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The Radiant Prophecy

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((Im just putting it here before I send Windra a PM. Happy Birthday Windra smile.gif ))




Gywern's head snapped back to the Almandine Pyralspite, who introduced herself as Kumii, in a very rude manner. His tail twitched in anger. He knew he needs to keep his cool, but his mind was about to burst if he doesn't let it go. He clawed the ground, and growled,


"Do you have to be so rude?"


Gywern roared, so loudly that the trees shook. He flapped his wings and lashed his tail. Then he swooped down and lunged at Kumii!


"Don't ever snap at me like that!"

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Kumii let out a roar, and flared her wings open. The Golden Wyvern noticed her sucking in breath as if about to breathe fire on him, when suddenly-




A blue nebula, with purple swirls in her pattern darted out, flaring her wings open. "Both of you, stop! What's wrong with you guys?!" Tomi gazed at Gywern, suddenly backing up, as if scared by her own boldness. Fear showed in her purple eyes, and she looked as if she was about to dart back to Feoh's side. "U-Um, Kumii, and Mister... Golden Wyvern, sir... Could you.. please stop fighting? Kumii just wanted to tell me something, and- um, she didn't know you guys, so she didn't know if she could trust you." Her eyes passed over the gathered dragons, including the Daydream, the Golden Wyvern, the Thunder, and even the golden dragon watching them from the trees, as if she was aware of Serena's prescence. "Um... Could you please forgive her? Just this once? She just... has a bad temper."


Kumii uttered a low growl from the sidelines, but said nothing, folding her wings against her back neatly and sitting down, curling her tail around herself as if she hadn't almost got into a fight with Gywern a couple seconds ago.

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A blue nebula quickly swoop down and stopped Gywerns attack. Gywern could have been knocked out of the sky if he hadn't learnt how to dodge.


"Both of you, stop! What's wrong with you guys?!"


Gywern blinked at the Nebula, before landing into the clearing near her.


"U-Um, Kumii, and Mister... Golden Wyvern, sir... Could you.. please stop fighting? Kumii just wanted to tell me something, and- um, she didn't know you guys, so she didn't know if she could trust you."


Without taking his fierce eyes away from Kumii, Gywern let out a low growl and said,


"You can call me Gywern."


"Um... Could you please forgive her? Just this once? She just... has a bad temper."


Gywern bared his teeth and replied, still having some anger in his heart, "


"Fine... but next time...


Gywern turned towards Kumii again, before growling,


"Don't get too agitated about our presence."


Turning to the Nebula, he said in a soft voice,


"And I apologize for this matter. I also...have anger issues too..


Gywern stared at the group, before backing away and laying down on the edge of the clearing.

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Still hanging onto his little cloud by his tail, a few feet off the ground, Symaro bemusedly watched the whole kerfuffle through lidded eyes. Of all the ridiculous things to argue about! The one who'd identified himself as Gywern didn't make things any easier either, as he almost managed to make a scrap out of what was already turning into a scene. The whole event reminded him of a daydream he once had, in which a couple of monkeys were throwing mud at each other. It was not one of the more exciting daydreams, but it had a sort of primal comedic value to it.


After having been split up by the blue nebula dragon in the group, things had settled down... finally. Rubbing his temples as if he'd gotten a headache, Symaro breathed a deep sigh, and descended from his cloud, onto the ground. It'd been a while since he felt the grass, as he was more content with catching birds to eat mid-flight, and diving into the nearest water basin to drink or bathe. He sat down, manifested another cloud, and leaned his forelimbs against it, crossing them before himself, and resting his head upon them. It looked as if it was going to be a loooooooong and strange day for all of them.

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There was much walking to be done, much travel, and a meeting with an enthusiastic Day Glory Drake no far from her destination. Pepper had greeted him warily in her nonverbal manner, and was replied to with flaire. He invited her to dance, but he took to the air, and Cane could not follow, and soon he became bored and was distracted by some other amusement. It had been fun to interact jovially with another dragon, especially one that reminded her of another flighty Day Glory she had met at home. The comparison between the forest inhabitants was rather bittersweet, as Cane could not consider the trees scattered before her a "home" in any sense of the word. A Duotone Dragon she happened upon at the entrance also felt conflicted. One preferred the open sky, certain that they would only be more clumsy with so many obstacles, and the other wished to go through because of the amount of food to be had. Cane might have stayed with the heads if they hadn't been similarly indecisive about eating her.

With a subtle goodbye flick of the tail, Pepper scuttled off into the forest and into the brush as soon as she could.

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Serena continued eavesdroping, she was aware that it was rude, but her thirst for knowledge, and curiosity still tugging at her ears, completely overthrew what ever guilt she had for doing so in the first place.


It was hard for her to pick up anything from the conversation, as if the others were whispering so that she could not hear them. She stretched her head farther, and unbeknownst to her, took a step or two out of her protection of the trees, revealing herself more.


That's when she heard it. "Who is that?!" She froze in place, something deep in her gut told her that whoever yelled that sentence had seen her. Continuing to stay still, she hoped that she was wrong and that they were talking about something, or someone, else.


