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Back in the year 2115, a young boy of ten years, developed a theory that would create an injection providing the body with a super-regenerative capability. Essentially, this would allow ones own body to fight off cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading; repair worn down tissues and muscles, bones and organs, keeping them in their prime state; prevent common sicknesses and quickly subdue more dangerous ones. Simply, this simple injection would extremely diminish the body's natural molecular breakdown, keeping it in a prime state for a much longer period. Immortality, in short. Of course, years passed and the young prodigy moved on to a different task.


At the age of sixteen, another breakthrough was made. A biomechanical humanoid organism, that held a form of sentience had been developed, one that could do more than simply carry out daily tasks for its master, owner or partner. This specific development was capable of producing human offspring, not limited to females only. Male variants were developed that could reproduce with a human female. These organisms were simply called, by the general populace, Dolls. Like most mechanical creations, these Dolls were constructed with the Three Robot Laws, to prevent them from bringing intentional harm to a human. However, in order for the Dolls to protect themselves from humans who wished to abuse their laws, the young boy incorporated a few additional sets of regulations that would not only allow the doll to defend itself, but also detain said human criminal.


Our story begins with the announcement of a brand new drug, one that had since been forgotten, that would naturally prolong a person's life expectancy by decades. It had proven medical results that not only repaired an elderly man's Alzheimer disease, but also produced energy the man hadn't seen in years, practically shedding several decades off his body. Now, with appropriate paperwork and enough cash, an individual could purchase a pill form that would provide similar results. Yet, the consequences have yet to have been found.




I'm certain many of you are familiar with this story, as I've remade it several times before. This time, I'm altering the route ever so slightly and starting off shortly before the outbreak actually begins. This should provide some backstory on, not only my own characters, but everyone else who is interested as well. Unfortunately, for those who participated in this RP before, the later series Dolls won't be available until a little while later.


Anyway, for those who are unfamiliar with my Infected story, this drug that a large majority of the basic population has taken is where the infection begins. Spreading quickly, it starts off as your basic zombie-type apocalypse, where most of the world's population disappears in less than just a few months. Yet, with the incorporation of the Dolls, the remaining human populace starts out with a much higher chance of fighting back. Well, until the infected begin to evolve in their own way. Some get faster or stronger, others get more intelligent, and then a few others grow tremendously in size. Details will be provided in posts below, but this is the basic outline. Humans disappear, dolls defend remaining populace, infected evolve, dolls receive upgrades (in a nutshell).




Character Sheet:


- Username:

- Character Name:

- Gender:

- Age:

- Type: (Are you a human or Doll)

- Series: (At the beginning only Series I & II are available)

- Description:

- Personality: (Most Dolls have developed their own sense of individuality based on their personal experiences, think Chappie or Sonny from the I, Robot movie.)

- History: (Obviously most Dolls, at the beginning, won't have much history aside from who got them, how they've been treated, and just a few other small details)

- Other:






So, standard DC Rules apply. Don't go overboard, don't kill another's character without permission. Limit your language and don't do anything above a PG-13 rating. If you wish to get descriptive, please take it to either a PM or some form of private chat. If there are any issues, I'll deal with them myself or if you have any questions, please ask me. I try not to bite and I'm terribly sorry when I do.

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- Series I:


This is the base series, developed in early 2020, the first model being displayed to the populace in 2021. Aside from their ability to reproduce, many can be found as aids in emergency response teams and basic law enforcement agencies. No combat ready or military variants were developed. With a light frame and a base alloy skin, the first series can take very little punishment before repairs are necessary. With a unique silicon-type outer layer, it's not uncommon to mistake a Doll for a human.


- Series II:


With less focus on its reproductive capability and gearing it towards a heavier build, the first Series II were the initial stages of developing a combat oriented Doll that would be capable of taking more punishment from various factors before becoming inoperable. Focusing on a sturdier frame and a ballistic shell casing, various tests pushed their capabilities until their own "organs" failed and they were deemed inoperable. Like their predecessor, however, a similar silicon-type outer layer was applied to prevent current troops from feeling uncomfortable while operating side-by-side.


- Series III:


Details will be provided once they become available.


- Series IV:


Details will be provided once they become available.


- Series V:


Details will be provided later. Will not be an available unit.




- Crawler:


Your basic, run of the mill infected type that has lost use of its lower extremities, usually either because they were shot off or because the infection replicated too much and their legs burst. Regardless, they aren't fast and not something you really have to worry about, but keep aware of what's around you. Crawlers have a tendency to sneak up on you while you're fighting of hordes of other infected and *chomp* guess what? Now you're infected too.


- Walker:


Again, another one of your basic, run of the mill types and probably one of the more common. With the inability to process appropriate motor functions, most Walker's can't do more than a short, light jog to try and get to you. Easy to deal with individually, but don't get caught in a large group of them.


- Runner:


These guys you gotta watch out for, as they tend to blend in with the walkers, until something catches their attention. Not only are they able to run, but they also don't find the need to stop. If they sense you and start giving chase, you either need to deal with them immediately or hope that you're faster than them and hope something else grasps their attention. Luckily, they aren't as common as their walker companions, but it's best just to deal with any of the small infected when you have the chance, right?


- Jumper:


So, you thought that runner was bad, right? Probably thought, 'Ah, I'll climb on top of this bus or onto this ledge and I'll be fine, maybe thin the herd a little bit while I wait.' Yeah? Well, jumpers have the skills to lunge themselves through a 2nd story window, if the need required. To top it off, they're also capable of running after you themselves and some of them have put Olympic athletes to shame at how far they can lurch themselves. Of course, your chances of running into one of these guys is about as low as running into your grandma at your high school reunion, but you never know, right?


- Climber:


Alright, so you scaled that flight of stairs to the roof of a tower and proceeded up the ladder to reach the point where jumpers would just be slapping themselves on the wall and falling back down, right? Feels like you're safe, now that you're way up here, right? Got some bad news for you, rookie, that hunched over, buff looking guy who's foaming at the mouth is able to climb up to you. It's got the coordination necessary to accomplish most of your basic motor functions you figured out back when you were around four or five years old. Now he's coming up to get you. Hopefully, you have some form of melee weapon or you're fine with wasting ammo on it, cause these guys don't necessarily travel in packs. Like your grandma, they aren't very keen at showing up to your personal reunion party.


