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The Radiant Prophecy

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Waves crash against the beach, sending foam flying high into the air. Several hundred meters from the shore desolate cliffs rise toward the stormy grey sky.


And from the waves comes a sleek, low-slung creature, which crawls just out of the water's reach before collapsing on the sand. Its body is long and graceful, covered in small, reflective scales. Those scales start out a gorgeous silver at the creature's head, but fade through to the purest white at the end of its tail.


A shimmerscale dragon.


Exhausted from her journey, Glimmer barely manages to beach herself before losing consciousness. As the blackness claims her, she manages to spare only one thought:


I'm going to get that wretched creature.

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With a slight tug, that brought only the smallest twinge of pain, Serena pulled her paw free. She sighed with intense relief, happy to finally be free of the dirt that had held her. She chuckled in her head, how dirt could have held her in place, she'd never know.


She turned, now having full mobility, to study her paw. It looked a little red, as if irritated, and just a little swollen. But otherwise, it looked fine. She turned to face the Golden ShimmerScale once more.


She noticed his ears flick, and he puffed his chest a bit. Typical male, but she couldn't help but smile, she appreciated his deeds more than he could ever know."Mekin Wayward, always and forever. And your name is?" With that, he bowed, with a grin plastered across his face.


Serena then felt her timid nature return to her. She pushed the feeling away, it'd be wrong not to say anything, she wasn't rude! With a smile she told him "Serena," and then she continued with "It is of great honor to make your acquaintance, Mekin." She nodded, and looked up into his eyes, they seemed to sparkle and breath with life.


Without thinking, she placed her bad paw onto the ground, and put weight onto it. With no warning, the horrid pain shot quickly through her nervous system. Startled, she let out a tiny shriek, and a small flame erupted from her mouth. She quickly recovered herself, and brought her paw up once more. She shook her head, this was bad.


She turned to look at the other dragons who had gathered, still discussing and conversing with one another. Maybe one of them could help? She turned back to Mekin, she wasn't aware of his magiacl ability's, but she really needed help.


"Mekin," she began "My paw, it is worse off then I had thought." She paused, the continued "I ask that if you don't have the magic yourself, if you would be able to lead me over to the other group, with so many others there, someone has got to be able to help me." "I wish not to be a burden upon you, but I won't be able to do much with this." She lifted her back paw, it looking a little worse off now then it did earlier. "Would you mind helping me over to them?"


(If Mekin is willing to help her, I was thinking he could lend her his shoulder, and they'll both walk over together, him helping to support her)


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A morning salad was well appreciated, and she munched away at the leaves and flowers with a gusto. Mm yum nom num! Her stomach filled up, and she chewed more slowly until she could not eat any more. Next was to find some water, of which the easiest way would be to ask for directions, and the more difficult way would be to explore until she happened upon some. Cane did not particularly want to associated with company at the moment, strangely enough, so she skittered and meandered aimlessly, familiarizing herself with the immediate area and onwards until she happened upon a babbling brook, where some hatchlings were playing in the water. Still feeling peculiarly antisocial, she located a place a bit further upstream to drink where she'd only be affected by splashes and droplets of water from their rigorous roughhousing.

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From a rough cave worn into the cliffs, Glimmer gazes out at the still wild weather. The storm clouds rolling by above are enormous, towering affairs, deep inky grey in color like the confusing spray of a squid.


'What am I doing?' She wonders aloud. All through the journey to this edge of the mainland from her island chain home, she hadn't really thought much about what she would do when she got close to the Avatar that destroyed her home and family.


'Oh spirits, what was I thinking?'

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(Sorry, this may not be very accurate as I kind of skimmed through the replies. My colour is indigo if you need to use it smile.gif I didn't put the other dragons' speech in colour as Kyriia doesn't know who they are yet.)


Kyriia had stumbled upon a clearing in the forest, where a group of dragons stood around, gathered. There were about five of them - or maybe more, for she couldn't see really well through the thicket separating her. They were all different breeds, a Cassare, a Golden Wyvern... A Nebula... A Daydream... What were they doing?


I suppose they're talking about some trivial stuff. Just mixing around, being social. Ugh. What is the matter with everyone else? What's so important about all these social... chitchatting... Whatever. What am I even doing here? I shall not waste any more of my time eavesdropping on some... um... not so intelligent conversation. She thought to herself, urging herself to carry on, to ignore these dragons.


But something told her to stay on, to listen. Kyriia was a dragon who often followed her instincts, to trust herself. But this was odd.


Now Kyriia listened intently, trying to pick up on everything. They weren't in a cheerful conversation, they were rather business-like, and seemed to be discussing a plan of sorts.


'... Question... the prophecy' - What prophecy? - 'Are we going to... end the lives of the Guardian... Natures?' WHAT?! End the lives of the Guardians of Nature?


'... No other way... Guardians of Nature... What they're doing is wrong... I've seen it... I... Um... Question for you all... Come with me and... beat them... Needs to be done... Can't... On our own... Please?'


Subconsciously, Kyriia leaned in closer to listen. Was this some sort of quest?


'These three are very resourceful and brave. I haven't heard anything akin to a plan, but I put my faith in the fact that they will figure something out. And you know... you don't have to fight, Symaro. I'm not going to; my fighting skills are rather sad, to be honest. Instead, I've decided to help in my own way. I've travelled all across Pyradia in search of important happenings. When I see or hear something important, I make sure to relay the information to them.' Said a dragon much nearer to Kyriia, and her ears caught every word.


Kyriia's heart was beating frantically - she wanted to join! She loved adventures, and she had the urge to just burst through the trees where she was hiding, possibly giving the dragons quite a fright, and screaming 'Count me in!' But being the antisocial dragon she was, she simply watched and listened.


