alan said, breathing slightly.

"Oh. It feels fine." she said, frowning. "Why?"

"Hand.... hand it to me.... Erik is right... I have to..."

"You're in a very poor condition for any form of surgery, Dr. Leonards."

Alan looked up, colors blurring. It was the woman from before, standing over him, head cocked.

"No matter the immune system strength you seem to exhibit, your body is showing signs of a fever. Just like fighting any disease, its causing your body temperature to heat up, and causing you to be dizzy and feverish. How many fingers am I holding up?"

"....Two...?" Alan asked, eyes drooping.

"Well, at least you're still partially conscious and coherent. Mrs. Leonards?"

"Yes?" Fiona asked.

"I'd do it, but I don't wish to overstep boundaries. You need to remove his top clothing and help him cool down. I shall see if I can find cold water or ice within this bunker. It would be a pity if he died of a fever after all the work he did. Though I'm impressed."

"Huh, why?" Fiona asked, beginning to remove some of Alan's clothing.

"By now, a weaker man would have submitted and died. You should make sure he knows you're with him. I think that's what's keeping him here anyway."

She smiled lightly and turned to Erik for a moment.

"Oh! And hello, father! I'm happy you survived this whole apocalypse!" she waved, bowing. "I wish we could talk more, but as you can understand, I must handle a lot of things right now. We'll talk later?"

She walked off, waving, as she hurried to find something for Alan. Meanwhile, Fiona looked at Erik confused.

"Daughter?" she asked, befuddled. "At your age?"

Meanwhile, Alan was submerged within his consciousness, trying hard to stay awake. The words spoken around him were now being drowned in a sea of shadows and murky waters. It felt so hot. So hot. It felt like he was being immolated.

"Don't let him fall asleep yet." the girl said as she returned. She knelt by Alan's side, frowning. "He needs to keep fighting or this was all for nothing and I'll have to kill him as per my orders."

"But he's suffering!" Fiona exclaimed, worried.

"He's not suffering as much as he could be. I doubt he feels pain. If he would have, it would be numbed by the shock anyway. It's basically just like I said.. A really... really bad fever. One that could turn him into a flesh-eating monster! ....That didn't make it any better, did it?" the girl chuckled weakly. "I found some medication for the symptoms as well. One of the civilians had them on him."

"Oh... Bless him." Fiona said, relieved, watching as the woman put two pills into Alan's mouth.

"Swallow." the doll insisted, patting Alan's face. "You need to take the medication."

Alan complied, his head moving slightly as the sweat on him dripped from his face and chest. He was breathing slightly heavily. She handed Fiona a water bottle, pleased.

"Well, that's a start. Just help him drink, and put this ice on him. If you want to help him, that's the best way. And keep him awake until the fever goes down at least a bit more. Probably about an hour. Then it should be safe. But my archives have no data for this virus in particular, so I can't really be sure."

"Thank you... Mrs..?"

"Eris. Of Squad 74. Don't mention it." Eris replied, standing back to her feet. "Now I need to go and make sure the other civilians are in good health. Stay safe! And sane!" she added to Alan, wandering off into the crowd.

Fiona held the bottle to Alan's lips, concerned.

"Drink.. You just need to stay awake and drink..." Fiona said calmly, trying her best to help her husband.

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Erik remained silent in his corner, his eye continuously scanning the area for any signs of change, primarily in Alan's condition. Of course, it wasn't until the doll, Eris, showed up that the matter at hand was verbally projected. Alan's core temperature was on the rise and Diz had informed Erik the method used to stabilize the man's condition as best they could. Tina had fallen asleep by this point, the physical and emotional exhaustion finally taking its toll on the young girl. For the moment, she was leaning against Erik's shoulder, but something had grasped his attention to which he was brought back when Eris spoke to him directly.


"It's not over yet, but thank you for the positive notion. Whenever you're free, don't hesitate to come speak with me, it's not like I'm terribly busy anymore."


With that, he watched as she walked away, his smile disappearing and transitioning into a deep frown. Something was inside of her and Erik wanted to talk with her commander directly now, but Fiona's remark caused him to look over at her in a somewhat befuddled manner. Dismissively waving his hand at her, Erik shook his hand in response.


"No, no. I built her. Like with the other security models, she's uniquely crafted to better support her role. Of course, that was before this whole mess came about, but it shouldn't hamper their capabilities. Now, I didn't program any of them to respond to me in such a manner, but they have given me various titles that follow along similar lines.

Anyway, I need to go speak with her commander about something. Just make sure he keeps drinking water and if something seems... odd, come find me. I shouldn't be terribly long, but there's a few questions and concerns I have, plus I wish to grab my tools and possibly make a few adjustments with that arm of yours."


By this point, Tina had been stirred from her sleep, looking up at Erik wearily and grasping onto his shoulder. Erik could see the dried streaks on her cheeks, from where she had been crying both before and during her sleep and it brought on a sense of guilt within him.


"I'm gonna go wit-"


"No. I need you to stay here and either get some more rest or assist Fiona. If anything happens, I'll come straight back. Dr. Leonards still has Diz's main body, so use that to contact me, okay? I'll be back shortly."