- Spitter:


These guys are nasty in a multitude of ways. If their decomposed body that wreaks of who-knows-what isn't bad enough, that seem smell is what shoots out of their mouths and guess what? It's highly acidic. Don't expect to be able to flush it out with water if it gets in your eyes, cause those guys are gone if that happens. Fortunately, it's a chemical based acid and reacts only when it comes in contact with skin. Gets on your clothes? Yeah, you'll stink, but it shouldn't bother you too much... maybe just a slight tingle. Most of these guys like to hang out in the parking lot, especially around the mall. Maybe they were all preteen, fadsters, looking to hang out with their buds before the changes took a hold of them? Who knows, but I wouldn't go to previously heavily populated areas like that anyway.


- Shrieker:


Now, these guys you want to be careful around. Actually, if you run into one, I hope you have a few extra rounds in your pocket, because like their name implies, the moment they spot you they let out an ear piercing shriek that draws quite a number of other infected to the area. They're also rather violent if they find themselves cornered or alone, having a tendency to tear at you with sharp claws or gnaw on your arm with ugly, sharp teeth. Be careful when you enter a building as they like to hang out in the shadowy areas.


- Hunter:


If you feel like all the previous guys weren't that bad, then this is where the level goes up a few notches. Hunters are intelligent. They can form plans, create traps, and make you their specific target. If, by some great misfortune, you stumble on one and you become its target, I hope you have a partner that's a Doll or you have a 12-gauge slug shotgun. These guys can take quite a bit of punishment from standard firearms and can still operate with half a head. Luckily, most hunters tend to work independently, but you'll never know where you might bump into one. Use caution.


- Reaper:


These guys are dangerous. Not only are they difficult to kill, they are extremely intelligent and they have a list. If you aren't on their list and you stumble on you, do not engage it whatsoever. It will ignore you and look for its specified targets. Now, if you find yourself on the receiving end of an encounter, locked into its sights and is on its list, I hope you have several Dolls to back you up. Again, do not engage and do your best to escape if you are one of its targets.


- Ravager:


Another dangerous breed you don't want to encounter. With an armor-like shell encasing its body and claws that can rip through most metal, I'd advise in leaving the area as soon as you can. They are slow, so escape is possible, but unless you have the appropriate armament and the numbers, it's highly improbable that, alone, you'll be able to defeat it.


- Giant:


As their name implies, these are one of your larger variants of infected. Often averaging around three stories high, if even that. They aren't very intelligent and, with proper planning, a small group could easily dispatch one with out too much trouble. Don't let that get your hopes up too high, however, as they are very strong. If they don't crush you with their hands, they'll chomp through you as if you were a boneless chicken wing.


- Titan:


Larger and slightly smarter variants of their giant cousins, Titans come in a variety of mutations. Some have an armor-like shell on various parts of their bodies while others are just ridiculously strong. A tank round can slow them down, but the armor can't stop a rampaging titan. Easiest way to remove them is severe their head completely, otherwise there's a chance they can keep going at you until their body collapses.


- Behemoth: 13


Since the outbreak and these monsters were first discovered, a method of defeating even one of them as yet to have been found. They have been deterred and they have been forced away, but not a single one has been killed. Luckily, if you can call it luck, they don't chase after anything. Most of the time, they head towards a safe zone or a bunker and breach through its walls, bringing a swarm of infected with it to wreak havoc on the inside. Yet, once it has completed its task, it will leave the area. Fend yourself as best you can if one approaches, hopefully your colony or bunker and drive it off before it breaks through your walls.


- Alpha: 7


Behemoths were bad and often tore through walls and what-not, right? Alphas are far worse, ensuring that nothing is left in their wake. You remember that small colony to the south that you used to trade with and had some good friends living there? Yeah, it's gone and not even a scrap of metal can be found as a reminder, only a barren plain that looks like everything was pounded into the ground. Alpha's are another one of those 'impossible to defeat' variants that you hope you isn't headed your way. Fortunately, these guys don't seem to care about anything aside from smashing colonies into the ground. Most of the time, they sit idly in the big city, almost dormant. If you stumble across a sleeping Alpha, go ahead and climb all over it. Hell, it'd probably be safer riding on top of its head than wandering the Wastes.


- Omega: 1


No one knows where it comes from or where it disappears to, but they know that when it appears there is no hope. It literally leaves nothing behind, except a giant crater where the colony used to be... assuming it was even a colony. Some say the Great Chasm was formed by the Omega, but the Chasm itself is such a mystery that proving any kind of connection is difficult. If you see the Omega making its way towards your location, run. Run and don't look back, cause the chances of surviving the Omega is slim to none.

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This reminds me of Left 4 dead 2


I've only played that once


Count me in!


EDIT: Reading through this again, this seriously sounds like Left 4 dead 2


For becoming infected, is it like almost immediately or is it sort of a few days before the symptoms start to occur? And does it only happen by getting bitten or is it like world war z where even just a scratch can cause it? Oh yeah, and which of them can infect as well?


And do the reapers make a list based on what happened before they became all zombie-like or is it just random?


I'm going to try and get a sheet up


- Username: SULDhasno

- Character Name: Miteki Kurasuma

- Gender: Male

- Age: 18

- Type: Human

- Series:

- Description: He has short spiky black hair and a set of matching dark brown eyes. He seems pretty tall, which he is, partially from the usual style of his hair. Average build, a little bit on the scrawny side.

- Personality: A easy-going and relaxed person. Be it in the middle of a match in a game or a life or death situation he still keeps his somewhat apathetic or bored expression on his face. A rather 'meh' attitude to most things. Despite how he looks like he couldn't care less about it he takes gaming very, very seriously. May seem overall intimidating with him being tall and with his face expression but he actually is a relatively friendly person.

- History: Went from learning the alphabet straight to learning how to play counter-strike. Pretty much had a normal childhood life, aside from constantly topping his classes and playing video games and doing homework in his room almost simultaneously. He accomplished both with flying colours. All his teachers liked him, and hardly any students hated him. It may be because a possible confrontation with him possibly out of jealousy and overall violent tendencies caused a couple of broken noses. Of course, the victim came out relatively unscathed.