'If you need me to fight, I would. But as the old saying goes, 'Brains over brawn'. We should think of ways to overwhelm them, instead of using brute force, since our strength is very weak compared to theirs.'


Yes. Brains over brawn. I have brains. Kyriia thought to herself, certain she was going to join this.


'And finally? If we go with this strategy, we'll need a meeting point. Again, suggestions are welcome. If you don't have a better idea, we could meet near the Wound of Iscairies.'


The Wound of Iscairies. I'd better remember that.


'Any questions?'


Thousands of them.


Kyriia leaned in further, but as she did, a branch broke off, and it was loud. Really loud. Kyriia sensed a dragon staring, its eyes focused on her.


'Who's that?'


Kyriia took off into the distance. Run, run away. They saw her. The Wound of Iscairies. Tomorrow, at dawn. She thought as she sped away.

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Kumii cleared her throat, and spoke over the other dragons, her blunted claws digging into the dirt. "HEY!" Her tail lashed, and she snorted, a small flame flickering out of her nose. "We're sorting into groups now. Luka an' I will lead a recruitment group. Tomii and Feoh will lead the other. The reconnaissance groups will be mostly individuals on their own, as it's easier to find out things on your own or in small groups. Small groups should be.... uh, pretty small. Whatever you want, I suppose."


The Pyralspite paused to speak with Feoh in hushed tones for a moment, and then raised her voice again. "We'll all travel separately to the Wound of Iscaries, and have a meet there tomorrow morning. You should have your group chosen by then, if you can't decide now." She flared her wings open. "Has everyone got that all?"


((Anyone can ask questions now if they have them. Then we'll magically timeskip and be at the Wound of Iscairies. We'll sort into the groups more formally then if you can't decide now ^^))

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The siblings exchanged glances as the pyralsprite made her announcement.

Sis,you know where I'm going. it'd be great if you were to... Hell... no! -Solla growled at the prospect of being dragged around on a leash by a bunch of nosy snoopers. If I'm going anywhere, it's with the recruiters. We don't need any weaklings for this venture, and I sure as censorkip.gif am going to make sure we get the toughest, fiercest, moth ruthless bloodthirsty warriors ever. -she stated and stomped heavily on the ground, as if to accentuate her point- Fighters like that don't fight for a "noble goal". They understand only two things, a show of force, or a reward worth killing for.

Having reeled back slightly, Ashur swallowed dryly, and let off a faint sigh. Then that means we part ways. How can I trust you not to make a mess of things? Have you forgotten how... how... -his voice quieted down as Solla's scowl grew deeper, as did her snarling get louder.


I'm, I'm still going with the recon team, you know. It's what I'll do best. -he stated meekly...

The two exchanged glances briefly, before Solla released a puff of smoke and shook her head in disapproval. Then do it, but I swear, if you get yourself killed, I'll find a way to bring you back, and then off you myself. With those words spoken, she turned around, moved away a few feet, then sat down, and quietly glanced around the rest of the group, as if awaiting further instruction. With a heavy sigh, Ashur did so as well...

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((Sorry for being inactive! Had exams and now I am on vacation :/ ))




Gywern turned to Feoh, who was answering his question.


"Firstly, a cave is our best bet. As Kumii said, hiding right under the Guardian of Natures' noses is what they'd never expect. I know of the perfect cave we can use-- I'll show you all where it is when we meet for the first time. Secondly... yes: by 'snooping around.'


Feoh continued talking, but Gywern did not really bother to listen to the rest of it. He already knew what was going on, but he did not want to rudely leave the discussion. Feoh was still blabbering about questions and names and... groups!?


"Two groups shall gather information, and two will recruit other dragons to our cause. You may sort this amongst yourselves... But if you need help with something, you may certainly ask Tomii or I."


Gywern eyes lit up. He loved fighting, obviously, but he loved spying. He would always fly away from his clan's cave periodically and learn the secrets of his enemies. His head snapped back when Kumii decided to yell at them again.


"HEY! "We're sorting into groups now. Luka an' I will lead a recruitment group. Tomii and Feoh will lead the other. The reconnaissance groups will be mostly individuals on their own, as it's easier to find out things on your own or in small groups. Small groups should be.... uh, pretty small. Whatever you want, I suppose. We'll all travel separately to the Wound of Iscaries, and have a meet there tomorrow morning. You should have your group chosen by then, if you can't decide now. Has everyone got that all?"


Gywern's eyes narrowed. She really loved to yell. Gywern clawed the ground before murmuring,


"One more time of yelling...."


He paused and got hold of himself, before turning to the other dragons and continuing,


"Anyways, I will meet you guys at the Wound of Iscaries, as planned. But I still feel something suspicious. like someone eavesdropping us, so I am going to scan the area a bit. Is that fine with you guys?"

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Like most sane Mints, Pepper knew better than to investigate a crash in the sky. Territorial squabbles between giants were no place for squashable imps to be. However, Pepper had not noticed this disturbance, although she did notice increased gossip. Many large dragons were meeting in one place to talk about something important, some said, and this intrigued Cane as she imagined the reasons that many dragons may come together. Perhaps they have decided to combine territories and become one herd? If so, a large herd of diverse dragons may accept Pepper into their fold easily, fresh as it would be. A new beginning would be ideal for her to move on, be the best place to renew her life.

Make a new life, the old one is dead.

While traveling to the next place (keep moving, never stop) Pepper stopped and then swiftly leapt clear of the path of the panicked royal blue running in her direction.

What's the big hurry? she asked with wide eyes when it approached and perhaps passed, but forgot to verbalize her question, so with the bigger dragon's hurry Cane may easily have been overlooked.

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