Tina shifted, clutching onto Erik's shoulder even tighter to which he reached behind her head and pulled her into a tight embrace. Once more, Tina began to cry, wrapping her arms around Erik's waist before letting go and watching him leave. Scooting towards where Fiona and Alan were, she leaned against the nearby support beam and twiddled her fingers together.


"I'm... terribly sorry about what happened. If there's anything I can help with, please let me know."


Meanwhile, Erik had made his way up to the main hall, where the majority of refugees were currently hunkered down. A few were walking about, asking if anyone needed any help or needed any water, but the majority of them had that same lost look in their eyes. Still, even with the crowd, it wasn't terribly difficult to find the doll he was looking for.

As he made his way towards her, Erik took a slight detour to retrieve his bag that contained what he considered his most essential tools. Despite the arsenal that the guard and security forces had, the dolls were still man's best hope at dealing with the infected, considering even if they were bitten nothing would happen. What concerned Erik, however, was the device sitting within Eris' torso and why it had been stuck there in the first place.


"Eris, might I ask you to retrieve your commander so we can have a private talk? I want both of you present for what I wish to discuss, unless he's rather busy at the moment."

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((Sorry if this was late or crap or both, I've been pretty busy getting ready for school and stuff. Sorry.))


"So, how do we get to the place from here?" Miteki asked as he stuffed a few cans into his backpack.


"I don't know, just give me second, and shut up." Talia replied in an annoyed tone of voice.


"Oh, sweet. can I take that?" He completely ignored how he was being asked to shut up and nodded over to the pitch black badass looking rifle. "Nice, it's even got a suppressor."


"Take whatever you want, the real question is whether you can use it or not." Talia answered.


"Probably can." He switched the lever on the side of the weapon from safe to it's semi-automatic mode, and pulled the slide back. "Yeah. I can."


"Take the road and then a left turn..." Talia muttered to herself. "Got it, What did you take?"


"A couple of canned food stuff and this gun and this katana thing."


"The 'katana thing' is mine." Miteki muttered a small 'Oh' to reply.


"Whatever, let's go." She walked towards the door and looked back. "Hurry up." They stepped outside and looked around. She could hear a lot of gunshots and screaming. Not all of them sounded entirely human. There were a group of buildings on fire just a few blocks away. She looked along the road. "Yeah, we can go now." Almost immediately after she said that they saw several people running towards them growling and making not so human-like noises.


"One of them doesn't have an arm..." Miteki muttered to himself and they continued running. He swung round and aimed at one that was catching up to them and pulled the trigger. The infected person stopped running and fell down dead.


"Left turn!" Talia shouted and roughly pulled Miteki to the right direction. They soon saw soldiers in front of them who quickly dispatched the remaining infected. "It was right here and it took us thirty minutes to locate it."


"You mean it took you thirty minutes to locate it."


"You didn't even try." She snapped back angrily as they stepped into the enclosure. There were barbed wire and fences surrounding them. "This looks like some kind of POW camp." She muttered as she looked at her surroundings. They could see a few people further inside.


"Scan them." A soldier walked towards them and was studying them carefully.


"All clean sir."


"Good. Welcome." He said to the duo.

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"Take whatever you will need," Camilla's father urged to the family in their native Italian as they gathered up any food they can bring with them, "Do not stop!"


Despite protests as to what her little brother wanted to bring along as well, Camilla kept to herself ever since her parents refused her to take the injection when she told them about it. They feared that she would miss out on her studies even when she tried to tell them otherwise. Now they had to abandon their home and relocate to another area.


Camilla helped her little brother carry their suitcases despite her limp as the family headed out and to find someone to help lead them to a safer location. Her mind was growing overwhelmed by the amount of screaming and gunfire that plagued the area and the fact that her parents were possibly in the right for declining her to take the injection. Yet she hated having the limp, even now.


Just as the family picked up speed, Camilla struggled to keep up no matter how painful each time she tried to catch up.


"Mama! Papa! Donny!" She cried out to them in desperation to no avail. Then she groaned and took off, dropping one suitcase to lighten the load until pain hit her ankle again, causing her to stop and breathe so she wouldn't make a fuss. "Please don't leave me..." she whispered with her ankle shaking a bit.

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A cracking sound whizzed past Camila, shortly followed by the sickening sound of flesh being torn through and a body falling to the ground. A few meters in front of the young girl, standing beyond the intersection her parents had turned down, was a male doll with blazing red hair and deep orange eyes. After slinging his weapon across his back, the doll proceeded towards Camila and knelt down slightly, observing her current condition before picking her up in a cradled position.


"Your family should run into the convoy up ahead, I'll take you to the bunker they're headed to and find a method in which you can travel more freely. I took the liberty of scanning your body's condition and noticed you're suffering from an injury attained many years back. If necessary, I can request an escort to accompany you until you have reached the Dome."


"You probably should have asked permission to carry her first before just assuming. You probably scared the poor girl."