- Other:


I might make another?

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((I did get a lot of my inspiration of infected variants from L4D2, yes. It's a bit difficult creating zombies and also being original. Yet, where my originality falls into play (I'd like to think) is the last three, the big three. Behemoths, who represent the 13 apostles; the Alphas, who represent the Archangels; and the Omega, which by now I'm sure you can guess who it represents.


Anyway, it takes several months for the infection to go into affect and I plan on doing a few skips at the beginning to actually get us into the action. There's just a few parts I want to play out first before actually delving into the flesh of the story. As for after the outbreak, it really depends on the individual on how long it takes to change from there. Some take a few moments, others can take up to a few weeks, but most infected are capable of spreading the source in a variety of manners. Biting, scratching, licking, etc. Hell, if you fall into a pool of their blood and you have an open wound, you're good as gone.


I hope this answered most of your questions and I also hope the link I sent you answers a few more. Let me know if there's anything else I need to explain.))

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Sorry, I don't get what you are referring to with the apostles and archangels. But thanks for the clarification.


Although, I still have another question. Sorry for firing so many at you. Is shooting or decapitating them or otherwise damaging their head the only way to kill them or is it like L4D where even a body shot may be enough?


EDIT: Is my dude accepted? My char sheets tend to be on the short side...


It would be cool if it had silencers that actually make as much noise as all those video games make them out to be...

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Decapitation is the guaranteed method, considering the virus stems from a neurological link. Plus, the majority of infected variants operate through a hive mind. So, a hole can be blown through their torso and they'll still come at you.


As for your character, he's approved... I was just waiting to see if you were gonna throw in another one or not.


Lastly... IRL silencers... as I'm certain you're aware, don't actually silence the ejection of a round, nor is it completely possible. They do muffle it, but its main purpose is hide the flash that would usually expose you.

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This looks interesting. Count me in!


- Username: babyrodent

- Character Name: Camilla Nervi

- Gender: Female

- Age: 15

- Type: Human

- Series:

- Description: She has light tanned skin, wavy dark red hair usually in a ponytail, and gray-blue eyes; Camilla stands at 5'5" tall with an hourglass figure and a slight limp in her left ankle.

- Personality: While upbeat and optimistic at times, she's mostly cowardly. However, she is also intelligent as well and hopes to use this intelligence more than her fearfulness. Whenever she is not busy with schoolwork or studying, she would be playing video games and tending to her younger brother.

- History: Camilla had a normal childhood, being the middle child of an Italian family, until she was 10 years old when she was in a car accident that left her limp in her left ankle and her older brother dead. After recovery, readjustment into normal life was difficult as she no longer had someone to look up to and now had to mentor her little brother, even after getting into high school.

- Other:

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I'm not sure if I'm still going to add in another guy, I probably will, but I'm not sure when that's going to happen...


Yeah, I know that silencers are mainly to suppress muzzle flash and the sound is still about 130 decibels. Or something.


Ok, so it has to be a hit to the head. Reminds me of what's it called Contagion or something. I think it's called that.


I am seriously a game nerd that ironically doesn't spend a lot of time playing video games.



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All that is needed is a Boomer like infected, and then something like the Witch, and then this becomes a Left4Dead 2 RP.


Yes I am going to make another character. I have decided. I'll try and get it up now...


I might not be able to finish it now, but...


- Username: SULDhasno

- Character Name: Talia

- Gender: Female

- Age: Looks about 20, is actually about less than a year old

- Type: Doll

- Series: Series II

- Description: She has long red hair that she usually keeps in a ponytail, with a set of matching olive eyes. She is really quite tall, about on the average of 22 year olds, and with her usual cold-seeming face she does verge a little on the intimidating side, which she can sometimes be.

- Personality: A little on the arrogant side, Talia comes out as a slightly hot-headed person who isn't really the type you want to mess around with. Also a rather reckless person who is perfectly capable and quite likely the most probable to step up to a 1v200 situation, of course the 1 side being her. She is quite good, no, very good at ending things like lives and can do it rather easily. Fortunately she enjoys ending zombie apocalypse victims more than ending things like people. Although she is quite capable of recklessly jumping into a horde of zombie apocalypse victims guns blazing she is actually very intelligent, although sometimes she doesn't bother using it.

- History:

- Other: Can I still have a digistruct-ing katana?

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I think they act pretty much like humans yes.


As for character maximums I'm not sure, but he did seem to allow me to make two so I think two is fine?

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@SULD: There's individualism in each Doll that gives them their own unique characteristics, but their frames and basic internal structure is all built on a production line. I get that you're probably a big fan of Zer0 and he was indeed a badass character, but my leeway only goes so far in respects to doll characters.


Like most dolls, he would have come out of production like the others and started his own form of self-development. Not to say he couldn't break off his own digits so he only had four fingers, but he wasn't built with a visor or some fancy nano suit. They were meant to resemble a human to the point where a human wouldn't know the difference. Of course, there are "brands" on their bodies that identify them, but aside from that... it's hard to notice a difference upon first glance.


Sorry if I seem rather picky, but this particular story I've been working on for years, many years actually. So, if you would please revise your character, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks!


As for their personalities and actions, yes, they respond and act almost exactly like a human would. They would even show fear in certain aspects, such as on the verge of death, or abuse, etc.


There are no character limits, so feel free to make as many as you think you can handle.

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You are no longer only you.

I am no longer only me.

You are now both of us.

All three of us, in fact.

Yes, all three of us.

You will never be normal again.

I won't?

Not unless you find a way to reduce three back to one.

Is that even possible?

Not if we can help it.

So you give me no choice.

No, it would be like murder. We exist.

You exist? But you are me.

Yes, we are all you, so would you kill yourself?

If it meant I became me again.

Pity it will be harder than you think.

Just means I have to try.




There was a storm on the plains today. Lightning shot from the skies across the dunes and struck the rocks which had precariously placed themselves in the open. Winds tore up the dirt as though an argument had gone wrong between the earth and the sky. Dust clouded the vision. But there was no rain.

There was never rain.

A man and a woman stood next to a broken down car, allowing the wind to blow past them as though there was nothing wrong at all. The man looked human. The woman looked human. But here, appearances were deceiving.