Then another voice rang through her head like a bell. "HEY! YOU! Who are you and what're ya doing here?!" That's when she knew they were talking to her. She turned her head slowly towards the eyes that now fell upon her.


But before she could say anything, she lost her footing when a roar rang through the forest. She fell on her side, quickly rolling over to see a blue nebula with purple swirls in her wings breaking up an argument that had just broken out between two dragons. Surprisingly, it was the two that addressed Serena's presence.


While everyone was distracted, Serena tried to stand and hide back in the protection of the forest. But as she went to get back up she realised she had gotten her back left paw stuck in a hole. She began to tug to free herself, but stopped when everyone else began to settled down. She really didn't want to be seen, not in this state, and she didn't know if these dragons were threats or not.


She slunk back into the shadows, still silently struggling to pull her back paw free. She turned back to the others. They could help me, she thought, though I may be an easy target now, too. She sighed, not knowing what to do. Still tugging at her foot, from the shadows of the forest, she stared at the others, wondering if the ones who saw her would still be wondering to themselves about her presence, and if they would be willing to help her. . .

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The stuffy air Nyroc was wont to slowly dissipated as he neared the mountain range, and rocky pinnacles rising from the flat earth were untouched by lava, suggesting that there was something behind those mountains that wasn't volcanic. Interest peaked, he picked up the pace, completely forgetting to keep an eye out for the unknown, cruel dragon.

Wump wump wump. Just like that, Nyroc froze. Wing beats. Directly above him.

Just remember what you learned... His thoughts told him. He tensed, seeing a shadow descend and eat up his own.


Fwoosh! Nyroc leaped out of the way in time, avoiding the landing dragon. It landed heavily, growling. It was all too obvious what this creature was; the purple brute! Nyroc positioned his tail protectively over him, as two dull red eyes glared venomously into his.

" I told you not to come back here, pipsqueak!" The dragon growled. Nyroc stonily stared back its challenge.

It let out an ear-splitting roar. Nyroc returned it.


Crash! A flying boulder! The dragon struck down a rocky pinnacle, intending the debris to crush Nyroc. The Guardian reacted swiftly, dodging the first of the largest boulders and jumping into the air that was clearer of debris. His opponent reared, nearly impaling him with a horn but instead hitting him in the gut.

" Gah!" The air rushed out of his lungs, giving his wings no energy to work. He crashed to the ground. Seeing his chance, the other dragon stomped the ground, trampling the dust. But Nyroc was aware of his weakness, and got away from the heavy paws as soon as he could.

Clash! The brute struck his chest plate with outstretched claws! Nyroc sank his teeth into the creature's arm before it could pull away, and it grunted in pain.

" Why you insolent little-!"

Smack! Nyroc's vision danced when the dragon batted him like a piece of prey, wrenching him free. He hissed and steeled himself for impact as the purple charged.

Clang! The noise made his ears throb. He was pushed back several feet but still standing.

" No one comes into a Brute's territory!" His opponent snarled, pushing harder. Nyroc scooted back another foot, but saw that with their heads butted together, his opponent couldn't see anything but the ground, like him. He gritted his teeth, then pulled his wings forward, wing claws aiming for the back of the Brute's head. The dragon must have sensed something, for he jerked back, but the claws caught on its horns and Nyroc shoved its face into the dirt. A bunch of dust and pebbles flew into the air around his paws, as though the dragon attempted to roar but couldn't.


The Brute reared, flinging Nyroc over his shoulder. The Guardian scrambled in the air a bit before opening his wings and taking flight.

" Get back here!! I'm not done with you!" The Brute shouted.

" I just want to get to the mountains!" Nyroc returned over his shoulder. The heavy sound of wing beats started up behind him-the dragon must be pursuing.

" Those mountains are mine!"

" I don't care!"

Something clamped down on Nyroc's tail, and he shrieked, wheeling about in midair and catching the Brute on the side. The dragon let go at the pain, and Nyroc seized the opportunity to change course toward the mountain range. He knew the Brute would follow him, but he also knew he had more endurance. It was just a matter of flying it out.


Just as he expected, it was barely an hour of flying before the Brute dragon had to land. Nyroc himself was panting heavily from trying to out-fly the larger dragon, but an immense wave of relief washed over him when he saw his opponent land, encouraging him to go into a glide instead of flapping so laboriously. And the chase by itself had led him even closer to the mountains! Now it was just a matter of getting over them.

I might have to land before then. He recognized, allowing himself to lose some altitude. But before then, I need to get out of this beast's territory and find myself something to eat.

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The Pyralspite was partially right- they were attracting a crowd that the shiny Easterns happened to be a part of. But it was not just a crowd- it was chaos. A large amount of chaos.

Luckily, the Blue Nebula stopped the soon-to-be-fight between the mentioned Pyralspite and the weird Golden Wyvern. It seemed like the wyvern was concerned about the crash one moment, then exploded in a gyser of anger another- and was about to lash out at one of the dragons he was concerned for. Did he have some problem?


