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Tea's Artwork

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So, I'm an average artist who enjoys doing pixel artwork and drawings of animals and fandom characters, with the occasional original art.


My DeviantArt (I usually flood my deviantart with FNAF-related stuff. Sorry, I'm such a nerd : P )


Examples of my artwork:

user posted imageuser posted image Images of my own dragon species. It's called the Lantern Pygmy. <3



http://aerokirby.deviantart.com/art/Freddy...F52182838&qo=18 And here we see Tea being a fantrash nerd. Hooray.


Requests? Fill in the form:


[b]Forum username:[/b]
[b]What should I draw?[/b]
[b]Payment method[/b] (eggs or DeviantArt points are accepted)[b]:[/b]


Request list:


{None yet}

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