The man drew a watch from his side and sighed.

"My contact has gone missing." he grimaced, commenting quietly, his voice barely audible above the storm. "We're leaving."

"To where?"

"The next contact, if possible. And if he is dead too, then we're out of communication, and we're out of the loop."

"And... then what?"

"We give up and let ourselves die, or something." the man stated flatly. "We're losing almost all social interaction with the outside world."

"We could talk to each other."

"And I enjoy every day of that, but talking won't feed us and talking won't protect us from ... them."

He turned back to the broken down car and frowned. He kicked it over, infuriated, the metal rebelling as his foot caused the entire vehicle to flip over three times and land in a heap.

This was all a load of senseless trash. How had everything come to this? This desperation? This mindless deprivation? This madness?

He placed a hand on his face as the memories began to return to him, the storm overhead quieting as he began to recall...




Three Months Earlier


"And now, presenting the information regarding the new drug, which was brought before the FDA roughly four months ago -Four months, right Diane? Four months ago. - we have a direct video call going with the leader of the team which produced this miraculous medication. Dr. Alan... Leonards?"

"That's right."

"And so I think we all know what your drug does. I mean, honestly, I used it when it first came out, and I tell you almost every single back problem I had went away within the first day."

"Honestly, that's only a side effect, John. That's part of the rejuvenation process."

"Rejuvenation process? That's what you call it?"

"Your cells are being rebuilt without constant overzealous replication, which is what would have led to cancer."

"I see."

"I mean I can't reveal the whole method yet. Still bound by contract to the company until we get the patents worked out, you understand."

"Oh yes. And we didn't call you up about that, Dr. Leonards. We called you up to talk about your feelings about this new fame you and your team have achieved. I mean, a doctor going from being an amateur fresh out of college to a prestigious celebrity? That's gotta feel odd."

"It did. Still does. I mean, my wife and I have had to deal with a lot of the ...fallout, of that, I guess. People trying to discover how we did it. Contracts we've had to sign. Deals we've had to make."

"Wasn't easy, eh?"

"Not in the slightest. But as long as the world benefits from what we do, I think I can deal with something like this. I'm just happy to hear you're feeling better."

"Now isn't that bedside manner for you? Now, Dr. Leonards, our biggest question to you is - what's next? With this new innovation changing the way the world looks at medication, and leading to a multitude of new ideas and paths we can follow, just what are you planning on doing after this?"

"That's just the thing John,

I have no idea."




He laid upon his bed with her next to him, both of them human, both of them alive, and both of them promised a longer life thanks to something he had made.

Within their veins, right then, was a medication allowing them to live forever, constantly healing dying cells, preventing their bodies from deteriorating. Somehow, he had done it. After two thousand years of fruitless searches, humanity had found - through him and his team - the final treasure.

Now there was peace. There was calm subtlety. There was finally a chance to relax. To build his life with his wife.

Nothing could go wrong.

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((@SULD: Your sheet looks good to me, welcome to Infected.))


"Why do you always get so nervous before you give a speech? Look, Dr. Leonards did just fine."


"Large crowds don't settle well with me and I'm sure you've seen the audience by now. It's not like that interview I was in a few months back, where it was just a small group of people and all of you."


"What's the matter, little brother, got butterflies in your stomach again? If you need me to, I can just go tell them you aren't feeling very well and we can all this off."


By this point, there were only a few minutes left before the young boy, renowned for his thesis that led up to this point and the humanoid creations he had just recently announced a few months prior. With all this, and being only 16 years of age, bearing down on his shoulders, it had been expected that the boy would be nervous. Still, being antagonized by both his siblings, in their own manner, was growing more irritable than helpful.


"Shut up, Damien. I can handle myself fine, I just need to clear my mind first. Now, do I look alright?"


Wearing a suit that had to be tailored specifically for his short stature and having just recently cut his usually nappy brown hair into a medium fade, the boy found his arms being raised up by his younger sister as she proceeded to look him over. It felt more like he was being scrutinized rather than being assessed, but she merely stepped up to him and adjusted his tie and then stepped back again.


"I'd recommend not examining ever individual out there with that eye of yours. Its glow might freak out some of the... newer representatives that aren't familiar with that incident a few years back."


"Maybe you could just wear a pair of shades or something, I'm sure they wouldn't put up a fuss about it."


"I'll try not to, but the software is still fairly new and I'm not used to the tech yet. It kind of automatically does it by itself."


"Next up, we'd like to welcome one of our honored guests, I'm sure a lot of you have heard about this boy prodigy by now, please welcome to the set, Erik Knight!"


As the applauding began to echo throughout the corridors, the boy looked at each of his siblings and a new wave of nervousness washed over him. Sighing, the girl placed a hand over her face, shaking her head as if she was disappointed, but Damien knelt down and whispered something into his younger brother's ear.


"Remember, Mom and Dad are watching and I'm sure Tina is out there waiting to watch you give your speech. Do you want her to see you like this?"


With his face going red for a moment, the boy shook his head and took in a deep breath before smiling at his older brother. Then, he promptly walked out onto the stage where his interview began. Meanwhile, still standing on the sidelines, Damien and their younger sister stood by for a moment before the girl asked Damien a question.


"What'd you tell him?"


"That'd I'd show Tina his magazine collection if he didn't man up."


"Erik has a magazine collection? Since when?"


"What, do you go through his stuff? How would you know if he did or didn't have any?"


"Obviously cause he doesn't exert, much less promote, his perverse nature unlike someone else. By the way, I just sent a text to Mom telling her where your precious magazines are hidden."




"Holovids, too."


"Mina! I swear, if you really did such a thing, I'm going to..."


"See, I said you were perverted."


Fuming, Damien stormed off while Mina stood by and continued to watch Erik for a moment longer before following suit. This process would take a while and then there would be formal greetings, interviews and all sorts of other inquiries before Erik would have a chance to leave. Reliably, Tina was sitting within the crowd and would help alleviate whatever stress Erik garnered during the following events.




Back at home, Erik and Damien were currently arguing while Mina was simply sipping on her drink in the corner, watching the two as if they were a film. In the kitchen, their mother was currently working on making dinner and their father was in his own lab, an extension to their house by the company he worked for, Space Plane Transportation Corporation.