But what bothered her most was the utter lack of plan in that attack. She had to scold the Golden Wyvern- Gywern was apparently his name, and she wondered who the hell named him that- for not having even just a little bit of an attack plan.

WHAT WAS THAT?! She hollered, right in front of the wyvern. You just charge at a fire-breathing lizard without any sort of strategy whatsoever?! You could've had your face seared, or the entire thing clawed off with an impulsive charge like that!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? The small dragon scolded.




Meanwhile, Mekin caught a glimmer of gold in the trees- he liked gold stuff, especially since his scales were gold. He padded over to the golden thing- what he now saw was a Golden Undine, and female too. The devilish male grinned, and tried to grab her attention. Well hellooo there. He cooed.




And Wezan was not paying attention to much of the situation, instead focusing on his hunger. Does anybody have anything I can eat? He broadcasted his question.


((Whoops, I made Maia a somewhat hypocrite and had her explode. Oops.))

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Uh oh, a dragon made Gywern really mad. ))


Just as things quiet down, a Bronze Shimmerscale came to sight. Gywern was about to flap his wings and fly off when she hollered,


"WHAT WAS THAT?! You just charge at a fire-breathing lizard without any sort of strategy whatsoever?! You could've had your face seared, or the entire thing clawed off with an impulsive charge like that!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? 


Gywern turned and came face to face with the Bronze Shimmerscale . What on earth was she yelling about? He lashed his tail out, preparing to fight again. However, the sight of Kumii made him stop. He should try to keep his cool and not get into a fight again. Gywern growled,


"What was that about? Why would I ever think of a strategy? Haven't you heard what I told this blue nebula?"


Gywern paused, thinking about what he had just said. He let out a whimper, hung his head low and walked out of the clearing into the bushes.


Before he stepped out of the clearing, Gywern said in a low voice,


"It's my fault. I have caused this chaos. I-I am s-sorry."


((Hopefully Gywern notices poor Serena!))










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Feoh let out a huge sigh, nudging Tomi towards the squabbling, questioning, confused dragons as he himself heaved into the air. Scratching his squashed-up nose with one hand, he spoke loudly but calmly. "Everyone, that's enough! Please listen to me."


When he made sure he had everyone's attention, he continued. "We've gotten off to a rocky start. I doubt many of you know exactly what's going on. But I'll tell you. My name is Feoh." He gestured to Kumii with a dry expression. "You've already met Kumii-- and you'll remember her, I'm sure." Then he gestured to Tomi, flying closer almost protectively. He looked at each of them in turn, from the gathered Shimmerscales to the Daydream lying on his cloud. "And this... is Tomi. Speaker of the Radiant Prophecy. Kumii, Amuna, Luka and I all follow her because we believe what she says. The Guardians of Nature are oppressive. Haven't you all seen that? Forests are being burned down, dragons are dying, all by their Avatars' hands."


He looked up, speaking determinedly. "But there's a way to stop this. And we're going to do all we can to do so."




The Skywing nodded slowly, making a graceful loop in the air. "He's right. While I don't wish to fight... I gather information for them, and help when I can. But now you see why there's distrust," she added, "If wind of this got to anyone allied to the Guardians of Nature, we would be crushed before we could ever begin.

"But," she added, "I think we can trust you. None of you seem like bad dragons by nature. However... if you want to stay out of this, you may want to leave now. I don't wish trouble on any of you. If not, then... well, I'm sure Feoh and Tomi will gladly have you."




Luka was just tired of all the fighting. Why does everyone have to fight...? I wish they wouldn't yell... He moved atop Kumii's head to survey the group, his little claws trying to grip her sleek scales so he didn't slip off. Fighting or not, everything that was happening interested the little dragon greatly.

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"I think we can trust you. None of you seem like bad dragons by nature. However... if you want to stay out of this, you may want to leave now. I don't wish trouble on any of you. If not, then... well, I'm sure Feoh and Tomi will gladly have you." -spoke Amuna, which imemdiately raised a red flag for the daydream dragon.


Don't be so sure~ -Symaro chymed, glancing towards Amuna. He didn't have anything to add to the whole mess in terms of words until that point, but now that the issue of trust was on the table, he felt it necessary to speak his mind. You see, my clan used to re-accept the select those of us who were weened, based on their actions within the outside world. Even the most level-headed and trustworthy of us brought back with ourselves memories and experiences that had changed us at the very core. -he lifted his head off of his forelimbs and casually climbed back atop his cloud, lied backwards and relaxed in a half-seated position with his forelimbs crossed behind his head- The curious part however, is that it was always the nice ones. The ones that seemed oh so trustworthy and adjusted. They were predominantly the trouble makers. Our own families, dragons we'd grown up with, turned against us by the vices of the outside world. The one we ourselves call home. -he went on to explain, letting one of his legs swing freely as he started to rock back and fourth on his cloudy hammock.


