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DC Photography Contest #110

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The theme for this photography contest is "Monument." It can be a natural or man-made, but ut has to be something permanent that has significance to someone's memory. Stonehenge or Easter Island, while a mystery to us, were not so to the people who built them. Devil's Tower in Yellowstone Park, USA, is a natural monument. You get the idea.


Two examples:


Mesa Verde, Colorado, USA


Devil's Tower, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA



The rules:


- One entry per person

- Picture has to be made by yourself and can't be just a reproduction of someone's work. If someone else's work is in the picture, there needs to be something extra.

- No manipulation besides basic photo adjustments (contrast, exposure, cropping, color balance, lighting, etc.)

- No text or framing in the photo. A signature/watermark is just fine, but it's preferable if you don't have "O Hai Eye Hav3 T3XT" (or something similar) present in the photo.

- When voting, please don't select your own image. This will ensure fairness.

- You are free to submit an old photo; you don't need to take a new one just for this competition.


Deadline: August 1


Previous themes:

1: Beginning anew

2: Simplicity

3: Summer

4: Wildlife

5: Black & White

6: Food

7: Macro

8: Farewell

9: Light and Shadow

10: Urban

11: In the home

12: Travel Photography

13: Pets

14: Red

15: Coupled Animals

16: Clouds

17: Green

18: Water

19: Scenic views

20: Invertebrates

21: Sunrise/Sunset

22: Purple

23: Out of Context

24: Snow

25: Flowers

26: Mountains

27: Old

28: Birds

29: Inanimate Objects

30: New Life

31: Play

32: Road

33: Leaves

34: People

35. Books

36. Statues

37. Nighttime

38. Candy

39: Fruits

40: Reflection

41: Transportation

42: Trees

43: Happiness

44: Communication

45: Youth

46: Colors

47: New Year

48: Music

49: Contrast

50: Pink

51: Spring

52: The first letter of your username

53: Party!

54. White

55. Weather

56: Buildings

57: Union

58: Doors, gates and windows

59: Texture

60: Pairs

61: Your Favourite

62: Mushrooms

63: Happy holidays

64: Treasure

65: Bells

66: Warmth

67: Blue

68: Center

69: Zoo

70: Memories

71: Chitin

72: Garden

73: Silhouette

74: Darkness

75: W

76: Small

77: Silly

78: Toys

79: Three

80: Autumn

81: Yellow

82: Macro

83. Horizon

84. Winter/Christmas

85: Skies

86: Baked Goods

87: Your Home town

88: Abandoned places

89: F

90: Fears

91: Adventure

92: Detail

93: Illumination

94: Colour Orange

95: Black and white

96: Abstract

97: Unnoticed

98: Fire

99: history

100: Bridges

101: Wild animal close ups

102: Street Lights

103: Hobby

104: Three

105: Eyes

106: Unappreciated

107: Desk

108: Opposites

109: Mechanical Parts

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It is in Chunwang Peak. Highest point in South Korea peninsula. It says "Here is source of Korean's sprit".

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I'm glad I won't have to vote on these. I'm finding them all fascinating. smile.gif

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I'm glad I won't have to vote on these. I'm finding them all fascinating. smile.gif

Hunh? Aren't you allowed to vote? unsure.gif

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I find it sort of gauche for the host of a competition to actually vote. Now, if a tie-breaker is needed, it's a bit different, but I'd still want to bring in a 3rd party to do that. Neutrality and fairness, I guess are the key in my thinking on that.

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Friendly reminder that entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m., EST, July 31. Voting will start August 1.

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Entry deadline for this contest has passed, and a poll thread opened for voting. Good luck, participants! I agree with BreSinue12. They are too awesome to choose only one. smile.gif

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