Finally, the arguing was halted as Damien placed a hand to his head, his face contorting as if he were in pain and Erik, now concerned, looked him over for signs of anything that might be causing his irritation. Of course, Damien denied there was anything wrong, proclaiming it was just a massive headache induced both by the arguing and his day at work. Being 21 years of age, five years older than Erik, he had been the first to bring the Knight family onto the podium. Mina was three years younger, just entering her teenage years two months ago, and shared a bond with Erik that often brought Damien's misfortune, especially when it was something the two planned out.

Moments later, their mother started to bring food out to the table and instructed Erik to grab their father from the lab. Surely, more and more of these days would come into light after all the achievements they've accomplished recently.

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Miteki sat back. He had been clicking rapidly for the past few hours, and finally looked away from his computer screen, instead looking at another screen. It was saying something about the Dr. Alan Leonards and his immortality medicine. Or something. He didn't really follow the news about this stuff. He looked at it for a few more moments and turned back to his screen.


((I'll figure out how to put in Talia))

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Erik Night.

A child prodigy. At a young age, he had already written his first, prestigious article and had it published in a medical journal, with detailed theories and hypothesis about how his machines - Dolls - could work and assist in daily life. Not surprisingly, he had earned multiple grants thanks to that display. With the help of the numerous sources of funding - including his own family - he managed to construct the first Doll.

When Alan had been younger and seen the Dolls, he had been completely enthralled by the equally young man's idealisms and genius. He'd also - admittedly - been jealous of the boy's obvious skill when it came to things like that. But the jealousy had been overcome as with all things. Envy would do him no good here, because this was the world of scientific achievement and advancement. You created something and you threw it out to the world, and it was yours, but it was also everyone's. There was no point in feuding about it.

However, Erik's advancements had assisted in Alan's own progress. Using Dolls, Alan could safely test his drug without using human subjects - an act which was later deemed by the bureau to be ethical, considering the fact that

the Dolls could easily be reconstructed. Some people later argued that this was malicious against Dolls, which exhibited their own consciousness and intelligence.

Alan had been forced to ignore that, and it was somewhat of a black stain on his reputation. Though he HAD successfully created the drug, he had also caused a stir with HOW he had done it. And to the populace, that didn't seem to matter, whether he had done a great good or a great evil, the ends didn't justify the means.


Alan was awoken from his thoughtful stupor by Fiona placing a tray in front of him and smiling.

"We have a Doll for that, you know." Alan replied, pensive.

"We do, but I felt that it seemed you needed a personal touch." Fiona responded, taking a seat by him. "You're doing it again, after all."

"Am I?" Alan blinked for a moment, concerned.

"You are."

"Oh damn it all." Alan shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. He had a habit of being entranced in his own, little world when his thoughts gripped him, and it took him a long while to break free of the process. Even if he spoke like he wasn't thinking, it was a ruse.

"It's fine. It's not as though anything important is happening. Where else can a man think but within his own home?" Fiona asked, leaning against him. "What were you thinking about?"

"My own reputation and scientific achievement, I guess." Alan said, sighing. "I worry if I did the right thing."

"You did."

"But did I?"

"You did." Fiona assured.

"I'll trust your better judgment." Alan smiled, rubbing her shoulder.

The two sat in quiet contemplation for a while, as the silent environment of their house allowed them to do so.

This.... this was peace.

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Since the announcement had passed, Erik had spent several days off of work with his family, essentially celebrating the success' the company had recently achieved. Of course, at some point, he felt the need to return to the labs and continue researching better, more efficient, if not more elaborate, structural designs for the Dolls. Something that would bring them closer to humanity, closer in resemblance to the beings they were supposed to represent.

Dinner had just passed and everyone was settling down when an idea struck him. For weeks, he had been enhancing prosthetic designs, incorporating a hydroelectric type engine that would both process the oxygen in blood and use the same flow to distribute power. Yet, despite that having been a huge success earlier in his career, it still felt incomplete to him. There was more that could be done that would lessen the separation between man and machine, to limit the restrictions between biology and technology even further. What he had been working on before the large progression on the Dolls, had been a frame that would incorporate a human's DNA, process and then duplicate it within its own system. Simply, through the aid of nanotechnology and some grafting, Erik could develop a prosthetic that was a human arm. It would grow and mend, using a synthetic alloy that, once separated from its heat source, would harden into a durable alloy. Based on the instructions of the DNA, the metal would expand, duplicate and then settle again into its new form, breaking and mending into the shape the DNA required. Growing.

Yes, Erik had, albeit secretly, developed a few prosthetic limbs that did just that. Unfortunately, the material was difficult to make and limited greatly what he was able to accomplish. Of course, if he had a team, then he would be able to harvest all the necessary materials needed to make more and maybe, just maybe, he'd be able to develop a Doll's frame that would be able to do just that. In his tests, however, a large power source was needed to keep the alloy in a liquid state and it would have to be contained within one section of the frame before dispersing to the necessary areas. This was what he wanted to continue working on and it was coming time for his next replacement anyway. Maybe, he would be able to field test one of his prototypes much sooner than expected.

Standing at the sink, in one of the bathrooms at the lab, Erik stared back at himself. A scar from just above his right eyebrow extended down just shy of his cheekbone. An incident several years back had left him blinded in his right eye, but with the aid of his own mother and a few other specialists, they were able to return his sight to him, but the end result wasn't as magnificent as most thought. Sure, from afar it was difficult to tell whether his eye was a prosthetic or not until a dim red light flashed. It occurred when he began analyzing the area, whether intentionally or not, but it had brought whispers between the reporters.

Erik had been an experiment of his own origin, grafting a neural link that helped him analyze objects more in depth and process information more rapidly than the average human. It wasn't uncommon to have slight augments in this time, but he was the first to combine it with biotech. Yet, every so often he needed to switch the replacement when lag began to settle in. Even after processing updates, the lag couldn't affect basic human tissue. That's where this prototype would come into play. With the nanotech and a more natural connection process, there was a possibility Erik would never have to replace his eye again.