Dragons like Gywern over here, they have a short fuse, but there is an upside to that. Their blood runs boiling hot as does their temper, but it takes cold blood to be an acknowledged backstabber. -he paused and glanced towards the Golden Wyvern- I'm not saying he's the epitome of loyalty, but what I'm saying is that personal experience has taught me that there are very very few, one can truly trust. Trust must be earned, and those who smile the most and say the least, well... they tend to wave the red flag most often. -he stated and looked over at Tomi, still swinging in his cloudy hammock.


These guardians you speak of, if they hold as much power as one might think, it might only take a weak spine, a lust for power, and a gullible mind to turn an otherwise nice individual, into one of their willful agents. -he stated seriously, then stepped off his cloud and disposed of it with a wave of a claw, before looking around everyone- I apologize if I've offended anyone, it was not my intention to do so. I am merely advocating caution, when the risks are as high as you state them to be. -he paused, rubbed his chin for a second, then concluded- Perhaps it would be best if we just take a little while to get to know one another a little better...

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Serena continued to silently tug at her caught paw. She silently mumbled under her breath, wishing she had never left her den that morning. "This is what I get for sticking my nose where it doesn't belong," she growled to herself, cursing her curious nature.


She pulled more, but then stopped when pain ran up her leg. "What the. . ?" She turned to look at the hole and the paw that it had consumed. She assumed she must of hurt herself when she got caught, but she wasn't too sure how bad the damage was.


She stopped pulling, not wanting to hurt herself any more than she already had. Sighing, she began to think about what she should do when she heard a voice ring through the air.


In a loud but calm matter a male voice yelled. "Everyone, That's enough! Please listen to me." Serena turned to the voice, peering through the trees to see a male Cassare dragon. There was something about his appearance, maybe it was just his squished snout, his short tail, or maybe just his bright blue eyes that sparkled with knowledge and understanding that had caught Serena's attention. Whatever it was, there was just something about him that was different. But in a good way.


He continued talking, and then a lavander skywing chimed in. As the two continued to talk, and while Serena was trying to still hear what they were saying, she saw a Pgymy hatchling climbing and clinging onto the top of the female Pyralspites head. Serena's pupils dilated and her heart skipped a beat, that Pgymy hatchling was so cute! She just wanted to snuggle it.


Serena shook her head. What was she thinking?! She sighed, looking back at her caught paw. Then she heard footsteps, and quickly turned to see a male golden Shimmerscale approaching her. She froze as he cooed. "Well hellooo there," in a kind and smooth voice that had a hint of mischief to it.


Serena's pupils then contracted in size, as not knowing this dragons intentions, she became frightened. Her fur stood a little on end as she flung her tail in front of her. She tuged at her paw once more, but still being stuck, and causing her more pain, she stopped. Looking up to meet the other dragons eyes, she tried to look as big and bad as she could, but pretty much failed. "Hello there," she said in a cautious tone, "Can I help you?"

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As soon as everything was silent, Gywern buried his head in his wings, so that no one could hear him.


"What have I done?"


Meanwhile, the Cassare Dragon spoke,


""Everyone, that's enough! Please listen to me. We've gotten off to a rocky start. I doubt many of you know exactly what's going on. But I'll tell you. My name is Feoh. You've already met Kumii-- and you'll remember her, I'm sure. And this... is Tomi. Speaker of the Radiant Prophecy. Kumii, Amuna, Luka and I all follow her because we believe what she says. The Guardians of Nature are oppressive. Haven't you all seen that? Forests are being burned down, dragons are dying, all by their Avatars. But there's a way to stop this. And we're going to do all we can to do so."


Gywern knew all about the Radiant Prophecy, since he had learnt many things from his master. He lifted up his head and crept out of the bush, saying,


"Isn't 'the way' you are talking about the Radiant Prophecy? I remember that the only way is to end the lives of the Guardian of Natures, since they are already corrupted.


Suddenly, a gush of guilt overcame him. He had caused all of the chaos, so who would trust him?


"I-I wish to join you guys, b-but I need you guys t-to forgive me for m-my impulsiveness. If you c-can't, then s-sent me off in peace. I think I am posing to m-much of a threat to you g-guys."





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Kumii spoke drily, her tail swishing as she looked at Symaro, scowling. "With all that fancy talk, it sound's like yer the enemy here. Tomi interrupted her. "Kumii... he sounds like he's trying to help us." Tomi moved forward, fluttering her wings open as she sat looking at the dragons in front of her, silently observing them all for a moment before tilting her head at the Golden Wyvern and speaking again. "It's okay. Kumii does that too. And it's not like Kumii isn't in our group." She gave the wyvern a small smile, before turning back to the entire group. "And... if you don't mind me asking.... what are all of your names? I'd really like to know..." She gazed at them calmly, her tail curling around her feet slowly as she became more comfortable.



And meanwhile, far away....



"Rajaorak... I have an idea."


The voice spoke with power, a power that would make a weak dragon tremble in fear.


"Kajoroo? I need you, now."


Sitting far away, on a mountain reaching into the clouds, in a cave near the peak of the mountain, waited a female Guardian of Nature.