From the same intersection, adjacent to where the male doll had approached from, a female doll with a much shorter stature and deep blue hair appeared, leaning against the remains of a traffic light pole. Unlike the male, who had a very stern and serious expression, the female doll seemed much friendlier, but there was a dangerous aura surrounding her as well. This also opposed the male's gentle aura that didn't match his intimidating stature or monotone voice.


"In such a situation, it's better to take action than waste valuable time awaiting an answer or response. I merely did what I determined to be the best course of action and was for the girl's benefit."


"Did you even introduce yourself?"


Unlike before, the male doll's expression descended into a frown as he realized the mistake he had made. Surely enough, it hadn't occurred to him at the time that a proper introduction would alleviate any kind of pressure or uncomfortableness from his sudden action. With his eyes closed, the doll took in a deep breath and as he began opening them again, he turned his gaze towards Camila's.


"My name is Ignis-..."

"I'm Aqua."

"I'm terribly sorry for my inconsiderate actions. If you wish, I shall put you back down on the ground, but I will remain with you until we reach the bunker."


"You might as well just carry her there. From the looks of it, she's rather worn out and her body can't sustain long periods of movement without having to rest multiple times. It'd be safer."


((@SULD: Okay... rifle I'd allow to leeway, but a suppressor conveniently equipped to it already? I assume you were some form of super market or mall, since you're acquiring food as well. Suppressors aren't exactly readily available to civilians and they don't just hand them out to standard military personnel either (I know this as a fact). Next question, ammo is typically stored separately and in locked containers to prevent it from being easily accessed to would-be robbers. Did your character just, conveniently happen to have the appropriate ammo for this particular rifle already on hand or did he somehow manage to get into the right container and get whatever ammo was left? Let's face it, four months in, ammo isn't gonna be easy to come by at this point.))

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Just as she took notice of an unknown figure going past her and collapsing to the ground, Camilla felt as if time had slowed down when she was approached by a male Doll with fiery hair and eyes and then held in his arms. She looked up to see the Doll as she released her remaining suitcase from her grasp before hearing another Doll, this one being female. The only thing she could do was just listen to them speak, her heart racing quickly from the chaos that surrounded them. Then she remembered about how the first models were announced way back when before this happened and had only heard about them yet never met one, let alone two, before.


Camilla then gave the two Dolls a shaky nod of her head and responded to them now that she was starting to feel safe around them, "Thank you. I'm Camilla Nervi."

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Randall cursed as he moved through the groups of people. He had heard that a man with an infected arm matching Alan's appearance had just arrived. Rumors spread quickly. He rushed through every person, excusing himself as he finally reached the sector where the rumor had seemed to originate. Though, it wasn't hard to tell where Alan was - the crowd was giving Fiona and him a wide berth. When he got there, the woman he'd seen with Erik was sitting nearby, offering assistance. Fiona waved her away in an assuring fashion, smiling pleasantly.

"No, I don't think that will be-" she began, but was cut off as Randall walked up quickly, his face filled with worry. Immediately, he knelt down by Alan, concerned.

"Buddy. Buddy. What the hell is wrong with you?" Randall asked, confused. He patted Alan's face as Fiona stared at him.

"Don't touch him right now! He's sick!" Fiona said, pulling Randall's hand away. "And where have you been anyway?"

"I was... testing Aegithium." Randall admitted. "But that's not important. What happened to him?"

"He.... he got bitten. But he used an injection of the serum..." Fiona began.

"To strengthen his immune system?" Randall finished.

"Exactly." Fiona nodded, pleased. "How did you know?"

"I woulda done the same thing." Randall grinned. "How'd it happen?"




Meanwhile, Eris turned to Erik, frowning.

"My commander? Crane?" she asked, leaning forward a bit. "Hmm... I dunno. He might be a bit busy right now."

"I was." Crane said, wiping blood from his hands as he approached the pair. It was obvious from the amount of blood on his clothes and hands that something had died.

"Another one?"

"Unfortunately, yes. They hid their bite on their chest with more clothing. Idiots. Caused two more in their family to have to be put down. I know it isn't easy to kill those you love, but to watch them turn and still think they can be saved.... Then again, I'd probably be the same way." he admitted, wiping his forehead. "What did you want, Dr. Knight?"




Randall leaned backward as Fiona finished, impressed.

"Woah.... so he has the heart of that robot chick?" Randall asked, hand on his chin - or at least as far as he could reach his hand into the hair on his face. "Why'd Erik trust him with something like that?"

"I.....unno...." Alan said weakly. "N....No dea..."

"No idea?" Randall replied.

Alan nodded, his eyes half closed. His face was flushed.

"Just keep drinkin' that water, man." Randall patted him on the shoulder. "You can kick this stuff down. I know you."

"Y...yeah.... shure...." Alan slurred, leaning his head against the wall.

"He seems a bit more stable now." Fiona said, smiling. "When he came in, it was so much worse.... I was frightened."

"Well I'll be here now too." Randall said, taking a seat by Alan and smirking. "I mean, you're the one who he needs, but I don't mind takin' shifts."

"You're almost a brother to him, Randall. It's the same." Fiona commented, helping Alan drink more water. "Don't belittle yourself."

"If you say so... I guess.." Randall said, leaning his head against the wall, exhausted.

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