After spending another few moment, contemplating on the matter, Erik splashed water on his face and left the restroom, walking down the dimly lit and empty halls, stopping in one of the offices. Tapping on a screen, a list of names and contact information began scrolling through the air until it stopped, hovering over a single name in particular.

"Diz, contact Dr. Alan Leonards for me and leave this message.

Mr. Leonards, I take it you're enjoying your much needed vacation time. I hope the Doll is bidding well in your home and that your wife is healthy. Now, in no way am I requiring you to bring an end to these moments, but I would like to invite you to the labs to... assist with one of my newer projects. I extend my invitation to your team as well, but the matter isn't near as dire as to involve them at this moment. For the most part, I would just like your opinion at the moment and would like to showcase my recent experiments. You know how to contact me, so don't feel hesitant in giving me a call after you have discussed with your wife what you would like to do. I wish you a pleasant evening and I hope to see you soon."




Meanwhile, in northern Brazil, several patients have been brought into the medical clinic, complaining of severe and strange voices, or noises, echoing in their minds. What the cause was, the doctors have yet to determine and heavy inflammatory medications in combination with muscle relaxants seems to put the patients at ease. Even then, however, the patients are being withheld until further notice.


2 Weeks after Fountain of Life was released to the public.

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Camilla remembered being in her hospital bed with a cast on her leg and an IV in her arm. The next thing she knew, she was having breakfast and the doctor tells her and her family that her older brother didn't make it from the crash. Then she returned home, though she was very hesitant to return to the family vehicle after given time to heal.


This was 5 years ago. Now she was grown to become 15.


"Would you like to try the new drug?" A common question that people keep on asking her, since they saw her limp, but over and over, Camilla would politely answer "No." She didn't think that she needed it for her limp-- no, she thought that she would miss school if she went in to get it administered and thus have poor grades. That, of course, would set a poor example to her younger brother.


Still, Camilla couldn't help but notice Erik Knight's image on the news and ponder about how nice it would be if she did get the Fountain of Life for her limp, if it was possible.


((Sorry if this is late, I was really busy over the week!))

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Alan sat upon his favorite chair, contemplating his recent escapades. Fiona had wandered off, getting dressed for her own job. Things were going as usual in the mornings at the Leonards household. He sighed inwardly as he leaned back in the chair, considering all of his options.

"Message for you, sir."

The young, maid doll - Iris - said as she bowed to him, after having appeared by his side. He turned, interested, his finger placed on his chin.

"Oh? One of the other team members?" Alan asked, confused. "Or am I being called on another project?"

"The former is incorrect. The latter seems to partially correct." Iris replied. "It seems Sir Erik Knight desires your presence at your earliest convenience."

"Does he? For what?" Alan asked, shifting his weight to face her.

"The message is vague. He just wishes to make contact apparently. He has listed his information, which I already had, just in case I did not." she cocked her head. "Shall I play it back for you?"

Alan nodded. She relayed the message to him, down to the last letter.

"I see...." Alan rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"Will you be replying?" Iris asked.

"Of course. Send a message to Randall and Richard. Tell them that we're meeting with the famous Dr. Knight." Alan said.

"What about Dr. Summers? " Iris replied.

"She's currently away on vacation in the Keys. She wouldn't be able to make it. And I don't want her to feel her vacation is rushed, especially since it's with Phillip."

"How courteous." Iris praised.

"Thank you. And as for Dr. Knight...."

He pulled out his laptop, pressing a few keys to prepare the message quickly, to last received message's address.

"Dear Dr. Knight,

It would be my privilege to meet with you to discuss whatever projects you feel you would like my attention with. As it is, I have no current obligations to my current employer, as the success of our recent creation has given me quite a bit of leeway. I will warn you in advance that I'm bringing in my geologist and mathematics expert Dr. Randall Cooper and my chemist and biology expert Dr. Richard Stone. I can vouch personally for their integrity and intelligence, and assure you that they will in no way hamper or ruin the progress of your project, whatever it may be.

If this is not agreeable, I do not mind coming alone, but I like having their input considering their areas of expertise. At what time and at what location shall we set up this meeting, to discuss the project in more detail?"

When he finished, Fiona had already returned, heading to the door.

"That sounded official and important. More work, finally?" Fiona asked, placing her hand on the doorknob.

"Perhaps. It depends on how this meeting goes."

"I hope it goes well, then. Stay safe! Love you!" Fiona waved, in a hurry, as she headed out the door to the car.

"Love you too!" Alan called out as he pondered how this was going to go.

And why?

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Within his private lab, Erik was in the process of making some final adjustments to his prototype eye when Diz made contact with him. Setting down his tools and pausing on his work, Erik took the time to simultaneously read through Alan's message and pull up the files of the other two associates he had mentioned. Randall Cooper and Richard Stone, both as seasoned in their fields as they were in their age. Having them involved shouldn't pose too much of a problem, especially since Erik had left an open invitation for Dr. Leonards to bring his team.

"I'm certain with their assistance, I'll be able to successfully transplant this new piece without much issue. Mother would complain and refuse her aid if I told her it was only a prototype that I was putting in my skull. Anyway, Diz, please make a visit to Dr. Leonards residence with the preplanned package. I'm almost certain our good friend invited his colleagues to meet up with him first."


"Is that all you request of me?"


"Have him grab me something from McDonald's on his way over. It doesn't matter what and have the funds transferred to his account as compensation. I just want to make sure these final adjustments are made and the error is less than .0001% if I can get it that precise."


"Recent test readings indicated a .0027% fault delay. I have left a map showing where the errors are being found."


"Thank you, Diz. I'll get right on that then."


Without further exchange of words, Erik pulled up the map Diz had indicated and highlighted the sections with the highest error readings. Meanwhile, Diz was already making her way through the lines until she came up on the holopanel within Alan Leonards residence. Waving at the Doll who was moving on to deal with other chores, Diz proceeded through the residence until finding Mr. Leonards himself.


"Pardon the intrusion, Mr. Leonards. I've been personally sent to relay Master Knights reply to your message and a request on his part.


Master Knight has requested you and your team to meet him in the Norther Wing of the main lab within the next few hours. A list of tools is being sent to your communicator that your team will need to grab from the South Wing first and he also requests a random selection of food product from McDonald's if it wouldn't pose a problem for you. All funds will be compensated for upon purchase, he merely requests that you purchase enough not only for him but your team as well.