And she was planning something.

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A sly grin crept across Symaro's face. Arcing an eyebrow, he nodded and explained:

...and your suspicion is most welcome. But really, fancy talk? -he chuckled quietly- You should meet my distant aunt. She's got a fancy word for just about everything. -he stated, recalling that distant relative- Bit of a snob, she was. -he shrugged- But your friend is right. -he briefly glanced at Tomi- I have every intention to assist you in any way I can. After all, I have reason to believe that whatever these dragons are doing, well it might be affecting me in ways I'm not quite willing to discuss right now. I hope you understand. -he paused, glancing at the ground for a few moments, before looking back towards Tomi- So, my name is Symaro. -he said, manifested another cloud, anchored his tail into it and suspended himself upside down from it, hovering just a few inches from the ground- Pleased to meet you, all of you. -he extended the statement and glanced around the group.

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Beware the ones above us Upon the highest mountain... Beware the ones trusted by us, For trust is earned (not claimed)! The legends speak of benevolence, But legends are not always true... Beware the darkness of legends-- Beware the darkness in you!

What are you chittering about? Cane asked a pair of chattering pygmies, but they did not notice the tilt of her head. Used to the inattentiveness of more vocal species, she chirruped, "Hello!" and brushed against the foliage. This nearly startled them into fleeing, presumably back to their family of large dragons, but one of the pair did not seem as jumpy as the other and stayed, causing the other to hang around when it noticed its friend did not follow.

Seeing that she was just an ugly, flightless pygmy dragon, hardly a threat, soothed their nerves so that the more confident one trilled a friendly hello. Pepper noticed that Nervous-pygmy still seemed a bit put off by her presence, and wondered,

I'm not intruding, am I? If I am, then I'll go...

"No! No, not at all, we're just sharing gossip," giggled Confident-pygmy, whereas Nervous-pygmy missed a wingbeat. "It's supposed to be super important prophecy stuff, and-"

"Yeah, super important, so dragons should at least know about it, yeah? At least to hear it, because knowledge is power, right? You can't hold anything against that!" Nervous-pygmy was stuttering and flapping at Pepper as though she were a threat, taking her aback. Wha-?

"Whoa whoa, there's nothing bad about this little lady here, she's just curious and should hear the recent news!"

"But we don't know her-!"

"So that means we just need to spread the message more!"

What message? The pygmies took no notice of her remark.

"There are dangerous dragons!"

"But she isn't dangerous! She's just ugly-! No offense."

That's okay.

"Then I'll ask her! Hey, are you dangerous? Can you be trusted?" Nervous-pygmy flew up into her personal space again.

No, I'm not dangerous, she began nervously, backing away a little, before gathering herself and responding more assertively, "I'm very safe and gentle and kind, and I love gossip." She even said that part with a trill and whistle to further ease the pygmy.

"Please just tell us! I'm forgetting the first part of what you said!" Confident-pygmy needled Nervous-pygmy.

"Fine, fine! Alright, this is the rest, but you gotta be careful about who you tell, because," he hesitated, "There are some bad dragons who would hurt us if they thought we were on, well, her side."


"Tomi, this is Tomi's prophecy," Confident-pygmy answered.

And so Pepper Cane first heard Tomi's prophecy.

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Nyroc circled, staring longingly at a bird beneath him. For a dragon his size, the pheasant would be a meager meal, but right now it was more appealing than starving. He broke his circling to get some room to dive at the bird, then turned and tucked his wings in, dropping his altitude. The pheasant didn't seem to notice the danger coming from the sky. Nyroc hugged his wings closer to him and turned his nose downward, promoting his speed and minimizing his shadow. The bird still hadn't noticed, calmly pecking beneath the long, waving grasses.

Closer... faster... the pheasant didn't look up... closer...

Woosh! Nyroc braked suddenly as the pheasant let out a startled squawk and vanished, breaking his concentration. He had built up too much momentum though, and was unable to stop in time.

" AHH!"


Dirt flew into the air, the grass shaking from the impact and Nyroc's frantic wing beats. Then, the blue wings curled in and pushed his face up from the dirt. He spat out a clod of pebbles and soil.

Well. That was far from the lunch he desired.

He grimaced at the nasty taste the earth left behind, staring at the spot the pheasant was in before picking himself up to investigate.

Not a trace. As expected. First the bird was there, and then poof! It was gone. He growled and looked around, scanning the treeline for a dragon, or an animal, or anything that might have stolen the opportunity, but found nothing promising. His tail lashed and he refrained from clawing at the ground in frustration.


" Twice this happens, and I still haven't had a meal!" He grumbled. The mountains before seemed like an interesting escape from the blisteringly hot Barren Lands, but the latter at least fed him. So far the scarce patches of coniferous trees and fields of waving brown grass were annoying him to no end. He heard something rustle in the treeline, and turned to glare at it.

The slightest flicker of movement. But it was almost imagined, gone as soon as it came. Nyroc huffed and prepared to take flight again. He needed to find some prey that didn't spontaneously vanish at the last second, in an area away from other predators.