As for the details on the project, Master Knight has requested that I leave it to his personal explanation instead of relaying through message. Saying it will be more efficient to explain in detail, in person, rather than over a message system.


That is all and I wish you a pleasant day."


Waving to the Doctor, Diz's image flickered before disappearing entirely as she began traveling back to the labs. As she was passing through the digital security checks, a red light flashed through the database but quickly disappeared. It drew her attention momentarily before she found herself back in the lab Erik was working in.


"I have relayed the message to Mr. Leonards and upon my return, there was a warning message that quickly disappeared, coming from the East Wing. Shall I investigate?"


"East Wing, huh? That's the genetics and geneology lab area. Someone probably forgot to seal up Emmanuel's cage again, so he's probably running about and tripping some of the silent alarms. Don't fret about it, I'll have one of the assistants from the Wing take care of it when they get back, he'll get hungry and return to his cage on his own anyway."


"Understood. I also ran another test for you and the error reading has dropped to .0011% delay. I have highlighted and updated your map to show the new error report."


"Once again, thank you, Diz. For being so proactive and taking initiative, take the time to enjoy that game you like so much. Once I'm finished with these next few adjustments, I'll have you run a final scan and a few simulations before I have the team proceed with the transplant."


Erik cringed slightly as Diz let out an excited reply before apologizing and withdrawing herself into a simulation module that had been designed specifically for her. It was to test her capabilities and draw out her limitations so that Erik could make a few adjustments so she could continue to grow. Emotion was one of her more recently acquired functions and, at first, it had left her nervous and a little freaked out, but she came to enjoy the sensation. Dolls had a similar, pre-programmed variant of an emotion simulator, but it was an open feed that allowed it develop on its own based on each Doll's experience. This is how they further developed a form of individuality between each other. Something to make them resemble a human that much more.

Sure, the program couldn't perfectly imitate human emotion, but Erik relied on the mysterious ghost to close that gap. For the most part, it had been a success, but there were a few individuals that didn't go beyond their base programming. Instead of discarding them, however, Erik kept them around the labs to assist the other doctors when necessary and they made progress on certain tasks run much more smoothly.




Meanwhile, in the Eastern Wing, something was stirring deep in the lab. A light laugh resonated in the area around the individual who was within, who was tampering with several of the vials and running a few tests through the terminal. Holding the vial up in the dim light, the person peered at it for several moments before clutching it tightly and setting it to the side. Whatever was within the vile was certainly malicious, as the test rats had all receded into the corners of their cages, trying in vain to keep away from the substance.

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The next thing before she realized it, Camilla keeps seeing advertisements for the Fountain of Youth drug and to sign up for a free trial of the drug itself. Sometimes she would be stopped by one of the employees selling the drug when they saw her limp and often ask her if she would like to enter into the free trial. Camilla was anxious about the concept of using the drug, but after a while, it seemed to be ingrained into her on the idea of taking the trial. The more she thought about it, the less worried she was about her limp being a problem.


But for now, the only answer she can now give was "Let me ask my parents first." Then she would walk away as usual. On one hand, she was very uncertain if her family would accept her doing this, especially if she was going to miss days away from school and become a poor model to her younger brother. On the other hand, she wants to remove the physical reminder of the car crash and the death of her older brother.


Finally, Camilla gave into the idea of getting the Fountain of Life and carefully approached one of the tables available and asked the very first thing that came to her mind to one of the workers with her mind made up: "Where do I sign up?"



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Randall Cooper.

Geologist. Mathematician. Country boy. Those three words were what Randy liked to call himself. And that's all he needed as a description. In fact, Alan remembered when that used to be on his business card.

The man spoke as though he could drink two bottles of whiskey without passing out yet thought like a man who could build the lever to move the world - AND knew what every rock in the world weighed. His entire existence had been devoted to that, so much so that he had forgotten to find himself in any form of relationship, even at his age of 27. But it didn't bother him much, though Alan was sure it would eventually.

Randall stood at roughly 5'9, with frazzled, unkempt brown-black hair and blue eyes. He had a beard that reached to the top of his chest, which he prided himself upon.

Richard Stone.

Ironically, not a geologist. Richard loved nature though, and was very adamant in his stern belief that to better one's own self, one should understand what one IS, down to the last cell. As such, his work in Biology and Anatomical Research had led him to write numerous medical journals which had garnered him a lot of attention. He had also been the project lead, Alan being his second in command. Considering his firm hand, his leadership, and his knowledge of the body, he'd been the best choice for leader in the operation. His no-nonsense methodology made him seem rude, but he could be a friendly type when he needed to be. He was 25, but his presence made him seem much older. He wore glasses, and liked to stay in shape due to his love for the body and his respect for it. He was clean shaven. His hair was black and his eyes were brown.

The two of them arrived almost in tandem, Randall coming from a local bar where he spent his lunch hours, in calm and solitude, and Richard coming from his own home as well, where he'd been watching the children until his wife returned while contemplating his next step.

"You're lucky my wife came back shortly after you called. I would have had to turn down your offer, Alan." Richard said, checking his watch. "As it is, I only have about an hour before I have to return home and gather my things for the night shift."

"Night shift? Where?" Alan asked, turning in his chair.

"Unlike you pair of useless vagabonds, I actually went out and found a new project under Blackstone." Richard smirked, his arm going back down to his side. "Of course, information regarding the project is, as always..."

"Confidential unless you're a privy party. We all signed those sort of contracts before, Richie." Alan waved dismissively. "Not that I particularly care about the specifics. I am happy to hear you're getting back into the world. What about you, Randall?"

"I was drinking." Randall shrugged. "Why should we bother headin' back out into the world and doing anythin' after the amount of money got from the development of our crownin' achievement? Pers'nlly, I've just been enjoyin' life outside a lab."

"You would do that even if you weren't wealthy, Randy." Richard stated.

"Oh. True." Randall rubbed his nose. "But I have more money to do it with. I've been considerin' a vacation like Summer took."

"Oh, to where?" Alan asked.

Before Randall could answer, the face of Diz appeared on his screen.

"Ain't that that Erik boy's machine girl or somethin'?" Randall asked, arms crossed. "I guess you weren't kiddin' about this being a project for him."

"You thought I would lie?" Alan asked, as Diz left. Randall shrugged.

"Nah. Just thought it was odd is all. But why McDonald's?"

"Because it's quick or cheap? I don't know."

"Well I'm fine. I ate at the bar." Richard held up his hand.

"I ate at home." Richard commented.

"I already ate, too." Alan said, standing to his feet. "So I say we just go about it."

"Agreed. No use in wasting time. Did you get the tool list?"

"Of course." Alan held it up, smiling. "I wouldn't forget something like that."

As the three of them left, Iris locked the door behind them, waving, her protocol being set to guard while they were away.




"This is that boy's lab? THIS?" Randall whistled, holding a hand above his eyes to shield them from the sun.

"Don't you watch the news?" Richard turned, confused.

"Yeah but... I thought this was his HOUSE." Randall replied, gesturing. "If our lab had been that big..."

"It's part house, part lab." Alan rolled his eyes. "Probably. It doesn't matter. What DOES matter is the work we do here today."

He placed his hand on the door, the front door sliding open, showing that Erik HAD registered him as a guest. Anyone else, and the door would have stayed as solid as a titanium shield.

"Swanky." Randall whispered, the three heading in in an organized fashion. They stepped through the halls of the South Wing, gazing upon the architecture. Everything was sanitized by Dolls. Everything was tended to by Dolls. Alan thought it fitting.

They grabbed the tools from the back lab and proceeded north, signs showing them the path to Erik's current area, probably programmed by Diz or Erik himself. As soon as they came upon the door, Alan stepped forward, slightly anxious.

"Master Knight is expecting you, you know."

Alan almost jumped as he turned to see a Doll dressed like Iris but with shorter hair standing behind him, confused.

"Huh?" Alan asked.

"Please don't knock on the door or speak loudly. Master Knight is working on a very precise project right now. Loud noises could disrupt the craft."

"Ah... I see."

"Apologies if I sounded blunt, Sir Alan and company. I was told to inform you of this upon your arrival. I was also asked to provide you with these lab coats."

"Ah. Thank you." Alan said quietly, accepting his graciously and putting them on. Randall and Richard placed theirs on as well, curious.

"He knew my exact measurements. This fits quite well... Unnerving." Richard said, flexing his arm.

"Damn. Wish we'd had coats like this in our old lab." Randall complimented.

"And these safety goggles, of course." the Doll added, retrieving them from a bag at her side.

"Thank you very much!" Alan said in a loud whisper. "Your creator thinks of everything, doesn't he?"

"Well of course, sir. He prides himself upon the treatment of guests. Your arrival today has him in high spirits, though he probably would not have liked me telling you that."

"He's happy to see us?"

"Indeed. And with that, unless you require anything further, such as a drink, there is a call button in Master Knight's room."

She walked off quietly, leaving the three of them to shrug and walk in. As soon as they entered, Alan cast a gaze around the room, impressed.

"Busy?" Alan jested in a whisper, laying the bag of food he'd bought gently on a table nearby. From the look of things, he was more than busy, he was very focused.


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Wearing a security outfit that was more unkempt than it was professional, a young woman with short brunette hair, almost golden eyes and fair skin tapped on Camilla's shoulder to draw her attention. Despite her general appearance, the young girl smiled warmly at the other and motioned for her to step away from the counter so that they may be able to speak.


"If you're looking to register, we have a few monitors along the eastern hallway that will get you in the system. Of course, there's a rather long wait list and a few procedures we must do first before you actually receive the injection, but there's also a priority list that you have a chance of getting on due to your condition.


Umm, there was something else I was supposed to inform you of, but I can't quite recall what it was. Forgive me. Anyway, I'll lead you to the monitors, so we can get you signed up. If you have any questions or just want to chat, my name is Audrey Gale, I'm with Security Team 60."


Some of the basic procedures were gathering current medical information, such as allergies and any recent appointments or basic medical examinations. Yet, one thing that was prioritized was a blood sample so that they could determine which strand to inject. Unwilling to cause adverse effects, doctors took priority in making sure the right person received the right strand of the Fountain of Life injection and took all the necessary precautions. Some clinics even required dental records and optometry results.




Erik remained silent for a little while, even after the small group's arrival, carefully making the adjustments he needed based on the last reading Diz had given him. Once he came to a pause, without even looking he reached into the bag of food and pulled out a burger and taking a rather large first bite out of it. With his free hand, the boy scratched at the back of his head, as if pondering, continuing to take out large chunks of the burger until only the wrapper remained.


"Not anymore and thanks for the food, a bit high in sodium but it was still fairly juicy. A delicacy you don't get often from a fast food joint. Anyway, I bet you're all wondering why I called you in this evening. Well, I'll be blunt about it. You see, this thing here is a little prototype and revolves around a unique piece of tech that's still in its experimental stages. Dr. Stone and Dr. Leonards, the two of you will be assisting in transplanting this piece of technology with its predecessor that currently sits in the right side of my face."


Without even pausing, Erik rolled down through the lab to a table that was already mostly prepped for the process, he only flicked on a few lights and booted up the program necessary. Turning in his chair to face the group, the boy stood and held out his left arm, where a series of lights began flicking on and displaying a various assortment of frames for dolls and a sheet of metal that the group could examine and mess with.


"As for the other project, and the reason you probably should have purchased more food, is this piece of material that I'm currently working with. Something more durable than the tungsten frames we're currently using, yet much lighter and highly conductive. I've given it the name Aegithium. What I want the three of you to do is, well, analyze it and do some research. Provide me with some ideas and create ideas of your own. One of my own plans is using it for our military vehicles, equipping them with a thin outer shell. It should significantly reduce the weight while simultaneously providing superior protection against enemy firearms.


Anyway, for the primary event. Dr. Stone, if you would grab the piece of technology that I was fumbling with just moments ago, I'd like to get this procedure underway as soon as possible. Tina should be arriving within the few hours and I don't want her seeing me lacking an eye. If you were in my position, wouldn't you feel the same way?"


((For those who might be interested, this is Audrey Gale. I'll get more in-depth with her as we progress, but you'll also be meeting her teammates soon as well.))

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