As he flew off, he wasn't aware of a pair of eyes cautiously following him.


Flying up the mountain was a more serious undertaking than the Guardian expected, especially when the occasional hunger pain caused him to dip in flight. Winds rushing over the peaks pushed him back to the foothills, threateningly close to the spires of evergreens below, and with each wing-beat the winds seemed to blow harder and harder. With enough determination however, Nyroc managed to get to a rocky precipice of which to perch on, a little ways up above the tree line. He shivered from the biting winds. The rock may be bare and painted white from the sun, but they were a lot colder than they looked, not at all like the basalt and ash he was accustomed to walking on. He shot a glance down the mountain to judge how far he had flown.


Not as much as he had hoped, though at least he didn't have to worry about those prickly trees anymore. He looked up the mountain, toward the snow-crested peaks, which felt incredibly far away. His wings ached from the constant exercise, and he knew he needed to rest, but he felt uneasy, clinging to a precarious rock still miraculously attached to the mountain's flank.

He scanned the rock face for a bigger ledge, or a cliff, or a cave, or anything that he could shelter in, and his gaze led him to a shallow, vertical dip in the rock. It was smooth, as though water had carved it. He followed it up, and saw that either a cliff or a cave was up top where the water had fallen from. Stretching his aching wings, Nyroc fought with the climbing winds one last time in a vain attempt to get to the ledge.

It took several tries and suppressed curses, but he finally got a paw on the ledge. Hugging himself to the rock, he hoisted himself up, back paws scrambling furiously and leaving long scratched behind.

" Why... am I... so... heavy!" He gasped, giving another big push. Finally getting up over the ledge, he scrambled well away from. Luckily, there was a cave up top like Nyroc had hoped, so he had plenty of room to move around. With a sigh of relief, he willingly invited himself in, glad to be away from the turbulent air and sharp boulders.


It was dark inside, but Nyroc's eyes adjusted easily to it. The cave was smooth and cold, and appeared to be very linear, with a trough running through it that marked the path of an ancient stream. He collapsed near the entrance of the cave, his strained muscles finally satisfied by the relaxation on the cool stone. Assured that there were no dragons inside the cave, and ignoring his pining hunger, Nyroc quickly gave in to exhaustion, falling into a deep sleep to try and recover all of his lost energy.

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A smile crept onto Gywern's face. He said softly,


"Thank you! And the name's Gywern, by the way."


Suddenly, Gywern paused. He sniffed in the air before saying,


"There is something suspicious in the air. I'm sure of it."


He shuddered before turning towards Tomi,


"I have a question about the prophecy. Are we going to have to end the lives of the Guardian of Natures?"

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Meanwhile in the distance, gently making their way through the woods were two nearly identical Anagallis dragons, one male and one female. The male, known as Ashur, was once more intently focused on his rather large tome of journal, as he hovered it before himself and skimmed through page after page after page, seemingly looking for something in particular. The female, his twin sister, lead the way through the woods they were crossing. They'd been through a lot lately, what with the rising unrest caused by the Guardians of Nature, but unlike most sensible dragons who tried their best to steer clear of the volatile and traitorous guardians, both of these Anagallis were itching to win something from them, blinded by their self-interests.


Here it is! -Ashur exclaimed upon finding the page he'd been looking for.

"Rugia Humboldt Dracoris, the Legendary Guardian of Nature." -he recited the words he himself had written- "A breed rumored to only exist in the tales of old..." yadda yadda yadda... -he skimmed through the long and somewhat dry section detailing what little was 'known' about their anatomy or coloration and other such insignificant details- Here it is! "Weaknesses! ... -he swallowed dryly- Uhhh, it's... it's blank. -he sighed and closed the journal. This hadn't been the first time he'd opened that particular part of the journal in recent days, and his sister was more than just aware of that.


Oh, really? It's not like this is the umpteenth time you've read that... -Solla rolled her eyes, giving her brother a piercing glance. Ever since the prophesy was spoken by the one called Tomi, her brother had been obsessing over the words, and the dragons they spoke of. Quite frankly it was getting on Solla's nerves so much so, that were it not for the promise of getting to butt heads with one of the most powerful beings that may have ever existed, she would have dragged her brother's sorry hide all the way to the most distant part of Pyradia, and kept him from pursuing his idle flights of fancy. Her naivete and lust for power kept her as fired up about meeting and perhaps confronting these guardians, as did her brother's desire for knowledge and experience did for him.


Can you imagine though? I've spoken to so many dragons about this, communed with all these elders, researched day in and day out but no one, NO ONE has this information about them. We could be the first! The first ones to ever solve the mystery about them. To document everything there is, and provide everyone with an accurate description of what they're like, how they work, how they behave, where they live and so on and so fourth. I mean, all I have right here is mostly blind claims. This is... -Ashur sighed and glanced at his journal bitterly- ...unreliable information.


Wake me up when you find a way to harness their power. I wouldn't otherwise care if they prefer seasonings on their meals or not. -stated his sister, just as they'd approached what looked like a small clearing in the woods. There were several dragons gathered there as well.- Hey bookworm, this it? -she called to her brother. What were those dragons doing there anyway? They definitely weren't a family, judging by how many different species there were...


Well, I can't really tell. I left a mark, but that crowd over there, They're obstructing my view. -Ashur replied with a subtle smile on his face- Buuuut they don't look dangerous, so let's go and maybe speak to them? -he looked at his sister with a pleading expression- Please control yourself. I don't want this to be like home again. Promise me you won't fly off the handle. Promise!


The two exchanged glances for a moment, before Solla let off a long and exasperated sigh.

I don't see why we even need to talk to them, let's just go and get... -she cut the sentence short, realizing the pointlessness of her words. Her brother would want to meet them regardless of what she said. I'll try.


With a short nod, the two walked into the clearing and approached the group. Little did Ashur know that Tomi herself was among them.

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Cane could hardly sit still through the first hearing, and quite uncharacteristically (so she thought) she nearly squawked in protest halfway through. Instead she gaped and made a rather good impression of a fish before she remembered to keep her clap shut. The darkness within legends and dragons? Or, dare she think it, legends of dragons? No, unthinkable. This was not a happy prophecy, talking of the worst of times could fire engulf the entire continent?! and the solution solution?! pah! was a fight to the death! And the violence did not end there, as more and more would join and collaborate in order to bring about the fall of the second to save the world... which may or may not entail a fight. Or rather, the fight did not necessarily involve death although with dragons a fight most usually entails pain and killing, but-- was that it? Was that the terrible prophecy that this dragon, whosawhatsit-- Tomi?--had declared?

I don't believe it-- this is unbelievable! "I-" uh- "what-" huh-? "What was that?" Pepper was shaking. It was ridiculous, it had to be fake. She just wanted peace, for that fluke--don't think about it don't think-- to never happen again.

"The- Tomi's prophecy..." Nervous-pygmy ventured. It was right, it shouldn't have been spreading this to strangers! "Yeah, you're right, it's just nonsense, of course, just thought- thought you might wanna hear. You know- gossip?"

Pepper's eyes dilated back to normal size-- without her noticing, they had shrunk so much that the whites had shown. "Of, of course. Yes. Interesting gossip." Completely bonkers, of course.

"I thought that it was kinda scary, to be honest," Confident-pygmy confessed. "It just got me thinking about the rumors about what happened near Mykara Mountains."

Wh-wha? All warmth fled from her veins as relief was replaced with panic.

"Shhhh!" hushed Nervous-pygmy.

Confident-pygmy hissed conspiratorially, "I heard that the Avatar of Destruction destroyed a forest with no warning, no provocation, zip. Just... like that."

Cane instinctively shrunk into herself, trying to be smaller... smaller... smaller...

"Some say that it just went crazy, but others say that the Guardians themselves went crazy and sent it to do its bidding-- that it was on purpose!" Confident-pygmy sounded shrill, and squeaked on her last sentence in horror.

NO! Cane's tail lashed unnoticed. That... that can't...

"That's perfidous! I mean, traitorous! I mean... us? Or them?" Nervous-pygmy was starting to get confused.

"They wouldn't do that! They are our Guardians!" Cane spat.

"Maybe that was true once, but legends are not always true," Confident-pygmy speculated.

That's ridiculous! It can't have been talking about them, and if it was, then it is false!

Nervous-pygmy was regretting telling this stranger the story. "No need to get upset- it's not real, after all!"

"But what if it is?"


Pepper had had enough and instantly, inconspicuously took her leave.

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Tomi looked at Gywern solemnly, and nodded. "There's no other way. The Guardians of Nature... I don't think... I don't think they could be convinced that what they're doing is wrong. I know they can't be convinced that something is wrong. I've seen it...." Her voice grew quieter, and she murmured, looking down at her feet. "...I... okay. Um... I have a question for you all....!" The Nebula Dragon fluttered her wings, sitting up taller on her hind legs and looking at Feoh.


"Would you... Would you come with me? And help me and Feoh beat them?" ...I... It.... It's something that needs to be done, and we can't do it all on our own. I know we can't... So.... Please?"


The Nebula spoke rather slowly, and Kumii moved to sit down beside her, gazing at the dragons around her. It was time for the dragons who had gathered together to decide.


Were they going to join Tomi, or not?

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"There's no other way. The Guardians of Nature... I don't think... I don't think they could be convinced that what they're doing is wrong. I know they can't be convinced that something is wrong. I've seen it...." 


Gywern nodded. He looked back, and murmured,


"I remembered those days where.....where I was a small hatchling...and..and I thought that all Guardian of Natures were our friends...our gods. What has become of them?


Looking back at Tomi, who said,


"...I... okay. Um... I have a question for you all....! "Would you... Would you come with me? And help me and Feoh beat them?" ...I... It.... It's something that needs to be done, and we can't do it all on our own. I know we can't... So.... Please?"


Gywern thought for a while, before saying,


"Please excuse me for sec. I will be right back."


With that, Gywern flapped his wings and flew to his clan's cave. He flew and thought,


"Should I help them? I mean, they can be trusted, but... is it too risky?"


As Gywern swooped down into the cave, he recieved a warm welcome from his fellow dragons. Every rushed to him, asking about his adventures away from their clan. Gywern smiled. It was good to be back in his true home. He told the guard standing nearby,


"Take me to the chief please. I need to speak to him."


Gywern was taken to the chief's room, where Ridget De Dragnaire, the dragon chief, and the human chief sat. Looking at the crowd behind him, he growled,


"All of you...please...this is a private matter!"


He closed the door tight, bowed to his chiefs and said solemnly,


"Chiefs, I have returned. I would like to seek your permission, for me to join a group of dragons, especially a Pyralspite named Tomi, to fufill the Radiant Prophecy. Tomi is the speaker of the prophecy.


Gywern closed his eyes, he is hoping that he would be allowed to go with them. Yet he was worried. Worried that his impulsiveness would prevent him from going. He looked to the human chief, then the dragon chief. Both were whispering telepathically. He could make out these words 'maybe' , 'but' and 'sure'. Gywern looked at them, wondering of they are disallowing him. Suddenly, the human chief spoke, "Permission granted, but..." His voice trailed off, and Ridget, the dragon chief, spoke up, "...but within a year, you must return with a piece of scales from one of the Guardian of Natures, to prove that you have fufilled the Radiant Prophecy. Failing to do that would banish you from the clan." Gywern nodded, before saying,


"I will chief, and thank you."


Bowing one more time, Gywern went out of the cave, saying farewell to his fellow dragons. He smiled, landing in front of Tomi and place his paw on his chest.


"I will follow you and help you..."


His smile turns grim as he continued,


"...but within a year, I must return to my chief with a piece of scales from one of the Guardian of Natures, or else I will be banished from my clan!













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"I will join you to help stop them even if they will try kill us, but right now I feel like I should and should not believe the prophecy, but I will come, for I am convinced ever since they sent out a Avatar of Destruction to destroy a forest, they have changed in a bad way. However, we might not only be fighting them, but a Avatar of Destruction, too, because that one that destroyed the forest probably is a companion to the two Gaurdians. But I will come anyways." He then spread his wings, and stood up on his hind legs. "For the innocent dragons who were killed when the forest was burned, and others who have gotten killed! For them!" He shouted, beating his wings but not rising in the air.

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Who-hoa, hold it right there! -Symaro exclaimed in his own thoughts, almost falling off his perch.

I'll help but... right now? As in right now now? -he looked around the group, wide-eyed at the prospect of just grouping up and immediately going after the guardians, without even considering a plan, or identifying a weakness they could exploit. She can't possibly mean right now, no no no. -he calmed himself down and cleared his throat- Yes, I'll help out. Buuuut methinks it would be wise to invest in formulating a strategic plan of attack before we go on what could potentially be a suicide mission, no? Were it any other way, Symaro would immediately reconsider his decision, and prefer to just live with his nightmares. I mean, we've all seen what these things can do, they... e-hey, who are you lot? -the daydream squinted, looking at the two Anagallis dragons who'd just arrived near them.

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Having just arrived where the group had gathered, Ashur couldn't help but overhear parts of their conversation.


""...I... okay. Um... I have a question for you all....! "Would you... Would you come with me? And help me and Feoh beat them?" ...I... It.... It's something that needs to be done, and we can't do it all on our own. I know we can't... So.... Please?"


It wasn't until they'd gotten close enough, did it become clear to him what was going on.

Hello there! Sorry, we're just retrieving something from... -he stopped mid-sentence after his eyes landed on Tomi. It was her! The speaker of the prophesy herself, right then and there! Or, was it? Immediately re-hovering his journal in front of himself, Ashur shuffled through six pages and found the physical description of the speaker, of which there was surprisingly a lot, even down to the beguiling pattern upon her nebula dragon wings. Once Solla had approached and seen the nebula dragon, she looked at her brother's awestruck face, the page he'd opened to, and immediately sighed, rolling her eyes in anticipation for what would come next.


It's you! -he exclaimed, as a grin crossed his face. Ashur shut the tome with an audible thud, and looked back at at Tomi.

You're the one everyone was speaking of. I couldn't walk two steps some time ago without hearing about your words! Well mostly how wrong you were and how the guardians couldn't possibly be rotten to the blasted core. But that's irrelevant, it's all wild talk and speculation! Oh I've been itching to speak with you for so long, I've taken so many notes, but it's all hogwash! "A friend of a friend" testimonies and all that disgustingly questionable and opinionated rubbish...

Ashur, you're rambling again. -sighed his sister after giving him a nudge.


Right right, sorry! I just, what's going on here anyway? -he asked inquisitively, even though he already had a very good idea of what was happening. No doubt Tomi was looking for followers to help take down or hinder the progress of the Guardians, but as was typical for the dragon, he never took an assumption for a fact.

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